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Since we’re getting close to celebrating the birthday of the Christ, I thought I’d share with you, how I eventually got to know him.

The photo that you see here, is the image of him that I love the most.

The Sacred Heart.

My grandmother use to have this picture hanging in one of the bedrooms of her home. And when my cousins and I would get together, we would go into the bedroom and just stare at this image; getting totally freaked out, because no matter where we would move in the bedroom…his eyes would follow us.

(and then we would scream bloody murder and run out of the room)

As I got a little older, I remember sitting in church one Sunday. And while staring at the HUGE crucifix hanging on the altar, and looking at the face of Christ, I said to myself, “I would really like to get to know you.”

For years, after I left home, and was living on my own, I searched and searched within many faiths and philosophies, hoping to find my relationship with him. And as they were all beautiful and sacred in their own way, I could not find my own connection with him.

More years past….

I began to search within metaphysical beliefs, which gave me the opportunity to look “outside the box.” Yet, even those only brought me so far.

Finally, I just gave up on finding him.

(however, I never stopped feeling him close by)

And then as more years past….

I started seeing images of the Sacred Heart again. In certain books that I would read; in movies that I was watching; in catholic religious stores. Everywhere I went, the Sacred Heart seemed to be haunting me.

I finally bought a small photo of the image, and placed it in a frame.

One evening while I was meditating, my eyes happened to gaze upon the photo that was sitting on a bookshelf. I started to move into a meditative state, where you go into that “zone place” of being totally relaxed…yet totally aware.

When all of a sudden…I actually SAW the image for the first time.

My eyes began to softly focus on his HEART.

And I thought…that’s it…that’s it!

And I heard him say, “Silly, Wabbit!...this is where I’ve always been…right here…inside your own heart. And this is where our relationship IS.”

Wow….I could of had a V-8!!!

Well, that’s it folks…the cliff note version of my relationship to the Christ.

And since then, it has only grown deeper and more personal.

So, whenever I need to talk to him, I just touch my heart, and that’s where he and I communicate….one on one.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Photo: Medjugorie


  1. Oh Ron, he was there all the time! A beautiful post my friend.

    Happy Christmas to you and a blessed New Year. xxxx

  2. Akelamalu~

    Yes...he was HERE all the time!!

    Thank you for visiting my, friend.

    I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year too!!!!!


  3. It is always about Love, that special kind of love that only comes when we love ourselves enough to love others. With out borders, requirements or needs. Beautifully written and wonderfully said.
    Much Love to you and yours!

  4. Hi Ron!

    I liked your post.

    I think that understanding what Jesus Christ is will take my entire life to learn. And there's no rush... he will meet me wherever I am.

    Merry Christmas to you, and all the best for 2008!


  5. Evening Sorrow~

    You said it, my friend...LOVE! And SO TRUE..."when we love ourselves enough."

    This year has been very special for me. My friends here, in blogland, have so generously shared much of the love within themselves, which has allowed me to discover more of the love within myself.

    Thank YOU for being such a HUGE part of that!

    Bless you, Sorrow.

    Much love,

  6. Hi Greg!

    Good to see ya!

    So TRUE...Christ is something that is gradually unfolded...and there is no rush.

    Thank you for sharing your understanding. It's much appreciated and honored.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Day, Greg. So glad we've met!