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I’ve always had at least one coloring book and a box of crayons handy wherever I’ve lived.

Coloring is very therapeutic for me. Whenever I feel stressed, or kind of BLAH…nothing feels better than sitting down with my coloring book and crayons. After a few minutes…my body, mind and spirit move into this really nice space. I even love the smell of crayons, and the way they sound as they move across the paper.

Coloring is a wonderful way to express myself.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon walking down along the river. It was cold, gray and windy (my favorite kind of day). I was feeling inspired about how I wanted my next blog template to look and feel.

I’ve been feeling very “colorful” these days, as you can see from the “look” of this present template.

(are your sunglasses and SPF on??)

Anyway…I kept having a vision of crayons - a big fat box of multi-colored crayons.

And then I began to see “myself” as crayons. Each color representing an aspect of not only my personality, but of also how the colors reflected a particular time in my life.

You see, I am capable of being every color…..

I can be open…and I can be closed.

I can be sweet…and I can be a bastard.

I can be serious…and I can be humorous.

I can be honest…and I can lie.

I can be giving…and I can be selfish.

I can be accepting…and I can be intolerant.

I can be light…and I can be dark.

These are but a few of my colors. There are times in my life when it seems as though I color with primarily darker shades. And then there are other times when I color with primarily brighter tones - but most of the time, there’s a blend of both.

It’s taking me quite a long time to begin to “accept” all of my colors. I use to be eager to show only the bright ones…and save the darker ones for the box.

But then I gradually realized, that most colors have aspects of other colors within them.

So why not just allow “all” my colors out…because they’re there anyway!

I am a box of crayons…and this is how I color the world.

Photos: Mbrinamen/Amy-Rose


  1. *chuckling*

    Oh, do WE have crayons! I got glittery ones AND I got new Snoopy colour books for a prezzie! :-)

    I haven't couloured in any of 'em yet....LOL..can't quite decide which picture I wanna colour and I'm enjoying turning the pages and just looking right now.

    I'm pretty much the whole spectrum of colours and squiggles and spirals and colours outside the line....

    I'm pretty 'okay' with my colours--must be, they're worn and with the papers torn down so I can madly colour some more!
    True--sometimes I suck at hanging the picture on the fridge...but you can see it in my colourbook if you like!

  2. Ron darling..I so loved this anaglogy.

    We are very much alike.
    I really think everyone is the same...some of us are just honest about it. :)

    Just call me a sweet bitch or wickedly wonderful..tee, hee.

    Besides, 'tis the darkness that reveals the


  3. What a lovely way of describing yourself Ron. I have only ever seen the brightest of colours when reading your musings. :)

  4. Evening Mel!

    Oh, boy...GLITTERY ones!!! I've seen those in the stores. I need to pick up a box of those, because sometimes I do feel "glittery!*!*!

    Right now, I have a Cinderella coloring book and colored all the Wicked Stepmother pictures FIRST!

    (gee...I wonder what THAT means??)

    I actually played the "Stepmother" in a childrens theater production when I was acting in the theater, while living in Florida. Oh, God...what FUN that was! I should get them copied so I can do a post on it. I DO NOT make a pretty woman!!!!

    (but then...neither was she!)

    I SO enjoy all YOUR colors, always color with such TRUTH and HUMOR.

    And isn't fun to color outside the lines???? It makes this world so interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mel. It's always a joy to "color" with you!

  5. Evening Gypsy-Heart!

    I know...but isn't it FUN to be a bitch and wonderful all at the same time????

    (a wonderful bitch)


    I read an enlightening book a few years ago (and I can't remember the authors name, just now) but it's all about embracing the darkness within ourselves...and accepting it. It blew me away, because it came to me during a time when I was witnessing much of the darkness within myself.

    If I think of her name...I'll let you know. It's a good read.

    Thanks for your honesty, Gypsy-Heart... and I am SO damn happy that we've met!!!!

  6. Evening Akelamalu~

    Thank're very kind.

    Oh...but go back and reread some of my earlier posts on vent...and I think you'll see some of my darker shades!?*!?

    I can be ALL shades in the box...believe me.

    Oy Vey!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Akelamalu. You always add much color to this blog!

  7. Ron,
    You've never been an intolerant bastard here. But in order to be a full box of crayons, all parts of us come into play. I enjoy coloring with you here in cyber-space !

  8. Thank you Annie...and I enjoy coloring with you too!!!

    I think I can be ALL of those colors that I mentioned. At different times...I've been different colors.

    The great thing about blogging, is that it allows me to take my time and gradually think about how I want to express my feelings. In my everyday life experiences...I sometimes react without thinking first...and I CAN react like a bastard.

    But what I'm really saying here with this that I'm gradually excepting myself for being ALL ways (colors).

    And that feels good!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Annie...always a pleasure!

  9. Ron~
    a box of Crayola's?
    My good fella, have you ever seen what happens when they go into the dryer? or get left on a sunny window sill? Such a pretty mix of melted magic.
    I confess that I often but them after the fall rush on school supplies, and purposely melt them all together so that I can run a color ball over white paper...
    I love color!
    I will trade you my mystic Banana for your lime green machine...

  10. Oh man, Sorrow...I NEED to try that!!!

    It's sounds WAY too cool!!!

    I bet when you use the ball of crayons, the color looks magical!

    I wonder if I could put the crayons on my radiator heater for awhile, and do the same thing??? I'll try it and let you know how it goes.

    I get all my crayons and coloring books at a FABULOUS Dollor Store, down the street from where I live.

    (a dollor is GOOD!)

    Thanks for the great tip, you COLORFUL person, you!

    And thanks for stopping by today...always a joy!

    Crayon Man

  11. Ron I loved this post. I love colors and there seems no end to all the colors that emerge from melting, molding, shadowing whatever. And I liked how you said "bright ones to show; dark ones stay in the box". Funny how differences can be a way of finding a unifying theme or common ground. I have been learning lately about colors too; i found out that just because there are infinite different colors, doesn't mean they are SEPARATE. I am still pondering that idea.... :)Thanks for the post.

  12. Greetings Sybillae!

    It's always great hearing from you, my friend!

    My, my...what you just said within your comment, deserves another post.

    I had never thought of colors representing the "differences" between people. That was very enlightening of you. And your right...just because colors are different...does NOT mean they're seperate!!!

    Wouldn't it be a boring world...if everything was just A FEW colors??

    I can't thank you enough for adding your wonderful energy here.

    You add such beautiful color!

    Crayon Man

  13. Sibyllae....

    So sorry for misspelling your name in my last comment to you!


    I wonder if there's a color I could use for better SPELLING????