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It’s time for me to share one of my all-time favorite movies, Mommie Dearest.

I know that I must sound like a demented creature when I say that I enjoy watching an anal-retentive, crazed perfectionist, and fading movie star, torment the lives of not only her children….but also every one who comes within two inches of her life.

(that’s because I AM demented)

Mommie Dearest, stars Fay Dunaway (as Joan Crawford), Mara Hobel (as the young Christina) and Diana Scarwid (as the adult Christina). It also includes a stellar cast in each of the supporting roles.

The film is a brilliant replica that travels through several time periods. The sets, costumes, hair and make up, and overall design of the film is sheer perfection. It’s like watching a grandiose painting come to life.

I had read the book written by Christina Crawford, a few years before I saw the film version. The movie leaves out much of the details that a book is naturally able to include. But the film in it’s own right…is superb.

I also have a tad bit of “name dropping” and “bragging” to do when it comes to this film….

Diana Scarwid and I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1975. She was in the graduating class, one year ahead of me. We both lived in the Pace University dormitories located in lower Manhattan. Now we weren’t “best buddies” or anything, but I had always admired her acting ability and had a “gut feeling” that she would someday move into a long professional career - and she did. Upon graduating, she was instantly offered work. A very talented lady!

I recently rented the Hollywood Royalty Edition of Mommie Dearest. And on the special features section of the DVD, they had interviews with some of the actors who were in the film - Diana Scarwid being one of them.

And what I found amazing to hear, was that Faye Dunaway desires absolutely no connection to the film what so ever. She apparently did not like how the film was presented and felt that her performance was too “over-the-top.”


I disagree, and felt that her performance was beyond brilliant. Quite frankly, I began to forget that I was even looking at Faye Dunaway and that Joan Crawford was actually up there on the screen.

If you’ve never seen the film, I highly recommend that you at least watch it once. I’ve seen it probably 20 times (or more) and still find it totally mesmerizing.

The wire hanger scene can be quite disturbing (even I cringe), but you can always fast-forward through it.

Mommie Dearest is a wonderful piece of celluloid that takes you through the fascinating journey of a talented, multi-dimensional, and bigger-than-life character.

And for all her human idiosyncrasies and in her willingness to expose them…I appreciated this movie stars life.

So, thanks Joan….and thanks Faye….you both did a GREAT job!

P.S. And remember…NO WIRE HANGERS, EVER!!!


  1. Gaaaah! That movie was scarier than "Misery"!!! Hard hitting? You bet...

  2. "Mommie Dearest" is a fantastic movie. I enjoy it myself as my mother was somewhat odd in her own way.

    Movie stars from the '30s & '40s have always intrigued me. I've drooled over Clark Gable forever.

    It's too bad Faye doesn't want to acknowledge one of her finest performances. She was Joan Crawford.

  3. Howdy Buffalo~

    Gaaah! You ain't kiddin' buddy!!!

    I've often heard other people refer to this movie as a HORROR film!! And it IS scary...

    Oh well...what can I tell you?...I guess I love a good FRIGHT now and then!?!?!

    Thanks for stopping by, Buffalo...always pleasure!

    And enjoy your weekend!

    Mommie Dearest....

  4. Morning Nitebyrd!

    Hey..something told me that YOU would LOVE this film...

    Ever since that day I clicked on your blog and saw that gorgeous photo of Suzanne Pleshette.

    You said it, girl...the 30's and 40's were sooo intriging.

    OOOOH...and didn't Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh make the most beautiful "couple" in Gone With the Wind?? She was another beautiful lady!

    They don't make movie stars like they use to!

    I think the world should appear "black and white" one day out of the we would all look like movie stars!! is a shame Faye doesn't acknowledge the film. Well, people like YOU and I can!!!

    Always such fun sharing with you Nitebyrd...don't you LOVE being INSANE?

    Enjoy your weekend, dear lady!!!

  5. That's a fantastic film Ron, but then I like everything Faye does!

    I like it when you name drop! ;)

  6. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    YES!!!! Don't cha just LOVE Faye Dunaway? I've never seen her in anything that I haven't enjoyed. If you ever get the chance, rent the movie, "Gia" - she plays the wonderful part of a well-known modeling agent. She's remarkable! And so is the film.

    Thank you, dear lady, for dropping on by today. I can't wait to read your Friday Flash...I LOVE those!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Boy. Tough movie.
    Scary movie--not horror movie kinda scary, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

    I can't do bits and pieces of it.
    Kinda like Dying Young--still haven't watched that in it's entirety either....
    Still......good piece of film.

    Yep. Love the black and whites. Dunno why.....LOL.....but there ya have it.

    Also love a good musical that leaves me hummin' all week long!

    Oh...Chicago was fantastic!'s the weekend, I could rent!

  8. Evening Mel~

    YES...I DO know what you mean...scary in like, "How could anyone ever BE this way???...VERY creepy!

    And dear God...after seeing it 20 times...I could actually lip-snyc the dialogue (isn't that SICK?). It's such GREAT dialogue though!!!

    Oh and YES, Mel...CHICAGO!!!! Isn't it just the BEST??? Someone actually gave me a copy for my birthday or something. Now that you've reminded me...I need to watch that again. This weekend the weather is suppose to be horrendous...GOOD time for Chicago.

    It's so nice to hear someone else say that they enjoy a good musical. Me too, Mel!!

    Thanks, dear lady for stopping by and joining in on my tribute to Joan/Faye!!

    P.S. I love the part whe she slaps Carol-Ann across the face rehearsing the scene for Mildred Pierce (which is another great film)!

  9. Ron~
    Deep dark confession, I have NEVER seen a Joan Crawford Movie. Can you believe it? I read your post, went to IMDB and went through the list of her movies, and have never seen any! Not even the one she won an Oscar for. As for Mommie dearest, I have never seen it either.
    I just don't watch that many movies, and if i do, I want it to be uplifting, or thought provoking...But for you I will see if I can find and watch it!
    Not making any promises on how soon, the littlest one is into Redwall, the tofu is doing all things Barbie and 15 year old wants me NOt to fall asleep during aliens and predators...yawn...
    but it's in que!

  10. Whenever my mom does something that was well intentioned, but never-the-less irritating to one of my brothers or myself, we will say, "Yes mommy dearest" in our most sarcastic voice.

    She usually responds by giving us a raspberry or flipping us her little finger. As she says, "That's for those that don't deserve the very best!"

    Yes, its a warm fuzzy familywhere sarcasm is king.

  11. Oh, but Jeff...isn't sarcasm the BEST!!!

    And just from getting to know YOU...I bet your family is one BIG ball of laughter and WARMTH!!

    Your mother sounds hysterical! I LOVE the "little finger" flip!

    MY mother just comes out and uses the word, FRIGGIN'!

    Thanks for stopping by tonight, Jeff. You always make me LAUGH!

    Enjoy your weekend, Bud!

  12. Oh, Sorrow...your comment made me LAUGH!!!!

    Hey...if you like uplifting films, I don't think you would enjoy Mommie Dearest, however it IS thought provoking!!!

    (like you're thinking..."Is this woman for real?????")

    She was lunatic!!! And that's what fascinated me about her. She (Joan) was actually a VERY good actress. She made a lot of scary films, but also a lot of REALLY good ones, where she was able to show her acting ability.

    I enjoyed her because she was BIGGER than life (drama and all) so I guess the drama in ME relates.

    As a kid, my mother always had Bette Davis and Joan Crawford films on the TV every Saturday afternoon.

    Mommie Dearest is so artistically beautiful...that I really appreciate all the effort that went into creating it. But it is a disturbing film.

    (but so am I)


    God love ya, woman! I SO enjoyed your last post. I had so much fun reading it!

    Thank you for dropping by, dearest always "light up" Vent!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Yes... Mommie Dearest!!!

  13. I love Joan Crawford and Faye Dunaway, and I do think she "became Joan" in the movie!

    The movie scared me because she reminded me too much of my stepmother...hell, she even looks like her!! :O

    Hugs to you!!

  14. Evening Gypsy-Heart~

    YES!!!!! Did Faye not become TRANSFORMED?? That's what totally blew me away about the movie. I began to forget where Faye began...and Joan left off!

    It was a brilliant performance!

    The movie scared me too. And sometimes Joan Crawford scared me is certain movies. I think it was the way they always had her face LIT....creepiness!!!

    So GOOD seeing you today, my friend. And thank you for your presence here!

    HUGS to you too!

    Enjoy your weekend!