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First, I would like to thank one of my recently new blog readers Debi, for giving me the idea for this post.

(she's a VERY funny lady)

Debi and I were sharing on the previous post, about how ironic it is that our pets always seem to "sense" when we’re getting ready to do something for them, that they don’t enjoy.

Such as: taking a bath, brushing their teeth, or clipping their nails.

It was the clipping of the NAILS that caused me to remember something that I would like to share with you.

So thanks, Debi!

I once had an aunt who had a dog named, Bon-Bon.

Bon-Bon was a HUGE…and I mean HUGE all-black standard size poodle.

And if you ever saw Bon-Bon, you would totally understand WHY this name fit the dog perfectly.

My aunt would always have the dogs’ hair clipped in about 50 bon-bon shaped PUFFS all over it’s body.

The dogs HEAD was a bon-bon; it’s EARS were bon-bon; it’s PAWS were a bon-bon; the tip of it’s TAIL was a bon- bon…

…even it’s ASS was a bon-bon!

The dog looked like a four-legged walking bag of black COTTON BALLS.

And not only did my aunt have the dogs hair coiffed, but she also had it’s nails painted with doggie nail polish.

And we’re not talking subtle color, here.

We’re talking FUCHSIA and ROYAL BLUE.

(talk about OVER-kill)

And what was really creepy, was that she never had Bon-Bons' nails trimmed…so it always looked as though the dog was wearing fuchsia DAGGERS.

You always knew when Bon-Bon was approaching, because you’d hear those hideous nails, CLIPPING across the tile floor like some horrifying Stephen King novel.

Now the most interesting part of this story…

…is the fact that Bon-Bon was a HE.

And if you stood back and looked at him, in all his male glory….

…he looked like a poster child for Gender-Bender Canines.

You GO, Bon-Bon!


Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. LMAO!!!! Heck I love my pets and would do anything for them! But that's just taking it too far!!! And the nail polish is weird enough... but for a BOY DOG??!!!

    LMAO! I would have cuddled and kissed him anyway! The poor HUGE thing! :-D xx

  2. Hi Ron,
    How's life ?
    By any chance did your Aunt put her precious Bon Bon in dog shows?I used to show our smooth coated Dachshund ( they are by the way low-maintenance coat dogs !) and walking around in the show I would see a lot of primping and grooming...
    Poodles like your aunts getting their "bon bons" brushed,pulled and hairsprayed, and other long coated dogs too ! I remember these long haied Shi Zhu with what looked liked rollers(!!) in their fur, and Afgans who had their ears covered in a type of hood.
    They have to keep the hair neat,clean & unmatted until showtime !

    I would just say " OMG"... I prepfered my smooth coated dog anyday.

    That part about your Aunt painting BonBon's toe nails in hot fuschia just kills me !
    My sis does that with her Dachie too.
    Fashion victimS for sure !!

    Very cute illustration; go strut it, boy !!

  3. I bet poor Bon-Bon had an identity crisis!

    Our dog, Guiness, knew how to spell B.A.T.H. I swear to God. Whenever I said to MWM we need to B.A.T.H. Guinness the hound used to growl!

  4. Morning Giggles!

    I know...isn't it a sin?

    The only thing she didn't do...was put BOWS in his hair!

    But can you imagine if they were doing French Manicures back then??

    He'd have little white tips on the ends of his nails!!!


    Actually, I think Bon-Bon loved all the "high maintenance"

    You GO Bon-Bon!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Giggles!

    Have a FABU weekend!

  5. Just the thought of gender bender canines make me laugh.

    I love that my cats are comfortable enough to be gay in front of me. It makes me love them just a little bit more.

    However, they are fully male and don't you forget it. They won't go for any froo-froo frilly stuff.

    Gender bender canines...*shakes head with laughter*...too funny.

  6. Morning Barbara!

    Great to see ya!

    No...she didn't enter him in any shows, she just LOVED making him FESTIVE!

    He was like her third child!

    OMG, and speaking of dog shows....did you EVER see "Best In Show??" When you mentioned the Shi Zhu, it made me think of the one in the movie. I know you love dogs, and if you haven't already, please rent this film.


    I own the movie, and watch it at least one a month. I think you'd really enjoy!

    And you also mentioned a Dachie. A very good friend of mine had one, and he was so sweet. He looked like a little hot dog! His name was S.O.S.

    And yes...I think it was the fuschia nail polish that really made Bon-Bon...POP!

    Thanks for dropping in today, Barbara.

    It's always great sharing with ya!

    I hope Rocky is doing well!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Good Morning Akelamalu!

    I know...

    "Who am I?" was the question he asked himself everyday!


    I think he got so use to it, that "his look" became his "signature!"

    He was a very sweet dog too!

    And SEE!!! It's just like Debi shared...a pet just KNOWS, don't they? Even if you spell it!!


    (I personally think are pets can speak and spell...they just don't want us to know they do)

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, my friend!

    I'll be dropping into your place later today, to check out your famous Flash 55!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Good Afternoon Mama Dawg!

    Always fun seeing ya!

    I don't know where the HELL I came up with Gender-Bender Canines. Yesterday afternoon, as I was finishing this post...suddenly that IMAGE popped into my brain!?!?

    Hey, listen...I SO hear you about cats!

    I've had both dogs and cats in my life, and I LOVE them both, but as a roommate...I prefer cats. They're very low maintenance, and I LOVE their attitude! I've had both male and female cats...and you're right, they would NEVER have let me froo-froo them.

    God...I couldn't even get a collar around their necks!

    What I always find so to watch how wonderful some cats and dogs get along with one another. Ours we're so sweet together.

    Now TWO CATS???????


    Thanks for stopping by today, Mama Dawg!

    Have a swell weekend!

  9. OMG that is so hysterical...gender-bender canines. LOLOLOL
    BonBon had quite the life, huh?
    And to have a bit of an eccentric Aunt was all the better. ;)

    Our one dog, Ollie, is a Vizsla. They are a bit clingy and neurotic and even though he is only going on 5 years old he stresses about stuff to the point that his beautiful red hair (very short) is turning white in places. One thing that is very hard to do is cut his nails. Hubby used to do it, but he started to actually growl and snip when he'd try to clip them so he started having to schedule appts. at the Vet every month or two and have them done there. It's not really expensive, maybe only about 12 bucks, but just having to drive him there, AND muzzle him so that he won't bite the tech is just a bit much.

    I'm so sorry I missed commenting on your last post. I did read it!!
    Very cool to just use the smaller brush and replace them monthly. OMG, how many people keep their old icky ones for years... eeeew.
    And those blinking lights! Hey, more people would probably enjoy brushing if it were fun! You got them in the dollar store?? Who knew such fun could be had for a buck.
    Have a terrific weekend. :)

  10. AFternoon Crystal Chick!

    That's so cool, cause I was just thinking about you...and when I checked were THERE!

    Great seeing ya!

    Yes....Bon-Bon had quite a life!

    Actually...he was VERY taken of.

    (as you can tell)

    The thing that was comical, was how BIG he was. I've never seen a standard poodle that big!? And VERY sweet. But as a child, he looked scary. The NAILS...I'll never forget those NAILS!

    (and they we're shinny too)

    Having had cats, I know what you mean about stressing them out. God...I felt aweful having to transport them to the vet for shots and things. It upset them for DAYS! I finally found a vet in Orlando, who made housecalls. Thank god they were both indoor kitties, because I never had to worry about bathing them or dipping them for fleas. Both my cats were VERY sensitive to stuff like that!

    Your dogs are both so beautiful!

    Hey, listen...never concern yourself with not reading a post or leaving a comment. I want everyone here to feel as though they can stop by WHENEVER they wish. No pressure, ok?

    But thank you so much for your concern!

    Appreciate that, M!

    God...can you believe that it's actually LABOR DAY WEEKEND already??? I'm SOOOOO happy too.

    Bring on the FALL!

    I'll be working all weekend, and I have a feeling it will be very slow.

    Whatever you and hubby do...hope you both have a great holiday weekend!

    Thanks for stopping, M!

  11. I am still missing my baby Kuji-bear. I miss him so badly. He would let us polish his nails...even let us out a bow on his head, though he was such a big he-dog. So gentle...but he could put a fear in you if you didn't belong. Why he was like John Wayne on four legs.

    I can imagine his conversation with the neighbor's cat.
    (in John Wayne accent)

    Hey kitty...kitty. Listen up you furry pilgrim. I'm only going to say this better get back to your own yard and you watch your Ps and Qs or I'll have to go green baret on you...and I'm just the Dog that can...ya hear.

    hehehe. fab post Ron...I smile at the thought of my baby Kuj. :D

    Ciao babes...have a fab weekend.

  12. Dear Miss Jones....

    Oh, god...I know that feeling, dear friend.

    When I lost my cat Jerry, it took me a year to stop tearing-up ever time I thought about him. I had him for 19 years. He was my best buddy.

    Kuji-bear sounded so awesome!

    He sounded alot like my kitty, because Jerry was so sweet and gentle, but DAMN...if you pissed him off, by over stepping his boundries...WOW...he was like a TIGER!

    He was a very respectful kitty, but demanded it in return.

    That's why I loved him so.

    Your description of the John Wayne accent was HYSTERICAL...I could actually HEAR it!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Spiky!

    I hope you and your girl and son have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    ciao bella!

  13. Oh boy. lol I am visualizing it now. Poor BonBon.

    Growing up, we had a Great Pyrenese (long white haired mountain dog) that my parents would have completely shaved in the summer (texas heat and all). The poor dog was so embarrassed. He would hide behind the couch. I felt bad for him.

  14. Howdy Rhea!

    Oh, god...poor doggie!

    He lost his COAT!

    He felt NUDE!

    I know how that is, though...because in Florida, people do the same thing. The heat and also the fleas. Florida is SO infultrated with FLEAS!!! And you had to be careful when you visited other people's homes too, because the fleas would JUMP on you...and then you'd carry them to your own home!

    And once they got into the was like a Flea Circus!

    Thanks for dropping by, Rhea!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family!

  15. Omgosh.....the poor pup.

    BOY I'm glad we have a snake....

  16. Hiya Mel!

    I was JUST at YOUR blog leaving you a comment, this very moment!!!

    OMG...we're psychic!

    But do you know what's ironic about Bon-Bon??

    I think he actually ENJOYED it!

    It was us kids...that FREAKED!

    ooooh...and a snake...

    They have nothing to concern themselves with, except an occasional "skin sheading."


    Great seeing ya, Mel!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Oh boy...I feel SPECIAL! I got my own little shout out...and I don't even have my own blog (yet!!)

    Yep, low maintenance rocks! But Her Royal Highness, the Sexy Senior Citizen, is a special needs child (paralyzed) so to show everyone that tough chicks can be pretty goddesses too, usually on special occasions (birthday, holidays, etc.) I will trim her feetie fur, and put doggie pawlish on her pretty little feets.
    But I have not and will not do that to the boy ;)

  18. Hiya Debi!

    YAY DEBI!!!

    WOO! WOO! WOO!

    So glad you stopped by!

    And should consider getting your own blog. I have a wonderful feeling you'd be FABULOUS and very POPULAR!

    Just let me know when you do, caused I'd be honored to add you to my blogroll!

    Anyway...OMG, Her Royal Highness sounds so precious! And I bet she looks so CHIC with her trimmed feetie fur and pawlish!!

    PAWLISH...I LOVE that!

    But the craziest thing about Senor' Bon-Bon, is that I think he really "dug" the coiffed-look. And he actually looked like the photo on this blog!

    Thanks again for inspiring me on this post, Debi!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    P.S. and please tell Her Royal Highnesss...I bow to her!

  19. ME? Fabulous and popular? (oh where's that "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off" Smiley when I need it LOL

    Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. I really do want a blog too!

  20. Ola' Debi!

    You're welcome!

    I meant it!

    GO, girl!

  21. Doggie nail polish? That's it! I'm taking the husky for a pawdicure! I think I'll pick some magenta to offset his black fur. ;p

  22. Morning Anndi!

    SOOOOOOO GREAT seeing ya!!

    OMG...I can just imagine that on a HUSKY!

    And you're right...magenta would most definately "offset" the black fur!

    Good choice!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by to say Hi, Anndi!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  23. So Bon Bon had another set of bon-bon's on his undercarriage too eh?

    You've got to wonder if those poor dogs think to themselves, "For shits sake, please don't take me for a walk looking like this."

  24. Howdy Jeff!


    I somehow KNOW you'd make reference to his BON-BON'S!

    That was GREAT, JEFF!!

    But let me tell you...when Bon-Bon walked into a room....he really DID struck his stuff!

    He truly missed his calling...a SHOW dog!


    Thanks for always adding your wonderful WIT to these posts, Buddy!

    Wishing you and your family an awesome holiday weekend!

  25. Hey Ron,

    First Happy Sunday to you... Hope you have a nice one!
    Second, I remember a man in San Diego who pulled up to Peets coffee in his really pretty light blue, convertible BMW with two toy poodles, one was black and the other a light pink... Soooo cute... We chatted for awhile about the dogs, and it's since it's not harmful dye... I thought it was a fantastic idea... I like different colors in human hair, so I'm all for cooky fur colour for dogs.. It seems to work best for poodles, they have the right "look" and curly fur... I don't think it would look as good on another type of dog... I can't picture a pink Samoyed.. but who knows... Anyhow.. I have a pic on my blog somewhere of the two poodles.. If I figure out where, I'll send you the post.. Ciao, Leesa

  26. Hiya Leesa!

    Hey...I was JUST thinking of you today and wondering how you were!!!


    Happy Sunday to you, too.

    OMG, Leesa...that's SOOO funny!!!

    I would have LOVED to seen those dogs! I bet they looked FABULOUS!

    What's really funny, was that when I was searching for a photo of a poodle for this post, I spotted one of a PINK poodle and almost DIED!

    I guess it's owner had done the same thing as the gentleman you spoke to!

    Well...whatever floats your boat, ya know!?!?!

    If we can color our own hair...why not our DOGS!

    If you find that photo on your blog, I would really love to see it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by this evening, Leesa!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  27. I would love to know what your aunt looked like?!

  28. OMG...Casdok!

    That was HYSTERICAL!!!!

    Your comment made me laugh my ass off!

    Funny you should mention my aunt...

    ...because her own nails were INDENTICAL to Bon-Bon's!

    Great seeing ya, dear Casdok.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  29. Hiya Ron!!

    You are The Best!!! You're radiant personality SHINES through your blog and your comments back to others... I get as much of a kick reading your responses as I do from your blog posts!! Thanks for wondering about me... I went to the gym today (Sunday) and did some spinning... and some yoga, pilates and more cardio.. I kicked some ass today, though I was tired from last night's dinner chez les amis... That's just a little bit from me...
    Just wanted to know if you like chocolate? If so, dark, milk choc. or both... Let me know... HAVE A WONDERFUL Sunday.. Leesa

  30. yes, especially around the petwalks and other events, there are PINK KOOL-AID dyed pink poodles.

  31. Evening Leesa!

    That's so sweet of you to say that, thank you!!

    Ya know, for me...the BEST part of having a blog are the comments. I tell my friends who read this blog...READ THE COMMENTS...because they are often the best part of the post.

    So I'm glad you enjoy commenting.

    And did you say CHOCOLATE???? CHOCOLATE???

    OMG...chocolate and good coffee are my two favorite things in the world.

    If you ever want to read how I feel about chocolate, feel free to go back to last months archives and read about my first chocolate orgasm!

    I worked for Godiva!

    DARK chocolate is my favorite!!

    Thanks again for stopping by, Leesa!

    Always a pleasure talking to ya!

  32. Howdy Debi!

    Holy shit...what a HOOT!

    Sound like such a COLORFUL life!

    Bon-Bon would have loved it!

    Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, Debi!

    I worked this weekend, but tomorrow...I'm OFF!


    Thanks for stopping by!

  33. Hi Ron,

    De nada!! Glad to hear you LOVE chocolate!! I do have to agree with you and I will now good read ALL about your Choco O!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Mine is wasabi...the kind that gets into your nose and makes it burn and itch for a second or two!! Are you planning on seeing Barbara while she is in Philly? I'm seeing her tomorrow over coffee... Take care, Leese

  34. Ron, your aunt was a cruel woman. ;)

  35. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    I KNOW....I have a feeling that she always wanted another daughter!!


    And I kid you not...her finger nails looked EXACTLY like the dogs!


    Thanks for stopping by, Lady Nitebyrd!

    Always great talking to you!