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Personal space is something that I have always been very sensitive and aware of.

(not only when it comes to my own space…but also of others)

By personal space, I mean the energy field that we each have surrounding us.

And not only do I mean the personal space of humans beings, but also animals. In fact, every living thing.

Because I’m this way, I always try to respect the energy field of the people that I may be talking and interacting with throughout the day. I make sure I stand back, allowing their energy some “breathing room.” And if someone is not allowing mine, I have no problem in asking them to readjust themselves.

I had a customer one day, who was talking to me so loud and standing so unbelievably close…that she may as well have been sitting on my face.

(no pun intended)

I politely and somewhat jokingly asked her to stand back.

Personally, I have my own take on this….

We live in a time of extreme sensory overload. And with that, comes a desensitizing of energy awareness, because our ability to “sense” has been numbed.

The natural ability to feel subtle energy…is lost.

I also believe that some people have a very low energy field, which makes them unconsciously and sometimes VERY consciously “energy vampires.” And this I will not allow.

And then I also believe, that some people are simply not aware of energy.

I always watch in amazement, when I witness a total stranger freely walk up to a little baby in a stroller and just start touching it. And then they wonder why the baby starts screaming and crying. A baby has a personal space too…and it should be respected. In fact, I feel a baby’s personal space is even more sensitive than an adults.

I also watch in amazement, when I witness a total stranger freely walk up to a dog in the park and try to pet it. And then wonder why the dog rips their fingers off. An animal has a personal space…and it should be respected.

Ya see, a CAT has the right attitude….they’ll just get up and walk away.

“Like…how DARE you invade my personal space!”

I’m much more like a cat.


(which means, “ Get the HELL away from me, heathen!”)

Photo: Rachel on holidays (sometimes)


  1. Ron,
    First, This is an feakin AWESOME POST! I read this going yeah! yeah! so I am going to add only one little observation that I have about 'space invaders' as I call them.
    We don't have tv, haven't in 15+ years. So the kids only get exposed to it at friends and the infrequent family that has it. My oldest said " why do tv people get so in your face?" We chatted it out and came to the thought that most folks interact more with TV then they do with real people. So they never really learn to feel what some one is about. They are so hungry for conversation that they want to get up close to you so they are sure you are really giving them the undivided attention that the crave. Perhaps as you suggested at the same time sucking your energy dry!
    Love love love coming here!



    PS your friends art work is Beautiful!!! I am thinking about downloading the pdf...
    Thanks so much for that share!!!!

  2. Morning Sorrow!

    As it is 1:20AM here! Aren't WE the night/morning owls???

    hoot, hoot!

    I JUST finished posting this, so you must have just dropped by.

    I think you hit the nail on the head here. I don't have TV either, so I never thought that it might be as you and your son suggestion.

    GREAT enlightenment!!!!

    And that could most DEFINATELY be why they crave my undivided attention...RIGHT IN MY FACE!!!! the next time this happens to me...I'll think of myself as a TV...and just TURN MYSELF OFF!

    But only AFTER I bite their fingers!


    And I'm SO glad you enjoyed Greg's art work...I think his stuff is so beautiful too!

    It's always my pleasure having you here, Sorrow...thanks!

  3. Oh yeah, I agree with you on this one, although I have never analyzed it to this extent. I have always just called people who get in your face rude and uncooth.
    One invasion that, since you are a guy, you may not have ever thought of it when complete strangers feel that it is totally acceptable and appropriate to rub a pregnant womans tummy. I unfortunately have experienced this one more than a few times, since I have 4 kids. My husband got really mad one time in a Walmart and slapped someone's hand away from me.
    And another one bad scenario, before I was a stay at home mom, I was a waitress forever. Dealing with the general public like that just allows you to experience all sorts of people. I cannot tell you how many times someone got in my face....sometimes just to talk, sometimes to yell about over cooked eggs. Oh I could go on and on about waitressing experiences. I imagine that you might not be offended by the comment I am about to make cause you seem more normal...but men suck to wait on. Most men feel that since a waitress is being nice to him (why do they not realize that it is her job to be nice) that it means that she is hot for him and somehow ok to touch her.
    Oh well...I am rambling.

  4. Yes! I like what you said about people not tuning in to other's energy fields. There's a definite unawareness of subtlety these days and I agree with Sorrow regarding the influence of TV on that. Very insightful observation!

  5. I have a wide berth. Gee--and somehow most people know it. LOL Must be that 'energy' that rolls off me.
    (actually, I believe the feedback some folks would give would be "sometimes you just plain LOOK unapproachable"....LOL...really, I'm a friendly kinda gal!)

    But I make no bones about my personal space being rather hefty in size.
    And I'm rather hypersensitive to other's personal space (cuz of my own, no doubt).
    No touching babies, no rushing up to pet puppies.....
    Hmmmm....hows come they're always rushin' up to me or reaching to be picked up then!

    Geeze....and cats ALWAYS want me.
    What's up with that?!

    MUST practive that 'unapproachable' stuff MORE. LOL


  6. Personal Space Invaders are a huge pet peeve of mine, too. Also, Touchy Talkers. *shudder*

  7. Hiya Nicole!

    I always enjoy your comments, so don't ever worry about rambling. I do the same thing.

    Did you get a new avatar? It looks great!

    I don't blame you and your husband for being up set with someone touching your pregnant belly!! Just like said...most people are so unaware of "space." And anything that has to do with a baby...I get very protective. So...good for your husband, for slapping a few hands!

    And being a server???? I've tried it several times...and let me tell you...I SUCK at it. I think serving has to be one of the most challenging jobs ever! I work with the public too, however, I could never serve them their food. Something freaky happens with people and their food!?@#!

    And I am most definately not offended by your comment about waiting on men. I've heard other lady's say the same thing!

    As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment, Nicole.

    Hope you have a "space free week."

  8. Hi Karen!

    Yes...I had never thought about the whole TV thing, until Sorrow pointed it out to me. Really insightful!!!!

    I feel that with all the cell phone, iPod and electrical's like, how many more things can we stick in our ears to distract our energy??

    Oh,'s fun to vent.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leaving a comment. Always appreciated!

  9. Hey Nitebyrd~

    Good seeing you!

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you!!

    "Touchy Talkers"...*shudder* and *cringe*.....@!@#?

    Thanks for stopping by today. Always a bright spot!

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hiya Mel!

    Me too...I have every person on the street walk up to me and ask for directions, money, life advice......

    I must look like Rolodex?!?!?

    And I honestly don't mind that...but I DO mind the "space invasion."

    Oh...and you said it! Little babies will coo, giggle and sometimes wave their little fingers at me. And CATS....same thing...I feel like a "rubbing post."

    I think it's because we give off a "respectful vibe"...and they can sense they are willing to open themselves.

    Or it could be that they sense that you and are just BIG kids too!


    Always a JOY and FUN to share with you, Mel!

    Thanks for saying Hi today!

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  12. Some people just do not have any idea about space, personal or otherwise! I hate it when people read over my shoulder and my mother-in-law (as much as I love her) thinks it's fine to touch people's faces. It makes me want to scream!

  13. Hi Ron!

    'Energy Vampires'... too true! We certainly have a few of those around here. *L* I'm usually conscious of the space between strangers and myself, and adjust accordingly.

    I've read it's also a cultural part of our upbringing. Some encourage more space, others less. That seems to apply to subtlety, too, altho I think the loss is more a casualty of the times.

    Once again, from the squirrels and I... thagyu, Rahn! :) That just blew me away.

  14. Thanks on the new avatar. The photo is the same one, I just doctored it up a bit in photoshop. added warmth and saturation.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Oh, made me LAUGH hysterically with your comment!!!

    How is makes you want to SCREAM!

    I feel that same way. I mean...the NERVE!

    LOOK...but please don't touch.

    Yes, and reading over the shoulder IS invasive. And kind of sneaky too!

    Be gone, heathen!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful wit, my friend. Your energy always makes me SMILE!

  17. Hello again, Nicole! did fabulous job!!!

    I noticed it immediately.

    I've been thinking about getting Photo Shop for all the web customizing I'm trying to do. I need to get more memory installed on this computer before I do so. It just doesn't have enough RAM right now.

    Good seeing you again, Nicole. Enjoy your day!

  18. Hiya Greg!

    You know, I feel that "creative type people" are most likely to be more aware of energy, because of the abundant energy that flows through us.

    And that's an enlightening point you said about it being a "cultural thing." That's very true. Being someone who is Italian...I notice that the family IS in fact, more touchy, feely, and at invading.

    Oh, well...the food and passion make up for it!

    You're very welcome, Greg. Your talent deserves to be shared with others!


  19. Hello love...once again you made me laugh in the midst of an excellent VENT! tee,hee.

    I have to be careful of emotional vampires..I seem to attract them (even in the line at the grocery store). I love listening and helping people, but I learned the hard way that there are vampires out there. That is why I am a recluse, and I no longer give my home phone number out, and I love the cell phone POWER OFF button. :)

    My little dog Ringo is a recluse too! He can read "human" energy, and I respect his signals..snarling teeth are usually the first clue!!

    Thank you dear one..another great post!

  20. Evening Gypsy-Heart!

    So good to see ya, my friend!!!!

    Oh my...I attract them too. This is why in the energy work that I share with others (Reiki, Reflexology) I have to be VERY aware of that. I use to absorb a great deal of the clients emotional state, myself. I had to learn how to "assist" someone...but at the same time...detach.

    It's still not always easy!

    And like you...this is why I must have my reclusive time. I do the same thing...the phone ringer is OFF!!!!!

    For me (as I'm sure it's the same for you) being around an animal is so healing and balancing. I think they understand that WE resprect their they respect OURS.

    GO, RINGO...GO!

    It's always so wonderful to have your "energy" here, Gypsy-Heart...THANK YOU!!!!!

    Woof, woof to Ringo!

  21. I thought I had a lot of outward energy, but it must have been the bowl of beans I ate.

  22. Hi Ron- I liked what you mentioned about respect in general. I don't mind others in my face; but I feel miffed when I see folks grabbing others babies and animals and presumptiveness like this. I also dont like it when I go to someone's home and they believe that because their attack trained dog is "cool with them" that the pet will be "cool with total strangers waltzing in the house"... That is something I find really disrespectful both to the pet that hasn't been comfortably introduced to new people; and also and to the guests in one's home. It seems thoughtless to take no thought for others in this way. Good points!

  23. Oh man, ALWAYS get me, buddy!!!!

    Thanks for your awesome's ALWAYS a treat!

  24. Hiya Sibyllae!'s the baby space invaders that get me the most!

    A baby's energy is SOOO sensitive and it must be awful for them to not be able to voice themselves (other than crying) to say, "Hey...back off buddy."

    And animals too. That's a good point you brought up about going into someones home and not being properly introduce to the pet.

    I just think it's a common "energy respect thing" amongst everything that's living. Even plants have subtle energy that needs respect.


    Thanks for stopping by, Sibyllae. Your presence always adds such GREAT energy!

  25. i always get a bit antsy if someone comes to close...unless i have a crush on them, then I get visably perturbed.

  26. Tee-hee, Enigma!

    Cute...very cute!!!

    Isn't that something? I think we all do that when we have a crush on someone.

    It's like, "I really like you....but get the hell away from me!?!?!"

    Ah...human nature!

    Thanks for popping by today, always make me GIGGLE!

  27. respecting personal space, be it human or pet - is VERY important ! Energy is so obvious....

  28. Evening Annie!

    So good to see ya!!!!

    For me, respecting someones personal energy space, is like respecting someones privacy.

    It would be like walking into someone's home, unannounced.

    Thanks so much for stopping by this evening, Annie...always appreciated!