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Ok, here it comes…another one of Ron’s blog tip posts….

Yeah, I know…I can’t help it.

Not only do I enjoy the writing aspect of a blog, but I also enjoy the technical aspect of a blog as well.

This post is actually for Blogger users, so for those of my friends who are with Wordpress…I apologize. You can either skip this post, or make me feel fabulous…and read it anyway.

Now before you read any further, I would like you to know that if it weren’t for Nicole over at Humor Me, I would have never figured out this blogger tip. She actually thought of the idea, so I’m just passing along her BRILLIANT thoughts…

So MUCH thanks, Nicole…I owe this post to you!


For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find a way to add extra pages to a Blogger Blog.

(such as Wordpress)

By “extra pages”…I mean an internal link that would take my readers to another area on my blog, so that I could share additional information.

Such as: a personalized contact page, an awards page, a photo gallery page, a link page…etc.

I wanted to create an area where I could display my blog awards, other than my sidebar - which would free up some space on my main page.

(if you click on the awards link on the right-hand sidebar, it will take you to that page)

And here’s how I did it….

I created a new blog post by adding an extra date to one of my archive months.

I took the month of February and create a date in between dates.

Example: 2/22/08 2/23/08 2/25/08

I then went into create post and gave it a title: Blog Awards - just like I would if I was creating a post. I then added the awards, but before I published, I changed the post date to 2/23/08 which caused the post to move back into February’s archives.

(I changed the date by going into post options)

So technically it is a post, but it’s also a url link that I can present on my sidebar, as if it were a separate page.

(I displayed the link, by using a text widget and then placed it on my sidebar)

Again, this can be done for many things…

Say I was a photographer blogger and wanted to display my photos on a gallery page. I would repeat the post date process above, and then add all my photographs to the post. Once I published it, I would place that single url link on my sidebar (again, using a text widget) which would take my readers to a Photo Gallery Page.

(and the really cool thing, is that as time moved on, I could add photos if I wish)

**Now the most important thing for you to remember: is that the post date MUST be a date from your archives AND be a date that you haven’t already published with.

*Please read this post several times so that you understand, before trying this. It’s actually quite easy.

So if your interested…give it whirl. I think it’s a great way to organize and present your blog.

Happy blogging, everyone!


  1. This is great information Ron.

    I run across a few blogs that have so much crud on their sidebars that they load about as slow as molasses on a cold January day!

    I'm assuming why this happens anyway.

    I simply won't visit them anymore because even with DSL which is realitively fast, waiting for their site to load is just too painful.

    Good, easy solution

    Kudos to you and Nicole

  2. OMG Jeff...I TOTALLY agree!

    Some blogs take FOREVER!!!

    If you can believe this...I still have Hi-Speed Dial-up. So you can imagine how LONG I have to wait!?!!?

    Much of that is due to having too many widgets on their blog, and too many posts on their main page. All of that slows down a page load. I only have 4 posts on mine, so that it loads fast.

    I'm not one for a lot of bells and whistles on my sidebars, so anything I can do to streamline it...I'll try.

    Adding these Page Links that I mentioned, can move things off your sidebar and into another area. enables you to add additional information.

    (that's the main reason for the page links)

    I'm actually thinking of doing it with my blogroll soon.

    If you ever decide to try it, you'll find it easy to do.

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Always great talking to ya!

  3. *Please read this post several times so that you understand, before trying this. It’s actually quite easy.
    That is good advice!!! I read thru the first time and was like... what in the Sam Hill is this crazy man talking about today???
    Then I read it AGAIN and was like.... OOOOHHHH, neat! I could do that. LOL
    I sorta like my sidebar filled with yummy things.... but I guess eventually I will have to clean it up as it does start getting very long. Hmmmm.... I wonder if since I added the widget for jewelry that I'm featuring if it's taking longer to load up? I haven't noticed it, but with all the pictures I usually post, it could be slow. ??

    Thanks for the info!
    Have a vunderful veek dahling!

  4. Ohhhhhhhh........




    'Cept.....heck if I know if there's a date I didn't publish.....LOL

    Maybe I can create a February 30th! LOL
    That'd make almost G-d like, dontchathink...ROFLMAO!!!!!

  5. Ron, I'll need to come back to this. Way too much info for Monday! Thanks, though!

  6. Morning Mel!

    That's an awesome idea!...just create a NEW day of the month!

    (I never thought of that!)

    February needs a few more days anyway!!!

    Thanks for stopping by for a Techno-read, dear lady!

    Please tell Seemore and Seeless that I DID NOT feed their friends this weekend...I should be demoted from the Squirrel Kingdom!!!

  7. Morning Miss Nytebird!


    I should have stated at the beginning of this post:

    WARNING: Please read on Friday!

    tee, hee, tee....

    Thanks for stopping by though...

    Peace, love and patchouli oil!

  8. Hey Ron, Wow.
    Isn't it amazing how just a fleeting idea in a conversation can get turning into something so useful?? We are geniuses!!
    I honestly was not sure if this would work. I glad that you tested it out and wrote this tutorial to share with others!!

  9. you are just turning into a blogging genius!! I on the other hand!! :O

    Thank you for taking the time to share this.


    Ps Whatever you do here..I hope you will leave the smoking guy. I just love him!

  10. Morning Crystal Chick~


    tee, hee!


    See...if you read this IS easy!!!

    I know this kind of techno-stuff is not everyone's cup of tea, but these tips are sometimes little things that may help bloggers, who are seaching for ways to change things on their blogs.

    God...when I figured this out...I was ecstatic!!!


    So, if you should ever decide to use this least it will be here for you (and anyone else) in my archives.

    Hey listen...about sidebar's only an "over- abundance" of widgets that slows down a page load.

    And as far as photo's go...if someone uses a lot of photos, that's fine. So long as they keep their posts 4-5 on the page.

    Thanks SOOOO much for taking the time to read, M!

    It's always nice sharing stuff with you!

    Have a vunderful veek dahling!

    (I like that!!!)

  11. Morning Nicole (genius woman)! worked!

    Thank YOU my friend!

    I'm so damn excited about this...I could shit!

    Thank you again!

    Have a GREAT Monday!

  12. I sometimes wish I never switched to word press...

    Hey, THANKS for stopping to view my photos and coming over to my blog!!!

  13. Morning Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    Thanks for stopping by for a read.

    That's one of the things I LOVE about my Wordpress blog - the ability to add extra pages with just a click.

    However, with Blogger - I'm able to do more with my template.

    (you can't have it ALL...I guess!?)

    NO...NO...the "smoking guy" is here to STAY. The minute I saw him...I went BONKERS!

    Ain't he cute?

    Always wonderful seeing ya, Gypsy!

    Have a GRAND Monday!

  14. Morning Bekah!

    I have a blog at Wordpress TOO...and I enjoy many of the advantages they they offer. It's just that with Blogger...I get more freedom to customize my template.

    They EACH have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Listen...I would have been over to visit you ages ago, but whenever I clicked on your name on your comment...I swear it said something about your blog being private.

    (am I crazy?)

    Then last weekend, I saw a visitor on my feedjit widget, and when clicked on took me to YOU!

    Did you just MOVE your blog?

    Anyway, I'm so glad I found you.

    You're photos were wonderful!!!

    Hope you win that camera!

    Thanks for stopping by, Bekah!

  15. love the chicken shit cartoon.

    Thanks for the awesome info! I need to make some extra pages to organize things a little.

    I can't stand waiting for websites that take forever to view due to their amazing amounts of stuff.

  16. Howdy Rhea!

    God...when I saw that cartoon...I I had to share him!

    Yes, just keep this blogger tip in mind for when you decide to move things around on your blog. It's actually really easy to do. I'm so grateful to Nicole for thinking it up!

    Like I shared, Wordpress enables this with just a click, but their template selection and customizing is very limited.

    I have a feeling you would enjoy and be GOOD at customizing your blog...cause your just like me...a BLOG TWEAKER!

    Thanks for stopping by, Rhea!

    Always a pleasure!

  17. I was looking at your awards page only yesterday and wondered how you did that.

    However it would take me more that a couple of readings to understand those instruction m'dear. Not that there's anything wrong with your instruction, it's just my brain is old and tired! :)

  18. *Please read this post several times so that you understand, before trying this. It’s actually quite easy.
    I know this comment was left for me..and i have read it several times, and will read it several times more before i figure out WTF...
    But God love ya man! I am always game for soomething new!

  19. I'm with Jeff.. if it takes forever for a page to load I get distracted and move on... of course, then I end up feeling guilty. But some chocolate usually fixes the guilt right quick.

    Thanks for the tip!

  20. Evening Akelamalu~

    I was just at your blog leaving a comment...isn't that funny?

    Yes...thank you for checking out the awards page - I just did it the other day. I wanted to highlight each one on a single page...and thanks to Nicole...I discovered a way!!!

    By the way...I REALLY like the way your organized your's...very nice!!

    Hey, listen...your brain is FAR from old and tired, dear lady. Anyone who can create those Flash 55's is a SMART and SHARP cookie!

    Thanks so much for dropping by for a read!

    If you ever decide to use this'll always be here.

    Have a great evening, Akelamalu!

  21. Good Evening Lady Sorrow!


    And thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to read this TECHNO-INSANITY!>!#>

    Your comment made me LAUGH!!

    I know...years ago, I would have looked at this shit and thought..."WTF?"

    But suddenly I'm turning into a FREAK GEEK!

    Anyway...I do so appreciate you reading it, dear one!

    It's here if you ever decide to cross over into GEEKLAND!

    Love ya!

  22. Oh Anndi...the more you and I talk...the more I realize that Libras DO act alike.


    I used to work for Godiva, and that's when my dark chocolate addiction started!

    Chocolate to a spiritual experience!

    When eat it...I must be silent!

    *(also being a Libra...we're VERY dramatic...aren't we?)

    Anyway...always GREAT talking to you Anndi!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Hi Ronnie *flutters eyelashes*

    Oh you clever thing!!

    I was looking for something similar for my RAT GiRL suvineers shop! I ended up just replacing another post for it!

    Thanks very much for this, it will come and handy for me next time! xx

  24. You're welcome, dear GIGGLES!

    Actually, before Nicole thought of this idea...that's exactly what SHE did...replace an older post.

    If you time try find it really easy!

    Later, gator!