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I think I must be the only person in this city, who doesn’t walk around all day with an iPod stuck in my ear holes.

This past weekend, with the Mother’s Day holiday in full retail swing, I had a plethora of customers who came into the store, obviously delusional that they could multi-task by listening to their favorite tunes and at the same time, carry on a conversation.

Saturday, at about 4pm and still having three hours left to go; sustaining myself on Hershey Kisses and coffee…my patience was about as thin as a piece of cheap toilet tissue.

Between the obnoxious customers who were falsely under the impression that they were at a flea market, bartering with me on prices, and all the shoppers who were FREAKED because they waited till the last minute…I had to also deal with addicted iPod users.

First of all, there’s only one other thing that annoys the living hell out of me more than people who wear iPods while conducting a sale…and that’s someone who’s talking on a cell phone.

People who wear iPods and shop, all look like they’re walking around in a coma.

And when I approach them to ask if they need any assistance, instead of turning the damn thing off…they leave it on at full volume, while talking over the music and SCREAM TALK at me.

“Hi. Can I help you?"


“Well, can you give me an idea about what she likes?"


“Can you be a little more specific?”


“Well, maybe this year will be different. Can you just tell me a little more about her?”




  1. *chuckling*

    Himself owns an iPod.
    Kinda cute when he starts singin' in the nothingness...

    Offkey, mind you....LOL....still cute!

    Now, if he walked around shopping with it--I'd be snaggin' it from his head.
    It does make you invisible, right?
    .....shoot......just deaf, huh?....

    Well, then, nevermind....LOL

  2. Okay.... this little comment box is a confessional and you are the blog priest and I am one of your little disciples who desperately needs to tell you my sins:

    I have used my cell phone while driving.

    I have taken cell phone calls when out and in the company of friends.

    I am addicted to my iPod.

    Whew, that felt soooo good.
    It's illegal in Jersey now to use them so I was broken of that bad habit when I heard that I could be pulled over and fined $100.00! My girlfriend's hub is proof they do it!

    I don't chitchat with girlfriends in front of other girlfriends or anything, but if hub or son or daughter calls, well, it could be an emergency?!? Amazingly, my parents never had cell phones and my friends parents never had cell phones and if there was a situation it was handled some other way, so I do realize how silly it is to check my purse before leaving.... keys, check... lipstick, check...sense of humor, check... cell phone....
    ALSO, strangely enough, I live near a cell tower and tried to fight the installations a couple of times so you'de think I'd be totally against them. I wasn't so much against the technology, but the intrusion of big business into a small residential area added to the concern over possible future health issues from all the transmitter/signal thingies does bother me at times. So why I use one ... I have NO idea. Maybe I've just convinced myself that it's okay to use occasionally. You know like the weekend druggie. Just a small fix here and there.

    My iPod OH HOW I LOVE IT. However, the only time I use it in a store is maybe after I've ordered my 'venti soy such and such' and I'm not planning to read anything in particular. So that's allowed, right????

    And then there's when I'm working at home (my dining room doubles as my jewelry workspace) and someone says something to me because they obviously can't tell that I'm WORKING. So I have to turn down the volume and say 'WHAT, did you say something?'.... HUH, WHAT?
    OR, I have the headphones on, but the sound down very, very low so I CAN HEAR everything they are saying but they don't know it. hehehe

    So even though I am sometimes a tiny bit guilty, I can see how people are totally obnoxious with stuff like that. It reminds me of a news report I heard briefly the other day that we are trying to fit 30 some hours of stuff into a 24 hour day. It's just tooooo much. It really is.

    Hope you had a nice weekend. I've got to go upload pics now from Mother's Day. It was alot of fun and we only called home to check on the boy once... okay, maybe twice. LOL

  3. Ugh, Ron!!!
    See this is not just about iPods, this is about being pretentious and rude!!!
    That is horrible! A new son sounds like a great present for that poor lady.
    My big pet peeve about people is cell phones, specifically those blue tooth things that they stick in their ears!! I HATE those things. 1st of all, do you know how many times I have been in a public place and thought that someone was speaking to me (I mean, since I was the only other person around) and I responded, since I am not a rude person, only to find out that they were talking on a cell phone hidden in their ear.
    That drives me insane.
    2nd of all, who is really important enough to need one of those things? I can totally understand using one when you need to be hands free, like while driving, or trying to multi-task in someway....but while walking around the grocery store???
    I hate those things!!
    I haven't had a whole lot of experience with the iPod users though.

  4. I don't have a problem with iPod users because I don't have a job where I have to talk to anyone face to face like that. Thank the Gods!

    People on cell phones in public and in cars however, get on my last frazzled nerve. I want to carry a cattle prod and zap 'em in the ass.

  5. Mornin' Mel~ just gave me something to think about when you said, "It does make you invisible, right?"

    Wouldn't that be the COOLEST thing? Whenever we feel like NOT being seen, we could slip on our iPods and be like the Invisible Man/Woman!

    Ok, in that case...I would DEFINATELY purchase one!!

    Great seeing ya, Mel!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

  6. Mornin' Miss Nitebyrd~'s funny you should mention about using cell phones in a car, because I was almost hit crossing the street SEVERAL times...and one time it was by a CAB DRIVER!

    You have NOOOO idea how much I think that cell phones NEED to be legally FORBIDDEN while driving a car.

    I'm with you, dear lady...let's "cattle prod" them in the ass!!!


    Great seeing ya, Nitebyrd!

  7. Mornin' Nicole~ just vented one of my future posts!

    I FREAKING HATE the blue tooth things too! I makes me feel like I'm in a mental institution!!!!

    When they first came out, I was standing on the street corner, waiting for the light to change...and suddenly this gentleman started talking. I thought he was asking me for directions or something...and then I noticed that THING plugged into his ear (blinking)!!! I just shook my head!

    I think those blue tooth's make people look like air traffic controller's!

    They look SO important...don't they?


    Thanks for venting, Nicole. It feels great doesn't it??

    Enjoy your Monday!

  8. Mornin' Crystal Chick~

    OK..say 2 Our Father's, 7 Hail Mary's, and 10 Glory Be's...and you are forgiven!!!


    You're so funny in your comments...I love them!

    No...what I'm talking about here is EXCESS of these damn things, ya know? I have a portable cd player and LOVE to use my head phones while sitting in the park, or even when I'm in the mood to listen to music really LOUD!

    It's the RUDENESS of some people who use a cell phone or iPod while trying to do something talking to someone or driving a car...that annoyes me.'s totally not safe.

    Hey...I didn't realize in Jersey it's illegal while driving a car. In Florida it's the same way. And the cops WILL pull you over and give you a ticket...I've seen it happen.

    I'm all for new technology...really I am...but it's the people who are using these things that drive me insane. It's so damn excessive.

    We seem to be losing are ability to look at one another in the eyes...and actually SPEAK, without some sort of hearing stimilation gong on.

    Thanks for sharing, M! It's always great venting with you!

    Can't wait to see your Mother's Day photos...and I bet their FABULOUS. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

  9. What's an IPOD?

    Only kidding, I know what one is but I haven't got one. It's a wonder the users are totally deaf because they have it on that loud that everyone else can hear what they're listening to! :(

  10. Haha!
    I only wear mine in public when I am at the laundry mat. I'm hoping to give of the vibe that I don't want to talk. Other than that my mp3 player gets played in the car on my car stereo.

    I definitely hate it when people are on their phones whilst trying to do something else like order food at a restaurant, or whatever.


  11. Sounds very frustrating!
    Love the pic! :)

  12. Afternoon Akelamalu~

    I don't have one either.


    Yea...and that's the thing...the freaking music is SOOOO loud...everyone around them can hear it. So they SCREAM when they talk to you, like your deaf!

    Oy Vey!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady.

    Have a WONDERFUL Monday!

  13. Afternoon Casdok!

    It's SOOOOO wonderful seeing you...what a great treat!

    I just left you a comment on your blog a few minutes ago!

    Yes, it is frustrating when your trying to conduct business and someone is only half listening to me.


    Thanks for stopping by today, dear Casdok!

    Give C a hug for me!

  14. Howdy Middle Child~

    It's funny, because sometimes I use my portable cd player for the SAME reason you just shared.

    When I lived in Florida and would sit out by the pool...if I didn't want to talk to anyone...I would put them on.

    (and sometimes not even have the music playing!)

    Aren't I bad?

    And YES!!!! I totally agree about cell phone users in restaurants. Not only while trying to order food, but also sharing a LOUD and PRIVATE conversation with the entire restaurant!!


    Thanks for stopping by for a VENT, MC!

    Always nice talking to ya!

  15. LMAO!!!

    Oh I totally agree!

    Those pictures are AWESOME! xx

  16. Howdy Giggle!

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear mother-to-be!


    Enjoy your day!

  17. I am with you on this one too! I feel as if someone has no respect for anyone when they listen to the IPOD and try to hold on a conversation or try to talk to another person. It is down right rude not to devote your full attention to someone who is there to help or just be a person. If you want to listen then listen and do not talk to ANYONE.
    Me, I prefer to put the old stereo console (6 ft long) up on my shoulder and walk around with this piece of furniture with the volume turned up. When you do this then everyone knows what you are doing and that you may not want to engage in talk.
    So pass the Perry Como records and let's have a listen.
    By the way what do you get mother who gives birth to a kid with wires implanted in his ears?

  18. Hi Ron. I seem to be mercurial lately, much like the people you are dealing with. I though can't blame an Ipod or cell phone. though I alays knew what to get mother for Mother's Day. hehehe.

    I do have to say...people with cells glued to their heads while driving...I have been almost run off the road twice from the air heads. I have honked my horn at them many times to get going when the light has changed to GREEN.

    Yes, I get the finger...but what the hell...wake up or get off the road.

    In California it will illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone in July. YEAH!

    Have a wonderful day Ron...ciao babes.

  19. I've noticed that a lot of places now have signs telling people to turn off their phones or not to use them when they come to the counter or go through the drive-thru or whatever. You'd think people would have the common sense (and decency) to do that anyway, but no.

    College campuses are rampant with these things. Everyone walking to and from class either has an iPod cracked or cell phones going. It's crazy.

    I do think it's so rude to use them while dealing with other people. Irritating beyond belief!

  20. Ola Miss Jones!

    YAY! for California for making it illegal to drive while using a cell phone!!!!

    Personally, I think it should be illegal in ALL states!

    Like you, I've almost been HIT by a moving vehicle...except, since I live in a city...I was actually WALKING across the street when it happened. And it was by a CAB DRIVER!!!

    I honestly don't blame cell phones or iPods...I blame the people who use them without consciousness, ya know? Mercury retrograding??? Maybe that's why there's such a "weirdness" in the air lately!

    (myself included)

    Great seeing ya, Spiky Lady. Mucho thanks for stopping by today!

    Ciao Bella!

  21. Hodwy Mr. Dave!

    Man...listening to you speak about your feelings on this...makes me realize how much we see things the same way!

    Isn't is just down right RUDE???

    When I talk to someone, I want us to look at one another in the eyes and not have all this stuff distracting us. Either talk and shit...or get off the pot! made me LAUGH about placing the 6ft console on your shoulder and walking around listening to Perry Como!!!!

    We have a lot of people in this city who walk along the streets doing the same thing!

    Except it's usually LOUD RAP...not Mr. Como.

    But I have to agree with you...Perry Como ROCKS!!!

    Along with Frank Sinatra!

    Thanks for sharing a VENT with me, dear friend.

    Nothing like talking to a fellow Libra Buddy!

  22. Howdy Rhea!

    Hey....I LOVE your new avatar!!!

    VERY, VERY nice!!!

    Is that Ann Miller? (it looks like her)

    YES!!! And thank you for reminding me about those signs I see posted in the post office about NOT using a cell phone while conducting business. I once asked a postal clerk if people even pay attention to those signs...and she said NO!

    (why do I find that unbelievable?)

    And YES!!! I totally agree about the college students. This city is filled with colleges and universities, so many of the tenants who live in my building are students. And not a day goes by when the elevator door opens, and two or three of them get in either BLABBING on a cell phone or plugged into a very LOUD iPod! I always say "good morning" to them...and I'm ignored!

    So I agree with you..."irritating beyond belief."

    Thanks for stopping by and venting with me, Rhea!

    It's always nice seeing ya!

  23. <---has a pin makin' thingy and is gonna make one that says

    "please turn off cellphones/iPods and at least PRETEND to be listening"

    Yup..thinkin' I could sell 'em in bulk! LOL

  24. Morning Mel~

    GREAT invention!

    And I'll be your first cutomer to purchase one!

    Thank you, dear lady!

  25. Missed this one..blame it on the wedding blues...
    15 year old has an ipod, he sings so bad when he has it on..~giggle~ but
    he wears it with that great tortured teen look of" she makes me go shopping with her " or the" I really don't want to be here" eye roll thing.
    but he has had manners BEAT into his ASS by his sweet and loving Mom,(ahem that would be me) and ALWAYS takes the little earplugs out when he is in a conversation. otherwise he knows i will shove that thing up his...
    well you get the picture.

  26. Evening Lady Sorrow~

    GOOD FOR YOU...teaching your children GOOD MANNERS!!!

    I applaude you!

    And see...that's the thing about iPod''s no the iPod itself I's when they're used during a CONVERSATION!!!

    I's just friggin' RUDE!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear's ALWAYS a joy venting with you!!!

    Hope all is going well with the wedding!!!