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When I was a kid, I wanted nothing else in the world except to possess supernatural powers like Samantha Stevens on the TV show Bewitched.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this show, Bewitched was an outstanding sitcom that was first aired during the mid 60’s.

It was about the zany trials and tribulations of a witch, Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), who was married to a mortal, Darren Stevens (Dick York/Dick Sargent). It also included a stellar supporting cast who would continually make guest appearances, such as: Agnes Moorehead, Paul Lynde, and Alice Ghostly, to name but a few.

Samanthas' supernatural powers were summoned, whenever she would “wiggle her nose.”

(and you would always hear a little “tinkling” sound)

With just a twitch of her nose….she could make furniture fly around the living room; change her clothing; make people disappear or reappear; have the vacuum cleaner vacuum on it’s own; and even have a three-course dinner magically appear on the table.


And DAMN IT…I wanted to be able to do that!

I would stand in front of my bathroom mirror for hours on end; wiggle and twitch my nose until my entire face went NUMB.

And NOTHING happened.


I remember one Christmas, asking the Christ Child for only one thing…to be like Bewitched.


One morning, I even asked God to PLEASE give me the power to make my bed by wiggling my nose…and I SWORE to him that I would NEVER tell another living soul as long as I lived, if He allowed it.


I would sometimes sit in school and wiggle my nose in the hopes that Sister Michael would suddenly vanish, so that I wouldn’t have to fail her stupid-ass Math tests.

And it never happened.

However, I finally figured out a way to PRETEND that I was Bewitched, and magically turn my bedroom light on.

I would stand in my bedroom, with my back firmly pressed against the wall, and the crown of my head positioned directly below the light switch…

…and as I wiggled my nose, I would quickly raise my head; causing the switch to turn on the light!

And viola!…I was Mr. Bewitched.

Have a SUPERnatural weekend, everyone!

Please note: I will be working some extra hours today, so I will be responding to all comments later in the evening. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


  1. Dear Ron!!!

    "Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée," in French
    Look at this picture on the web- (cut and paste it).
    I TOTALLY KNOW what you mean about Samantha!!
    I wanted to do that, too.. You know what, though? I thought it was soooo weird and funny how they had two Darrins and they BOTH had the first name of....
    DICK... How funny... I could BARELY tell them apart.. I'd have to see the credits to tell which one was witch.. (hehe... play on words here)... Anyhow... I always dreamed of being Jenie from "I Dream of Jenie... I always wanted to BLINK and do magical stuff-- twitching my nose was soooo damn hard to do!!!!

  2. OH the things one could do with those powers! No one would need to pay for implants, Viagra or (cough, cough...) male enhancement. Traffic? Poof! What traffic? I didn't see any traffic, did you?
    Our university should seriously figure out how to make this happen. Forget about the glowing mice already. We need TWITCHING and BEWITCHING.
    ROTFLMAO (wink!)

  3. *trying to wiggle the nose*

    The whole face contorts and wiggles....LOL...Ah the beauty of not being able TO wiggle just the nose.

    Dangit.....and I had such high hopes....LOL

  4. I,too, wanted to be Samantha Stevens. Not only was she beautiful but she was a WITCH!!! I LOVED "Bewitched." The only thing that bothered me is that Darren was always such an ass.

    Now, I'd like to be Endora!

  5. Oh, Ron, Ron, Ron. You have given me a good laugh today! I used to wish the same thing when I was little. I always wanted it when a test came up. Imagine just a little wiggle and all the answers would suddenly appear! Or maybe I wanted the newest Barbie outfit. A little wiggle and voila! I must admit that even now as an adult there are times I wish I had that ability! Have a good weekend!

  6. OMG!

    I can't tell you how many times I twitched my little upturned nose hoping to hear that twinkling sound.

    That and blinking my eyes and nodding my head like a genie!

    I promised I would use my powers for good... but to no avail.


  7. I loved that programme too! I didn't just want to do the magic I wanted to be a pretty as Samantha!

  8. Oh, I wanted to be Samantha, too! Soooooo bad.

    My aunt can twitch her nose like Sam and I was so jealous cause she did it exactly right.

    However, no furniture went flying around the room.

    Jesse the squirrel says "Hi!" or whatever passes for hi in squirrel. He's got the fattest little tummy.

  9. Ron sweetie...I can do magic. I can drive around the neighborhood in my car and street lights turn off...weird huh. Scary when you notice it.

    A quick look in the rear view morror...nope no one in the back seat. Just checking that there wasn't any ghosts or devils in the car with me...but it did still give me the willies. It's my only super power...hehehe

    Now I know you can't make your bed by wiggling your nose or make your math teacher disappear. Which BTW, my New Jersey uncle is able to do. Yeah, he makes people disappear. I head him say he was making a witness disappear once. hehehe

    Ronnie you can't do those things can do something better...

    You open your heart and you gathered people you gathered me to you. Your heart reflects the light that is you. And much love I feel for you.

    Ronnie, your wonderful heart is your super power.

    Let's see Samantha do that. hehehe.

    Oh and what would happen if Samantha blew her nose? Stay back, she just might turn us all into short Oompa Loompas. hehehe...and orange is so not my color. PLus, I'm sure crowded elevators smell differently to a miget. hehehe.

    Ciao baby, you have a fabulous weekend too.

  10. Evening Leesa!

    OMG...ME TOO!!!

    Besides wanting to be Samantha Stevens, I also wished to be like Barbara Eden as Genie!!!


    Hey, and it's funny that you sent me that link, because while I was searching for Bewitched photos for this post, I saw photos of the show in FRENCH!!!! It was so cool!

    And WAS strange how BOTH Darrens had the same name...Dick. Personally, I really liked the first one (Dick York) the best. I felt so sad when he passed away. To me he was the PERFECT Darren!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Leesa!

    And for sharing in our desire to be BEWITCHED!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Good Evening Debi!

    OMG...your comment made me HOWL!

    You said it, girl!!!

    The things we could do with those powers!!

    Can you imagine how we could just make everyone we didn't like, just disappear???


    And I think that's probably WHY we don't have them!!!


    Thanks for stopping by today, Debi!

    You always make me LAUGH!

    Have a SUPER weekend!

    Mr. Bewitched

  12. Hiya Mel!

    YES!!! That's it!

    It would ONLY work, if you could just make the NOSE wiggle!

    Try as I did...I couldn't do it.

    I actually read somewhere, that the way Elizabeth Mongomery did the "nose wiggle" was through trick photography. They shot the wiggle in sections, and they spliced them together.

    Dangit...and I had such high hopes too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, dear Mel!

    Always so wonderful seeing you!

    Have a SUPER weekend!

    Mr. Bewitched

  13. Good Evening Nitebyrd!

    OMG...YOU would have been a FABULOUS Endora!!!!

    Endora and Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) were my two favorite characters on the show. When Uncle Arthur would POP out of the toaster...I would always laugh my ass off!

    Oh, and yes...wasn't Elizabeth Montgomery so beautiful??? While searching for photos for this post, I found some images of her that were incredible. What a great figure she had!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Endora!

    It's always a HOOT doing MAGIC with you!

    Have a SUPER weekend!


  14. Evening Miss P!

    Always so nice seeing you!

    You are TOOOO funny, girl!

    Because I TOO would wish for those powers when a test came up! I mean, can you just imagine being able to "wiggle" the nose and instant A+!

    (especially in Catholic school)

    And that's so cute what you said about the Barbie outfits!!!

    I'd have to agree with you...I too (as an adult) STILL wish for those supernatural powers!!

    Well, we can ALWAYS wish...can't we?

    Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your wonderful humor to this post, Miss P!

    It's nice having you here!

    Have a SUPERnatural weekend!

  15. Hiya Anndi!

    Leave it to my Libra friend to promise to ONLY use your powers for GOOD!

    Me too...except to REMOVE people who irritated me!!!


    And like I shared with Leesa, I would also pretend to have powers like a genie...crossing my arms and then nodding my head. I actually use to play genie's with my younger brother!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, Anndi!


    Have a SUPER weekend!

    Your friend,

  16. Good Evening Akelamalu!

    It's so funny that you mentioned how pretty Samantha was, because NITEBYRD said the same thing!!!

    And you're both so right...she was BEAUTIFUL!!!

    AND...had supernatural powers!!!

    Oh, well...maybe in our next life!

    Thanks for TWITCHING by today, Samantha!

    Always MAGICAL!

    Have a SUPER weekend, dear lady!

  17. Howdy Mama Dawg! does you aunt do that???

    I've tried and tried, but mouth and chin always move too!

    DAMN...maybe your aunt is actually Tambitha, Samantha's daughter!?!?!

    Wasn't Tabitha cute?

    And speaking of CUTE...Jesse said hello to me???


    OMG...give him a big hug for me, ok?

    It's ALWAYS so nice having you here, Mama Dawg!

    THANK YOU!!!

    Have a SUPERnatural weekend!

  18. HOLY SHIT...Miss Jones!!!

    Your comments ALWAYS have me throwing my head back, laughing...and stomping my feet on the floor!!!


    The comment about your uncle in New Jersey was PRICLESS!!

    God, I would love to meet that man - he sounds very funny!

    And WOW, Miss DO have magical powers!! Or maybe a special "car angel" that's always with you!

    tee, hee!

    Hey, and thank you so much for your kind words...they REALLY touched me, dear friend.

    And I'm so glad that you feel LOVE here, because that's honestly what I always "intend upon" with this blog. That people will always "feel good" when they come here, and can share a bit of laughter throughout their day. It's so important to take time and LAUGH.

    In the short year that I've had this blog, I feel so incredibly blessed to always have NICEST people stop by... because they're ones who make up the LOVE and the LAUGHTER!

    Thanks for being a part of that, Spiky!

    Your presence here is always cherished.

    Have a SUPERnatural weekend!

    Ciao bella

  19. Personally, I always wanted to be Samantha's little daughter. I loved the way she wiggled her nose just a little bit slower. Too cute!

  20. Good Morning Kate!

    aka: Tabitha

    That's right!! She used her little finger to wiggle it. I totally forgot about that!

    And do remember Samantha's cousin?? I forget what her name was, but she had short black hair...and was much more WILD!!

    What a great show, hu?

    Thanks for stopping by today, Kate!

    So nice seeing ya!

    Have a SUPER day!

  21. I always wanted to be Samantha! These days I'm far more suited to Endora - and that's OK!

    You must have been a delightful kid!

  22. Good memories again, Ron dear!

    Remember Gladys Kravitz?
    Well, I swear my Mother is turning into her. When my sister and I talk to her on the phone all she wants to talk about is all the wild and suspicious things the neighbors are doing! eh,eh

    Thank you for making me smile!

    Love Ya!

  23. Good Evening Dianne!

    Wasn't Endora the BEST???

    Anges Moorehead did a BRILLIANT job!

    I saw the movie, Bewitched...and Shirley Maclaine did a great job with the role too. However, I wasn't crazy about the film version - it didn't have that "special something" that the TV show had.

    My mother always called me her DRAMATIC son!

    (I wonder why?)

    tee, hee..

    Thanks for stopping by today, Dianne!

    It's always a great TREAT!

    Have a SUPER weekend!

  24. Evening Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    OMG....GLADY KRAVITZ!!!!!!

    LOVED HER!!!

    I can still picture her screaming to her husband ABNER.

    "Abner, come quick...there's a giraffe on the Stevens lawn!!!!


    Everyone of the characters on the show were outstanding, weren't they?

    Sometimes I think I have a little bit of Gladys Kravitz in me too. Especially when I'm peaking out my apartment door and hearing all the noise that the college students make in this building.

    OY VEY!?!?!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by, Gypsy-Heart!

    I'm ALWAYS so happy to see your comments!

    Have a SUPERnatural weekend, dear friend!

    And try twitching your nose the next time you want to fly across the lake on Drayton Island!

    Let me know if it works!!

    Love YA!

  25. And speaking of super powers--- Do you remember the cartoon- the Super Friends (I think it was called that)-- with aquaman, the wonder twins, Wonder woman, superman, batman and robin... I wanted Aquaman's powers.. Plus, I wanted to be able to turn invisible... I wanted super powers, too!!!

  26. Hi Ron,

    Happy Sunday to you!! It was Serena... I always got a kick out of her being the racier, sexier sister and it was Samantha in drag!!! Sooooo funny!!!! How about Sam's bumbling aunty... Aunt Clara...
    hehe... Gotta love that show.. I'm sending you a clip right now... Leesa

  27. Evening Leesa!


    Thank you for reminding me, cause I was racking my brain trying to figure out her name!

    And you're too-too funny...because she DID look like a DRAG version of Samantha. Even her voice and clothing were Dragish!

    Oh...and Aunt Clara...wasn't she cute banging into walls and falling down the chimney???

    oooh...and thanks, I'll look for the clip in my emails!

    Thank you!

    Happy Sunday to you, Leesa!

    I worked all day and just go home!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Hello again, Leesa!

    Yes...I DO remember all those super hero's you mentioned!!!

    I always wanted to be able to FLY!!!

    When I was a kid, I got a Batman car for Christmas, and it was SO cool, because it had all those little trapped doors that various things popped out of!!!!

    (and I also wanted an Easy-Bake Oven)


    Thanks for bringing back all those wonderful memories, Leesa!

    That was FUN!

    Enjoy your evening, dear lady!

  29. Man...How I would love to just give my nose a little tinkle and have things done! Found your blog via GiGGLes. Love it! You have however gave me the idea to go watch Practical Magic so...I am off to do so!

  30. Greetings Jo-Jo!!


    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    So nice meeting you!

    And isn't Giggles a DOLL?

    Oh, man...wouldn't it the BEST to be able to simply "wiggle" our nose and have things done????

    Oh, well...try the "light-switch thing"'s not really magic, but if your 9 years old, it sure feels like it!


    Please stop by anytime Jo-Jo, you're always welcomed!

  31. ROFLMFAO!!!!!! The baby is kicking the crap outta me because I am laughing so hard!!!

    Oh Ronnie you are too adorable!!! So adorable that I want to smash someone in the face ffs! :-D xx

  32. OMG, Giggles!!!

    Your comments are ALWAYS so damn CUTE!!!

    I hope the baby didn't kick ya too hard, though!?!?

    Maybe this means the baby will have supernatural powers!!!!!

    Baby Bewitched!


    Thanks for stopping by, dear one!

  33. I think you, Ron, would be one who would use his powers for good, so I approve of you having magical powers. Others though, I'm not so sure of.

  34. Howdy RHea!

    Thank you for saying that, dear lady!

    However...I think I would have made my hateful grandmother VANISH in a FLASH!


    (aren't I wicked?)


    Always nice talking with ya, Rhea!

    Ok...I'm going to go practice my "nose wiggle" now!