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The photo that you see here, is an image of me taken only two years ago.

(I’ve grown a lot since then)

No…actually, this is a photo of my “interior image.”

On the outside, I’m 52...however on the inside, I’m 5.

And I like being 5.

(it’s an odd number)

There’s something so wonderfully freeing about flinging myself on the ground and making snow angels - especially after the first good snowfall.

I still enjoy playing silly little games like: Candyland, Operation, and Clue (Professor Plum, in the library, with the rope). Oh, and do you remember….Play-forms??? I used to love to sniff the little plastic pieces that you would stick on the different scenes…because they smelled like a dolls head.

(and please don’t ask!?!)

I revel at spending the afternoon in the children’s section of the bookstore reading: “The Cat in the Hat”, “Dick and Jane”, “Care Bears” and also, “Why we POOP” (because I keep forgetting ).

I love nothing more…than digging for the “prize” in a box of Cracker Jacks.

(especially when I get the stupid-ass tattoo’s)

There’s something in the simplicity of “being as a child” that sort of makes the whole world slow down and puts a smile on my heart.

My mind takes a vacation…and simply joins my spirit for some fun.

You see, being as a child is the “key.”

Because children always remember the grace…in just “being.”

P.S. So how about a game of FISH?

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  1. Oh you big kid!

    Can I play? ((wink))

  2. (not asking about doll head sniffing and you can't make me....LOL)

    Ohhhh.....and yo-yos and gyrascope thingies and playdough and etch-a-sketches (yeah, yeah....I still like 'em!) and marbles and those springy bugs that popped to the ceiling and Chutes and Ladders and Trouble!!


    I'm about to have a totally unproductive Saturday.

    It's all good.
    I can blame you!

  3. Oh...and I'll have you know Thursday evening there were 24 kiddos taking turns at pointing out (ever so gingerly) that I had a wet rearend.

    At about kiddo number eight I'd HAD it.....

    "THAT'S IT! You're all in BIG trouble...Getcher coats on and get outside---every single last ONE of you!"

    24 snowangels later, I was NOT the only wet butt on the unit.

    Hmmmph...point out MY wet butt, willya... :-P

  4. Evening Akelamalu~

    Sure, girlfriend....throw yourself in the snow and flap those arms!!!!

    And after we're finished...we can SNIFF some Play-forms!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    The Kid

  5. Evening Mel!

    Ok, don't ask...and I won't tell!!!


    Oh, my God in just mentioned all the other TOYS and GAMES that I worship!!!

    (I use to love to BITE the playdough...very salty!)

    And don't tell me YOU didn't!!!

    I STILL can't resist, when I see an etch-a-sketch in the store, picking it up and playing with it! And gyrascope was the ultimate!!

    It's FUN to play...isn't it??

    I bet you and I would have the time of our lives, if we lived in the same town. I have a feeling...we would NEVER be bored!!!

    A cup of hot chocolate, some mini marshmallows, and some Candyland.

    AHHHH...the GOOD LIFE!

    Good seeing ya, Mel!

  6. Mel!

    The WET BUTT is a dead give-away for making snow angels!!!

    You may have read this in one of my earlier posts, but a few years ago I spent 7 days in the mountains making snow angels and taking photographs of them!!!

    Talk about a wet butt!

    However, God was VERY pleased!!!

    The Kid

  7. Giggle
    You know some how I always suspected you were a kid at heart, peter pan! You don't say! LOL
    I have an 8 year old, who lives in the most magical world. Her best friend is a make believe pink dragon...ooops did I say make believe? shame on me! I get to play chutes and ladders, hide and seek, yatzee, Fish, and my all time favorite, kick the can!
    It 's so great! who says you have to grow up! LOL!
    I'm gonna go sniff a doll head...

  8. Sorrow~

    Oh, my God..."I" have a dragon friend TOO!!!

    (only, mine is...PURPLE!!)


    Yes... there's nothing more FABULOUS on this earth...than sniffing a dolls head!

    (except maybe a magic marker) WONDERFUL that you have children and can enjoy the magic of playing games with them!!!

    To me...there's no such thing as being "grown up."

    Ok, I have to go now...cause I have something cooking in my Easy-Bake Oven!


    P.S. Thanks for stopping by, Sorrow. It's always a JOY!

  9. That's a trip down memory lane! I remember all those games. Our fave was Sorry, with all the hostility that an afternoon of playing could generate. And I loved the smell of those markers!

    I envied some of my friends the toys they had... our family wasn't so well off. I did have Lego, and that was probably the longest favorite of mine.

    i miss those days. Thanks for the trip. =]


  10. Hey Greg!

    Good to see ya!

    Hey...I REMEMBER PLAYING LEGO TOO!!! And all those pieces!!

    I never played Sorry, however I remember seeing it in the stores.

    "Operation" was my favorite...I hated having to take out the "funy bone" because it was SOOOO narrow, and I would always BUZZ his red nose!!

    Oh...and did your say MARKERS???

    Next to a dolls head...nothing beats the smell out of a marker!!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy.

    Hope you're having swell weekend!

    The Kid

  11. I saw some kids playing a game of four square today. I imediatly thought of this post. (I read it yesterday, but hadn't commented for some reason)

    Now I know the reason. thought you would get a kick out of that.

    Ollie Ollie oxen free!!!

  12. Greetings Jeff! was DESTINY that made you wait to comment...and so glad you did!

    Oh, man...I wish I'd of been there...I would have jumped right in with them!!!

    I actually forgot about that game...thanks for reminding me.

    It's funny how many people commented about the games and toys they use to play with when they were kids (and probably still DO).

    Thanks for stopping by today, Jeff. Always a pleasure!

    TAG...and YOUR it!

  13. So let's see if you are five that makes me about seven.
    I love coming over to your house to play!!
    May we never be old at heart!

  14. Hey Gypsy-Heart!

    So sorry I didn't respond to this comment sooner, but I JUST SAW it NOW when I came back to read these comments.

    How the hell did I miss that???

    Hey...SEVEN is a great number's still ODD!

    Thanks for stopping by to PLAY, my friend...always a giggle!

    The Kid

  15. Ron, I flew by via Sib's Site. This post just made me smile. When it comes right down to it, we all need to be more like a child at heart. Perhaps we could enjoy our lives a bit more. Thanks for the wake-up. Nice to be reminded of such things.

    Anyone want to play marbles: poison pots, rings, or even chase. Can't remember all the ones I use to play.

  16. Hi Hawk~

    And welcome!

    Thanks for taking the time to fly by and leaving a comment.

    I've seen your comments on so many of the blogs that I visit...and have ALWAYS enjoyed what you've added. It seems that much of what you say, resonates within me too. So, thanks!

    Yes...I'm just a silly kid at heart. I love children...and find that I learn MUCH about how to live my adult life...through being with them!

    Good teachers...they are!

    Please stop by here, anytime it moves you.

    Nice meeting you!

    The Kid