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With Summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about getting a tan.

You’d never know it to look at me now, but I use to be a total tanning freak.

Living in Florida for almost 20 years, my life existed for maintaining the perfect tan.

I have the type of skin that tans very quickly, but unfortunately fades just as fast. So in order for me to sustain a golden bronze-like color…I had to work at it.

The day that tanning salons began to open, I thought they were the greatest things to be invented since penicillin. During Florida’s rainy season, when I wasn’t unable to get to the beach to soak up the sun’s natural rays…I was at the salon, catching a few artificial UVA’s from a tanning bed.

(I mean, god forbid I lose one shade of color!!)

I even tried using these special tanning pills that you could take orally, and within a few days my entire body would turn the most beautiful and natural shade of CARROT.

(which included the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands)

I looked like a freak of nature.

Eventually I think people stopped using them, because they realized…“It’s not that easy being ORANGE.”

Finally, the idea that I was totally ruining my skin by constantly exposing it to the sun’s rays, dawned on me. However, I was still not willing to accept the fact that my natural skin color was a paler shade of TOOTHPASTE. So I decide to enhance it with self-tanning lotion.


I don’t know if you remember when these lotions first came out…but they all made your skin look like a RUSTY FENCE. Since then, they’ve improved dramatically, and actually look quite natural.

Usually when summertime approaches, I get all psyched and will start using a self-tanning lotion just to give my skin a little color, but by mid-July I get so tired of reapplying it every couple of days… that I just say, “To hell with it” and go back to my natural color.

Recently, they’ve come out with an ingenious way of spraying a tan on. And from what I’ve seen on several people…it looks REALLY good.

However for me…I think my tanning days are over.

Gone are my days looking like Miami Vice…with my Don Johnson suit, blonde sun-streaked hair, and perfect tan…

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. I use self tanning lotion in summer because I am pale as pale can be. Pale is supposed to be interesting isn't it????

  2. OMG, I do remember the older versions of lotions that tanned skin rust color! In high school I tried them and looked terrible. All streaky. Yuck.
    I did tan a little bit back then, we had a pool and so did a couple neighbors, altho I was never AS tan as others. I would get burnt first, then peel.
    Hubby has that olive skin and some summers he would get very dark but now he's even starting to burn some.
    Now that I'm lots older I don't tan AT ALL and I am sooooo white it's almost funny.
    And when I was preggie with my son I got that 'pregnancy mask' on the face, and many summers since it's come back a little worse and I have it on my arms now too. It's called 'melasma' and in the summer it's very dark so I really can't be out in the sun too long. It's not painful, just the pigments are so whacked out that parts of my arms and face are VERY dark brown patches and other spots are not. I actually went to a dermatologist a few years back who gave me a type of lightening cream but at 100 bucks a tube and scary warnings on the package insert about possible death, I figured I'd just deal with the discoloration.
    I have tried to make peace with it but it's hard at times in the summer when I'm loaded up on number 50 sunblock and still get the dark patches but nothing else tans one bit. I'm thinking of going to another dermatologist to see what else might be available now.
    I wonder about aromatherapy too... maybe lemon/orange blend of some sort? I've tried just rubbing the fresh fruits on my arms and face as I heard the citrus ones are natural lighteners but never really developed a routine with it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Oh Ron, I envy those who tan well.
    I have neon white skin with a gazillion freckles. I can get darker, I wouldn't say tan though, but it takes weeks and weeks of regularly being in the sun to notice any change (other than a few thousand more freckles). And I always burn first. I have had some horrible sunburns in my life, I am talking blisters and peeling grossness. So now I am really really careful to always use sunscreen.
    We spend a lot of time outside in the summer, so it is somewhat unavoidable for me. My kids all get tan though, can you believe that?? What are the genetic odds??

    Oh and I use a lot of self tanner too, but don't you think that stuff smells funny??

  4. Mornin' Akelamalu~

    Do you know what's funny?

    After my 20 year love affair with tanning my skin, I gradually learned how to appreciate and actually LOVE light/pale skin. I think it's beautiful.

    I work with a young lady who has very dark hair, green eyes and white, white, white skin. Just the other day I was telling her..."PLEASE...DON'T EVER EXPOSE THAT SKIN TO THE SUN!" Luckly, she hates the sun and uses a ton of sunscreen.

    It's strange isn't it? How are appeal for certain things changes.

    NOW...I'm very into GOTH. The paler someone is...the better!

    Thanks for your visit today, my friend.

    And have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hello Nicole~

    As I was just sharing with's funny how my appreciation of paler skin evolved after my "tan worshiping days." But when you live in Florida...the sun becomes like a GOD, and many people become "tan addicted."

    (I know I did)

    But about 4 years before I left Florida, I gradually got tired of the "tan look" (and also damaging my skin) and began to see so much beauty in paler skin, and started appreciating my own.

    (however, I do use a little matte bronzing powder on my face, when I work...just to add a bit of color)

    shhhh, but don't tell anyone!

    You're skin is so beautiful Nicole (just like Julianne Moore), so I'm glad to hear you use sunscreen!!!! Maybe your children have more of your husbands genes, when it comes to their skin. Is he darker complexed?

    YES...and self tanning lotions DO have a funky odor to them. SOME more than others. If you haven't ever tried it...check out Jergens self tanning lotion. It gives you a nice natural color, and it's VERY reasonably priced! Also, if you click the link on self tanning lotion, it will take you to a list of the top 10 reviewed.

    Thanks for stopping by, Nicole. Always great sharing stuff with you!

    Have a FAB weekend!

  6. Greetings Crystal Chick~

    Yes...I've heard of the skin condition you've shared here. I have a cousin in Florida who has the same thing! And it's tricky, because it's like having two different shades of skin to take care of.

    And ya know something? I've often wondered just HOW effective sunscreen REALLY is. I mean, I've heard of people using a "total block" and they STILL get burnt. The atmosphere has changed so drastically, so perhaps sunscreen doesn't have the same protective quality it use to?

    I've read that using an antioxidant lotion WITH the sunscreen...helps too!

    Hey, listen (you may already know this, but I wanted to just pass on some essential oil info, just in case you didn't)

    Just take care, that if you use ANY TYPE of citrus on your skin (whether essential oil or the actual fruit) it makes your skin VERY photo-sensitve. So if you should use it before going outside in the sun...your skin will burn!

    So if you do use things such as citus skin lighteners, it's best to use them in the evening.

    Just wanted to pass that saftey info on.

    Anyway, always, I SO enjoy our shares!

    Thank you for dropping in this morning...and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

    I'll be stopping by your blog later this evening after work!

  7. kill. me I laughed and I'm still laughing. hehehe.

    We used to say they were Oompa loopas. When they look orange and my girl was one of them. I rolled on the carpet when I saw her when I got home from work on summer day.

    WTF...did you do? I asked. She was pissed and couldnt wash it off fast enough. It took a while.
    Me and g/f had a Spray tan once before we went on to Miami and on a cruise. It was cool, but I like natural.

    I don;t do tanning beds, after seeing a friend of mine...her face was leathery looking. Oh Noesss...Spiky doesn't want that.

    I wear a summer hat, sunglasses...but still wear my smallest bikini. I'm still a tad vain, plus I like the way my girl looks at me. Naughty like.

    you had me...hehehhahah. Yeah, god forbid...ha! So true.
    Ciao babes. heheheh...pills, i didn't know they had tanning...sorry I can't stop. hehehehhheee. Aahhhhh! whew. pills

  8. Evening Miss Jones~

    Tee, hee...

    Yes, my dear...TANNING PILLS...I was DESPERATE for a TAN!!!!

    I got them in a health food store, so I thought, "Oh...they must be GREAT!" Yea...they were great alright...except I had to idea I would turn ORANGE!!! And it took days and days for the color to fade. I kept drinking water, hoping to flush it out of my body! The most horrible thing, was that my the palms of my hands and soles of my feet were orange too!

    Good for you! NO tanning bed. I keep hearing that their actually worst than the actual sun.

    And it's great that you wear a hat and sun glasses too. I have light eyes, so I do the same.

    I think we're ALL vain in one way or another. Me too!

    I've seen the "spray tan" a few people and looked GREAT...totally natural!

    You naughty girl in your bikini! Oh, what the's nice being "naughty" for the one we love!

    GREAT seeing ya, Spiky! Thanks for stopping by and saying HI!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Ciao bella

  9. Once again you gave us all a good laugh...I so enjoyed this post!

    Ah yes, the perfect tan! I am one of those people that tans and never burns. I used to surf and live at the beach...string bikinis and baby oil..remember that? Thank goodness, I seem to have pretty good skin so I didn't ruin it. I still try to get out in the sun every day...but now only 15 to 30 minutes for the vitamin D.

    I only tried a tanning booth once...I felt claustrophobic. What about the white mask that the old tanning booth used to leave on people's faces. :)

    Now a moonlight swim that is appealing..and you don't even need a bikini. eh,eh,eh

    Loved the vent Ron dear!

  10. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart (my Florida friend)

    OH...lucky must tan beautifully!

    YES!!!! I do remember the days of using only baby oil and iodine...and then lying on a silver metallic mat. It felt like I was lying on a oven pan! Every part of my body got scortched!! It amazes me that I even have any skin left on my body!

    And YES...I also remember the old tanning booths and the goggle marks on my face. I looked like a racoon! I even tried those single sun lamps that gave me third degree burns!

    And ALL for the LOVE of a tan!

    As you shared, the sun IS good for you in small dosages. Vit D! must be so nice where you live, to be able to take a moonlight romantic!

    God love ya, woman!

    It's always such fun sharing with you, dearest Heart....thank you!

  11. I like the sun.
    Dunno if it's about the tan, or more about the warmth of it. I'm a patio sitter.....gimme a book and sidewalk chalk/bubbles and some suntea....putter around in the garden ... I'm good for the day!

    Watch the birdies....take in the sun.... putter a bit more...

    Himself complains that I get brown while his little head gets red.
    I think it's more like the freckles spread. :-)

  12. Tanning is a good thing for leather but not for me. I have the skin that browns easy yet I always wear short sleeve shirts and the tan stops 3 inches above the elbow. I cannot wear shorts ( I do not enjoy wearing them) so my legs have the distinct hue of a pizza dough. The neck and ears are the color of tan M&M's. Guess you could say when summer ends my body is walking 7 course meal.

    You my friend have a great weekend

  13. Mornin' Mel~

    Ahhhh...I can just imagine you right now, sitting on your patio swing, blowing between sipping your sun tea...HOW FUN, Mel!!

    You made me laugh about himself getting a red head, because when I lived in could always tell the UK visitors because of how RED they were. They were all so zealous about taking the sun...that they ended up getting too much, too soon. But it didn't seem to bother them at all, because they were just so happy to see the sun again. I use to always suggest to them a little aloe.

    Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful Saturday morning, dear lady. I just know your're enjoying it!!!

    Happy bubble blowing!

  14. OH, Mr. Dave how you make me LAUGH!!!!!

    Damn, you're FUNNY!

    "Guess you could say when summer ends my body is a walking 7 course meal."

    That's hysterical! and I share the same thing...we DON'T wear shorts. And it's ironic, because earlier this week, I spoke to a gentleman customer at work, who said the same thing.

    It's funny, because I've gone from being a SUN a VAMPIRE!

    hhhissssssss at the sun!

    ALWAYS such joy seeing ya, buddy!

    Thank you for stopping by today!!!

  15. Working for a dermatologist has definitely opened my eyes about sun exposure. I don't care for laying about in the sun anyway but over exposure is really very bad for you.

    I've accepted being pale. It's okay. I've tried the self-tanning lotions but get "streaky." *sigh* So, pale I'll be, even if I am a Floridian.

    Years ago, I remember people using a mixture of baby oil and iodine to promote darker tans. I can't remember if it worked or not.

  16. Afternoon Miss Nitebyrd~ work for a dermatologist??

    Boy...having lived in the same state as you, I slowly began to see the effects of excessive sun exposure, not only on my own skin, but also others. And one day, I thought..."NO MORE."

    When I moved back east, I REALLY noticed how peoples skin looked so much better, than many of the Floridian residents. However, with tanning salons EVERYWHERE...I see people tan 365 days of the year here, too.

    Good for you, for accepting PALE. I've actually learned to appreciate the beauty of pale skin.

    And YES!!!! I do remember the baby oil and iodine days. In fact, I can still remember the SMELL. I think I ended up getting a tan, simply because of the iodine stain!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Nitebyrd. And thank you for also sharing your sun/skin knowledge...

    Appreciate that!

  17. I would comment but I can't sit down until my self-tanning lotion dries! ;)

  18. I just posted on sunscreen and such a few days ago.

    My grandmother used to use the tanning lotion, and she turned orange. It was pretty funny. I think they do have better stuff now though, like you said.

    I've used the spray tan before once, and it was pretty cool! I like how it worked, although you have to get the hang of it to get everything right and not have streaks, etc.

    I tan pretty easily, but I have to really watch my moles, so sunscreen is a must in this sweltering Texas heat. Screw tans when it comes to skin cancer! :o)

  19. Hey Anndi!

    OMG...your comment was SOOOOOOO funny!!!

    It's that LIBRA wit!

    You made me laugh!

    Hey...and it's weird that you stopped by today, because a few days ago, you were on my mind for some reason.

    Another LIBRA thing I guess???

    So good seeing ya, dear lady. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're enjoying your weekend...self tanning!!!

    tee, hee!

  20. Howdy Rhea!

    Ok...I LOVE your NEW avatar...AGAIN!!!!

    You are tooo funny!!!!

    I never know what I'll see when you stop by!?!!?


    OHHHHH...and it's hysterical that you just recently posted on sunscreen. How cool is that? I've had that happen before with other bloggers. It's like somehow, we're thinking of the same thing at the same time!!!

    The POWER of blogging!

    Yes...I've seen the results of "spray tans" and I've got to say...they looked FABULOUS. Very natural!

    And good for you, using a sunscreen! Like Texas, the Florida sun, heat and humidity can be horrible at times. That's actually one of the main reasons why I moved back east. I got tired of sweating 24 hrs a day. Although, the summers here can be just as bad, but it's only for about 2 months.

    GREAT seeing ya, Rhea! Thank you for dropping by today, and sharing!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  21. I never did the "faka baka" thing(taning beds).

    My sking seems to go from white to red, then one day of brown, before the big peel. then it's back to white again.

    Of course being in Oregon now I only see the sun in pictures anyway. Everyone around here has what we call the Casper tan.

  22. Jeff's casper comment made me think of a comment my husband made during law school. He can tan unbelievably well, but throughout law school he was pale...and he called it, "Library green." He was so pale he looked a little

    Ron, I am having a blog identity crisis. I keep changing my profile pic and my header. I may even change my title. I need help! (or Prozac, or Xanax or a vacation or all of the above!)

  23. Howdy Jeff!

    It's funny that you said, "Casper" tan, because I was going to use that EXACT word in this post somewhere, but forgot!!! didn't miss a damn thing by not ever trying the tanning beds...they're horrible for your skin. And after you use it, your skin smells funky for hours. Like...plastic.


    See...I think I'd enjoy Oregon weather. Not a alot of sun. And a lot of rain. LOVE IT!

    Thanks for you visit tonight, buddy!

    Later gator!

  24. Howdy Miss Rhea~

    Library green!!!! TOOOO FUNNY, girl!

    Which reminds me....

    One time when I was a hairstylist, I colored someones hair ash blonde, and after I dryed looked GREEN. She loved it, but I wanted to vomit! Now, if she had had green skin WITH the green hair....MAYBE!

    Hey listen, I'm exactly the same way when it comes to my blog. I keep changing little things, here and there, all the time!!! I'm not as insane as I use to be, but when I first starting blogging, I was a mental patient.

    When I first started Vent, I changed the template 5 times!! The header I changed at least 6. I've had every color template you could imagine. I even had a BLACK one at one point (like Mary's). Finally I went back to a basic white...because it's given me more variety to play with. This template use to only have one sidebar, until I added a second. I'm consantly tweaking it.

    Last month, I almost changed the color scheme to more brighter colors, but decided that I really like having just black, white and red.

    Don't worry...just keep changing it and have FUN! One day you may settle into something.

    Or maybe not!


    Thanks for stopping by again, Rhea. Always a blast!

  25. hahahaha you know it's funny! How you described yourself is exactly how I pictured you! (I mean that in a good way!!)

    *GiGGLeS* xx

  26. yeah looking like a carrot is kind of a turn off to most people :)

  27. Ron,
    I can't believe your client liked the green! Yikes!! lol I can only imagine your horror when it turned out that way.

    When I was younger I had white-blonde hair, and when I swam all summer in chlorine, my hair ended up with a green tinge. My mom bought us special shampoo to get the green out. It was not a nice look, trust me. :o)

  28. Greetings Classy~

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

    YES....looking like a carrot, would only be a turn ON to a rabbit I guess!?!?!

    tee, hee!

    Please stop by whenever you wish!

    Nice meeting you!

  29. Howdy Rhea~

    Yes...but the strangest part...was that she LIKED it!!!

    Go fiqure?!?

    And living in Florida, that "shampoo" you speak of, was something that people, who swam in pools a lot used quite often. And it really worked too!

    Great seeing ya, Rhea!!!

  30. Helloooo Giggles!

    So glad you pictured me exactly as you pictured me!


    We're nuts, aren't we???

    Thanks for popping by, my friend. Always a GIGGLE!!!