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From the very first time I laid eyes on her hysterical avatar, I knew that I had met a kindred spirit!

I’m talking about Nitebyrd and her totally outrageous and delightful blog, A Dust Bunny in the Wind.

Humor, to me, is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs known to man. And on a scale of 1 to 10, Nitebyrd's blog ranks a big fat 10 in the aphrodisiac department.

I always come away feeling naturally HIGH!

Nitebyrd has an amazing ability to be refreshingly outspoken and enjoys using the word FUCK; yet at the same time, surrounding her words in a blanket of intelligent consciousness and sweetness.

I can always feel her tender and gentle soul.

She at times speaks very little, but even through a post photo, will have me hysterically spitting laughter all over my computer screen.

(God…she’s FUNNY!!!)

I look forward to clicking on her link everyday, knowing that she will always have something uniquely amusing to share.

(and I might add, that through her blog, also supports some very worthy causes)

I feel very blessed, that she somehow found her way to Vent and introduced herself to me.

So, if you have a moment or two this weekend, please do yourself a BIG pleasure and visit her blog - you’ll be so glad you did.

And you’ll be HOOKED!

Thank you Nitebyrd, for flying into my life.

And for sharing your magical gift....


THUMBS UP, fine lady!

Photo: Vernhart


  1. OHMYFUCKINGGOD! I ... I ... I'm absolutely totally fucking speechless!

    Thank you, Ron. We do tend to agree on a lot of things. :-*

  2. I have known nitebyrd for many years (over 30) and I have to say after reading your post I am not surprised her humor and intelligence has been noticed by someone of your caliber.

    Thank you so very much.

  3. I'm definitely going to check out her blog. Thanks for the recommendation - I need me some humor right now!

  4. Just went over and said hi. Thanks for the heads up, or should I say the double thumbs up.

  5. Howdy Nitebyrd~

    Oh, make me fucking LAUGH!


    You are SO VERY WELCOME!!!

    You've added so much humor, light and consciousness into my life and I am SO GRATEFUL for that. I just wanted to share my grace with others!

    Thank YOU SOOOOO much!

    You ROCK, girl!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

  6. Greetings Dazzled and Confused~


    And thank you for taking the time to say Hi and for leaving a comment!

    How fortunate that you have known this fine lady for over 30 YEARS!!!!!! I've only know her for a few months, and yet what she's added to my life...seems timeless!

    Please stop by anytime you're always welcomed!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hiya Misty Dawn~

    So nice to see ya today!

    PLEASE DO visit Nitebyrd's blog...I guarantee you'll instantly feel touched by the "Humor Angel."

    Just visiting her site...makes you feel GREAT!

    Thank you for stopping by today. It's always appreciated and enjoyed!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!

  8. Helloooooo Jeff~

    Hey...YOU with the fabulous sense of humor that YOU possess, will TOTALLY, TOTALLY enjoy Nitebyrd's blog!!!

    DAMN...she cracks me up!!!

    So GLAD you went over and introduced yourself. And I know she'll be happy to share in YOUR wonderful presence there!!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Jeff. Always ENJOYED!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend, bud!

  9. Lovely words for a lovely lady! :)

  10. Greetings Casdok~


    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing in the celebration of an awesome lady!

    Isn't she the BEST?????

    So glad I met her!

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for saying Hi. You're welcome to drop by any time!

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  11. On my way to check out Nitebyrd now. Have a great weekend Ron m'deario. x

  12. GREAT Akelamalu!!!!

    I have a wonderful feeling, that you're going to APPRECIATE her as much as I do!!

    Between YOUR humor and her''ll be like a LAUGH FEST!!!

    ENJOY, dearest lady.

    Have a FABO weekend!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Just thought i would pop back and say thank you and of course you can!!!

  14. GREAT Casdok!

    I'll be passing it on!!!

    Thanks for stopping back!

  15. just dropped by at the suggestion of dazzed and confused who I found through nitebyrd. It is so wonderful that you have taken the time to praise such a lovely lady.

  16. If you love her then I imagine I will too. She sounds like my kind of chick...a sense of humor and she cusses! hee, hee.
    I will have to take a peak. :)

  17. Greetings Lady In Red~


    And thanks ever so much for taking the time to stop by and for leaving a comment!!

    HEY...I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!! SOOO cool! When I first started this blog, my first template had a header graphic of a gorgeous woman, lying on a RED sofa, wearing a RED dress...holding a blood dripping DAGGER.

    (very subdued)

    I only recently met Nitebyrd, however, she has such an awesome sense of humor and a gentle soul, that you can't help but feel like you always knew her!

    Thanks for sharing in her celebration!

    Please stop by whenever you wish!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Evening Gypsy-Heart~

    It's always so GREAT seeing YOU!!

    Hey, listen...I KNOW that you will thoroughly enjoy Nitebyrd's sense of humor - and he's so REAL and GENUINE.

    (just like you)

    So I think you'll find a kindered spirit in her.


    And thank you for stopping by to say Hi.

    Sharing good energy with you...and have a swell weekend!

  19. I agree Ron, i think Niye byrd fucking rocks, and i love her incredibly funny comments she leaves on my blog.

  20. Awwwwwwww.

    Well, with a recommendation like that, you know I'll go visiting!

  21. HELLO ENIGMA!!!!!

    So great seeing you!

    So true...

    And you know how much I've laughed from the comments she's left on YOUR blog!!!

    She' a neat lady, isn't she???

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and adding to the celebration!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, Enigma!

    P.S. Oh, that's's ALMOST Sunday there. Well, enjoy what's left of it....

  22. Morning Mel~

    YES, YES...DO...cause I know that you'll "click" with her sense of humor and also her spirit!!!

    Ya, know, I was just thinking last night, when I was going through my blogroll list...that all the people who come visit here...have this amazing common ingredient of the BEST DAMN SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!

    I'm mean everybody is REALLY FUNNY!

    How cool is that????

    I LOVE TO giggle....

    Thanks for stopping by today, Mel...and for sharing in the laughs and festivity!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Oh, and guess what? It finally SNOWED yesterday..not like YOUR kind of snow, but I was happy for ANYTHING!!

  23. Ron~
    well you know, when you give some one that kind of praise, it's time to take a look see!
    thanks Hon!

  24. Helloooo Lady Sorrow~

    I'm SOOOOO glad to see ya!

    I hope all is well, dearest friend!

    I stopped by earlier this evening and saw that you had left a comment for us...thank you! We ALL love you so very much.

    YES...please DO check out Nitbyrd's blog...oh my God, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!! She's not only a funny, funny lady, but she's also a beautiful soul who I KNOW you'll be happy to meet!

    Thank you so much for stopping by this evening, I LOVE having your presence here!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  25. Aww you sweety pie!!!

    I've only just met nitebyrd, but with in the first day of meeting her she had mentioned me in one of her posts - indroducing me already!!!

    You're absoulutely right! SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!! xx

  26. Greetings Vi~


    Thank you for stopping by and sharing in the celebration of such an awesome lady!!!


    I've seen your comments over at Dusty Bunny, and I'm SO glad you dropped by here to introduce yourself!

    Any friend of Nitebyrd's...I'm happy to know!

    Stop by anytime, Vi!

    Enjoy your evening...