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I’ve noticed that something very interesting happens to a man as he gets older…

As a man begins to loose the hair on his head…the hair follicles seem to relocate themselves on other parts of the body.

Such as: the upper back and the tips of the ears.

(places where I’ve NEVER had hair)

Damn…sometimes when I look in the mirror while shaving in the morning, my eyes will suddenly notice this “tuff” of long hair, sprouting from my ear tips.

(I’m suddenly reminded of a potbelly pig…or a warlock)

And no sooner do I cut these retched hairs, than two days later…they seem to blossom again.

I’m thinking of maybe just leaving them there and twisting them into little points; using some hair gel…so that people will think I’m a Star Trek groupie doing an imitation of Spock.

I’ve also noticed that on my shoulders and upper back, right below my hairline…sudden patches of fur have manifested. And sometimes in the summer when I’m wearing a t-shirt, I know that from the back…I must look like I’m turning into a werewolf.

But the WORST…and I mean the WORST place to have to deal with this multitude of hair madness…is in my nose.

(I really need a weed-eater for this one)

Of course I’ve always had hair in my nose, but as I’ve gotten older, it seems to have turned into a bumper crop.

And I don’t care how many times I trim my nose hairs…not two minutes later…another 10 grow.

(If I didn’t attend to this, it would look as though I had a fern growing out of my face)

And I can’t stand it when I notice that other men don’t keep up with this, on their own person.

Have you ever been talking to someone, and the whole time your looking at them, your eyes won’t leave the sight of this MASSIVE BUSH protruding from their nostrils??

I want no more, than to take a pair of hedge shears or eyebrow tweezers and say, “I BEG of you…let me do the honors, PLEASE!”

Oh, well…I guess this is just one of the many joys of aging.

This…and a Proctology examination...

Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone!

P.S. And “hairy” on back now…ya, hear?


  1. It happens to women, too. Facial hair seems to grow with wild abandon. *sob*

    I do agree with you, Ron. Keeping up with odd hair growth is necessary. If not for oneself then at least for the public at large.

  2. Mornin' Nitebyrd~

    I wonder what the HELL makes this happen??

    And you're right...I have seen the "odd occassional facial hair growth" on ladies, also.

    It's got to be some kind of hormonal thing, don't ya think?

    But DAMN IT gentlemen...TRIM those nose hairs!!!


    Thanks for flying in today, Nitebyrd!

    Have a super weekend!

  3. 'And hairy on back now, ya hear..... bwwaaahaaaahaa. Funny guy!

    I have noticed with hubby's friends that hair is being lost and redistributed.... but he's still lucky enough to be smooth like a baby most places and have the gorgeous mane on top. Ahhh.... I'm so jealous. Occasionally, his nose hairs get pretty crazy though so I'll have remind him to do the double check there.
    And what about women who don't shave much all winter and then forget when Spring hits and it's time for shorter pants. Gawd, you could braid the hair on some chickies legs. Eeewww.

    I'm glad I got to stop by today and say HELLO as I'm worn out from the concert but totally worth it.

    Have a nice holiday weekend!!

  4. I am laughing right now. My husband has hair issues too. He has the hair growing from his nose and from the tips of his ears, but also hair seems to grow from the canal area of his ears. It is so funny because I will pop into the bathroom while he is shaving, take a look at him and say, "Hey hon, you might want to shave your ears too." He gets irritated with me.
    He also has these random wild eyebrows hairs that stick up like Jack Nicholson's.
    Oh and hair grows out of his moles now too.
    Thank God I am a fair haired woman!! That's all I can say about this.

  5. Ron...this is a fun post. I was laughing and snickering at my desk. Ha...ha, funny.

    Vince, my ex-b/f has hair on his back now...years ago he didn't. He's only 35 and I see more than before...though he still has a whole head of hair.

    Hey I had a b/f that had a hairy chest and back and we were teens. I just thought it was so very verile.

    My girl is envious that I don't shave my legs and underarms that often...don't need to.

    My uncle had nose hair like a bush...that's why I was lauging too. My auntie teases him about getting a weed eater after him. have a wonderful weekend. Ciao baby.

  6. Funny... but true. I'm not there yet, but I've seen

    I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  7. Howdy Bekah~

    Good for're not there yet!!!

    I don't think it's as troubling an issue for women, as it is for some men. Although, as Nitebyrd shared...some ladies do contend with this too.

    Oy vey!

    Hey...did you change your avatar? I REALLY, REALLY like it!!

    I LOVE Calvin!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Bekah!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  8. Evening Crystal Chick~

    Your husband, being Asian...I KNOW probably doesn't have this HAIRY issue as most guys do.

    LUCKY HIM!!!!

    I did notice that when I lived in Japan.

    And YES...he is SOOOO fortunate to have that beautiful mane of hair on his head. And I have a feeling it will STAY that way too!!

    It's funny that you mentioned some women and the hair on their legs, because I've known of several women who choose not to shave at all.

    Oh, each HER own!

    tee, hee!

    I'll be stopping by your place later to check out how the concert went!

    Can't wait to read!

    Thanks, M...and hope you have a NICE weekend too!

    I'm just planning on hanging out and relaxing for a few days!


  9. Evening Nicole~

    Thank you for mentioning the inner ear canal hair...and the eyebrows!!!

    ME TOO!!!

    It's getting to the point where I spend and HOUR in the morning shaving my face and clipping ear hair! And every few days, I get out the comb and scissors and trim my eyebrows!

    That's SOOO FUNNY...Jack Nicholson!!!

    Because it's TRUE!!!

    Aaaaah...the joy of being MALE!!

    Thanks for popping by today, Nicole. And for sharing in my "Hairy Madness!"

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  10. Evening Miss Jones~

    It's funny...because being Italian I'm quite hairy...yet my chest hair was the last thing to sprout!

    (I think I was 23 years old!!!)

    And your RIGHT...when I guy does finally get chest hair...he does feel more Tarzan or Hercules...isn't that a RIOT?

    Now...I actually have to clip the hair on my chest every so often, or it sticks out through my shirts and people (thinking that their loose hairs) are always trying to PICK them off my shirt...


    And God love your uncle and his nose BUSH!!

    Yep...a weed-eater will do the TRICK!

    Thanks for dropping by, dear Spiky. You always make me smile!

    Have a FABU holiday!!!

  11. I love the pictures you chose to put in this post, Ron. Hilarious!

    I'm sorry you're having some extra hair growth. I understand your frustration. My hubby seems to spend more and more time grooming these days...he works on the eyebrows, the nose hairs, the neck, etc. And, he's only 31!

    Heaven help me, what's he going to be like at 50! And, he's mostly bald...maybe I should be thankful he's lost his hair because can you imagine how much time he would spend on that? lol

  12. Howdy Miss Rhea~

    Thank you for enjoying the photos. The bottom one was a last minute decision.

    (aren't I nasty?)

    I know...isn't this "hair sprouting thing" horrible???

    I think by the time he turns 50...your husband may look like "Cousin It" from the Adams Family...except with NO hair on his head!!

    Tee, hee...

    You should thank God you're a woman!!

    So nice seeing ya tonight, Rhea.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    And I wish you a happy and fun holiday weekend!!!

  13. LMAO!!!!! You had me cracking up at just the picture alone before I even began to read!!

    Too funny! I guess women are pretty lucky that they don't have to worry about that as much (SOME OF THEM ANYWAY!! LOL!!!)

    Oh! I so know! One of Hubbys mates comes over a lot, I'm tellin ya, you could PLAIT his nose hairs they are so damn long! And when ever he talks to me, I just can not draw my eyes away from it!

    I should be thinking "OMG he is gonna notice that I'm staring at his nose hairs... look at his eyes Giggle, look at his eyes!!!"

    But in all honesty, it's that bad that all I can think is "Oh. My. Heck!!!! That's circus material ffs!"

    *GiGGLeS* xx

  14. Evening/Morning Giggles~ friggin' made me burst out laughing....

    PLAIT his nose hairs!#!*!??!

    Circus material!!#?#*!

    God...that was FUNNY!

    Poor, guy...I think he should invest in one of those "weed-eaters" like me!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, dear Giggle....cause you ALWAYS make me GIGGLE!!!

    tee, hee..

    Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

  15. I remember being impatient and excited for my body to make changes and gimme some of the changes that come with growing older.


    What WAS I thinking!!!!!!!

  16. I know your feelings and I feel the same. Ah the joys of growing up and a little older.

    Hairs to you, and next it may be your hairing.

    Oh well I guess it nothing a Toro can't handle.

    Clip, clip

  17. Mornin' Dave~


    Sounds like a bull fight does't it?

    Ahhh, yes...the joys of growing up and getting a little older..

    and a little MORE or LESS hairy!

    tee, hee..

    Great seeing ya, buddy...and thanks for dropping by!

    Wishing you a "hair-free" holiday!

  18. Mornin' Mel~

    ME TOO...ME TOO!!!

    I remember the anticipation of getting my first upper lip hair, so I would be able to starting SHAVING my face!!!



    What was I thinking???? it's like, "Do I REALLY have to do THIS again???"

    Hope you and himself have a GREAT holiday weekend!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  19. lol I was talking about un warranted hair growth at work yesterday.

    the other evening I was in our local store and the woman on the checkout had a the darkest hairs on her upper lip. It looked awful. I would feel sorry for her but I don't because she could and should do something about it.

    Since I have been on my hormone therapy I have had a small amount of facial hair growing on my chin. I shave it off every mornig and evenings too if I am lucky enough to be leaving my house.

    Last weekend I didn't shave them at all and asked my 16 yr old how bad they looked. He looked at me then a bit closer then closer still but couldn't see anything. Which I have to say was good but I knew they were there. I can feel them growing back within a few hours of shaving them.

    There are so many products out there now that there is no reason why any woman has to go out with unwanted facial hair.

    But then who am I to say that for this woman her facial hair was unwanted......I just know that for me it was time I am in the store please hide in the stock room.

    Am I being shallow not wanting to face this hair?

  20. Morning Lady~


    Isn't this "hair thing" enough to rack your nerves???

    Maybe some people don't even notice...or are even bothered by stuff like this, ya know?

    I'm into grooming...therefore, I do notice it.

    Oh well...I guess this just continues to show me....

    To each his/her own!

    (even though I still can't stand it)

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for sharing your passion for "hair madness" dear Lady! You really made me chuckle!

    Great seeing ya, and enjoy your weekend!!!

  21. You are absolutely hilarious.

    My husband complains about the same things. He's 12 years older than I, so I often hear "Just wait until 12 years from now, and you'll see." from him... to which I respond - what are you? My father or my husband? Geesh. hehehehe

  22. I bought MWM a small hair trimmer to keep his nostril and ear hair under control, sadly I find I sometimes have to use it too! :( I do so hate to see hair sprouting from noses and ears - puts me right off I can tell you.

  23. Greetings Misty Dawn~

    It's ALWAYS such a nice treat to see ya!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    It's funny, because having posted this...I've discovered from several of my lady readers that some women have this same issue!!

    It seems that as AGE progresses...the old hair hormone, starts screaming, "HEY...we're just getting started!!"

    Hey...I love your response to your husband!!

    tee, hee!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, Misty!

  24. Evening Akelamalu~

    Ya, know...I used to have one of those battery operated nose/ear trimmers and it worked so GREAT!

    Now...I just use a pair of little nose/ear hair trimmers...and I can't tell you HOW MANY times I've accidentally nicked my skin!

    I think it's time to invest in the other!?#?!

    GREAT seeing ya, dear lady...and thanks for sharing in my distaste of those sprouting FERN hairs!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    YOUR time of the year is finally here!!!

  25. Hair today...gone tomorrow.

    Sometimes I feel like putting a shower-cap on and going for a full body dip in a vat of Nair hair remover.

    I feel your pain brotha!

  26. It's hormones aka "horror-moans" :O

    Ahh yes, those old man "wings" in the eyebrows and ears.

    I have an underactive thyroid and one of the symptoms is very little or no eyebrows. So I don't have to do anything..hee, hee. The down side is I tend to have the look of "Betty Davis" eyes.. :O Before I got on medication I looked like my dog Ringo..he just has dots for eyebrows. That is quite strange about Star Trek.

    Oh well, all of these transitions keep things

    Thank you for a healing laugh..I needed it tonight!

    Love ya..(wings and all)!

  27. It's hormones aka "horror-moans" :)

    Ahh yes, those old man "wings" in the eyebrows, nose, and ears.

    I have an underactive thyroid and one of the symptoms is very little or no eyebrows. So I don't have to do anything..hee, hee. The down side is I tend to have the look of "Betty Davis" know the look dramatic or scary! Before I got on medication I looked like my dog Ringo..he just has dots for eyebrows. That is quite strange about Star Trek.

    Oh well, all of these transitions keep things

    Thank you for a healing laugh..I needed it tonight!

    Love ya...wings and all! :)

    Ps I am having technical problems tonight so if this is a duplicate please forgive me. :O

  28. Howdy Jeff~

    OMG...that's right...I forgot how HAIRY you said you were!!

    I'm pretty hairy too, but it's only these WEIRD spots where I'm suddenly getting them, that bother me.

    It's like random fur patches!?!!?

    Oh well, thank god it's only our faces we need to shave, right?

    Thanks for stopping by, bro!

    Hope your enjoying your LONG weekend!

  29. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart aka Bette Davis!!! are TOOOOO funny!

    I had no idea, that was one of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid!?

    Well, at least you don't ever have to bother with TWEEZING, ya know?

    Or you could do like many of the Asian women do...have them TATOOED on!! REALLY! That's what a lot of them do. However, after the dye starts to fade...they suddenly turned a STRANGE color?!?!

    So, on second thought...eyebrow pencil!

    tee, hee!

    Yes, my friend...with all the transitions, it DOES keep things interesting.

    And also gives me some GOOD stuff to blog about!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, dearest Heart.

    You're always a bright light!