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There occasionally comes a time in every bloggers life, when a dry spell is reached.

I certainly know that this has happened to me.

I get to a point where the inspiration on what to post about, suddenly takes a vacation and refuses to come back until it’s had some time to lie on the beach in Costa Rica.

It can be frustrating as all hell. And it seems like the harder I try and think about what to say…the more my brain tightens up like a severe case of constipation.

When I hit my first dry spell, it really bothered me. I mean, I had posted consistently for almost a year and now here I was without a single inspirational thought. I tried reading various blogging books in the hopes that they would jump-start my brain. I tried going back to older posts to see if there were things that I could post about that I hadn’t already said. I did everything except take a hammer to my head.

Something inside was telling me to stop for awhile and take a breather. And yet I worried that if I took a break, I would disappoint my readers and possibly lose readership. So, I thought about this for a while and decided that the best thing I could do for my readers, as well as myself, was to take some needed time off.

And ironically, during this time I became inspired to begin a new blog…Vent. When I came back after my little hiatus, I continued to post on my other blog for a while, but eventually disabled comments and made the choice to stop posting there for the time being.

I realized that I needed this break to refresh myself and get a better perspective on what I really wanted to write about, by giving inspiration the time to plant some new seeds. For me, inspiration cannot be forced - I have to feel it.

I’ve learned, that it’s important for me to honor and respect dry spells and to be ok with it.

I’ve set certain standards for myself when it comes to my blog. Standards that to this day, I stay with and believe in.

I will not post for the sake of posting. I owe it to my readers to always share a certain level of energy and contribution. Words are not only something that are typed out on a page. Words contain a tremendous amount of life force. And when I have a lack of energy and a loss of inspiration, I know that this can be felt by anyone who reads.

Also, my blog is like my home. I always want my readers to feel welcomed and comfortable - as if they were physically coming to visit. And when my energy is not up to par and I sense a void in conversation, I don’t make a very good host.

Sometimes all it takes to re-saturate a dry spell, is the water of a little time away.

So that the flower of inspiration...will grow!



  1. If you went lie on the beach in Costa Rica, wouldnt that mean getting on a plane?!!

  2. <----never intended to have an audience READING the darn thing---

    But I'm so thrilled to have crossed paths with the folks who are now in my life.....tickles me that they'd bother to come back, yaknow?

  3. No matter how teriffic something is, you can't do it non-stop. I'm new to the blogging world and right now my problem is time to get all the thoughts I have down on "paper", so to speak.

    I'm sure with the way life is, you'll be inspired in no time. Quality is always better than quantity. That goes for chocolate, sex and writing!

  4. I understand how you feel, but sometimes a good nights' sleep, a change in how you observe the world around you, or an event- can all get the juices flowing again.. Creativity is not around you, it is in you!

  5. Very eloquently said. We all need to rest and relax. We need time to charge our batteries. When you find the time to come back and say what you need to say and show the feelings you are feeling then it does not matter who or if any one reads the words. It is just that the idea of putting your thoughts out into this universe is what brings us all the positive forces that are required on the journey. You my friend are always the gracious host and a true friend for all of us who read you and those who will read you in the future.
    So kick off your shoes rub your soles and soothe your soul.
    Take a cool refreshing dip into the waters of nothingness and see what happens. I can see your smile from here.

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  7. Morning Mel~

    So TRUE!

    What I had first envisioned blogging to be...was so totally different then what has evolved for me.

    When I first saw the name... I thought, BLOG??? What a bazaar name. And I coudn't imagine myself doing such a thing!!!

    Yet here I am...BLOGGING!! And loving it!

    And you said it, Mel...blogging has allowed for SO MANY paths to cross in my life.

    It's tickles me TOO. And makes me SOOOO grateful!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Mel....and for being on the path!!!

  8. To know yourself so well and so true, takes a tremendous amount of inner searching and self respect. Blogging is for some such a creative spark...and it needs to be nurtured as such.
    I know without a doubt, that you are one of those souls that is very much aware of your own being.
    I love the reminder in this that it is about being true to ones own self and ideals...
    Such a ray of sunshine you are!

  9. Howdy Buffalo~

    Thank for sharing your wisdom, kid sir!

    And thanks for stopping by!

  10. Having gone through one of these 'empty' spells I san wholeheartedly relate. Fighting it only proves to frustrate us more and the end result is agonizing.

    The readers who genuinly care about you and what you have to say, (which I suspect is the majority), will be here whether you take a day, a week or heaven forbid, a month off.

    "To write about life we must first experience it."

  11. Morning Casdok~


    Well, my other option would be to take a boat. Oh...but that might involve getting seasick...


    No..I think I'll just stay land-legged and wait for inspiration to return - and color in my coloring book!

    Great seeing ya, Casdok!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Morning Nitebyrd~

    God love ya, lady!!

    You're matter HOW terrfice something can't do it non-stop.

    Hey...I know how you feel!! Sometimes my ideas and thoughts for these posts, come so quickly! I'm to the point where I keep a little note pad in my back-pack, so I can write down my thoughts as they come flying through my brain!

    AND SOOOO TRUE, Nitebyrd....quality is ALWAYS better than quantity!

    (especially when it comes to SEX)


    Thanks, you wonderfully funny lady...for adding such bright humor to this space!!!

  13. Morning Mr. Dave~

    Ahhhh....your words ALWAYS add so much wonderful energy, wisdom and WIT to these posts!

    Damn...I'm SOO glad our blogging paths have crossed!!!

    Your right, my's all about just placing our thoughts/words out into the Universe. It's always about the energy isn't it???


    Thanks,'s always a delight conversing with you!!!

  14. Morning Jeff~

    Oh...this is TOO funny.

    Maybe it's the WAY I wrote this post...but everyone is receiving it as though I'm saying that I'm going to be taking a break!!!


    (so maybe I WILL BE in the near future...but not now...I've got some lip flappin' to do)

    Anyway....I SO enjoyed what you shared here, "To write about life...we must first experience it"

    That is the BEST piece of wisdom for us ALL, Jeff.

    Thanks, for sharing that! And for stopping by today!

  15. Morning Dear Lady Sorrow~

    I'm SO DAMN HAPPY and GRATEFUL that the Universe saw to it that we meet one another through our blogs!!!

    Ain't it GRAND????

    Thank you for your kind and loving words...they really touched me.

    The greatest part about blogging for all the wonderful people that we come in contact with, who touch our lives in SOME SPECIAL WAY!

    I feel blessed!

    Thank you for being here Sorrow...your presence adds so much!

    Now...fling that clay.....

  16. Darling Ron...I so understand your words!
    I was trying to post something every day, and now two or three times a week is all I do.
    I love all of my "blog friends" and the little world we have created for ourselves...BUT I was neglecting my world here. Spring is almost here...things are blooming, singing, zipping around busy with life. I want to be out there experiencing the "new-birth" too. Hell, I need it myself. How can you post anything when you haven't experienced anything beyond the damned computer?
    I don't mean to sound harsh or unappreciative, but I need to drink in some of the life energy happening around me here. Then I can create again.."hopefully" an interesting post, a piece of art, plant a garden, sit in the sun, ...
    When the blog started being stressful is when I decided to get a "grip on myself" I said in a past post I was taking it way too seriously!! Like posting when I was sick and running a fever!! I couldn't cook or anything but I was still trying to post on my poor family thought I had gone quite mad!!
    For god's sake you would have thought I was afraid of "blog police" or of being fired from blog land. hee, hee.

    Thank you for "being" Ron...just go with your heart and soul. We'll all be here!! :)
    god love you too!!!

  17. Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    God love ya, woman!!!

    You've spoken a MASSIVE amount of TRUTH, my friend!

    And you ALSO MADE ME LAUGH my tush off...BLOG POLICE!!! How cute!

    When the blogworld gets started in one's can become absolutely possessive! This is what I experienced a year ago, when I began Foot Notes. I had to learn and STILL make sure I keep a grip on myself!

    Like you, more than 3 times a week is TOO much for me.

    And what you said here is RIGHT ON, "How can we post about anything, when we haven't experienced anything outside of the computer!!!

    Thank you, my wonderful Capricorn friend...for always deposting your refreshing energy here. We ALL benefit from it!

    I won't be taking a break anytime real soon, but when I's so nice to know that you and everyone will be here!!!

    Peace, baby!

    Enjoy those glorious little Spring flowers my friend. They're starting to POP up here, too!

  18. Hi Ron
    Sorry, I am coming in late on this one. My feeds thing wasn't working.
    But I just wanted to say that I understand everything that you are saying here. I have had dry spells too. And not just with blogging, but with other things in my life as well. Although I often refer to this as losing my mojo.
    Take care Ron
    I'll try to be a better commenter next time.

  19. This is a fantastic post, and I am very glad I found your blog.

  20. Evening Misty Dawn~

    Thank you my blogger friend...and I'm so happy that we found each others blogs too!

    It's a pleasure to have you here!

    I wrote this, because sometimes we bloggers feel really bad inside when this happens to us. But it's only natural that dry spells occur now and then. And some GREAT things can happen during a dry spell. So whenever happens to me, I try and let it be.

    Thanks for stopping by, Misty-Dawn!

  21. Howdy Nicole~

    You're so sweet!

    Hey listen, you don't ever have to apologize about when you read my posts. You get here when you get here. You're a FABULOUS commentor who I GREATLY appreciate and always enjoy!

    "Losing my MOJO"...that's such a GREAT way of putting it!!!

    And what you also said is VERY true...this also can happen with other things in our lives, as well.

    These dry spells, I believe, happen for a reason. So it's healthy for me to just embrace them when they occur.

    I won't be taking a break just yet, but when I's so nice to know that all my blogger buddies are supportive in it!

    Thanks so much for your visit today, Nicole. It's always great sharing with you!

  22. Hi Ron, I agree with gypsy heart...too much blogging= not enough life, and I find blogging can stimluate the monkey mind soemwhat...its funny, i dont really care if i seem witty or interesting on my blog anymore,which is why its been so boring lately..have a good break, my friend.

  23. Morning Enigma~

    So great to see ya!!!!

    Yes, Gypsy-Heart shared A LOT of awesome insight on her that gal!

    It seems that people eventually need to find their own balance and rhythm with blogging.

    I know that for me...I have to stay aware and notice the signs of stress that comes along with excessive blogging.

    Taking breaks are a good way to detach for a while.

    Won't be taking one just yet, but when I do...I think I'll go to Disneyworld and ride "Space Mountain." tee-hee!!

    Thanks my friend, for stopping by today...always wonderful TREAT!!

  24. I haven't run out of things to write about - YET - but no doubt it will happen eventually. I'm sure you'll get your inspiration back Ron and we'll all still be here m'deario. x

  25. Evening Akelamalu~

    You GO, girl!!!!

    You ALWAYS have wonderful things to share. You're the PRO Blogger!

    I won't be taking a break in the near future. This post was more of a way of expressing for when it DOES happen - my need for a "recharge."

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady. Always an honor!

  26. Hi Ron!

    I honestly don't know how people like yourself continuously blog. In your case, continually posting material that entertains and provokes thought. That takes a serious Muse!

    I couldn't do that... once a week is tough sometimes. I admire the way you keep on keepin' on. :)

    However, if you were to decide to take a break, or scale back, it would be perfectly understandable. Why not?

    Operators are standing by,


  27. Howdy Greg~

    GREAT seeing ya, buddy!

    Thank you for enjoying Vent. I'm having so much fun with it!

    For me, blogging has encompassed so many of the things I love. Writing, web customizing, and some socializing. It's been such a wonderful teaching tool for me.

    I actually don't post as much as a lot of the people I blog with. Some of them post every single day. Three times a week seems good for me. I also write a lot of these posts throughout the week and then save them for the future.

    I decided to no longer post on Foot Notes because I felt as though I've said all I could say for now. And was too much to write for both blogs. It all seemed to fall into place when Vent came into inspiration. One was the other began.

    Vent is perfect for me...I'm able to share on a wide varity of topics. I'm just allowing it to create itself.

    It's important for me to stay aware of when it's time to take littles breaks along the way, so I stay fresh and give my readers the best of myself.

    Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of both my blogs, Greg...your presence is much appreciated and enjoyed!!!

    I thought of you yesterday, while I was feeding the fuzzies. As I was leaving the park...three of them followed behind me in a little line until I got to the street. It was so cute. I felt like a mother duck with her peeps!

    Enjoy your evening, bud!