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It’s never really been any kind of challenging effort on my part, to live a simple life.

(this is how I know “living simple” is right for me)

Ever since I can remember, my inner voice has always told me to “keep things simple” and have a minimal amount of “possessions” in your life.....

“Always see yourself as a turtle…and only take with you what you can carry on your back.”

I have almost all of my adult life, resided in a studio apartment. This allows me to only possess a minimal amount of furniture and “things.” I enjoy a clean, sparse space.

My choice of clothing has always been very simplistic - I live with the basics. I own a few nice things for my "dress-up job" and on my days off, I usually wear a casual shirt of some kind and a pair of jeans (of which I own three pairs). Most of what I wear is basic black. I have minimal pairs of footwear.

I have no cell phone, or cable. And because I currently in a city, I really have no need or desire to own a car. I do however, have Internet service and a computer, because this is important for me right now - as it is teaching me things.

I have one credit card (for real emergencies).

I will only make purchases with cash. And if I don't have the cash...I wait.

Before I purchase anything...I will usually ask myself, "Do you really NEED this?"

For me, I've learned that "less" means more freedom.

I make my living doing a variety of part-time work. I have a good job in retail; I also offer services as a bodywork practitioner; and I sometimes teach. I’ve always enjoyed having a few little jobs, that make up the “whole” - it seems to keep me fresh.

I’ve had several occupations in my lifetime, and have immersed myself into each one of them… heart and soul. Each occupation has given me the knowledge, that I needed to learn for the next.

I can honestly say, that I truly enjoy living a simple life.

I have the soul of a gypsy… and I’m here to walk down many paths.

So if I keep my human existence simple…it allows me to focus on the thing that really matters to me…the "experience."

To this day, my mother joking asks me, “I wonder what you’re going to be when you grow up?”

And I respond, “A turtle.”

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  1. A turtle is a good thing to aspire to. Go slow and see everything along the way. You use your own shell to offer comfort and protection and you do not require much as far as food. Most times you are passive but if provoked to the point of infringement then you get the chance to snap. You see the world from a spot that many do not see things from.
    Ah, Mr. Turtle welcome. You are so correct: less is more. Thank you for the reminder. Like you I live in a small apartment and I have given up the big houses and all that land and rooms full of clothes and things. I love my life and the small things that surrond me.
    Thank you for the reality check, I needed it.

  2. *looks around at the books, CD's, computers and framed ads from the 1940's*

    We have 'stuff'.

    (Don't make me tell you about all the toys. LOL)

    It's just 'stuff'.
    ('Cept for the toys, of course.)
    Tokens of the experience.

    Himself packed his life up to move here.
    It was a few boxes and a whole lifetime.

    For me, the simplicity isn't in the 'stuff', it's in how one does their living.

    *going to play with new jelly letter thingies on the mirror*

  3. Oh, Dave....

    Thank you SO MUCH for adding your words of wisdom to this post!

    I LOVE what you shared about the "turtle"...because you've opened my eyes even more!!!

    So true, true...

    Thanks again, bud!


  4. Hi Mel!

    You're words always make me smile!

    You share, Truth...blended with a refreshing "humanness.

    "Simplicity isn't in the's in how one does their living"

    Thank you!

    Enjoy your weekend, Mel.

    The Ninja Turtle

    P.S. I do however...own one teddy bear...he's so fun to cuddle with!

  5. *perking up*

    Teddy bear?!

    Did you say TEDDY BEAR!!?

    There's one or two who live here...

    (k..maybe more than one or two....LOL)

  6. Hiya Mel~

    I actually gave my mother (and I don't know if you remember)a Teddy Ruksbin!

    (she's another toy collector)

    You could put tape cassettes in the front of his overalls and he would read you a his little eyes and mouth moved.

    (very "high-tech for the time)

    I think she still has him.

    I have to admit, there was a time in my life when I was a BIG toy collector. FAO Schwartz in New York City was my favorite hangout!

    (that's why I FREAKED when I saw your floating rubber duckies)

    It's fun still being a kid...isn't it??

  7. From the words of Kermit the Frog, "It isn't easy being green."

  8. Ahh, "idol"

    Good to see ya, Jeff.

    And thanks for stopping by!

  9. *chuckling*

    I have that 'play' thing down real good.
    It's the 'grown up' stuff that I can get a bit frumpy about.

    And yes siree, Mr. Jetson--I know you have a distain for cellphones.
    Been there, read that.
    Always do go backwards when I land at a place I get 'the feel' for.

    Oh away, run away!! LOL

  10. Thanks, Mel.

    Hey...and that's a great idea for the next time I visit a new site.

    Start backwards and more foward!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening, dear friend!!

  11. Any person who likes the Jetsons has to be my kinda person, lovely post, simplicity is simply the best:)

  12. Greetings Enigma!

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    Love your name. Enigma is one of my favorite recording artist.

    It's funny...cause I'm not a big fan of "animation", however, the Jestons are the most endearing little cartoon characters. And all that "futuristic stuff" is just so fascinating...because if you think about it, A LOT of it has already come to manifest!!

    Way too cool!

    Yea, for "me" simplicity works - less is more.

    Please stop by anytime you feel. I'll drop by your place today too!

    Nice to meet you, Enigma.

    Mr. Jetson

  13. Simple, but satisfying.
    a wonderful and thought-Full post!

  14. Thank you Sorrow!

    I always look forward to your presence here!

    The Turtle

  15. What a lovely post Ron! You seem to have found your ideal existence. I am a collector (read hoarder) but things mean nothing compared to family and friends do they?

  16. Good call. That's something I have to watch out for. I was thinking of George Carlin throughout your post. "A house is just a place where you keep all yer stuff.."

    It does creep up on even the most vigilant. Like yourself, I resist a lot of things, but it's tough not to fall into the swift currents of materialism.

    Keep up the spartan digs.

    Less is more,

  17. nice to meet you mr jetson, from your daughter judy, or I could be, Jane, your wife.

  18. Evening Akelamalu~

    So good to see ya!

    Absolutely...friends and family are tops!

    Especially BLOGGER FRIENDS!


    Thank you for stopping by to say hi!

  19. Hi Enigma!

    Or is it...Jane? Or Judy?

    It's so nice to meet you too!

    Fly by anytime.......


  20. daughter judy...jane..his wife.

  21. Hey Greg!

    You know, this is the second time this week, someone mentioned the words of George Carlin to me.

    (must be an omen!?!)

    He seems to share a lot of enlightening things. I should get one his books - I hear their wonderful!

    Living this way just feels "natural" for me. Like I said, it's really not a challenge -I actually enjoy it!

    It's always so good to talk to you, Greg. Thanks for stopping by!

    More or less,

  22. Ron,
    A very very smart turtle. You have avoided many of the unnecseasry te trendy 'stuff issues' that cause so many people such pain and attachment. You value feelings and experiences, and are wise with your spending. Bravo !

  23. Hiya Annie!

    It's SOOO nice to see you!!!!

    Thank you. This way of living my life seems comfortable for me. And you know, I have nothing against possessions. It's just that when there's too many of them in "my" life, they seem to clutter up my energy.

    I think it's about having "balance."

    And like I mentioned...this is actually very easy for it's enjoyable!

    Thanks for stopping by, friend. Always a pleasure!

    The Turtle