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I love squirrels more than my own life!

For me, squirrels are one the greatest little creatures on this planet.

I mean…LOOK at them. What’s NOT to love?

That adorable little face, cute tiny ears, and a big fluffy tail.

I so enjoy watching them playfully chase one another around at lightening-bolt speed; flying up the side of a tree. And I love how after I give them a peanut, they scurry up an oak and turn themselves around, digging their nails into the bark; hanging upside-down eating the peanut with their front paws...doing an imitation of a BAT.

And they WAY they eat is hysterical! They look like a Charlie Chaplin film.

(have you ever seen anything CHEW so fast in your life??)

Being someone who lives in a city, I’ve notice that squirrels who are urban dwellers, are much different than squirrels who reside in the country.

(especially the way they know, very Prada)

Maybe because they’re so acclimated to people, I find them refreshingly confrontational.

I mean, they’ll actually sit on a bench with me and take peanuts out of my hand. And at one time, I honestly had a squirrel take it’s front paw and pull on my pant leg, like to say, “Hey…notice ME down here…I want one too!”

(I felt like an animated character in the Disney film, Bambi)

But for as much as I love and appreciate squirrels, I know that there are people who find them annoying and threatening….

One day, I saw a woman sitting on a park bench. And as one of the little squirrels joyfully scampered over to her, she screamed and totally freaked out; throwing her entire body up on the bench. Her eyes were bugged out and she was shaking like a leaf, as though she had just been greeted by Cujo.

And thank GOD she had a cell phone, because she was then able to dial 911 and call for a death threat.

(however, I’ve seen more than a few people in this fear-driven city, react this way to a MOTH)

I’ve often heard certain individuals refer to squirrels as, “a rat with a fuzzy tail.”

Excuse me people, but I don‘t think so….

Have you EVER seen a rat with the intelligence, charm, and lovable little personality?

I haven’t.

So please have your eyes and heart checked…


Artwork: From my talented blogger buddy, Greg...thank you!


  1. LOL I had to laugh at your description of the woman on the park bench - it was me!! No, not really but MWM laughed when I told him how I had tried to shoo a squirrel when I found it digging up 100 spring bulbs I had just planted and it chased me!!!

  2. I can just picture the woman on the bench!! Great post!!

  3. Oh my God, made me LAUGH, dear lady!!!!

    And it chased you!!! funny!

    I know...they can be a "devil" in the garden. I've heard other people say the same thing!

    But I can't help it...they make my HEART melt!

    Thanks so much for sharing a good laugh, my friend. ALWAYS a pleasure!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Greetings Casdok~

    It's ALWAYS so nice seeing you!

    Oh my God...this woman looked like a freak of nature. I laughed so hard...she cracked me up!

    Thanks for stopping by today, dearest's a pleasure!

    Enjoy your weekend...and watch out for any killer squirrels!

  5. We have lots of squirrels but that's because we live in the sticks. We also have bear, deer and OMG ewwww snakes. None of our wildlife is friendly.
    Glad you enjoy them though.
    I do react exactly the same way as the lady you described whenever we go to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and I get attacked by those pigeons from hell!!

  6. I love squirrels too, they make great hats!


  7. I enjoy the squirrels around my neighborhood. Flordia squirrels are skinner than the NY squirrels I remember. We have one little guy with no tail but he can navigate a telephone wire to beat the band. I like when they have squirrel races up and down a tree. Amazing coordination.

  8. Howdy Jeff~

    I think I hate you now!!!

    A HAT??????

    I hope the next one you see...chases you like Akelamalu and then BITES you!


    I KNOW you're really a softy and would never harm a fly.

    (however...I've swatted a few fly's in my life)

    Good seeing ya, buddy. I'll be by later to catch up on your wonderful story!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Evening Nicole~

    Oh, MAN...I would LOVE to be where you are...I really enjoy the "sticks"...REALLY!

    I spent 7 days alone in the mountains about 3 years ago (it was a retreat that I was on) and the wildlife was EVERYWHERE. I saw no bears...but the deer were abundant (they actually allowed me to photograph them...I sware). They all stood still and gave me a BIG smile. I've got the greatest shots of them.

    Ok...and I MUST agree with you about the freaking pigeons!!!! Being in the city they're EVERYWHERE. And I TOO have been attacked by them in the park. Isn't it just awful??? I felt like I was in the movie, "The Birds." I can't stand them! I call them Vultures, because they ALWAYS steal the peanuts away from my precious squirrels!!

    (not big into snakes either)

    Thanks so much for dropping by today,'s always enjoyed!

  10. Helloooo Nitebyrd~

    Hey...ya, know something??? When I moved back to north-east, that's EXACTLY what I said to myself about the Florida squirrels compared to the Northern squirrels.

    They are SO MUCH FATTER in the north. I think the warmer weather of the south, must keep them nice and slim. The squirrels here eat not only peanuts, but pizza, candy, italian name it...they eat it!

    They must all have clogged arteries!!

    Your "little guy" with no tail sounds adorable!!! And yes...they have the most AMAZING coordination! However, I have noticed that they don't SEE very well. I can throw about 5 peanuts around them...and they seem to SNIFF there way to them!

    God love them!

    As always,'s always a delightful treat to see you and share. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

    Hope you spend it with A!

  11. I love to see squirrels and there are often squirrels in my mother's garden but she tolerates them. She is a great lover of wild birds and gets very frustrated when the sqirrels steal the food she puts out for the birds. She ahs tried alsorts of ways to stop them.

  12. Squirrels are God's way of making us know that all things in this world are capable of anything all you need is love.

  13. Good Morning Lady in Red~

    HAAA...another squirrel lover!!! Aren' they the cutest damn things??

    But I DO KNOW how "piggish" they can be in "cleverly" getting into the bird feeder and gobbling up all the seeds!!!

    Oh, in the city, all the pigeons gobble up their I guess it's their way of getting EVEN...tee-hee!!

    So NICE seeing you today, Lady. And I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  14. Morning Mr. Dave~

    Thank you my friend for sharing that!!!

    God love the Squirrels!!!

    And as the Beatles once said, "All you need is...LOVE...."

    Great seeing ya, buddy...and enjoy this wonderfu weekend!!

  15. Ah yes, the further adventures of Seemore, Seeless....and Fluffy.

    They're quite persistent, the little boogers....happy to eat what's NOT theirs. Even when I put the same food on their feeder--they're still doing the gymnastics to eat it off of the cardinal's table....or slidin' over the baffle to leap onto the woodpecker's feeder....or SOMEhow pullin' up the bunny's corn from it's holder and carrying the whole ear off to the neighbor's yard. (apparently the neighbor has nicer dining facilities?!) Gotta love 'em....'specially when they pull every kernel off an, one by one, bounce back into OUR yard to bury those suckers.
    And then come mid spring.........
    You got it---we look like a cornfield. LOL

  16. (With his shoulders slumped and his head down, hew walks to the blackboard with chalk in hand)

    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels
    I will be kind to squirrels

    (Goes to the store to buy a bag of peanuts for his new friends)

  17. Oh, Mel....thank you SO MUCH for sharing your delightful, magical and hysterical tales!! I could actually SEE everything as you were describing it!!!

    Bravo...wonderful storyteller YOU are!

    I thought of YOU when I wrote this and was hoping that you would have something wonderful to add...and you did!

    God...I do KNOW how greedy these little creatures can be. But somehow, when I look at them...their cuteness just does something to me. I mean they could be an axe murderer...and I'd still love them!!


    So good seeing you Mel. I hope you're feeling tip-top and totally HEALED!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Jeff...I just spit a mouthful of coffee all over my keyboard and screen!!!

    Holy, shit...that was funny!

    OK...I like you again, now.

    (but REALLY..25 times was not necessary)

    Did you learn that at CATHOLIC school???

    (because I did)

    "Now, Ron...say 7 Hail Mary's and 10 Our Fathers's and you will be forgiven."

    "Thank you Sister..."

  19. How any one can hurt, or be scared of such a cute little thingf is beyond me.i used the feed them in the park near me at night...and your friend is a brilliant artist.

  20. Morning Enigma~

    YEAAAAA another squirrel lover!!!

    I know...doesn't it amaze you how anyone could be afraid or God forbid harm a little squirrel?

    I really don't understand that?

    Sunday is my day in the park to feed my fuzzy little friends!!

    And thank you for checking out Gregs artwork...I totally agree, the guy is brilliant!

    Great seeing you, my friend. Have a WONDERFUL day!

  21. Yowsers. Those drawrins look familiar. *L*

    Hi Ron!

    Howzit? Squirrels! Right on. :)

    Living in a cities most of my life, I've grown up seeing them around, and left it at that. It wasn't til living in the burbs that a community of at least a dozen fuzzers took it upon themselves to let me know that I was the varmint... and they were graciously allowing me to live on their land. Like you, the more I noticed them, the more personality they took on.

    I can't help thinking they're smarter than a few of the people I've seen recently. I'll never forget seeing one grey happily carting a Macdonalds bag up a tree to it's nest.

    Thanks, Ron... serious points for the squirrels! :)

  22. Hiya Greg!!!! glad you caught this post. I had the hardest time selecting from your artwork, because everyone was SOOO wonderful! But I absolutely LOVED the little guy in the karate suit and the two play hide and seek.

    Like Enigma said...your work is BRILLIANT!

    Oh, my...I would have given anything to see that gray carrying the McDonalds bag up the tree. I wonder if it was a HAPPY MEAL???

    And I TOTALLY agree, that squirrels are smarter than MANY people that I've met recently (also throughout my life).

    You are so VERY welcome, my squirrel loving friend...this post is a tribute to them. And also your artwork!

    Thank YOU...because it added EVERYTHING to this post!

    Say Hi to the fuzzies for me!

  23. They are cute little creatures aren't they!
    My Ringo :> loves them too...but not in the same way we do. :O
    I walk him on one of those retractable leashes. If I don't have it locked (which is most of the time) and he sees one I end up sking over the hill and through the woods!! He is normally well behaved, but he zones out on squirrels. I think it is a game for him and the squirrels..sort of like Road Runner and Coyote.

    I love Greg's drawings..especially this last one!!

  24. Morning Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Ya know...I've seen dogs in that park do as RINGO does. It's hysterical to watch a dog suddenly go into "hunting mode" and chase the little fuzzies up the trees!!!

    And I've even seen a dog bounce up and down for 10 minutes, trying to reach it 50 feet up!!!


    And it's so TRUE...they DO look like the Road Runner and Coyote!

    So glad you enjoyed Greg's drawings...I knew you would. His work is SO detailed. And there's a beautiful ENERGY to his creations! He such sweet soul!

    It's always wonderful seeing you, Gypsy-Heart. Thank you for stopping by today. We'll talk soon!

  25. I should send you some of the photos of squirrels that I got. My boss hates squirrels because they got in his attic and chewed the wires and almost started a fire - so, I constantly tease him and send him squirrel photos ;-)

  26. Oh my God, Misty Dawn...your comment made me LAUGH so hard!!!

    That is SOOO FUNNY!!

    You send him photo's of squirrels??? That's hysterical! Because it sounds like something I would enjoy doing!!



    I KNOW...I've heard other people share stories about how squirrels have done some pretty nasty damage to the garden AND the house.

    But I can't help it...I STILL LOVE THEM!

    And anyway...I know of QUITE A FEW HUMANS who have done some pretty nasty damamge too!

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by today and for sharing such a wonderfully funny story!