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People either seem to love her, hate her or feel indifferent.

I happen to love her.

Madonna blew onto the music scene when I was out “clubbing” every night, during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Holiday, and of course the mega hit VOGUE.

I also enjoy her present music. She’s forever reincarnating.

She may not be the best singer, dancer or actress…but that doesn’t matter to me, because she’s MADONNA.

I mean…...I could stand there and watch her clean out her ears with Q-tips, and I would still applaud.

She has a special essence that makes her a STAR.

Anyway, today while I was in Borders having an extra-large cup of caffeine, I spotted a new book that was written by her brother Christopher Ciccone entitled: Life with My Sister Madonna. And can I just tell you? I walked out of the bookstore with a deeper view of the workings of this lady.

I had heard she could be a major diva bitch at times…

(because of what her dance members and crew openly shared in the documentary Truth or Dare)

…but WOW…what her brother shares about their relationship was revealing.

To be honest, I didn’t read the whole book, but I sat there for almost two hours and read enough to give me a peek into the other dimensions of Madonna.

I would also like to add that the book is not a trashy piece of Hollywood gossip, written with a vengeful acid tongue, making Madonna look totally bad. From what I’ve read, I actually found it to be very well-written and conscious.

I won't tell you all the details, but she and Christopher now have an estrange relationship, which Ciccone feels is partially due to Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie. Ciccone also shares that he was continually treated like a servant by his sister, however, does not write himself off as a poor victim either. Yet one has to wonder why he allowed himself to be subjected to her treatment for so long.

From what I could gather…he simply idolized his sister.

Christopher was basically her right arm. He designed all of the sets for her touring shows, and was very much a part of the many aspects of her professional career.

Now I know there are two sides to every a story, but there was something in the tone of Ciccone‘s words that made me believe his side.

You’ll have to read it for yourself to see what you think.

Anyway, this still doesn’t affect how I feel about the lady. It only shows me that she’s a human being just like the rest of us, who has shadow sides.

Which to be honest with you, I find fascinating.

And I will always respect and appreciate what she shares with the public, as an artist.

Ciccone ends the book hopeful, by allowing us to feel that he and his sister will maybe someday make amends.

So if you’re a fan of the infamous icon Madonna, you may enjoy a look at Life with My Sister Madonna.

I think you’ll find some compelling reading.

And remember…strike a pose!


  1. Hey, Ron! Madonna's okay. You know she's not my type of music. My niece ADORES her. She also adores Prince. :P Basically, I like Madonna's ability to reinvent herself and that she is a Royal Diva Bitch.

  2. I saw part of one of her more recent tours on t.v. not too long ago and thought, wow, she sure has some extra energy. I've been to plenty of rock concerts where you just sit and listen to the jam, which is fine too, but to see a show of hers must be like watching a total production. The costume changes, the scenery, the dancers, etc. So I can appreciate the work that goes into a tour. And I imagine the prices are getting up there too, if you could even get a ticket.
    As for her music, I like a good bit of it, but strangely don't own a whole cd. Right now, I have 3 songs of hers on my iPod:
    Beautiful Stranger
    Ray of Light
    Who's That Girl

    And I really enjoy them.

    About her personality, I really could imagine her acting like a 'major diva bitch' as anyone who has achieved that level of stardom must be at times. There's so many more things to think of. You have a staff of people that have to be managed to make you look good all of the time. A group of dancers to hire and choreograph, etc. etc. Money managers, soooo many people to coordinate sooooo many different aspects of your life. She's very talented, but she's but one person and like Hillary said ... 'it takes a village'....
    All the people that help her be who she is are performing hard jobs too and getting no recognition and sometimes a low salary. Just that they get to say they 'worked with' or 'work for' is like some form of payment too.

    So I guess I have mixed opinions.
    Can ya tell???
    On one hand, I can appreciate the hard work that any dedicated entertainer goes thru to keep the rest of us happy part of the time, but I sooooo wouldn't want to know them or work for them. And many of their personal lives are a mess most of the time.
    I don't know alot about her hub but it seems to me that she needed someone who could handle her and in him maybe she got that for awhile.
    But when you have THAT MUCH fame and THAT MUCH money it's probably just inevitable that relationships end. First, you're either ALWAYS working to attain those levels, or you take time off to do the family/mommy/wife gig for a bit and then right back to work only on a much bigger scale or branch out and do more stuff, you know get a clothing line and put your name on some furniture BECAUSE YOU CAN which of course adds to the wealth and status. I mean, please tell me why Celine Dion needs a perfume named for her? We know who you are, just freaking sing already.

    Sometimes I just see people like that as archetypes. You know, like the rock star or the billionaire, etc. People like that can never have a life of their own. I suppose we both use each other. They feed off of the fame and fortune and need it to survive because it's really all they are about. They might be funny and intelligent, etc. but how many could or would just walk away from what they have. Yes, they are talented and work hard but they need all of us to keep them there.

    I have nooooo idea where I was really going with this. It's too freaking early for psychological or philosophical discussions. LOL

    I do like alot of Madonna's music. Wouldn't try to get a show ticket, but may pop a few more tunes on my Pod eventually.
    I'm happy that YOU like her so much though!! It's good to be passionate about things.

    And I am striking a pose. Picture me with my cocoa mug up to my lips saying YUMMO. OH wait, that's a Rachel Ray word and she just drives me CRAZY!!!! LOL

    Happy day, Ron! :))))

  3. I suppose I'd fall into the group labeled as indifferent. Some of the things she has done have been spectacular, while others have left me shaking my head in disbelief. She's not unlike most of us walking the planet, we have our good days and we have the ones that we'd just as soon erase. The big difference is that she is famous, so anything she does will bring attention to her. As big of a ham as I tend to be, if I were in the public eye constantly I wonder how hard it would be to live a "normal" life. i.e. having every move scrutinized ? Yikes!

    Hopefully she and her brother can become close at some point. No amount of fame can possible replace a good family relationship.

  4. Mornin' Nitebyrd!

    Me too...

    I like Madonna's ability to reinvent herself and that she is a Royal Diva Bitch!

    She is, was she is...and makes no excuses...

    And I admire that.

    Plus, I love looking at her.

    Your nieces and I sound a like...I enjoy Prince too.

    And when you look at both Madonna and Prince...they're sort of have the same type image....

    Forever changing...

    Thanks for stopping by, Miss Nitebyrd!

    It's always good sharing with ya!

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Morning Jeff!

    What you shared here is very true, and it's something that I often tell my mother (who absolutely despises Madonna).

    We all make choices in life that may not be the best. And we all, at one time or another have acted like a bitch as a bastard (I know I have). However, when you're in the limelight...EVERYONE see's these choices and bitch/bastard moments (there's no hiding them).

    Your life is an open book.

    Such as you...for as much of a HAM that I am, and have LOVED being on stage performing, I'm also a very private person, and do not share every aspect of my personal life with everyone. So for me, it would be very hard to constantly be in the public eye.

    But I think Madonna is made differently.

    I honestly believe she enjoys it.

    She's a very smart lady...who is always one step ahead of the press and publicity.

    Because she creates exactly what it is...she wants them to see.


    Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by today, buddy!

    It's always so cool to share with you!

    P.S. And when your at work, and you're standing on a ladder, this is the perfect opportunity to...STRIKE A POSE!

    Later gator!

  6. Well, I am like you..she fascinates me...especially where she came from and what she had to her childhood (including the death of her Mother).
    I like how she is ever changing, and how she is a survivor!
    Of course, you know I love the shadowy least she is not boring!! hee, hee
    That's what I tell my children about me.

    Interesting post...thanks for sharing the book with us. I hope they find their way back to each other. She has a gypsy-heart so I'll be surprised if she stays with her husband anyway.


  7. Ron: Like yeah! Madonna rocks. I wuv her. She can sing...even when her voice was high in Like a Virgin, she rocked. Her voice smoothed out with a little bit of a velvet sound...that made it sexy and mysterious.

    Mother was a big fan of madonna and I have a vhs tape of her...Like a Virgin Tour...It is so cool.

    Dancing...yeah she does it well but...I sure wish I could have danced in her shows. It's my kind of dancing. I love the sexy outfits she wears.

    Acting...hum...bad. Real bad, but I saw a few that were okay. She has to let the posing go. Sweetie, you know what I mean... Broadway and all. Acting is telling a story...selling that character and bringing the viewer into your world. I love actor thats show you a different side sometimes. I love those older actors that did that so often. I love to act.

    Ron...You know what pisses her off? Having to pay royalties to that other person that helps her write her songs. So she learned to play the guitar, hoping to write music too and have it all to herself. hehehe.

    ciao babes.

  8. Moring Crystal Chick!

    I LOVE your comments, dear lady!

    Thank you for them.

    Well, my dear...your comment pretty much summed up the entire book.

    (so don't even have to read it)

    I think a lot of people in the world feel pretty much the same as you, when it comes to Madonna (and her music). I too don't love ALL her music. And it's funny, cause the three songs you mentioned...I enjoy!

    Without a doubt, Madonna can be the DIVA. But in her defense, she's a WOMAN with a lot of power in the industry. And that does not get her "brownie points." It's the same with Streisand. She's a WOMAN with power, because she has her own money and can do whatever she wants with her career.

    Woman with power are a threat to the industry.

    And that's the truth.

    She's without a doubt, a perfectionist and has no problem vocalizing her opinions about what she wants. She's got a billion things to think about, and I know that must be overwhelming at times.

    But I also think Madonna CREATES much of her own publicity. And like I shared with Mr. Jeff...I believe she enjoys it.

    She's far from dumb, and is always ahead of the game.

    I think the thing that shocked me the most about the book, was learning about her relationship with her brother. And I did think that maybe she was different when it came to her family (but apparently not). Now again...someone needs to read the book to make your own conclusions. For me, I believe him.

    But I'm DYING to see how Madonna responds to this.

    Like I shared...I will always admire the lady.

    Positive and negative...she's totally enthralling to me.

    She Madonna!

    Thanks so much for always sharing your thoughts and feelings, M!

    I appreciate and enjoy that!

    Happy Day to you too!

  9. Afternoon Dearest Gypsy-Heart...

    ME TOO!!!

    LOVE that shadowy side!!

    I had a "feeling" you enjoyed her too!

    The thing about her ability to perceve the future.

    She's like a canvas...

    She paints a reflection of the times.

    And YES...she's never boring, and I love that about her.

    I have a feeling that eventually she and her brother will come to amends. They have a special bond between the two of them. This is probably something they needed to go through, that will take them to another level of understanding one another.

    I wonder how she'll respond?

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, dear Gypsy!

    I love having your energy here!

  10. Afternoon Miss Jones!

    Strike a pose, baby!


    I had a feeling you appeciated Madonna!

    It's funny, because she claims that she's not the BEST dancer, and yet I find her to be AWESOME. She's a perfect mixture of all styles of dance, rolled into one! PLUS...she adds her own touches of herself in her movement.

    I agree with you, Spiky. She's NOT an actress. I think she's too much of a personality to LET GO of herself to be someone else. She's too aware of herself. Even EVITA, which I think she was physically PERFECT for, somehow never made it the core of Eva Peron. It's ashame, because I really wanted to love her in that film (it's my favorite broadway show). I didn't hate the film...but it needed a stronger Eva.

    Hey...that's the thing I love about Madonna. Her ability to do LEARN how to do things, so she can be self-relient. She's a VERY smart lady! She's got a natural sense of intelligence.

    oooh...I bet you would be FABULOUS in one of her shows!!! I can just see you in a cone bra or a corset dancing your little heart out! My favorite tour was Blond Ambition. Marilyn Monroe all the way!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Spiky!

    It's always awesome sharing with you!

    Have a great Wednesday, dear lady!

  11. ron babes...i have a Madonna tale. We (4 of us) were up in the hills and saw the Hollywood sign...hey stop. 'K' did...and asked why. Then 'D' said Madonna lives around here. How do yo ukow...I saw it on television and that is the view of the Hollywood sign. We went just a bit further and their it was. We got and 'K' went up to the gate...It was a fortress. A guy in the intercom said...BACK AWAY FROM THE GATE. Which he did laughing as he jogged his way back to us. We were giggling cause we heard it.

    No we never saw her...but it was fun.

    I have to tell you about Ozzy's house one day...hehehe.

  12. I like Madonna too!

    I would guess she's been quite ruthless to get where she is today. What a shame her brother felt the need to tell an warts and all story, but I suppose he has his reasons. I'll certainly look out for the book, thanks for the heads up Ron.

    See you in two weeks m'dear, I'm off to Greece at 3.30 a.m. gmt

  13. Ron, I just got weirdness....I don't know if my comment went through or not.

  14. I'm not too happy with her right now. Apparently she's been spending time with my man A-Rod....


  15. I love 80s Madonna. The newer stuff not so much. Her kids are cute though.

  16. Its funny, you know, I never really got into madonna.. there was always something about her that irritated me.
    Oh I liked mnay of her songs, sas, "won't take your sh!t" attitude (to a point)... But there was something that simply was a major turn off..
    Now, I realise it, she is like my sister.. the relationship between her and her brother sounds like that (almost) between my sister and most of us in my family!
    She works hard, does her thing, it doesn't affect me, so good for her.
    To those who support, enjoy.
    Just personally, not for me
    Though I must say, there are some great p.o.v's here!
    (from Trublmaka - incase this new system thinggy doesn't play nice!)
    luv ya work Ronnie!

  17. Hi Nicole comment went through. I just wanted to let you know!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. OMG Miss Jones!!!


    Lucky girl, you are!!

    At least you can say someone from INSIDE her house SPOKE to you!!

    I'm getting chills just thinking about it!


    Damn...I wish I would have been there with you!

    Great story, Spiky. And thanks for sharing it on this post!!

    One of these days, you'll have to share your OZZY story too!

    Ciao Bella!

  19. Evening Akelamalu!

    YAY!!! I KNEW you'd love her!

    I think she lives in UK now, doesn't she?

    Have you ever seen her?? tee, hee!

    If you ever get the chance, please DO read the book, because I think being a Madonna fan, you'd enjoy it.

    Who really knows WHY her brother wrote it, but it's some damn good reading.

    I'm dying to hear Madonna's response!

    Have a wonderful trip, dear lady! I left you a comment earlier on your blog, wishing you a wonderful trip!

    See ya in two weeks!

  20. Hi Bekah!

    You are too-too funny, girl!

    And I think you're a hell of a lot prettier than Madonna too!

    What's wrong with A-Rod??

    Thanks for stopping by, Bekah!

    Always great seeing ya, dear lady!

  21. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    I have to agree with you. I DEFINATELY enjoy the 80's Madonna music more. Even some of the early 90's. Some of the stuff now, is hit or miss.

    Have you heard her new CD CANDY?

    I've got to say....I REALLY like it! It's got a totally different sound than her other music.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Please drop in anytime, the door is always open!

    And...STRIKE A POSE!

  22. No matter how I feel about Madonna, she is a culterual icon, a true pop star, and I bet that book is fascinating.

    I love her Immaculate Collection, but I don't think I've listened to any of her new stuff yet.

  23. Hellooooo Trublmaka!

    It's SOOOO GREAT seeing you!

    Hey listen, I totally understand that not everyone feels the same about Madonna. And I've actually heard MANY people share the same opinion as you. She just "irritates" them. And I can HONESTLY see why.

    I remember seeing Truth or Dare for the first time, and even though I was laughing at her bitchiness...I thought, "Damn, I wonder how funny I would find that, if she were directing it at me?"


    Like you though, I really enjoy hearing everyone's point of view about her.

    It's amazing the different feelings, isn't it?

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by, Trub!

    Always nice talking to ya!

    Have a great evening!

    ooops...I mean DAY...cause it's tomorrow there already!

  24. Howdy Rhea!

    ooooh...ooooh...I LOVE the Immaculate Collection!!!

    Isn't it the BEST?

    I have the CD AND the video! In fact, I JUST watched it not too long ago.

    Her lastest CD Candy is great. Like I shared with Rachel, it's VERY different from her other music. It has a very international flavor to it. You may enjoy it!

    If you ever get the chance, and are in the bookstore, just pick it up and read the book jacket. It'll give you a good view of what's inside.

    Thanks for stopping by tonight, Rhea!

    Always a pleasure sharing with ya!

  25. Hi Ron, I guess I fall into the indifferent camp. I was never really over impressed with her even in the early eighties when I first became aware of her. I do enjoy some of her music but would never go out of my way to buy a cd or go to one of her shows.

    I am sure from the testimonies of her many fans like yourself she must be an amazing entertainer but I am not likely to ever find out for myself as I can't see myself sitting through a whole Madonna show.

    perhaps I am just strange

  26. Hi Lady in Red!

    Great seeing ya!

    You're not strange at all.

    Like I shared in several of the comments here, for as much as I enjoy her...I do know that there are others who feel differently about her.

    I guess it's like any celebrity, ya know? They either "do something" for you...or they don't.

    I too enjoy some of her music (not all). Her latest CD is awesome (to me, anyway). For as much as I love her, I've never seen her perform live, however, I have seen them on video.

    I love watching her!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and feelings, Lady!

    It's really neat hearing what everyone has to say!