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If you can believe this, about five years ago, I actually had a part-time job at Williams-Sonoma.

I find this VERY hard to believe, considering I just learned how to make a salad.

I’ve never really had a passion for cooking, so anything to do with the kitchen never really interest me.

Anyway, the job started out as a seasonal one, which ended up transpiring into a permanent one that I really ended up enjoying. I learned a lot and developed a respect for those who do enjoy cooking.

I remember my first week on the job, when a customer asked me if we carried pastry forks. I looked at her like she had three heads, because I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. So like an idiot, I brought her over to where the cupcake molds were located. She looked at me as if “I” had three heads and laughed. I laughed too and simply told her that I was a novice at all this, and that she was going to have to educate me on what a “pastry fork” was.

We eventually found what she was looking for…and I learned something new.

Now, because I have a passion for coffee, what I really enjoyed about the store, were all the fabulous coffee machines and gadgets that went along with making a good cup of java.

One day, I saw this weird looking “thing” sitting amongst the coffee paraphernalia. It looked like a chemistry beaker with a handle on it, and had a silver lid with a little black ball sitting on top. I learned that it was called a French Press and it was used for making a cup of coffee by hand.

(my ears perked up!)

One of the other sales associates explained to me how it worked and I ended up purchasing one.

Well…can I just tell you…it was the BEST damn cup of coffee I ever had in my life. In fact, I got rid of my electric coffee maker and have used only a French Press, since. It takes a little more time, but to me, it’s well worth it. My first cup of coffee in the morning is the most important. The press makes two “good size” cups, which for me, ends up being one “good size” mug.

It’s easy. You just boil some water in a kettle. And while that’s happening, you throw about three tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee into the beaker. When the water is ready, pour it into the beaker and replaced the lid. Let it steep for 4-5 minutes. When ready, you simply take the little black ball on top and slowly lower the screen press down into the beaker. There’s a round screen at the base of the handle press, which forces the grounds to the bottom of the beaker, allowing the coffee to flow through.

Viola! You have the most awesome cup of coffee know to man.

Since I live in a studio apartment and space is very precious, the great thing about a French Press, is that it requires no counter space and can be stored in a kitchen cabinet.

So, if you’re like me, and have an obsession for coffee…try a French Press.

You’ll just die!

Well… not actually die, but you’ll feel like you did and went to France.

Ouioui…M’dames et Monsieur's.”


  1. *nodding*

    Himself is to blame for the French Press pot on the counter.

    But I'm disallowed to actually make it, dontchaknow.
    Plungin' that sucker really fast is a 'no-no'....LOL Did ya know that coffee spurts outta there really good if you shove that puppy down with force?

    Yeah, yeah....g'head and accuse me of doin' that deliberately so someone else would make the coffee......LOL


    But ohhhhhhhhh he makes a wicked cuppa coffee outta that thingy!

  2. Wow.

    So THAT'S what a pastry fork is.

    <---had that one all wrong...LOL

  3. Oh dear Ron, I was cracking up at the part about the pastry fork!
    But seriously, I will not be buying one of these no matter how good the coffee will be. Why? Because I would be french pressing my ass off all day long.....and I don't even drink coffee. But my husband does and I hear "Can you make me a cup of coffee?" at least 25 times a day as it is now.
    Sign.....I'm a slave :)

  4. I do like the French do!!
    Just love it!!

  5. Afew years back I finally got interested in good coffee. It ruins you for commercial coffee forever!

  6. I bought a French Press sometime during the 2004 hurricane season when I could not find a percolator to use on the grill. It does make very good coffee but is a bit time consuming when I can get Mr. Coffee to make the coffee for me. I will hold on to the French Press considering I'm still in FL and you never know about those hurricanes!

  7. First I am going to sigh deeply....
    (((((((( )))))))))))
    did you hear that?
    You worked in a Williams Sonoma? That is my number three list of heaven! I have only been in one once...When I lived in Chicago. I spent my entire paycheck in that store and still get giddy when I think of it. Talk about a rush to my girly parts...DAMN!
    I never went back because I Have no willpower..
    I had a French press once, but sadly
    (insert tragic sigh here)
    I also have pets and kids. I still to this day do not know which one I should have skinned. It was a "she was chasing the cat and I was trying to stop her and the cat jumped on the counter and he grabbed the cat and the cat knocked it to the floor" saga of events. But the glass beaker and the floor collided and no more French press. Maybe when the kids are grown and I have money ( Giggle) I will buy a new one...
    thanks for the fond memory...
    French press coffee...

  8. Hi Ron,

    I was looking for a good solid coffeemaker, something shiny with a few bells and whistles, just over a year ago. Seems like everyone has a favorite, it's different than the last person, yet the reasons are pretty much the same. I wound up with an inexpensive, ordinary filter/drip machine that did the job, more or less.

    I saw the same little glass cups with lids, and initially wondered how it could possibly be any better than what I had. So many people online were saying it was the way to go, and when I saw several of the units on sale for less than $20, I figured there was nothing to lose.

    In short order the original coffeemaker was donated to someone else, and I'm hooked. I can taste the difference, which is something coming from a guy who thought a "French Press" was some sort of romantic, er, thing.

    Yeah! Another cup, please...

  9. Howdy Mel!

    YOU, dear lady and Greg were the two people I kept thinking about when I was writing this.

    (my two passionata coffee drinkers)

    You're TOOO funny about the Plungin' thing. When I first got it...I did the same thing. I was in such a hurry...SPURT!!!!

    Ohhhhh...but it DOES make a wicked cuppa java, doesn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by, my coffee lovin' blogging buddy.

    Here's sippin' to ya!

  10. Morning Nicole~

    "Do you carry pastry forks?"

    "Yea...let me bring you over to the CROCK POTS!?!?!?"


    God, when I first started working there...I felt like a virgin in a whorehouse!

    Yes...French Press DOES take more time, so most definately in your case...Mr. Coffee is the way to go!

    But's DIVINE!

    Great seeing ya, Nicole...and thanks for stopping by this morning!

  11. Morning Casdok~



    Ya, know...I've always had the soul of a European...and doing this, makes me feel connected to that!

    Always a pleasure talking to you, Casdok...and thanks for sharing in my FRENCH passion!

    oui, oui!

  12. Howdy Buffalo~


    And YOU, being such a fine chief...I know can appreciate a great cup of java!

    Good seeing ya. And as always, thanks for being here!

  13. Morin' Nitebyrd!

    YES!!! I hear ya! When I first got this thing I thought, "There's no way in HELL I can do this every morning (SUCH a production!)


    And if you enjoy having coffee throughout the's a bit time consuming. But ahhhh....that first cup of the like a "spiritual experience!"

    Thank you for flying in today, Nitebyrd...always so nice!

  14. Mornin' Lady Sorrow!

    You are SOOOO funny!

    When my friends found out I got a job there...they all said, "OOOh,ooohh...can you get us your discount???"

    And let me tell you, Williams-Sonoma is VERY generous with their discount! And a fabulous company to work for..VERY special!

    It's probably just as well that I didn't have a "kitchen fetish" because I would have been in debt$

    SO sorry to hear about the beaker! However, I did the same thing with mine (not the cat...ME)!?!?!

    Hey...I didn't know you had lived in Chicago!?!? It's funny, because I'm actually doing some investigation on moving there. Know it's cold and all...but I LOVE to be cold! If you don't mind, I may email you sometime if I have any question!?

    ALWAYS so FEAKING GRAND to see ya, Lady Sorrow!!!

    Thanks for stoppin' by!!!!

  15. aaaahhhh, Greg....yes, it was YOU and Mel, I thought of when I wrote this post.

    Ain't coffee GRAND?????

    I actually JUST made a cup with my press!

    Yes...and that's the thing...A French Press is very inexpensive (although, I've seen some ridiculously priced!?!?)....and the TASTE is like an orgasm for the taste buds!*!*!*

    Making my coffee every morning, makes it feel like a "special moment." Because the rest of the day, I'm just running into Starbucks and grabbin' a quick Grande' (which ain't bad at all) but it doesn't feel quite "special."

    I'm so glad you share in my passionata' for the Frech Press, buddy!

    And not only that....just COFFEE in general!!

    Thanks for "sipping" by today, Greg! Now...go for that second cup!


  16. Hey Mel...

    So GLAD you used the Pastry Fork link to check it out....I had no idea either!!?!?

  17. We don't drink much coffee, we like tea made in a teapot!

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  19. Same here! I've never seen one of those before.

    I guess it's time to go buy a double chocolate mocha coffee cake... and a pastry fork. :)

  20. Evening Akelamalu~

    Hey...I don't think I ever mentioned this to you before, but I use to have a waiter's job at a WONDERFUL tea house in Mount Dora, Florida, where we served tea....the ENGLISH way. The wife of the owner was from the UK and created the most beautiful surroundings. It actually FELT like you were in Europe. We served tea, scones, tea sandwiches...the WORKS! It was so much fun!

    I LOVE drinking tea!. Mostly an Earl Grey and some herbal teas. I actually have a tea cup that allows you to steep loose's heaven!

    There's nothing like a hand made cup of tea!

    Thank you for stopping by today, my friend...and I will be thinking of you the nice time I have my tea!

  21. Evening Greg!

    THANK GOD I'm not the only one who didn't know what a pastry fork was. I felt like an alien when she asked me!?!!?!?

    Enjoy that double chocolate mocha coffee cake... and a pastry fork. :)

    Coffee Cheers to you, buddy!

  22. I had a French press coffee one time...It was great...It tasted like an angel pissed on my tongue!

  23. Interesting you should post this. I saw a demo of one of these on a morning show, and I was thinking about getting one.

    Sometimes I think we travel in the same energy field! So this could be a

    Loved your pastry fork story! Some years ago I was with my family and a group in a very "fancy" place. Someone dropped one of their MANY forks. My son (around 8 at the time) said somewhat loudly...don't worry about it that's why they give you all these just in case you drop one you have extras! :)

  24. Holy Shit, Jeff.....I just got your comment this morning, WHILE sitting here sipping my coffee, WHICH I just made with my french press...and SPIT a mouthful all over the keyboard!!!

    Oh, truly have the most awesome sense of HUMOR!!!!


    Thank you for that. I will take that image with me throughout my day!

    You, Rock!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

  25. Morning Gypsy-Heart~

    Oh...your son's comment in the restaurant about the fork...made me LAUGH!!!!

    Don't you LOVE the way children just open their mouths and speak? And he's RIGHT...that's why they DO give you all those damn forks!?!?

    Yes, my friend...I think you would absolutely LOVE using a french press! VERY European! And not only can you use it for coffee, but you can also use it for tea. I enjoy my morning ritual of making my first cup of the feels "special."

    And if you should decide to try one...just go to Target, because you don't need to spend a fortune.

    It makes an AWESOME cup of coffee!

    So WONDERFUL seeing you, dear friend...and thank you for stopping by and saying hello!

    Oui, oui M'dame!!

  26. I don't drink coffee, I'm a tea person.
    But when I saw the words pastry fork for some unkown reason I got an image of a pastry fork in my mind but reading your comments I thought maybe I was wrong it must be something completely different so I checked out the link and what do you know was exactly what I knew it was so why did I have to check to find out??
    maybe something from my past sunk in without me realising

  27. Morning Lady~

    Great seeing ya!

    I had a feeling YOU'D know what a pastry fork was!

    To be I said, I had no idea what the hell this customer was asking for!?!? But I was glad to learn something new that day.

    Hey...I enjoy tea too. There's something so delightful about sitting down with a nice cup of tea, listening to some relaxing music, and thumbing through a good magazine!

    ahhh...the simple things!

    Thank you for stopping by today, dear Lady!

    Enjoy your weekend!