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Last Saturday while I was at work, the tension of the day was starting to get to me. It was a day filled with total pandemonium.

(which is typical in any retail store, three days before Christmas)

Shoppers in a panic and hurry to get those last minute gifts; Not enough help at the cash registers to ring sales, so the lines are getting longer and longer, as the customers’ patience is getting shorter and shorter; No more BIG shopping bags left; No tissue paper left; No gift wrap left; Tired children, screaming and crying to get out of the over-heated store; Everybody’s cell phones ringing at the same time; Sales associates snapping at one another, because their feet hurt and they haven’t had a dinner break.

On, and on, and on……

I myself, started to get a shitty attitude. And when I get this way, I have to be VERY careful of my mouth, because I can be quite direct and blunt.

So, in order to NOT turn into the “Tasmanian Devil“…I found myself a nice quite corner, to regroup myself for a few minutes.

I suddenly felt sad. Sad for all this “man-made tension” that is associated with this holiday. And sad, because I was allowing myself to get sucked into the momentum of it.

I needed a good SLAP in my consciousness.

Just then, out of the corner of my right eye, I noticed two figures walking into the store from the street entrance.

It was a little girl (no more than 6 years old), and a blind man using a walking stick.

I don’t even know if they were related or not, and it really didn’t matter, because the “energy” that was between the two of them…WAS related.

She was slowly and gently guiding him through the crowded store, like a watchful angel.

Her tiny hand, was tenderly hold his large left hand, as his right hand used the walking stick.

Not a single word was spoken between the two of them; however, what I WAS hearing…was the tremendous volume of LOVE that emanated from them.

It was as if I was watching two different films, moving at completely different speeds.

As the chaos of the store, moved at a manic speed…they moved, as if nothing else mattered, except for the moment they were sharing with one another.

I couldn't take my eyes off them - and I watched, until they gradually moved out of my sight.

I smiled and thought to myself, “There you go, Ron…a good SLAP in your consciousness. Now take "that"...and allow it to walk you through the rest of your day.”

Photo: Cayusa


  1. A gentle reminder is sometimes all we need eh Ron?

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful my friend. x

  2. Ron,
    Isn't it a beautiful thing when you get the chance to witness such a beautiful moment?

    I hope your xmas was merry and bright.



  3. Evening Akelamalu~

    You said it, girl!

    It put the rest of my day (and my future)in total perspective!

    Yes...I had a beautiful and peaceful Christmas Day!

    Thanks for always taking the time to visit, my's always a joy!


  4. Hey Krista!

    Thanks for stopping by - so good to see ya!

    Yes...I feel SO blessed to have been witness to that! And it WAS beautiful. It reminded me of what's most important in life...staying in the MOMENT.

    I had a great Christmas Day. Peaceful and reflective.

    Hope yours was wonderful too!

    Please stop by here anytime!


  5. Wow! I am all misty eyed! That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing a little holiday magic! It makes everything else fall into the proper perspective...
    Walk easy
    Be Peace

  6. Hi Sorrow!

    Thanks for dropping in for a read!

    Yea...I got misty-eyed that day too. It was such a beautiful little piece of Divine Intervention...and I feel so grateful for it!

    This has been such "special" Christmas for me. I've been shown the power of LOVE.

    And thank you for sharing in that!

    Hey...I used my "soap gift" on Christmas Day and....WOW!!! I can see WHY someone wants to sell this in their store. I can tell it's made of pure quality stuff. And the SMELL is to die for! I'm enjoying the hell out of it.


    Peace to you too, my friend,

  7. What a tender story.....thank you for sharing it, Ron. I suppose that having a childlike innocence guiding us, we don't necessarily have to 'see' all the details.

  8. Hi Miss Grace!

    That's it...that's it!!!

    If I can sum up the whole FEEL of what this Christmas has reminded me to "see" through the eyes and heart of an innocent child!

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding your "feelings" to this post, Grace.

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas Day!!!

    Hasn't this been a "magical season?"


  9. It most definitely has been, kind sir :)


  10. What a lovely story. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to e-meet you.

  11. Hi Kristen~

    And thank you for visitng my blog too!

    Yea...this sort of put things into "total holiday perspective" for me (which I NEEDED).

    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog...and I'll be back to read ya often!

    Stop by here anytime you wish. It's nice meeting you!

    Happy New Year,

  12. That must have been a great moment... I can imagine how it must have saved the whole day. I wonder what the story of those two was- why they would choose such a day to go shopping, why no one else older was with the man...? Probably a few stories there.

    You made it! Another Christmas is about to be folded up and carefully packed away. Getting ready to toast New Years?

    Winding up,

  13. Oh gosh, Grace...I JUST received your comment left on the forgive me for not responding sooner.

    It wasn't here when I checked yesterday..and yet today it appeared (the 29th).

    Good old BLOGGER...GRRRRRRR!


  14. Hiya Greg~

    Oh, too funny...I was JUST thinking about you this evening and wondering how you were doing...YOU'RE psychic!!!!

    YES...this was a great moment...and it DID save the whole day!

    I don't know what their story was. I "felt" like they were father and daughter, yet I can't be sure.

    It was the "tenderness" that got to me. And in the midst of all the insanity...they were the "calm."

    I felt like the Universe was sending me "guardian angels."

    It was wonderful!

    And yes...another season has past. And as I look back, even with the madness...this has been a very lovingly moving Christmas for me. I feel blessed, and looking forward to the new year!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by and adding your "good energy" to this post, Greg. It's always a pleasure.

    Now...I'll be by your place tomorrow, to catch up on your squirrels...can't wait!

    Cheers buddy,

  15. Hi Ron,

    Not Psychic- just trying to keep up here. *L* You're a lot closer to a book than I am... keep going!

    Not as much posted from the squirrels this week, but definitely ramping up for the next adventure.

    Should auld aquaintance,

  16. Hey Greg,

    Yes...I was thinking about calling this blog, "Vent...Gone with the Wind."


    This blog has been so much fun! And the best part, is that it's teaching me little things about coding. I'm getting behind this thing and digging deeper into HTML. I may one day, create one from scratch!

    Thanks for stopping by again Greg...always good humor!

    I just uncorked the champagne,