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The other night while I was coming home from the grocery store, I was fortunate to walk past an adult book and video store.

(fate made me stop and peep)

As my eyes gracefully meandered over the blow-up dolls, chains, whips, vibrators, and quality leather goods, I just so happen to catch sight of the most adorable little Christmas tree, sitting on the left-hand side of the window - all lit up and decorated with garland and balls.

(no....Christmas BALLS!)

As I looked a little closer, I began to notice that colorful condoms were ALSO hanging off the branches. It was like a magical rainbow of prophylactics of all shapes and sizes.

And I thought, "Oh, how conscious...a Christmas tree with a deep message."

To...WRAP IT UP!!!!!!

Well...I guess even porn stores have a way of sharing the spirit.

Wishing you a SAFE and SEXY holiday!

P.S. And out for the can be very subliminal.

Photo: Seanchao333


  1. Was it for sale? Did you buy it? Or did you make your own? LOL

  2. Heh-heh. How very adult of them to be putting across such a healthy message :)

  3. Hey Akelama~

    No, it wasn't for sale...but it gave me a brilliant idea for my tree at home!


    Good to see ya, my friend...and thanks for saying HI!

    Have a SAFE holiday,

  4. Evening Annie!

    After seeing your BEAUTIFUL home...I could just imagine this thing sitting in your living room.


    It would TOTALLY disrupt your FENG SHUI. actually was very adult of them to share the message!@#!

    Thanks for dropping in's always a treat!

    Have a SAFE holiday,