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I’ve only in the past year, started enjoying and appreciating wine again.

I was never a big drinker and would only really indulge in a glass of white wine, occasionally. I never liked how it made me feel and started to believe that any alcohol was just not right for me.

My last experience with wine, was while on vacation in Key West, Florida in 1982. A friend and I were having a nice dinner at one of those typical grass-hut Key West restaurants, where it felt like we were on the TV show, Gilligan’s Island.

(I was Thurston Howell III…and my friend was Lovee)

I had only four sips of my white wine when suddenly…the room started to spin; my body started to pulsate; and it felt like my ears were a set of Tiki torches and they were going to pop off my head.

(it was such a delightful feeling)

Anyway, I excused myself from my friend and swaggered over to restroom, while bumping into everyone‘s table like a sophisticated LUSH. Once in the restroom, I splashed cold water all over my face. I went back to my table and told my friend that if she EVER saw me drinking any alcohol in the future, that she had my permission to extract all of my teeth without using any Novocain.

Ok…now lets fast-forward to 2007.…

During the Christmas holidays, another friend suggested that I try drinking wine again, but only this time…RED.

And I said, “Are you out of your friggin’ mind??

However, I tried it. And of course I was scared shitless, because I thought that I was going to have another psychotic episode on Gilligan’s Island.

But I didn’t… fact, I LOVED it.

And now, suddenly I’ve turned into this wine enthusiast. I google every wine imaginable and read every book I can get my hands on.


My favorites are a Pinot Noir or Shiraz. I’ve even tried a few Cabs that I’ve enjoyed. I like any red as long as it doesn’t taste like I’m drinking wood chips and my lips are being perched together.

What I enjoy most about wine, is the ritual.

The selection. The opening of the bottle. The pouring it into a glass. And that first delicious sip, savoring the flavor…..

Ahhhhh…..bottoms up!

Enthusiastically yours,
Thurston Howell III

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  1. ha ha having never liked red wine and always sticking to white. I don't drink much of anything really. Iwent to my new Boss's birthday last summer drank white wine and was soooooo ill, how embarrassing. At the company christmas dinner (last month) I was sat next to the MD he persuaded meto try red and what do you know I now drink red.

    Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon by my computer right now ;-)

  2. Sorry, Ron, but gag on the red wine!! Or the white for that matter. Ewww, I have never been able to stand wine.
    Some have told me that it is an acquired taste, as is beer. I hate beer too.
    I can't do a shot of any kind.
    As a matter of fact, just about the only alcohol that I will drink is Captain Morgan.
    And then it only takes about 3 drinks to make my head drop to the bar and then to make me puke out the car window on the way home while my husband laughs at me....true story. 4 years ago, Halloween party. My husband was Hugh Hefner and I was his Bunny.

    I need to get out more.

  3. Oh, the stories I could tell to embarass myself. LOL

    Instead, I'll embarass him who turns into a blotchy red mess at the sip of wine or beer.

    Sometimes I even offer to buy him a Guinness just to watch.

    *hangin' head*
    My bad! LOL

  4. Greetings Lady in Red~

    SEE!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the ONLY one who flips out on white wine!!

    Someone told me that it has something to do with the GRAPE, which is ODD, because it seems as though RED (being more heavy) would do the same thing...or even worse!?!!?

    Glad to hear you're a fellow RED lover now!! Isn't it wonderful???

    Thank you for stopping by today, Lady in's always a pleasure chattting with you!

    Thurston Howell III

  5. Oh my God, Nicole (Miss Bunny)...your comment made me laugh so hard!!!

    YES...I think wine IS an acquired taste, absolutely!!!

    You and I sound like such "light-weights" in the drinking department. If I have a half a glass of red...that's ENOUGH!!

    What is Captain Morgan...a RUM???

    Your "car incident" sounds a lot like this friend I knew...who this happened to QUITE often!!!

    Your halloween costume theme sounded so WONDERFUL!!!

    Thanks for dropping in today, Nicole...and for sharing in your hysterical experience!!!

    Have a great day!

    Thurston Howell III

  6. Morning Mel~

    Oh...that's TOO CUTE!!!!

    Himself sounds a lot like me in the BLOTCHY department...especially MY EARS!!!

    God...I hope I don't get that...W.C. Fields nose!!!!

    Great seeing ya, Mel...and thanks for sharing in your wonderful "mischief play"

    Hope you're feeling tip-top!!!

    Thurston Howell III

  7. yes, Captain Morgan is a spiced rum. Very good!
    And yes, I am a light weight in the worst way! Plus, well umm, err, so I have been told, my jokey witty personality just gets out of control after a drink or two.
    I had a photo of us from that night, but I have no idea where it is. I need to find that. You would die laughing!!!

  8. Ron,
    Red wine is a fine selection for a liquid indulgence. I prefer a nice Chianti to all others it is dry and very earthy. The heart healthy benefits of red has been documented and expounded on for the past few years. The glow that comes with the wine is like being where you want to be without ever leaving. I also love a nice cabernet and in Novevember try the Beaujolais nouveau. It is the first Beaujoulais of the season and it the precourser of the grape for the upcoming year.
    Now I will put a cork in it.

    The little buddy.

  9. I love Gilligan's Island and as you know I also love Red wine. Well if truth be known I like white wine too! Welcome to the club Ron. xxx

  10. Hey Nicole~

    If you find the photo...PLEASE do share it with us! I would LOVE to see it posted on your blog!!!

    Isn't funny how our "personality" just EXPANDS after the first glass??


    Thanks for stopping back, my friend. Enjoy your evening!

  11. Evening Akelamalu~

    Thanks! And what a WONDERFUL club to belong to!!!!

    I tried a WHITE a few weeks ago...and somehow, after the "full-body" taste of a RED...I felt like I was drinking GRAPE JUICE!!!

    I may try it again during the summer when it's a bit warmer. They say a WHITE is better for that time of the year.

    Thanks for sharing in our mutual PASSION!

    Enjoy your glass of VINO this evening, my friend!

  12. Evening Mr. Dave~

    I LOVE what you said here, "The glow that comes with the wine is like being where you want to be without ever leaving."

    That's so beautiful!!! And TRUE!

    Hey, it's funny that you mentioned a Beaujoulais. Because that was the VERY FIRST Red I ever tried ( and it was during the month of November). It was FABULOUS!!!

    Also, back in the Fall...I did try a Chianti and REALLY enjoyed it. It's VERY Italian. I think the brand was Ruffino. I always remember my mother's father drinking a Chianti while having his dinner!

    And YES..someone at work told me about the wonderful heart benefits to Red's.

    Isn't it GREAT to know that something SO actually good for you???


    Oh's aways so much FUN sharing stuff with you, my Libra friend!!!

    Thank you for your visits here!!!

    Mr. Howell

  13. I lived in Sonoma County, Calif (wine country)for many years. This was when I was in the restaurant biz, so the wine was always flowing. I remember some good times, and then there are the times I don't remeber so well.

    I gave up drinking about five years ago, but I still have some killer bottles of red in storage. If you ever make it out to Oregon let me know, you and my wife can enjoy a glass while I endulge in my favorite Dr Pepper.

    Snapping the aluminium top isn't as sexy as opening a bottle of vino, but I've never had to take an asprin in the morning for having a second can either.


  14. Howdy Jeff~

    Oh, MAN...SONOMA???

    The closest I've come to when I worked for Williams-Sonoma in the electrical appliances department!?!

    No wine...but, the store discount was KILLER!!!

    My brother is in the restaurant biz too...and the wine (and other beverages) FLOW alot, as you just stated. He's not drinking either.

    Ok,'re ON. If I'm ever in Oregon, I will definately let you know. That red wine sounds AWESOME!!!

    Dr. Pepper ain't bad EITHER!

    Great seeing ya, Jeff. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. oh yummy captain morgan's spiced rum I just love that especially with a drop of cola. Although I ahve not had any for about a year as it is not my top priority when I go shopping.

  16. I do enjoy a glass or two of wine on occasion. Red or white. I prefer beer. My current favorite is Rogue's Dead Guy Ale. No "lite" beers for me. Dark is better.

  17. Am experincing a fabulous post-Pinot Noir hangover/headache at this moment! Love the reds, but have been known to swig an el cheapo white zin as long as no one's looking!

    Thanks for the comment on my site regarding Christopher Guest. He's a freaking god of moviemaking. And yes, Best in Show is my fave also. Particularly loved Parker Posey's part (hmmm, lots of alliteration there).

    Last night I dreamed I was driving around with Diablo Cody and she was carrying around her Oscar. Now, I was NOT a big Juno fan (found the dialogue too precocious and affected for a 16 year old), but the book she wrote (Candy Girl) was very good. The woman has a fine way of stringing words together. Maybe I have a secret girl crush on her.

  18. Morning Nitebyrd~

    Hey, do you know WHAT??? I actually believe I've seen that beer in the store!!!

    I LOVE the SMELL of beer! And the way the foamy head looks, when it comes on tap.

    I'm with YOU...I like dark EVERYTHING!!!

    Wine, Coffee, chocolate... I even like little black jelly beans!

    Have a WONDERFUL day, Nitebyrd...and thanks for flying by!!!

  19. Hello Ron! VINO LOVERS UNITE! Lol. Well, this is by no means the choice of the connaisseur, but I really like Red Flyer (more about it here: )

    It's not expensive but actually quite good as an all around table wine. Plus I love the alien UFO theme. I am thinking you had a bad reaction to the sulfites in white vintage - they typically carry a good amount of them. I for one cannot abide white wine at all for this reason. It gives me awful head aches - even a half glass. So I buy it to cook with (very useful there!) - but for drinking much prefer the red. Another (cheapo) fave of mine is INFINITUS merlot, syrah and tempranillo (you can search infinitus wine on google and check it out if you like). I know..not good taste to buy according to what the bottle looks like but thats what I tend to do. Good luck on your wine tasting project tee hee!

  20. Howdy Karen~

    Ahhhhh...good old PINOT!!!

    So sorry to hear about your hangover, but hey...just pop in one of those Guest films, while listning to Christina (very LOUD)...I'm sure you'll feel much better!?!?


    Oh man, and I are like two peas in a pod. Parker Posey in Best in Show was MY FAVORITE TOO!!! And I keep wishing the scene with her in the "pet shop" was about an hour longer!! I will sometimes play it back 5-6 times and SCREAM with laughter. HER character and her husband are my favorite couple in the film. I LOVE how volatile they are!!! I don't care how many times I watch it...I CRACK UP!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by this morning, Karen. This was GREAT! It's so nice talking to a Guest fan. I really don't know of anyone else who enjoys him as much as I do (except YOU).

    Nice seeing ya..enjoy your day!

  21. Morning Sibyllae~

    Thank you SO MUCH for your suggestions on the VINO!!!! I love to discover other people's favorites.

    And hey...the one's that I've suggested here are NOT expensive either!! In fact, one of them is only $6.99 a bottle and it's the BEST damn Shiraz I've ever tasted!

    And THANK YOU for telling me about the "sulfites." Someone else had mentioned that to me a while back and was so glad they did.


    Thank you for stopping by today and for sharing in your mutual passion! Isn't it GRAND?

    And as Ben Franklin once said, "God showed us just how much He loves us, by giving us GRAPES."

    Bottoms up!

  22. Definitely try the Dead Guy.

    You mean there are other kinds of jelly beans? LOL

  23. Tee-hee, Nitebyrd~

    SEE...I KNEW we had a lot of "odd things" in common.


    Peace, my friend!

  24. i love red wine...but being an extra-ordianry cheap drunk, i try and not drink much...i have a ridiculaously low tolerance for it.

  25. Morning Enigma~

    So GOOD seeing ya!

    ME TOO...1 glass is all I've ever been able to handle at one sitting. And I ALSO have to EAT with it. I love to make a wonderful little snack with bread, cheese, olive oil and tomato's. Something about all those ingredients with the wine...makes my tastes buds jump up and down!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear friend. I hope you have a SUPER weekend and are creating some of that wonderful tapestry!!


  26. I like you, love red wine, but it took Italy to make me appreciate GOOD WINE.

    Remember Boones Farm? :O

    I loved your post! Here is one of my little wine stories to give you a laugh.

    In 2006 I was in a little private show in Tuscany. For some reason they brought the wine out before the food. Actually, it was quite a while before the food arrived. I had a couple glasses of wine (and I had only had a very light lunch).
    The show started..about the same time the wine hit me.
    Everyone was quiet and who did they ask first to speak about their work..ME!!! So there I stood, sort of three sheets to the wind with everyone circled around me. I tried to talk seriously for a few mintues, and I was doing pretty well..until all of a sudden I just started giggling. Being the honest person that I am, I finally just said (or slurred), "I'm sorry I think I've had a little too much wine."

    You know how art openings can be...some of the people are SOOOO STUFFY. Well, it was silent for a few seconds, and then much to my surprise, they all roared laughing.
    Afterward, I had many whisper to me that they liked my speech the best. hee, hee.

    I learned to love wine on that trip, but I also learned you need a little food in you before you drink it..especially if you are to speak to a group!! :)

  27. Oh...God love ya, Gypsy-Heart!!!

    What a WONDERFUL story you shared and it DID make me laugh!! I only wish I could have been there.

    (I would have been giggling with you!! And wouldn't that have been fun? tee, hee, tee, hee...)

    Wine is SO GOOD for loosening up some of those stuffy "tight-asses"...don't you agree??

    Oh, had a show in TUSCANY?? How wonderful. I think if I ever visited Italy...I would never wish come home. I feel as though one day I will be there visiting my genetic roots...Dove sono il libri??? (where are the books?). That's all I remember from my Italian class in high school. I DO know some trashy words...but I'll save them for the day when you and I are sitting on your porch in Florida...sipping Boones Farm...and sharing stories!!

    So WONDERFUL seeing you today, my dear friend. Thank you for your visit. And have a beautiful butterfly weekend!


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