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Last week was such an "eye and heart-opener" for me.

It reminded me once again, how my feelings have drastically shifted on how I see the power of the Internet.

Earlier in the week, my buddy Grace, had written a beautiful post about a request from Bill Howdle, who had received a comment from a young girl, telling him about her father, who was dying of a brain tumor. Bill kindly requested that Grace ask her readers to come to his blog and offer their supportive prayers and well-wishes for this wonderful little lady and her dad.

You see, Bill himself is dying - and speaks out honestly about this journey through his blog.

Within minutes after Grace published this request, her readers responded joyfully; telling her that they would be more than happy to lend their support.

I had the day off, so I was able to periodically return to Bill's blog and watch what was happening.

Every time I returned, the comment list kept getting longer and longer; as each reader shared in their own special way...the LOVE in their heart.

As I sat and read each and every comment...I could literally FEEL the tremendous power of LOVE expanding from the words in which everyone was expressing.

It hit my heart with such force...that it brough tears to my eyes.

Like a large "Net of Love" I felt it surround this little girl and her father - supporting and supplying them with everything they they would not feel alone.

Later that week, I left Bill a comment on his blog, telling him that because of this experience...I felt that I had been spiritually altered.

You see...I often forget about the POWER of LOVE.

Especially...when it's shared in union.

So, thank you.

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  1. What a lovely Post Ron. And yes, you are so right, the power of love is amazing! xx

  2. Love is an amazing power, isn't it?

    I'm constantly being touched and transformed myself.

    Thanks for being part of The Web of Love, Ron,

  3. Have a cyber ((hug)) with love! A great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Evening Akelamalu~

    This was an experience that reminded me JUST HOW powerful love is!

    Thank you my friend, for being a part of that web of touch many!

    As always..thank you for stopping by!


  5. Hello Grace!

    This was such a very special experience for me. And thank you for being a HUGE part of it.

    I feel transformed!!!!

    Thank you for stopping by, my buddy!


  6. Greetings Sorrow!

    So nice of you to drop by. Your energy MOST welcomed and appreciated!!!

    And here's a ((HUG)) right back at ya!

    Stop by anytime!


  7. I'm sure that was a powerful experience... I think we need to reminded regularly.

    All we need is,

  8. Hey Greg!

    Good to see ya! was a powerful experience. One of those things that happens to you...and you just KNOW...there's a lesson in their for you!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy. It's always a pleasure!

    Yes...all you need,