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Did you know that chocolate is considered a powerful aphrodisiac?

Personally, I think it’s true.

Because whenever I’m eating a piece, it always feels as though I’m slowing building to a climax, whereupon, I suddenly want to scream… “OH GOD!!”

I’ve always been a sweet eater, but my true passionate “chocolate gene” developed when I got a part-time job with Godiva.

This is when I became a chocolate devotee.

The wonderful thing about working for Godiva, is that they actually train you on the proper way to eat chocolate, by sensing the texture and layers of flavor.

(very similar to wine tasting)

It was at this point, that I discovered DARK chocolate.

I remember my fun-loving manager handing me a solid square piece and telling me to place it on the center of my tongue. I was then asked to press my tongue against the roof of my mouth, allowing the dark chocolate piece to crack in half and then slowly melt, so that I could savor all the various flavors.

Well…can I just tell you…

It was a freaking spiritual experience.

The chocolate started to dribble out of the corners of my mouth, because I had lost all sense of physical control.

I allowed myself to let go, as I abandoned all of my senses to the ripples of sensual excitement hurdling through my veins. It started in my toes and then gradually moved it’s way up through my legs and arms…..until it exploded into a CLIMATIC CRESCENDO!!!

…I closed my eyes, and could barely speak.

I was bathing in the afterglow.

When I opened my eyes, my manager was standing there with a big smile on her face and shaking her head up and down, as if to say “Yes, yes…I know the feeling.”

I said to her, “Holy shit…what the hell was that?”

And she responded….“The big chocolate “O”

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

P.S….and wishing you big chocolate O’s


  1. Man thats is SO what i need right now, and all i have in the house might be a bag of tollhouse's just not fair!
    you torture me my friend...
    but in a good way!

  2. As I sit here, barely 6 am, what is on the desk near me????? The leftover Starbucks Soy COCOA that I got last night while out with hub. I never drink the whole thing at once because it has to be SAVORED! And it's just as good cold, coming right out of the fridge, as it was hot the previous night. I go grab it before even sitting down at the 'puter.
    Now there is some chocolate I don't much care for. Fudge is one. White is another. And I never liked chocolates with centers like jelly, buttercream, cherries or nougat. But give me some dark chocolate to melt and dip assorted fresh fruits in.......
    OMFG......... heaven on Earth!
    Around the holidays I sometimes make nut bark. It is basically just any decent chocolate melted, mixed with crushed nuts and sometimes peppermint, then spread on a cookie sheet and hardened again. Break into pieces and voila, more heaven to taste. Another type of chocolate I make during Christmastime is the Barefoot Contessa's Chocolate Truffles with Grand Marnier. Can I just say .... Oh, ooh, ah, wooooo, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, OMFG, YES!!!!!!!!

    And the movie Chocolat. Well you KNOW!!!! Wonderful. Vianne, a woman after my own heart! Can you just imagine how amazing it would be to have a magical chocolaterie in a quaint little town.

    Ahhhhhhh...... BLISS!

    Have an awesome weekend of chocolately orgasmic heaven.

  3. Holy Hell Ron!! That was almost like reading an erotic novel. I got a little flushed.
    I like chocolate too (probably not as much as you do) but it is oh so bad for the hips and thighs.

  4. Morning Nicole~

    Yes....I'm thinking of maybe starting to submit articles for for "Erotic Chocolate Magazine!"

    Tee, hee!

    I love chocolate more than my own life!

    Around the holidays at work, I really have to watch myself, because we each bring in all kinds of chocolate goodies to keep us going. But by the end of the day...I CRASH!$!?

    Plus...the store I work in SELLS Godiva!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning, Nicole.

    ooooh...I hope you didn't get too flushed!?!?

    Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Morning Lady Sorrow!

    Hey...tollhouse morsels are the BOMB!

    I remember when I was a kid, how much I enjoyed eating tollhouse cookies. Whenever my mother and I would go grocery shopping, she and I would eat the whole box before we got to the check-out counter!!

    I love Godiva, really I do...but I also enjoy Dove and Hershey's chocolate.

    Anything dark.

    When I use to drink flavored coffee, Godiva has some of the best! I don't eat much ice cream, but their's is remarkable!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in some chocolate love, dear Sorrow!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Hello my fellow chocolate lover, Crystal Chick! and I are very much the same when it comes to our chocolate...

    I don't enjoy fudge at all!

    For as much as I like sweets, fudge its just too sweet and MUSHY for me.

    And like you....I enjoy solid chocolate (nothing with a center). For as much as I love Godiva, I'm not big on their truffles.

    Ok...and you said the magic words...NUT BARK!!
    Damn...that stuff is major addictive. When I worked at William-Sonoma, they had something called Peppermint Bark (without the nuts though). OMG...once I started eating it...there was no stopping me.

    I bet your home-made bark is SUPERB!!!

    It's aroung the holidays that I O.D. on chocolate. Christmas and Easter!!

    Yes, I remember you mentioning in one of your posts, about the movie Chocolat. MAN...that movie was one big chocolate O! I love how you could hear the sound of someone, biting into a piece...that CRACK! It made the film all the more delicious!

    And you're right...BLISS!

    Thanks for sharing your similar passion for chocolate, M!

    I had a feeling you would share some good stuff on this post!

    And you did!

    Have a wonderful weekend, M!

    And enjoy the rest of that Soy Cocoa!!

    I love Starbucks!

  7. Godiva is my favorite chocokates. Once had a box of of spiked Godiva Chocolates...yum...yum...YUM! The chocolates were shaped like various sea shells. I still remember the taste...each was like a beautiful kiss.
    I am not allowed to eat chocolate anymore. But on occasion...I'll sneak one and devore it slowly. It's like I'm going to die, Right? Well if I did I'd want to go with a Godiva chocolate O...purring.

    I want a Godiva now. Hey,there is candy store on the way home. If you read in the newspaper tomorrow morning...'Dancer, singer, melodrama stage actress Zora Jones dies of chocolate orgasm. Foul play is not suspected.' You know I died with a smile. hehehe

    Ciao Ron...have a fab weekend. LD

  8. Evening Miss Jones!

    You make me laugh, you wild woman!


    And WHAT a way to go!

    ORGASMICALLY CHOCOLATE! And with a smile on your face!

    tee, hee!

    ooooh....ooooh....I know the spiked Godiva's you're talking about too. In the store I use to work at, we had ones with Amaretto, Champagne, and I think Rum. They were truffles and BOY...were they popular! All the Japanese tourists use to buy them by the POUNDS, because they were so much cheaper here in the States. And then when I actually visited Japan...I saw WHY!! Damn...they were almost $4.00 a single piece!! So to them...$45.00 a pound was CHEAP!

    And ya know something? I actually bought a single truffle while I was in Japan...just to say I did it!

    (along with eating at a McDonald's)

    Silly American I am!

    GREAT seeing ya, Spiky!

    You always add the BIG "O" to Vent!

    Thanks, my friend!

    Ciao bella!


    Now you've gone and done it. I need a cafe mocha now.

    Seriously Ron, you and I must have known each other in a past life. You are a kindred spirit my friend.


  10. The husband of a friend of mine has Godiva as a client. Periodically, he would be given bags of "reject" pieces that we would devour on the spot. I'm sorry for not savoring it properly, but I just can't help myself. After reading this, I know what I've missed all that time. But never again!

  11. Afternoon my fellow Libra Chocolate Lover Friend, Anndi!


    See...leave it to another LIBRA to understand the passion of chocolate!!

    Isn't it the ULTIMATE???

    I too believe in past lives...

    So maybe you and I worked at the Godiva factory in Belgium?!?!

    And we boxed the chocolates like Lucy and Ethel in that episode where they got a job as candy makers!

    ALWAYS great talking to ya, Anndi!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    And enjoy that cafe mocha!

  12. Hey Kathy!


    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave at comment!

    Godiva has these strict standards for their chocolate, and what you said about "rejected" pieces is so true.

    Every night we had to examine each tray, and remove all the "rejects." We then had to log them off in an inventory book, and were then allowed to take home all the chocolate we wanted. Let me tell you...for almost a whole year, all my friends got bags of chocolate whenever I went to visit them.


    I's tough resisting the urge to devour them in one single gobble!

    Next time, try eating one slowly like I described here...and you'll experience something like you've never experienced it before.

    The BIG "O"

    Enjoy your weekend, Kathy!

  13. I can totally see you and I as Ethel and Lucy LOL (I'm Lucy BTW)


  14. Oh Lord I need a cigarette!

    and then I'll be ready to go again!!

  15. Ok, Lucy!

    But I get to pinch the see what kind of center they have inside them!

    (that's something that Ethel would do)

    Thanks for stopping back again, Anndi!

    (ooh...I mean LUCY)

  16. Hi Dianne!


    AHHHH yes...nothing like a Benson and Hedges after the BIG "O"!

    Thanks for stopping by, Dianne!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    P.S. DAMN...wasn't it was SOOOOO freaking HOT today?

  17. It got her sacked from the boxing department too! teehee!

  18. Hi Anndi!


    Another I Love Lucy fan!!!

    You go, girl!

  19. OMG.
    I absolutely love dark chocolate! I actually have some Godiva right now. After reading your entry I tried it. All I can say is, HOLY SMOKES.

  20. Fabulous chocolate is indeed memorable, Ron !

    When you start getting to know/taste/try the splendid small boutique makers, it takes things to a whole other level.

    I've had a few pieces that literally made me moan with pleasure.

    Not quite an orgasm, though - I'm jealous of yours (hee-hee) !!!

    Hope that you had a good weekend...

  21. Evening Nica!

    Your comments ALWAYS make me LAUGH!

    In so few're very FUNNY!

    HEY...there is nothing on this planet better than Godiva Dark's heavenly!

    ALTHOUGH....have you ever tried Dove Dark Chocolate?

    OMG....I get the SAME big chocolate "O" that I do with Godiva...

    Only MUCH cheaper!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nica!

    Always a pleasure talking to ya!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  22. Evening Annie!

    You said it girl!

    The smaller boutigue makers are a special chocolate surprise!

    We have a place here in Philly (in the Reading Terminal) that is a small family owned chocolatier...and can I just tell you...THEY ARE REMARKABLE!

    And they make the pieces so beautiful, that you don't even want to eat them.

    (but I DO)

    Talk about the BIG "O"!


    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Annie!

    It's always great sharing with you!

    Yes...I had a GREAT weekend...hope you did too!

    P.S. Although it's hotter than HELL here!

  23. Godiva chocolate is truly a gift from the Gods. Dark Godiva chocolate should be given Sainthood.

    Ron, I have Pepsi all over my monitor because of your "losing all control." Damn, that is funny as hell.

  24. Grettings Miss Nitebyrd!

    I think there is a saint for dark chocolate...

    Our Lady of Dark Chocolate!

    (she was a catholic nun)

    Hey...why did I know that YOU would be a lover of dark chocolate??

    Because you're a lover of all things...ORGASMIC!

    ME TOO!

    Always great sharing our mutual passions, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  25. I totally love chocolate. This post makes me want to run out to the store and get some. I'm trying to lose weight Ron, this doesn't help.

    Many hugs, and next time (and every time I'm sure) I see Godiva chocolate I'll think of you having a chocolate O!!!

  26. Helloooo Bekah!

    Yeeeeha! Another chocolate lover!!!

    Listen, think of it this way...if you RUN to the Godiva store, you'll be burning it'll be totally ok to eat a pound of chocolate!!!

    (it all balances out!)'ll be also giving yourself a Chocolate "O"...which burns even MORE calories!

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for popping by today, Bekah!

    Always nice talking to ya!