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Today I thought I’d share with you another passion of mine.

Several of my long time readers are aware of my other blog Foot Notes, where I share information on the alternative healing modalities that I practice.

Not only do I use these modalities to help support my own life, but I also share them once a week at a non-denominational spiritual ministry, that offers holistic healing services to those in the community infected and affected with HIV.

Sharing my work here, has enabled me to see what true healing is.

Sometimes the human body is what it is. And even if there may never be a physical healing…a healing of the spirit is always possible.

The most wonderful quality about this ministry, is that they remain spiritually neutral.

The room in which I practice has no statues or pictures of any specific deities, so that the clients are free to experience their own spiritual journey. When sharing my work, I speak very little, so that the client can interpret their own experience. If they would like to share their feelings with me, I listen, however I never talk about my own beliefs.

I think of myself solely as a facilitator, who allows for the spiritual connection to be made.

And then it’s up to the client and their beliefs to communicate.

I think of my work more, in that it touches the body…to reach the spirit.

When I first got into alternative healing, my only interest was in how I would help others to heal on a physical level. However, not long after I began this journey, did I sense that my path would take a different turn.

I realized that the work I was intended to do, was to be with those individuals who were at point in their life of total surrender…allowing themselves to let go and be supported by the grace of spirit.

In turn, this work has taught me to approach my own life healing in the same way.

There is a power far great than myself, which asks that I trust and allow it…

I’ve felt it hold me, when I am afraid. I’ve seen it supply me, when I have nothing. I’ve heard it guide me, when I am lost. And I’ve felt it comfort me, when I am in pain.

This work has opened my eyes to what true healing is.

The spirit…


  1. Yep...I knew there was more to what drew me here than words on a screen......

    (((((((((((( Ron )))))))))))))

    Sounds really inadequate to say--but bless you....

  2. This is amazing Ron. You are such a wonderful and interesting person.
    I am really not sure what else to say about this, as I have known of these types of modalities, but never experienced them personally.
    But I will try to read up on your other blog when I get a chance.
    Now here is something for you to ponder. I was dreaming about you this morning. In my dream, you posted photos of your 50th birthday party and I was in the crowd. Weird.

  3. How wonderful that there is somewhere people can go who want a form of healing but cannot get past all the judgements that many people and religions have to give.
    Hopefully, more of these safe places will become available to people who are open to the experience.
    Letting go of guilt, pain, fear, and all the other conditions our bodies and minds pick up along the journey is an important part to true spirtuality and healing.
    This world sooooo needs people who have opened themselves up to be workers for the peace, love, and light. Sometimes it needs to flow thru one person into another and it's really terrific that you understand it enough to allow yourself to be that medium.

    So even though you are just sharing the healing work you do and not looking for any form of praise I am still offering one GREAT BIG BRAVO to you Ron. I'm blessed to know you, special person! :)

  4. You are a beautiful person, Ron.

  5. Ah, my friend you have captured the essence of true healing. You are right on when you say, " the human body is what it is. And even if there may never be a physical healing…a healing of the spirit is always possible. "
    I use the energy of the universe to help myself and others cope with the plan that has been formulated into one's personal journey in this life time.
    Treat all and everything with love and love is what comes back and love is the essence of the healing secret. All of us need to be helped on one or more levels physical, mental, or spiritual. When the individual is receptive to the energy of love and healing then that is what takes over and the body, mind and spirit and we become a little more relaxed and a little less stress enters bodies of all peolple. As I read your post a calmness came over me that spoke in beauty and I felt a sense of awe as I realized that another soul has seen and lived the life of love. It was not always like this, I will be the first to admit it. But to get to this point we had to go through all the other shit that was in there.
    I bow to you and send you blessings

  6. Morning Mel~

    And here's a...(((((MEL)))))....

    Right back at ya!

    I feel the same about you, Mel!

    Bless you too!

    Thanks for stopping by today@

  7. Morning Nicole~

    There's really no need to say anything, my friend.

    Sometimes it's just enough to FEEL something, ya know?

    I've shared so many different things about my life, and I just wanted to share this too.

    Believe me when I tell you this...when I do this work...the HONOR is all mine. I've been taught SOOOOO many valuable life lessons, from this. So I receive as well as give.

    (and abundantly so)

    Hey...thanks for sharing your dream!

    And do you know what's TOTALLY funny? I was writing a post yesterday, for the future...about DREAMS!!!

    How cool, Nicole!

    For me, usually a celebration of a Birthday within a dream, signifies the birth of new ideas, changes, movement.

    So this could be that you and I are experiencing the "birth" of new things in our lives....

    I know that I am. Since I turned 50... a lot of growth has been going on.

    How NEAT of you to be sensing that!

    And thanks for sharing it.

    Always a pleasure talking to you, Nicole. Thanks much for dropping by!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Morning Miss Nitebyrd~

    You are wild and wonderful lady, you!

    Much thanks for droppin' by today!

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Morning Crystal Chick~

    I love your words...because in the brochure for this ministry...the words "SAFE PLACE" are used!

    They want everyone to know that ALL people are welcomed, and that they can have whatever belief that feels right for them. And above ALL...they are SAFE.

    Like I shared with Nicole...the honor of sharing this all mine. I feel blessed that they TRUST me enough, and allow me to touch them. What they give me, feels far greater than what I give them (and I truly mean that). I always feel my own fraility as a human being...and am always reminded...that I will always need help.

    This work keeps my perspective straight. Because I often need that.

    Thank you for your beautiful words, M. I know that you understand.

    I'm blessed to know YOU too!

    So thank you.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Namaste Mr. Dave~

    I hope you know just how friggin' blessed I feel to have met you!

    I always sense that you KNOW, my friend.

    So, thank you for that!

    And what you shared here is very TRUE...

    "It has not always been like this"

    Me too, Dave.

    And this work keeps me REMINDED of that. I need a kick in my ass every so often. This is why I say...the honor is all mine.

    This work is my teacher.

    Thank you for your presence here, my Libra buddy.

    Thank you for sharing...

  11. It's a wonderful thing you do Ron giving of your time like that. As you know I'm Reiki too and I just love the way you describe the feelings that are possible through different healing modalities. I believe Reiki works best on a mental/emotional level than on a physical one - I find if the mind is healed then the body feels better. Thanks for sharing your wisdom my friend. xx

  12. Evening Akelamalu~

    Thank you for adding your understanding of Reiki to this post. And I agree! I STILL remember my Reiki teachers saying that same thing to me, about the different levels of healing.

    It's a pretty amazing tool isn't it?

    This work has brought me much understanding on so many levels of life...and I am SOOOOO grateful for that. It's a never ending learning experience.

    GREAT seeing you, my friend...and thanks for adding so much "good energy" to this space!

    Enjoy your evening!

  13. Heck!!? You have another blog? Heck! I'm sooo checking it out!!

    Oh and I ALWAYS Knew you were and Angel!

    Good stuff Ronnie! xx

  14. Me again!! :-D

    Just went and checked it out and couldn't leave a comment... so I came back here! *GiGGLeS*

    I was actually going to ask you in my last commment before I saw the blog, if it was some kind of form of Reiki that you do! but my question was answered in your other blog! :-)

    My friends Mother is really into it, and she taught us a bit about it.

    A big group of us got together and did Reiki on a very sick horse. Her name was Shan, she was a beautiful horse but she was dieing, so sad!

    Unfortunately she still died, but we like to think that we healed her from the pain.


  15. Greetings Giggle~

    Thank you SOOO much for checking out my other blog!

    I started it over a year ago, but no longer post there at the moment. I may go back to it occassionally, when I feel inspired. I leave it up so that people on the Internet can use it for information that they may be researching.

    And YES!!!!! As you already discovered, I DO practice Reiki, along with Reflexology and Aromatherapy. I started my certification program back in 1997.

    And that's SOOO wonderful to hear about your friends mother practicing Reiki on the horse. I knew a woman in Florida, who specialized in Reiki for horses, and to watch her work on them...was AMAZING. Animals in general, are much more receptive to Reiki than most humans. Animals are more excepting.

    I used Reiki on my cat Jerry as he was passing away, 6 years ago. It comforted him greatly. Which I'm SURE did the same thing for Shan.

    And I TOTALLY believed that Reiki helped her with her pain. AS it did for Jerry.

    Thank you dear lady, for stopping by and sharing so much "good suff" on this post!

    You're such a special ANGEL!

  16. Understanding that there is a power larger than ourselves that gives us different gifts is paramount in any type of healing.

    We are merely vessles in which to express these gifts. As a Christian it's my belief that Christ is responsible for who and what I am, but I also realize that not everyone shares that belief system.

    It's so cool that you take a non-verbal approach to your healing so that the recipients of your work are free to receive it as they need. One of my biggest irritations with religions, (mine included), is that they don't realize how important it is for others to be content in what they believe.

    Knowing a bit about you, I'm sure the people you help are tremendously blessed by you

  17. Howdy Jeff,

    Your words touched me deeply.

    Thank you!

    You see, even though my spiritual beliefs are not tied to any religion...I know that Christ is totally responsible for everything that I am. For it is His energy that moves through me and graces others.

    I am merely a witness.

    One of these days, when you and I eventually meet, I would so enjoy sharing are feelings about spirit.

    And thank you for being the open and accepting gentleman that you are.

    It's a blessing knowing you, sir!

  18. You are so brave to share your beliefs and attitude in this forum, and I love that everyone embraces you to readily.

    Have you heard of Body Talking? I know someone who practices that.

    There is so much more to healing than modern medicine. I loved this post!

  19. Howdy Miss Rhea~

    Thank you, dear lady!

    I think that most people embrace some sort of belief in a higher power that heals. I try to remain neutral, because I myself, have no specific organized belief system. I have found TRUTH in ALL beliefs...and even though they take different paths...they all lead to the same place.

    And YES!!! I have heard of Body Talking. In fact, this past winter, I saw a book on it at Borders and briefly read through it. It sounded wonderful!

    There are so many great healing modalities out there. And I think it's a GOOD thing, because everyone will be attracted to a different means of healing for themselves.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this evening, and sharing your feelings on this post.

    You've added much!

  20. ron...You my dear, are fan-tab-ulous. You made my heart swell. I thought..."And I know this man. This wonderful man...this man that has touched my soul with his words that fly across many states to my eyes."

    How proud I am to know you, my friend. I wish to kiss you and give you the biggest hug...just for being you.

    You are a giver...I could see that about you in your words. You give emotion (love) and emotion is the force of life. You empower emotion and in doing that you help show each their way to the begining when they thought they were it's end. rock. Come here so I can kiss and hug you. :D

    Ciao babes.

  21. ron...You my dear, are fan-tab-ulous. You made my heart swell. I thought..."And I know this man. This wonderful man...this man that has touched my soul with his words that fly across many states to my eyes."

    How proud I am to know you, my friend. I wish to kiss you and give you the biggest hug...just for being you.

    You are a giver...I could see that about you in your words. You give emotion (love) and emotion is the force of life. You empower emotion and in doing that you help show each their way to the begining when they thought they were it's end. rock. Come here so I can kiss and hug you. :D

    Ciao babes.

  22. Evening Miss Jones~

    Isn't it amazing how even through the Internet...the emotion behind the words can be felt?

    And I think even MORE SO than seeing the person...can you gather the heart of someone.

    I too sense this same thing through YOUR words.

    (in fact EVERYONE who visits here)

    It's like the "energy" of each person connects and communicates on a higher level than sight.

    Sometimes I think the EYES actually hinder us...

    I don't know...maybe it's because I'm Italian, but I've always loved feeling my emotions. And I don't mean only the happy ones. When I'm sad...I enjoy expressing sadness. When I'm angry...I enjoy expressing anger.

    My emotions seem to take me where I need to go...and learn, ya know?

    I can't thank you enough for your words here...really!

    And I'm so freaking glad that the Universal Blogosphere, saw to it that we meet.

    Thank you for taking the time today, to stop by for a read and a share!

    It's always a pleasure!

    Enjoy your evening, Spiky!

  23. Ron, Dear Heart...I have no doubt 'tis your light that brought me here in the first place.

    Your healing energies come through..especially the one of laughter! Sometimes I think we forget how very important that is!

    Thank you for BEING!

  24. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart~

    Thank you for your kind words, my wonderful friend...they really moved me...

    Hey, Patch Adams would agree with you...LAUGHTER is a great healer!

    Thank you for reminding me of that!

    Wasn't that such a touching film?

    I'm so glad you're here, dear Gypsy!