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Much to my delight and surprise, I received a very special comment yesterday, from a blogger buddy of mine.

Not only was it exciting to touch base again, but she kindly bestowed upon me the COOLEST award that anyone could ever give.

Besides sniffing a dolls head… I’m absolutely psychotic about watching I Love Lucy.

(she’s my muse)

Anyway…like the caption on the photo says, “You Cheer Me Up”… Lucy always does that for me!

I would like to pass this on to five blogger buddies who do the same for me…cheer me up!

*Mel @ Mels Dream - not only do your comments and posts cheer me up, but they also make me laugh until I have to POOP! You are my Rubber Duckie play-friend. Thank you!

*Akelamalu @ Everything and Nothing - every time I visit your blog, I smile at the JOY that comes from you, in your wit and passion at which you blog. Thank you!

*Sorrow @ Walking the Labyrinth - you’ve taught me so much about the power of sharing LOVE. Your generosity and openness to simply GIVE…has touched me deeply. Thank you!

*Enigma @ Not What It Seems - your quick wit is beyond brilliant. Your blog is a wonderful blend of both inspiration and humor. I SO enjoy talking to you. Thank you!

*Jeff @ A Word In Edgewise - from the first time I read your comments on Mels blog…I knew you were a very smart man. Only a smart man can say so much…in so few words. You’ve got a GREAT sense of humor, Jeff. Thank you!

Thank you ALL for making my blogging damn CHEERFUL.


P.S. You can either keep it for yourself...or pass it forward.


  1. Don't ask what time it is, I hope this doesn't have a time stamp or anything.My littlest one has been having nightmares about Goblins.
    and I am sitting up so that she can wake and say "Mommy?" and I am right here and can respond with, " I'm here,your safe, sleep" and she fades back out.
    I was wandering to my favorite sites and saw this sweetness from you. I have tears in my eye, thank you. Love and kindness are so easy to give, when it is simply a reflection of the person standing in front of us. You are an incredibly real and genuine soul, whose wit and joy, make my days brighter, can I give this back to you? Because you cheer me up,when I need it most...
    Blessed be my friend
    I am blessed to be.

  2. Thank you Ron, you have cheered me up more than you know, I am withdrawing from Blog world for a while, as other things will have to take precedance, let me know when you get the sock blog happening, all the best my friend.

  3. Congratulations my friend. You deserve awards and accolades. Your generosity in passing this along to the other wonderful bloggers is just the reason you were awarded.

  4. Ok, "I" have tears in MY eyes!!!

    Hey, I have an idea...we can just keep giving back to one another.

    Back and forth...back and forth...

    Kind of like a GAME!?@!?#

    Tag...YOUR it...

    I thank you for your words left here...they've touch me deeply!

    Enjoy this...because you deserve it!

    Much love,

  5. I totally understand Enigma...I've done the same thing in the past.

    You're not only CHEERY...but a SMART COOKIE!

    I'm so glad you were able to receive this before your break.

    Hurry'll be missed!

    And if I get the "Sock Blog" going...I'll leave you a commment

    Peace to you!

  6. Hey Dave!

    It's SOOO great to see you!

    I LIKE your new avatar...I almost didn't know who this comment was from!?!?

    It really suites you!

    Thank you, my friend...I've so enjoyed meeting some REALLY special souls via this blog.

    And thank you for always being one of them! it as cold it is HERE??? Brrrrrr#!#!

    But you know...I LOVE IT!!!

    The Penguin

  7. Aw Ron you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you lovely friend you always manage to cheer me up too. xx

  8. Akelamalu!

    This has turned into a "teary-eyed Opra moment."

    You know, the times when she reunites friends who haven't seen one another in like...40 years!?!

    That's ok...cause their GOOD tears!

    Thank you for not only always cheering me up...but for being my longest and loving blogger buddy!


    Enjoy, my fine lady!

  9. G'day from Oz,

    I came here from Akelamalu's wonderful blog. Yep, I'm a fan of Lucy and all things comedic.

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  11. you're being too kind.....

    .....well, 'cept I've just learned that my humour is an enema. LOL

    ......I think?


    It's an honour and a privilege, kind sir.
    To be able to land here, that is.
    AND to be thought so kindly of.

    Thank you....truly.....

    (and yippee for reunification with dear friends! I know the joy!)

  12. Congratulations..You deserve it!

    I will have to check out the blogs you listed...for I know if you love them I will too. :)

  13. Your blog mirrors what you give, Ron - what you've gotten is just an honest reflection :) Congratulations !

  14. Hey David,

    So NICE seeing you again! Thanks for taking the time via Akelamalu to stop by and say hi!

    It was so wonderful of you to highlight Jeff's post on your blog last week. I read it...and I was SO worthy of highlighting. I believe it really touched and helped many others!

    Good man, you are!

    Stay well,
    Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel

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  16. Well I'll be dipped in drawn butter!

    Thanks for the cheer up award. Very nice of you to bestow this upon me.

    I've enjoyed getting to know you over the past few weeks. This world of blogging continues to amaze me. So many great people from all over the world comming together.

  17. Hey Mel!

    Your humor is SOOOO worth celebrating!

    To me, humor means everything...and you have a magical "gift", my Duckie friend!

    So, thank YOU!


  18. Hello Gypsy-Heart!

    Thanks my Capricorn friend!

    If you have some time, please DO check these guys out. They're GOOD PEOPLE!

    (just like YOU)

    And thanks for stopping by to say's always appreciated!


  19. Hiya Annie!

    AWWWWWW....thank you for your kind and beautiful words!

    Hey, and CONGRATS to you TOO!

    Thanks for lettting Harlekwin know where I'm's been such a FABULOUS thing touching base with her again!

    And I just found out she did your new template. It "shines" with her magical touch!

    Love ya, Annie


  20. Hey Jeff!

    There you go again...making me laugh!!!!

    Much deserved, buddy.

    Your blog has a wonderful energy about it...and that reflects YOU!

    Here's to many more years of MUCH laughter!

    Stay COOL,
    Fred Mertz

  21. Hi Ron! You DO have an awesome blog here, and some awesome friends too. Just visited Akelamalu from your mention. Anyone that can feature the song 'i wanna make it with you' and stuff from the band BREAD is damn hip in my book! And, loved your God Save the Queen comment too ('cept I might add in the words "sweet potato" to it, since I do like Jill Conner's stuff on the subject of humour!) :)

  22. Hi Sibyllae!

    Thanks my friend!

    And YOU make this blog all the more awesome!

    I'm SO GLAD the Universe saw to it that our paths have crossed this lifetime. You're a very special lady!

    So glad you enjoyed Akelamalu's blog...she's another special lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  23. Hi Ron,

    A new design. Banzai!

    Great to see your recommends... It can be overwhelming to go through even a fraction of all the blogs out there, and as with everything else, I have yet to figure out how to get more time to do it.

    I'm going to take a look at these.


  24. Hey Greg!

    So good to see ya!

    You caught me right in the middle of this template change! I saw your comment earlier, but was FRANTIC about rearranging stuff on the sidebar!@?!

    I'm possessed...what can I tell you??

    Actually, I'm learning so much about web design by changing every month. I really need to get a software design system, so I can make one from scratch. I borrow these templates from other designers and then I add my own design to them. I made the header on this one...and I'm so exceited!!!

    I should probably take a class on this stuff so I can REALLY learn the details. I'm just trying on my own for now.

    Yes, if you have some time please check out the blogs that I listed. They're good people!

    Just like YOU!

    I'll stop by your place tomorrow to see how the FUZZIES are doing!

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Greg. It's always appreciated!


  25. It looks like you're having fun! Which makes the learning that much easier.

    I wanted to comment that everyone's different, and going to an actual class may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, with determination and patience, most if not all of what you need is online, free, and current, and many established courses can't always offer even two out of those three.

    There are several software apps available, and everyone has their preference... I learned what little I know on Dreamweaver (now owned by Adobe).

    But most important is that you have fun while you're learning, and there's no rush.

    On my way to other blogs. =] Keep at it... you have a gift.

    Where the air is clear,

  26. Thanks Greg!

    And you're right.

    Someone else told me that this stuff can be learned online too, so I will definately look into that! I've always been one of those people who learns things better on my own. I actually enjoy the "process" of learning something.

    I've seen information on Dreamweaver in the bookstore, so I'll check it out.

    Thank you again for your good advice and support, my friend!

    On a clear day you can see forever,