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Being someone who enjoys spending a great deal of time in the bookstore, I’ve come to notice certain PIG PEOPLE, who sit sprawled out on the floor with about 10 books, 5 magazines, and a soft drink and bagged lunch from a fast-food chain.

(what is this…a bookstore PICNIC???)

I so enjoy watching them chomp and slurp, while leaving filthy fingerprints all over the books and magazines - it’s disgusting!

And that’s not the worst part of it.

I especially love when they decide to get up and leave, how like an animal in the wilderness, they just leave their debris on the floor where they ate it.

And what REALLY annoys me, is how they have absolutely no consideration for returning the books and magazines to where they got them - they just leave a pile of literature rubble.

A few days ago, while I was in the bookstore, I was witness to this rude and unconscious behavior. As I stood glancing through a book, I listened to two young men sitting on the floor conversing as they were looking through a stack of magazines.

When they were finished and got up to leave, one of the young men started to collect the magazines while the other one said (with this arrogant attitude), “Oh no, just leave them here…what do you think these employees are getting paid to do?”

All of a sudden my blood started to boil. I felt like the Tasmanian Devil getting ready to spin dance and destroy everything in my path.

I turned around and look into the faces of these ignorant beast creatures and gave them the most filthiest look that I could come up with.

I wanted to grab the one young man by the ear and drag him over to the magazines and say, “Pick them up and bring them BACK to where you got them. And these employees are NOT getting paid to be your MAID. So learn some manners…you ASSHOLE DIP-SHIT PIG!”

However I didn’t… I just settled for the filthiest look.

And that felt pretty damn good.

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  1. Oh, no.
    IN the penalty box!!

    (not you---the offenders)

    *shaking head*
    I never have understood folks who pull up a chair, do their reading in the bookstore, leave their litter AND the books/magazines and carry on about their day as if the world owed them that privilege.
    I don't get it. And I certainly don't feel entitled to do as they do.

    Now store clerks and waitresses--get my utmost respect, though there was a time they didn't.
    The lessons wisepersoninmylife 'helped' me learn have served to keep me 'right sized', kindly and appreciative.
    (hard learned lesson, drug back kicking and screaming to apologize to the ones I'd been rude to--but a well learned lesson nonetheless)

  2. This is also one of my pet peeves. I hate the fact that I have to inspect something I'm going to purchase because of the slobs you describe.

    I questioned a friend who worked for a major bookseller chain and she told me that this is allowed because there is a POSSIBILITY they will EVENTUALLY buy something!

    Apparently this bizarre logic works because they are in business and still opening stores.

    This once again makes me agree with the great philosopher,Snoopy:

    "I love mankind, it's people I can't stand."

  3. Ah! The joys of being in the pig sty. I know how you feel. Some individuals just have no consideration for other people and other customers. They feel as if they are in the public library and have no intention to purchase the book or magazine. I have seen them spill coffee or soda pop on the pages. I have seen tear out pages to place them inside a purse or a pocket.
    Perhaps the bookstore should charge a fee to all who come in and when they leave the fee is returned as long as the material is in the same condition and returned to the same location. If they do purchase the items then the fee will be deducted off the price at check out.
    Boy, Borders would have a new look then.
    As far as the bookstore picnic that is a great idea. We can pack a lunch and have discussions about the books after we have purchased them. There can be a specific area designated with park benches and fake trees and blankets on the floor. Oh what the hell, have a few fake squirels around and the sound of bees in the background.

    I guess I have started a new chapter here.

    Talk to you later my book buddy.

  4. Morning Mel~


    Disallowed! Foul! IN the penalty box!!!! I SOOO agree with you.

    To me, it seems as though bookstores are turning into libraries. Why BUY...when you can just RENT???

    It's funny that you mentioned waitress too, because that's ANOTHER area where I think people are SO disrespectful. I think everyone should be reguired to wait on tables for a year, so they can know how hard this job can be. Waitresses and Waiters work their BUTS off for pennies!!!

    Thanks for sharing in my passion, Mel! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. I HOPE you're feeling better today. Sending you more REIKI......


  5. Morning Nitebyrd (Snoopy)~

    I have a friend who works for a boostore and I've heard her say the EXACT same thing your friend said to you!

    Retail is so hard up right, that they'll conform to ANYTHING...just to get a sale!!!

    As I said to Mel...WHY does anyone have to BUY a book any longer, when they can just RENT, as if they're in a library???

    And if that's the least be respectful to the books and bookstore and HANDLE THEM WITH CARE!!!

    Dear God...does this annoy me!@?

    Ok, deep cleansing breath Ron....and let go...

    Thanks so much for dropping in today, dear's always a pleasure venting with you!

    P.S. And thanks for sharing the Snoopy quote...I totally agree with HIM!!!

  6. Morning Mr. Dave...your humor is SO wonderful!!!

    And THANK YOU for adding the stuff about people tearing pages out and placing them in their purse or pocket...because I HAVE SEEN THE EXACT SAME THING AND IT AMAZES ME TO NO END!!!

    I've actually seen people use their cell phone camera's to take pictures of certain pages in a book, so they don't have to BUY IT!!! WHAT AUDACITY!!!

    (they look like Mission Impossible spy's)

    Maybe the bookstores can just install copy machines, so we'll be able to just copy the whole damn book and never have to worry about BUYING them!

    Jeese!!! How are they making ANY money???

    (probably on the snack bar)

    Hey...that's a GREAT idea you have about charging a fee and then just deducting it when a customer leaves. That really IS a wonderful idea!!!

    And I LOVE your idea about the "picnic area" too. That actually would be kind of fun!!

    Oh...thanks so much, my good friend...for sharing in this major VENT of mine!! You've adding some awesome WIT and WISDOM here.

    Later, gator!

    P.S. Did you just hear a bee??? I did!! Bzzzzzzz....

  7. Oh yeah, I probably would have lost my cool and said something. Sometimes, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

  8. Ron~
    Bookstore pigs are the worst, but i also see them everywhere i look. I hate them even more at the park. When they finish there lunch and leave all there trash on the picnic table.
    The world is not your trash can!!!! Who is suppose to pick up after you? GRRRRRRRR
    The worst scenario I ever saw was a small bookstore owner asking a late 20 something couple to please deposit there trash in the waste basket by the door, and them looking at him like "?" then getting indignant and threatening litigation for harassment!
    help, the world is insane....

  9. We could have sorted them together Ron, I'd have grabbed the other one and given him a good shaking! How rude are they?

  10. Hmmm, I have actually never witnessed this personally, but I can believe it. I think that in general people have a very poor amount of respect and thoughtfulness towards others, especially service people.

  11. This is why I am a hermit living on an island that has NO BRIDGES!!
    Of course, there are no stores of any kind on the island. :O
    When I do go to the bookstores off the island they are not quite as bad as where you are. They have coffee bars and people usually keep food and drink there.
    I do like my new books in perfect condition though. But I am the same way when I get a magazine in the mail!!
    Take a deep breath quickly find the zen section...promise no bookstore rage. Remember I am too far away to help kick some ass if anyone hurts you!! :)

  12. Hiya Misty Dawn~

    Me TOO...sometimes I wish I could sew a ZIPPER to my lips!!!

    (or maybe even VELCRO)

    Sometimes I can keep my mouth shut...and other times....oh well!?

    Thanks for stopping by, Misty's so nice having you here!

  13. Hiya Akelamalu~

    Hey...SORTED is the perfect word that explains what I'd liked to have done to them!!!

    You and I could be the Mommie Dearest's of the bookstore...NO WIRE HANGERS!!!! AND PICK UP THOSE BOOKS!!!

    Great seeing ya, my friend. And thanks EVER so MUCH for the makes me PROUD!

  14. Howdy Nicole~

    Oh, you should be SOOO glad you haven't witnessed this. I witness it 2 or 3 times a week (I frequent the bookstore A LOT).

    And I so totally agree with you about respect for service people. I myself am in the service business, so it makes me more aware of how it feels to be on the other side of the service counter.

    To me, food servers are disrespected the most. It's a very hard job, that I don't think the general public has compassion and understanding for.

    I think it should be required that EVERYONE try it for a year...THEN they would KNOW!

    Thank you for dropping in today,'s always nice to share with you!

  15. Helloooo Lady Sorrow~ and I should become police people...and we could go around giving everyone who's rude and unconscious...$100.00 tickets and also a requirement of doing community service for 10 years!!!

    (how about that?)

    Like's so difficult for me to understand HOW in God's name people don't have the SIMPLE human common sense to do certain picking up their trash???

    I mean...what goes through their minds??? And WHY????

    Your last line summed it up perfectly..."HELP...the world is INSANE!"


    It's FUN to VENT..isn't it???

    AlWAYS a joy "letting out" with you, Lady Sorrow....and thank you!

  16. Evening Gypsy-Heart~

    Ahhhh...your island sound PERFECT...just like "Gilligans Island!!!!"

    (the Professor AND on Gillian's IIIIIsland!)


    That's what I lOVED about my time spent in Mount Dora, Florida. Everything was on a much more smaller and personal scale. No corporate ANYTHING! It was wonderful!!!

    Thanks for your awesome bookstore rage tips. I could have used that "tip" when I was DRIVING!!!


    God love ya, Gypsy-Heart. I love talking to ya!

    Peace, baby!

  17. I'm kind of an opposite type of freak to the two pigs you wrote about. If I thumb through a book, I take great care not to open it up completely so that I wont bend or crease the spine. I always make a mental note of where I got the book too incase I don't purchase it, I can at least put it back in the same spot I found it.

    I'm affraid I'd have gone postal with these two morons.

  18. Howdy Jeff~

    This is too weird...I JUST finished leaving you a comment on YOUR blog!


    Hey, I wouldn't call you a freak at've just got a lot of respect and awareness for things! don't know HOW postal I wanted to get with these two!!!


    Thanks for stopping by Jeff...always good seeing ya!

  19. Me & You - Dempsie & Makepeace!

    You're welcome on the award my lovely. x

  20. Hey Ron!

    Another common theme. You must be ascending into the alpha waves regularly. :) Your post inspired me.

    There was a time, not so long ago, in a bookstore here in our galaxy, where happy people discovered a brand new bookstore with couches and big soft chairs adjacent the magazines, not far from the actual bookshelves. A Starbucks kiosk was in the same area, and the washrooms were on the same floor.

    It was seriously cool. Customers could buy a latte, pick up a magazine or two, even a book, altho like others here have said, that was reason to be more careful with the actual browsing and drinking. I made it a regular stop, sometimes wandering over in the evening to catch up on the latest magazines, staying for a latte and purchasing the best of the graphics magazines.

    In time the coffee spills, empty cups and paper accumulated in this area. Piles of magazines grew where people left them. A new rule was posted on the wall, that books had to be purchased before taking them into the reading area.

    The comfortable chairs vanished and were replaced by hard wooden chairs.

    The Starbucks was closed.

    The washroom "broke down", and was permanently closed.

    The party was over.

    Diehard book readers like myself grimly braved the wooden-chaired sans-Starbucks wasteland for awhile, but the non-washroom tactic was a decisive stroke. The end was in sight.

    I still go there occasionally, do what I have to, and get out. I look around sometimes and wonder how things might have been if the patrons had all remained intelligent, thoughtful people instead of devolving into the worst kind of couch varmints one might find in the late-night wreckage of a college dorm party.

    Thanks for another sharp post... you got my typing hand working again. :)

    Have a good weekend!


  21. Howdy Greg~



    Damn, I need to just paste your words at the end of this post as a PART 2!!!!

    You brought back VIVID memories for me, when the "bookstore experience" was so different.

    It's so funny that you should be saying this, because this afternoon I was in a B&N and felt like the "vibes" of the place were just as you said here. Everything felt "icy" and "sterile." Like, "Don't get too comfortable...because we want you to purchase something and then make room for the next paying customer."


    It's like the Studio 54 era...the COOLNESS is GONE!

    Thanks for sharing here today, Greg. Awesome comment!!

    Enjoy your weekend, buddy!

  22. Thanks Ron... but comments are only as good as the posts they're based upon. ;)

    Yep, the coolness is gone.

    It does seem like the book industry as a whole is in dire straits these days. I seem to recall one publisher saying in a recent interview how desperately all publishers have been looking for the next Harry Potter.

    The financial trickle-down would seem to be hitting us little people right in the B&N.

    More coffee!

  23. You said a mouthfull of TRUTH here, Greg

    It's ALL about the moola$

    And can you believe that I've NEVER even read one single Harry Potter book???

    An American SIN..I know!

    Good seeing ya again, Greg. Enjoy your Sunday!!!

    With a little half and half please!