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I know that all of us are feeling the affects of the outrages gas price increase.

Even those of us who live in a city and don’t own a car, are still being affected by the increase in regards to public transportation such as: cab and bus fares.

A few of the people that I work with are opting to take the train to work everyday, because it ends up being cheaper than having to take out a personal loan to pay for gas…plus parking.

Some have even begun to car pool.

I spoke to another staff member the other day, and she was saying that her boyfriend has an SUV which cost close to $75.00 to fill the tank.

Damn…$75.00 equals three months of my utility bill.

(don’t forget…I live in a studio apartment)

I hear that in some places, a gallon of gas is up to $4.00!

I’ve also heard from frequent travelers, that even plane fares are being affected.

I’m wondering how many people will be vacationing this summer?

This gas price increase has also trickled down into other areas involving the cost of living.

Like food.

Have you been to the grocery store lately?

Holy shit…every time I go food shopping, I keep noticing price increases on EVERYTHING.

I'm curious to see how long it will take for toilet paper to go up to $5.00 a roll?

(I may have to start rationing and recycling)

Hey…I wonder if I can get meat and produce at the Dollar Store???

Wouldn’t it be horrible if even the Dollar Store was affected?

It would have to be changed to the All-Dollar Store.

Oh well, I guess this too shall pass….like a bad case of gas…


  1. Every time I start talking about the rising gas prices I feel like I'm farting in the wind.

    It just hit $4.05 a gallon here and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

    As a contractor, I log a lot of miles each month. About 20,000 last year. In a truck that gets 13mpg that comes out to 128 gallons a month, and at the current price it will cost me over $500 a month just in fuel costs. OUCH!

    I really don't want to charge more for my services, but if I don't I can't afford to stay in this line of work. Unfortunately that's something I keep hearing across all sectors of business.

    I don't understand how folks making mimum wage or even twice the minimum, can afford it.

  2. Damn,'s up to $4.05 where you are????

    And you pay $500.00 a month for gas??? Yes....I would be OUCHING too!

    And can see WHY you would consider charging more for you services. I too keep hearing ALL businesses say the same. Even in retail...I can see the hesitation within customers, because of their budgets.

    And you're right, how people making mimimum wage are making it...I have no idea.

    All I can say is...thank God I don't own a car right now. At least it's one thing less I have to be forking out.

    Great seeing ya, buddy...and thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Ron, this is subject that I have been bitching about almost every single day for a while now. The gas prices are total bullshit right now!!! Oh now see, you've got me cursing.
    We live 30 miles outside of the city. We moved here intentionally, for a quiet life. Lower taxes. Safer environment for the kids etc. But now, anytime that I need to go grocery shopping, go to the bank, take one of the kids to the dentist or whatever, it cost me at least $15 a trip in gas, taking into consideration the gas prices and the mpg on my minivan.
    I don't work at all, and my husband works from home and we still spend $65-$70 a week in gas. The lowest price around here is about $3.85, and that was a few days ago. I am sure that it has went up a few cents by now. I really do not know how people who have to commute to work every day are surviving. I feel for them. Our neighbor commutes to DC everyday and she spends something outrageous like $150 a week in gas. WTF???
    And do you remember my squirrelly friend Sam? She just moved from Washington State to California. They spent $1500 filling up the moving van in gas for the trip. 1500 f'ing dollars???
    I just cannot believe this. It is total crap!! We have no choice but to just stay home more often than not. I've been trying to combine my errands to one day. But other than that, I don't know what else to do. Whoever is doing this has got us. We have no choice but to pay the price.

  4. Dude, I hear ya!

    I went to buy a pack of smokes today... $6.78! Time to quit!

  5. Now you hit on a subject that everyone in the entire world should vent. We are all victims of some greedy SOB's who control the oil. I do not give a rat's ass on the supply and demand bullshit on this commodity. There are a few people out there that has sold the powers to be some cockamayme story and the the only ones that are benefiting are them. We cannot drill for oil in our own country because a group of assholes says it may be bad for the envirnoment. It has been documented and reported that we, in the USA, have more then 3 times the Oil then the Middle East countries but we are not allowed to drill for it. So, lets let the poorer people and those on a fixed income suffer and die because we want the trees to flourish. We have the technology to do both, dirll and keep it safe. In Connecticut, where I live, regular gas is about $4.20 a gallon and diesel fuel is at $5.00 per gallon. Now the real smart politicans in this state want to add another 7.5 cents a gallon to the already over taxed diesel fuel. They are idiots!!!! If everyone in the US just refused to drive for two days no one going into the gas stations then, what would happen. Those jerks who have all the oil would practicly give it away. We have to act and act now.
    You know I am pissed.

  6. Morning Nicole~

    That's ok, girl...curse...let it out! Vent!

    I STILL think $65-$70 per week for gas is A LOT! My god...when I had a car, I owned a little Geo Metro, and I think it only cost me $12 to fill up the whole dam tank and it lasted me 5 days!

    These people who have to commute everyday...I honestly don't know how they do it. There's a woman at work who does that same thing, traveling close to an hour to get here! AND she has an SUV!

    Wow...and I'm still freaking out about it costing Sam $1500 to fill up the tank when she moved to California.

    I didn't realize that you lived such a distance outside the city. That's what I hear a lot of people are doing...combining errands to conserve fuel. One good thing, is at least your hubby works from home.

    Maybe this whole "gas thing" has a postive side, in that it's forcing family and friends to stay home and bond!?!?

    Who knows!?

    Anyway, Nicole...thanks a lot for dropping by and sharing in this post!!!

  7. Holy crap, Middle Child...cigarettes are up to $6.78???


    That's what I mean...this seems to be affecting MANY things. I'm telling you, each time I go shopping...I see the prices slowly rising.

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing in this vent, MC...always nice seeing ya!

  8. Let it RIP, Mr. Dave!

    I was just talking to my mom a week ago, and she also mentioned about the US oil. Damn...I didn't realize that it was 3 times the amount than the Middle East!?!?!?

    Shit, Dave...Conneticut gas is $4.20??? And diesel $5.00?!?! I didn't realize your tax is 7.5...ours is 7 (however, food and clothing here are not taxed, thank God!).

    You sound very much like my mom. She too feels that "we the people" should refuse to drive for a period of time.

    And such as you shared...I wonder what WOULD happen???

    Hey, my Libra friend...I love how passionate we are about how we feel, don't you? It may also be because we're Italian too! I get the same "pissed off" way myself!!!


    Thanks for sharing, Dave. You're voice is always appreciated and enjoyed!

  9. OH I love a place that I can come to vent right along with you!!!

    We have 2 vehicles, I drive a Taurus, hub has a Ford F150. Mine runs about $55 or so to fill, his is up around $85. He has a motorcycle too, I guess $15 to fill which isn't too bad but he just cannot use it for many of his jobs... he's in construction. Right now he drives to the City every day so in addition to gas he has bridge tolls, which I heard are going to raise also.
    AND he's driving both my BIL and future SIL to work everyday as they are very close in location. BIL contributes a few $$. Hopefully SIL will too once he gets caught up on a couple bills. Hub figures that because he has to drive to and from every day he might as well try to help them out.

    In Jersey, I think the gas average is $3.80ish and we keep hearing how it will climb even higher. I don't know who to even blame. I know there are lots of people employed and pensions and investments in oil companies benefit it's workers but some will get laid off at some point I'm sure. The big execs won't lose money or sleep over it. They just get richer.

    Also, wasn't gas somewhere around $1.50 a gallon when Bushwhack took office??? One has to wonder how much he and his cronies have to do with this mess and if it's not too far gone to really get much better.
    When gas goes up, everything goes up, and even if gas comes down, most companies will not reduce prices once raised. Yes, I have noticed prices increasing at the grocery store. We used to enjoy eating out but had to cut back on that and are now going every few weeks to the store and planning our meals better. Forget organics though. I used to try and incorporate those products in but they are up in price too.
    We still try to treat ourselves here and there though, just not as much.
    And we do have a small garden at home so hopefully we'll get nice veggies soon!
    Prices are definitely up, it might only be a few cents here and there but it adds up. Also, companies are changing packaging too. So when you used to get such and such product for 2.99 per 12 oz. it might now still be 2.99 but it's a smaller 9 oz. package. Watch out for that.
    It's odd but as much as everthing is, I still see LOTS AND LOTS of people driving out there and many of them have large vehicles. And they are still lined up at many restaurants. I wonder when the state of the economy is going to affect more people.

    So it seems that we are pawns in some freaking nasty experiment or something. LOL Someone has us and but good. We still want to go and do things but for those who can't afford to, cut backs are inevitable. It's just a matter of each persons preference as to what has to go.
    It seems sensible that if everyone just decided to work together and by refusing to drive and/or purchase certain things prices would have to be lowered. But it's just not really that easy for many reasons and governments and oil companies know this.

  10. Oh don't set me off about the price of fuel! It costs the equivalent of $10 a gallon here Ron!

  11. ron...It's $4.29 at the Chevron and that's the cheap stuff. OMG...what the hell is up. How am I going to pay for lap dances? Jeez! I might have to go back to dancing Friday and Saturday nights. HA!

    My friend is biking to work and it's 13 miles from his house. I'm thinking of hiking to work...Lift the skirt to show just enough leg...should do the trick. hehehe. It cost him $95 to fill his tank...OY!

    The Brittish pay $10 or more. Yikes! *faints* Some South American countries pay 16 cents a gallon for fuel. What???

    Hey you ever notice how those Dollar Store employees get so upset when you ask them how much something cost. Ha! I can't help it...they don't label the price on anything. Tee hee! :D

    ciao baby.

  12. HOLY COW, Akelamalu!!!!!

    $10.00 a gallon??

    That blows me away! How do people afford it, who have two-car families?

    We receive a lot of our retail business from tourists, and many of them come from Europe and Japan. Even with the US price increases, some of them claim that it's STILL cheaper for them to purchase items HERE, rather than from their own countries.

    And right now, with our economy the way that is....we're very blessed to have our tourist.

    Thanks so much for sharing in this post, dear friend.

    Enjoy your evening!

  13. *sigh*

    I hold my breath a lot and don't watch the numbers on the pump go up as I'm filling the car up.

    I do know folks are getting around to considering teleconferences where they used to insist on your presence. I consider THAT much good?

  14. Evening Miss Jones! made me HOWL with your comment about paying for lap dances! Hey, that's right...maybe YOU could start dancing to help pay for fuel!!!

    I'm sure you'd be FABULOUS and make a bundle$$$$

    Thank God I'm within walking distance from work, so I don't even need to take public transportation. I'm also close to all grocery stores and shopping in general! I hear that cabs are up to $3.50 the MINUTE you get in them...SHIT! you can read, my friend from the UK (Akelamalu) just shared that it IS $10.00 per gallon. HOLY COW!

    It's funny that you mentioned about asking how much something costs in the Dollar Store, because I wrote a post a while back about the Dollar Store, and that's EXACTLY what I said I did. The cashier looked at me like I was an IDIOT!

    tee, hee!

    GREAT seeing ya, Spiky. And thanks so much for adding your vent to this post!

  15. Evening Crystal Chick!

    Thank you SO MUCH for feeling free to vent as much as you want. You've added so many good points, through your thoughts and feelings!

    I did hear something today at work about how Jersey gas prices are still cheaper than Penn. It must be so challenging when you have a two-car family, but it sounds to me that you're very WISE about working around that. And I HEAR you about "organics." I'm not a total organic person, but do enjoy certain organic food items. Whole Foods is RIDICULOUS!!! So I shop mainly at Trader Joes. LOVE IT! And thanks for sharing the info about the "package change"... I'll keep an eye out for that. Food just keeps going up and up!

    But just as you shared...I too, see some people spending freely as if none of this effects them. However, being in retail...I see everyday how the business IS being affected. People are making priority changes...and they're cutting back on spending for non-necessities.

    And as you and Dave have brought up a good of the ways to stop this increase, would be to refuse to drive and/or purchase items as a WHOLE. But I know that's easier said than done. It's like being held by the GONADS!

    Thanks for sharing your vent on this post, M. Your voice is always welcomed!

  16. Everything, EVERYTHING is going up in price. The only thing that isn't is salaries!

    Some gas stations here are up to $4.25. Gas prices are a constant source of painful conversation.

    Vacation? No, I don't think so. Even here where I'm close to Orlando, I won't go. Theme park admissions are about $75.00 per day, per person. Mickey, The Simpsons or King Kong just ain't worth the trip.

  17. Howdy Mel!

    EEEGADS! It's amazed me how everyone here is sharing the cost of gas in there area...and the prices are UNBELEIVABLE!! One just seems higher than the other!

    And it's funny that you mentioned the "teleconferences" because in my business...they seem to be doing the same, rather than having employees travel to a central location for meetings.

    Gee...I wonder if should try using Monopoly Money the next time I'm in the grocery store...what do ya think?

    Tee, hee!

    GREAT seeing ya, dear Mel!

    And thanks for stopping by on this vent!

  18. Howdy Miss Nitebyrd~

    You said it, girl!

    The only thing NOT on the rise is salaries!! So how do we pay for these increases???

    I seriously think we need to go back to bartering!!

    "I'll cut your hair...if you make me dinner"

    And hear you on Disney. When I was living there, I think it was up to $50.00 for it's $75.00?? How do families do it?

    This summer, I'm planning on taking a mini-retreat vacation to a hermatage out in the woods. I did it last year and it was WONDERFUL. It was very inexpensive and I was TOTALLY alone for 4 days, with only deer and nature. It was AWESOME!

    GREAT seeing ya, Nitebyrd. And thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I thought of your avatar when I selected the last photo on this post. It's so damn cute!

  19. "Happy Bunny" is naturally a favorite of mine. :D

  20. Hey Miss Nitebyrd...

    I was JUST over at YOUR blog leaving you a comment!!!!

    How funny is that?

    Glad your enjoy Happy too!!!

    (however...nothing is BETTER than your avatar...NOTHING)

    Enjoy your day!

  21. Most times i feel like i just got the pump up my but.
    excuse me while I put my head in the sand...

  22. Oh, Lady ALWAYS make me smile and laugh!

    Thank you, funny lady...that's was GREAT!

    Hope all is going wonderful for you, and you're enjoying your quiet time!

    Love ya!

  23. I hope it will pass....PLEASE, PLEASE pass. :o)

  24. Howdy Rhea!!

    It will...

    Like a bad case of gas!

    Thanks for driving by today, dear lady!

  25. It is crazy...I find myself planning better. As a hermit though I went out as little as possible already. hee,hee

    There are a few good things about it..less air boat traffic around the island!! :)

    Thanks for another good vent!

  26. Howdy Dear Gypsy-Heart~

    That's RIGHT...I totally forgot about using gas for boats too!!

    I'm telling you...thank GOD I live in a city and no longer have a car!

    The price of gas is INSANE! Someone told me the other day, that they heard something about it being OVER $5.00 a gallon!!!


    And don't ya enjoy being a HERMIT? I do!!

    tee, hee!

    Love ya!

  27. *GiGGLeS* I quite like going away for a while and then coming back to find that you have several posts for me to read!

    It's like watching great episodes of a favourite TV show, one after the other with out any add breaks! :-)

    Oh the Gas prices!!! We are feeling it too! Next we will have to buy our own flippin tap water ffs!!

    LMAO at the bunny pic! xx



    Missed ya, girl!

    So have A LOT of people!

    Thanks so much for stopping in and for taking the time to read these posts!

    From the comments on this post...I can see that we are ALL being affected by this GAS THING!

    Isn't it the PITTS?

    OH, well...this too shall GAS!!