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Ok, am I just a freak…or do you talk yourself too?

For years I use to watch other people do this in public and would think to myself, “Oh my god, how sad….a mental patient”

Now suddenly, I’ve turned into ONE!

This started happening to me about 7 years ago.

(gee…I wonder if it could have something to do with AGE???)


It first began with me just saying a word here and there, but has now turned into a complete conversation I’m having with myself.

And it’s totally embarrassing, because people on the streets and in stores are starting to notice.

I will usually start talking to myself whenever I’m trying to figure something out in my mind and I’m analyzing it. There was a time when I would just “think” something through, however now, I seem to have the insane need to “talk” it through, so I can hear myself say it.

This also happens whenever someone has pissed me off and I’m internally spewing about what I REALLY think of them, as I mumble all sorts of profanity under my breath.

(oh...did I mention I have tourette’s syndrome?)

Anyway, today while I was walking home from the grocery store, I started thinking about this post and what I wanted to say. When suddenly…I starting talking the whole thing through.

You should have seen me….

I’m walking down the street, carrying two huge bags of Trader Joes groceries…TALKING. And it wasn’t just my lips that were moving, either…my entire body got into the conversation. My head was bopping from side to side; my shoulders were moving up and down; even my eyebrows were bouncing on my forehead like Groucho Marx.

(I looked like a marionette puppet)

And a few times I caught people looking at me; smiling sympathetically.

Sometimes when people spot me doing this, I’ll quickly start singing a song, so they’ll think I was just meaning to sing.

(I mean, singing out loud isn’t as weird as TALKING out loud, right?)

Oh, I don’t know…I just think the whole thing is so strange.

However, there is one GOOD thing about talking to yourself…

You're all EARS!


  1. Hey Ron .. Don't feel embarrassed man. At least am with you, and surely many others are too.

    I feel it all starts with you talking to yourself when alone like praising ourselves in front of mirror :P And its from there that the words start dripping from our mouth even in the public. I think swearing others would be the most common symptom for this syndrome.

    So, on a positive note, lets say self-talkers are deep-thinkers and continue blabbering in public. May be train ourself to puke words in rhythm so that they sound as a distorted song :)

  2. k......repeat after me......

    This is NOT an age thingy.
    This is NOT an age thingy.
    This is NOT an AGE thingy!

    k.....probably more for me than for you, dearheart..

    <--talks to herself and other inanimate objects all the freakin' time.

    Note that I qualified myself as an 'inanimate object'...LOL

    But I name everything, too.
    The squirrels, the toads, the birdies, the flutterbys.....pencils, erasers...LOL You name it, I name it!

    Probably more confusing for the world around me is the running conversations I have when I'm anywhere NEAR a 'puter.

    Oh.....don't make me tell on myself any more than I already have. LOL

    ((((((( Ron ))))))

    This is NOT an age thingy!!!!!!

    .....riiiiigggggghhhhhhhtttttttt Mel.......


  3. Just pretend to be chatting on your mobile phone. I do!

  4. I think you'll find that most people talk to themselves atleast a small part of the time. Whether they'de admit it...??

    Here's my confession: Yes, I talk to myself. In the grocery store, it's mostly just adding up items. But I catch myself counting over and over and wonder what the people monitoring those store cameras must think. AND I do it in the car too. And I totally get how you pretend to be singing as I soooo do that too. Well, the radio or cd's are usually playing in my car anyway. But if I'm upset with someone, and that headbob thing gets going I can't see how anyone would take that for singing along. But if I feel like I have to vent, I do. And that person, while invisible to other drivers, is right there with me and I'm going thru what I'd say to them if I could.
    Then there are just times I've sat and practiced for my home demonstrations, what I'd say, etc. That isn't so bad, but if someone looked in the window or walked in it would be weird.
    Okay, talk about weird....
    I remember years ago, I must have been obsessed about the lottery or something because I used to sit and 'talk' about what I'd do with all that money. It was like I was being interviewed except I had no money and no one else was in the room with me. LOL I'm not sure if it had something to do with the concept that if you state your intentions what you want will come or if I was just plain loco. I never did win the lottery .... so much for thinking positively OUT LOUD.
    Reminds me of a joke or something I heard where the person is talking to God and says that they kept praying and praying to win the lottery and God finally says, I wanted to help, but you should have bought the ticket. Something like that anyway. LOL
    But that was totally me, dreaming and chatting away with no tickets in hand. hahaha

  5. Ron, I talk to myself all the time, especially when I am trying to write something. I talk it out first. But I mostly try not to let other people see me talking to myself.

  6. Stick a Blue-Tooth in your ear and nobody will think you're nuts.

    I'm always conversing with the two people in my head, sometimes fighting with them. As far as I know it's still silent but who knows what'll happen from day to day! LOL

  7. I have a t-shirt i made myself for just those occasions, it reads " I'm not talking to you!"
    welcome to the only one who ever listens to me is me club!

  8. Oh.My.God!

    *slowly raises hand*

    I SOOOO do that! I swear I don't start out talking outloud... it just sort of happens.

    Or walking along the downtown streets in Montreal and then some dog is looking at me sideways with a cocked ear as if it's waiting for me to say "cookie", or "potty", or "off the couch" amid all the Charlie Brown teacher's noise coming out of my soundhole.

    I do the spontaneous break into song too... although usually in the car when someone catches me talking to myself (just slightly less embarrassing than being caught digging for gold I expect). I also then have to start car dancing. Works out well when there's actually a song on the radio but not so well during the traffic report. That's what I get for driving with the windows down in an effort to conserve energy by not using the air-conditioning (planet be damned, I'm driving with my windows up and the AC cranked up from now on! harumpf!)

  9. Morning Amit!

    Ya, know....I LIKE YOUR THINKING, bud!!!

    You summed it up perfectly...

    "Deep thinkers and continue blabbing in public"

    That's it!

    It's funny, cause when I was searching for a photo for this post on Flickr, in the catagory of "talking to myself"...I was amazed at how many people, said they did that!"

    Thanks for adding your brilliant insight to this post, Amit!

    Always nice talking to ya!

    Enjoy your day.

  10. Morning Mel!

    You always make me laugh, dear lady!

    I would give anything to hear you talking to your pencils and erasers!

    God, that's great!

    Now little animal creatures? OMG...I talk to them constantly. The whole time I'm feeding the squirrels, I'm jabbering up a storm! And like you...I NAME every one of them.

    Hey, and you mentioned something else that's true for me...

    The COMPUTER!! jabber, jabber, jabber....
    You see me when I throw back my head and just start laughing, because of a silly thought or something.

    Ok...I'll repeat your mantra daily...

    This is NOT an age thingy.
    This is NOT an age thingy.
    This is NOT an AGE thingy!

    As always, I thank you for stopping by and adding your wonderful Mel-ness!

    Enjoy your day!

    P.S. "this is not an age thingy."

  11. Do you just talk out loud or actually hold back and forth conversations with yourself?

    I don't know if it makes a difference, but just curious.

    I'm still in that muttering under my breath or saying a single word phase.

  12. Hi Annonymous!

    You're gonna laugh, but...

    I'm probably the ONLY human being on this planet who doesn't own a cell phone.

    (ssshh...don't tell anyone, but I HATE them)

    But if I DID have one...that's definately what I'd use it for!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, today!

    Enjoy your day!

  13. Hi Nicole!

    Yes...that's probably when I talk to myself the MOST, too!

    God, you should have seem me when I use to do theater, and was rehearsing my lines out loud!! I would be saying MY lines, PLUS the other characters lines!?!?


    Great seeing ya, Nicole!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  14. Morning Miss Nitebyrd!

    GOD...if I only HAD a cell phone!

    As I shared with annonymous...I don't own one.

    But you both just gave me a thought....

    Maybe I'll buy a TOY cell phone and PRETEND that I'm talking on it. I've seen toys that look indentical to the real thing!

    Oh too, Nitebyrd. I find myself sometimes fighting with the people in my head!

    Isn't that FUN???

    Always a delight talking to ya, Miss Nitebyrd!

    Wishing you a great Wednesday!

  15. I do this in the car when I'm by myself. At least people may think I'm talking on the hands free! Maybe that's what you should do, walk with an earpiece on, then people will think you are a twat rather than unstable! ;P

  16. HIYA Lady Sorrow!

    It's so wonderful seeing you!!!

    Hey...I need to have one of those T-shirts made too, because it sounds like something I NEED in this city!

    I found some images (actually "sayings") on flickr when I was searching for a photo for this post, that I think you'll enjoy! In a few days, I'll email them to you.

    Always a wonderful treat seeing you, Sorrow!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  17. Dear God Anndi...leave it to my fellown Libra pal, to express yourself EXACTLY the way I do!!!

    You're vivid descriptions always make me laugh!

    SEE!!! you do the same thing....start SINGING when someone catches you talking to yourself!!

    It's such a great way to distract...isn't it??

    And what is IT about being in your car alone and totally freaking out?

    Singing, dancing, snapping the fingers...picking your nose?!?!?

    I no longer own a car, but when I was always my favorite place to talk to myself. Especially at night, when no one can see you.

    Just the glow of the dashboard lights!

    Thank you MUCHO MUCH for adding your awesome humor here, Anndi!

    It's so enjoyed!

    Have a great day!

  18. Good Morning Crystal Chick!

    First of all, your joke about the lottery ticket was HYSTERICAL. I never heard that one before!

    I had a dream once (while I was still living in Orlando) that certain lottery numbers were being repeated to me, over and over again. I forget what the numbers were, but it was like a mantra in my head. And do you think I went and bought a lottery ticket and played them??? NO!!! And when the numbers for that week were posted in 7-11 I was afraid to look at them, in fear that THEY were the winning numbers!!

    OY VEY! sound exactly like me with how you rehearse the dialog you want to say. ME TOO!! Whenever I would be getting ready to do a Reflexology presentation, I would repeat the entire thing in the car, on the way there. And of NEVER came out that way, once I started talking. Usually what came out...was better than what I had planned. Spontanious!

    Hey...I see from the responses on this post, that I'm not the only one who talks to themselves.


    Thanks a lot for always adding such "good stuff" to these posts, M!

    It's so enjoyed.

    Happy Wednesday!

    P.S. Hasn't the weather been GREAT??

  19. OMG Trixie...your comment made me laugh my butt off!

    Your closing line was PRICLESS!!

    Hey, I'm beginning to think (because of some suggestions here) that I need to get a cell phone with a blue tooth.

    It seems like a great way to act insane...and not actually APREAR insane!

    Thanks for your wonderful humor, Trixie!

    It's much appreciated and enjoyed!

    Hope your Wednesday is AWESOME!

  20. Afternoon Mama Dawg!'s like a complete conversation that I'm having with myself, which is spoken/muttered aloud.

    It's like talking to myself and then responding to myself.

    Inner dialog I guess you could call it!?

    It's quite ATTRACTIVE!


    Thanks much for stopping by today, Mama Dawg!


  21. Don't you think being caught trying to catch a booboo as my adorable future grandson-in-law likes to call it would be embarassing? My mother made sure I lived in fear of the thought of being caught doing that (she also told me my finger could get stuck in there) and I now have a hard time even scratching my nose.

  22. OH RON!!!!

    You're NOT alone!!! I talk toute seule, too! Not so much as a conversations... I'm only 42 so I'll give it a few more years-- but I do say words and answer myself out loud when I am in the public lieu! But, to make you feel a bit better... Just know, that there are those people-- You KNOW who you are, people- who talk on the wireless earbud micro thingy with the blue light- out loud and very loud in public!! So, it's kinda like that, what you are doing.. Whereas they are talking to someone, you're talking to "yourself." You are "someone" so that should count, too.. Good for you for keeping yourself in good company... Take good care, Leesa
    P.S. Coming your way--- a box of chocs. I picked up from a 'favourite' chocolatier in France... It's from me and Barbara to you... A little remembrance (souvenir) from France... Thanks so much to Barbara for carrying it across the miles.. Hope you guys have a nice coffee time together...

  23. LOL I do it too! At least when you're talking to yourself you get some sensible answers! :)

  24. I talk to the dogs. (and no, they don't talk back) but I'll say stuff like 'Mama, look...I bought your steak. Do you want steak for dinner?'
    'what do you think Mama, should we take a nap?' Mama, of course ALWAYS has my full attention with those big, bright sparkling brown eyes, and IF she could, knowing Mama, she'd probably reply with something like "A NAP!! Yes!! But after a couple cookies, please? And can I have some of what you were eating? I won't leave any crumbs, I swear!'
    Don't give a rat's ass what the neighbors think.

  25. Ron are so like me. I love TRADER JOE'S. It rocks! The vegetables are so fresh and maybe even hydroponic. The wines and beer...WOO. The breads..delish! I even buy bouquets of flowers there for the house.

    Hum...talking to myself I do when I'm in the pissed off mood. Yes, I look kooky. My wierdess extends much further than that. Don't laugh...hehehe. I do problems with my know like math problems or maybe poems on my invisible chalkboard.

    I said not to laugh. hehehe
    Anyway that usually gets me unwanted attention.

    I would love to walk a distant behind you and watch you in your talking to yourself state. Maybe even film it, to thoroughly enjoy in a second and third viewing. hehehehee. You have to admit...we are a pair. :D

    Ciao baby.

  26. Hi Anndi!

    Oh...that's FUNNY!!!


    "Your finger could get stuck in there!!"

    And YES...I think the worse times are when your driving in your car, sitting at a red light and the drivers on either side of you, catch that index finger in there, digging for a BOO-BOO!

    Oh, god...I have to remember that and tell everyone at work I've discovered a new word for Boogies!

    They love shit like that!

    Thanks for sharing, Anndi!

    And thanks for stopping by again!

    Hope your day was GRAND!

  27. Good Evening Leesa! are so SWEET!!!!

    Chocolate from FRANCE!!! OMG...I'm going to DIE!!! I bet it's HEAVEN!!

    I'm so excited about meeting Barbara and her hubby this month. I wish you could be there too!

    Hey listen, thank you for sharing what you said about those people who talk on their cell phone blue tooths, because you're RIGHT!!

    Living in a city, and having to walk everywhere, surrounded by people...I constantly hear this all day long! And some of the conversations (as I'm sure YOU have heard) are just WAY to private for the public. I've actually heard people fighting with there boyfriends/girlfriends and screaming at the top of their lungs. It's embarrassing, ya know? least when I'm talking to MYSELF...I talk NICE!


    Thanks so much for adding your insight to this post, Leesa!

    I feel much better now!

    And thanks again for your thoughtfulness!

    Have a nice evening!

  28. Evening Akelamalu!

    YAY!!! another "talking-to-myself-person."

    I'm finding that there are A LOT of us our there!!!

    And your right....sensible answers are the ADVANTAGE!!

    Although...sometimes I wonder about my answers!?!


    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Wishing you a fabulous evening of talking to yourself!

  29. Evening Debi!

    You GO, girl!!!

    Isn't talking to your pet the BEST???

    Because you can talk and talk...and just know that they understand every word you're saying, and they just listen. However one of my cats, Jerry...would actually respond to me with MEOWS!

    He was so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by, Debi!

    I always enjoy what share here!


  30. Oh Miss Jones....I LOVE your comments!!!

    They're always so FULL of incredible visuals!

    And I'm sorry...but I DID laugh at your description of your chalkboard. Holy shit...that's brilliant!! I could just see you doing that too!

    I'm one for balancing my checkbook, by using my fingers to subtract. I don't like using a calculator all the time, because then my mind gets lazy.


    Percentages can sometimes give me headache, so I DO whip out the calculator for those.

    And YES!!! Isn't Traders Joes the BEST??? They opened one in Philly about 7 years ago, and since then, it's my FAV! And WOW...your Trader Joes sells WINE??? LUCKY YOU! In Pennsylvania, alcohol can only be purchased in a State Store. And the TAX is unbelievably HIGH!! Thank god I have a store right around the corner from me.

    And I LOVE your idea about filming me from behind, while I talk to myself. Damn...I would love to see what I really look like!!

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing your "Sparkle", Spiky!

    Such a JOY!

    Ciao bella

  31. Hi. I am out blog wandering this AM and landed here - and am so glad that I did. I enjoyed your writing style - and the pics. Why in the world would you wear an ear of corn hat? I wish I knew where he got that! Thanks for making me smile! Enjoy your day.

  32. Good Morning Deb!

    Welcome!...thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    So glad you enjoyed Vent..that makes me feel really nice.

    I've met the nicest people from this blog.

    Hey...didn't you LOVE the EAR of corn hat? Me too. When I saw the photo at Flickr...I almost died!! I'm assuming it was taken at maybe a Corn Festival or something!?!

    Like you...I wish I knew where he got it, because I would love to wear it, walking down the streets of Philadelphia, and freaking-out all these uptight people!?!?


    Anyway, was so nice meeting you. Please stop by whenever you feel - you're alway welcomed!

    Enjoy your day!

  33. Just attach one of those obnoxious blue-tooth headsets and people will think you're on the phone. Because I see people talking to themselves all the time now, think they might be nutty, then see those ear piece thingys. lol

    I have a lot going on in my head all the time talking to myself but I haven't progressed to talking out loud yet...except when driving. I do talk to the annoying drivers around me. Out loud in my closed car where they can't hear me or come after me.

  34. the good thing sweetie is that with all these people on the Bluetooth device it has become acceptable to walk and drive around talking into thin air.

    I kind of resent that! I liked being crazy. Now I'm just another asshat on a hands free device.

  35. Howdy Rhea!


    I think the thing I learned from this post is....GET A BLUE TOOTH!!!

    It's awful though, because I don't even own a cell phone!?!?! But I remember standing next to someone for the first time, and hearing them talk on one of those things...OMG...I thought they were INSANE! I saw NO cell phone in their hand and was wondering who the hell were they talking to??? Then I saw that little light flashing in their ear!!!

    Hey, listen....I was just like you when I drove. I talked to the drivers all the time, muttering obsenities and shooting them the bird.

    (of course...out of their VIEW)

    tee, hee.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Rhea!

    It's good to know that I'm not alone!

    Enjoy your evening!

  36. OMG Dinanne that's FUNNY!

    You're so right about how acceptable it's become to walk around on these blue tooths and talk into thin air.

    And for all I know...people who see me talking to myself, are probably thinking the SAME THING!!

    I was FUN being crazy, wasn't it?

    Now crazy has become the NORM!

    Always a wonderful treat sharing with you, Dianne!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hope your ankle is feeling better!

  37. When people look at me strange because I've been talking to myself, I just stick out my left hand and say, "Hello, my mane is Cybil." then stick out my right hand and say, "And this is my friend Jeff..We're pleased to meet you."

    Do this on the bus and you can have your pick of any seat you want!

  38.'s SOOOO freaking weird that you said CYBIL.

    Because intially when I began this post...I had written the second or third line, saying that I felt like CYBIL!!!

    But for some reason, I didn't think everyone would understand who I meant!?


    And your suggestion is a RIOT!!!!

    I don't ride the buses here, but I WILL try it on the subway!! this crazy city, 95% of the people TALK to themselves!!

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Always a pleasure!

    Enjoy your evening!

  39. Wow..I am way behind on your vents!! :O

    I didn't read all the great comments due to time :( so forgive me if I say what has already been said!

    I do talk to myself..but I talk to myself in third person. Of course, people in public do not know that Susan is my name so they think I am talking to no one. hee, hee I answer myself too.

    Great vent! Moving up to read about wedding cake now. :)

  40. Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    No worries, my wonderful friend....

    Whenever you stop by, is whenever you stop by!

    It's always a pleasure to see you anytime!!

    OMG...that's so WONDERFUL!!!

    You talk to yourself in THIRD PERSON???

    How great!

    I need to try that, one day!

    I bet people will think I'm talking to my little invisible friend, RON!

    (and RON listens to me, so WELL)


    Thanks for sharing, dear Gypsy!

    See...we are twins!