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First of all, I need to share with you that I have one of the most insatiable “sweet tooth’s” on the face of this planet.

If I could sustain my body only on SWEETS…I’d be in nirvana.

Today while I was at work, I suddenly had the incredible desire for a piece of wedding cake.

(I actually went around and asked all the ladies if they had any in their purses…I swear)

Wedding cake to me, is like no other cake in the world.

I love wedding cake more than my own life!

My favorite, is a simple yellow cake with white butter icing.

I don’t know what the hell they do to it, to get to taste that way, but whatever it is…it must be a top secret recipe, given only to professional bakers.

Anytime anyone asks me to come to a wedding, the first thing out of my mouth is, “You’re having a wedding cake, right?”

And then the second thing out of my mouth is, “What kind?…and how BIG is it?”

The whole time I’m at the church, my only thoughts are about getting my greedy little hands on the FIRST piece of cake that’s cut, after the bride and groom traditionally smash a piece into one another’s face.

(I HATE that insane tradition)

One time I remember going to a friends wedding, and the food they served for dinner was worse than horrendous. It was like being at a Canned-Food Festival.

The only thing I could stomach were the potato chips.

So I walked around mingling with everyone, holding a plateful of Lays.

FINALLY…they got to the cake-cutting ceremony.

(as I stood there praying to God Almighty, that the cake was going to taste better than the meal)

So they cut the cake; smashed it into one another’s face, and then began cutting for the guests. Needless to say, I was the first in line.

(my salivary glands were starting to produce FOAM, which was dripping from the corners of my mouth)

When they handed me the piece, I grabbed the plate, fork and napkin…and went at it.

And as the cake hit my taste buds…I let out an audible sigh.

“aaaah….I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

The cake was absolutely magnificent.

And because I had had no dinner…I ate THREE pieces.

(I know, I know…I‘m a PIG)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Ron,
    Oh your poor thing; doomed to wander the streets of Philly in search of wedding receptions ! Yeah; wedding cake is not something that you can just buy a the bakers to take away, like a slice of apple pie.
    It's more exclusive...

    You are a sweet tooth with expensive tastes ;)
    This is my last comment before our departure.
    See you soon in Philly !!

    Sorry...I won't be stashing any wedding cake in my bagage !!!

  2. I have THEE PERFECT IDEA! You and I become 'wedding crashers'. LOL
    We'll just arrive to each event late, after everyone is liquored up, and won't know we don't belong and we'll just stay long enough for the sweets!

    I love, love, love wedding cake TOO!
    Well, if it's the recipe where they use pound cake and butter cream icing. I've been to other events where it's just regular cake and that whipped cream stuff. Hey, don't get me wrong, whipped cream has it's place too, just not on wedding cake!!
    Now you have me thinking about sweets. Interestingly, our astrology group is meeting for a workshop this month and I swear the room is only like 3 blocks from a bakery!!! Maybe I can go in there before the meeting and tell them I'm working on my daughters wedding and will need to try some samples of their wedding cake!!! I've only ever had that stores cream donut and OMG you can feel the arteries tighten after only eating half with all the butter and cream. I only indulge very very occasionally in one of those. Wouldn't want to totally overdo the Rubenesque look. LOL Eh.... TOO LATE!

    Have a wonderfully sweet weekend!

  3. Yup!

    Do you think it would be appropriate to just ask a baker for a wedding cake even if I'm not getting married?

    The now ex and I had a friend of his make our cake. He was working as a cook in a longterm care facility but his true calling was pastry chef. Oh.My.God!

    It was scrumtious. I just said, "make it whatever flavor you want, I trust you". It was delish and beautiful. He got some blush roses to decorate it. I did not smoosh a piece in my groom's face, that would have wasted a perfectly good piece of cake.

    10 years ago, we had a major ice-storm and the last piece I had been saving in the freezer thawed. I should have taken it as a sign.

  4. Aloha Debi!

    This photo was taken of me at last years Halloween Festival...

    I was bobbing for apples.

    onk! onk!

    Thanks for stopping by, Debi!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

  5. Morning Barbara!

    Ya I was writing this post, I kept thinking to myself, "Why don't they sell wedding cake by the slice, like pizza??"

    And even better yet...have it be a drive-thru window like Wendy's!

    "I'd like piece of wedding cake, please...with a side order or fries."

    OMG...I know, I'm so excited...I can't wait to meet you guys!!!

    Have a safe and wonderful journey, Barb!

    P.S. Can you try and bring me a French cookie? Their very small!

  6. Morning Crystal Chick!

    Hey, and I are on the same freaking brain waves, because I often tell people that I would love to go to annonymous weddings, just in time for the CAKE at the reception!!

    I mean, can you imagine?

    We could even have special "wedding clothes" that we have saved in our closets, for when we crash wedding receptions!

    LET'S DO IT, M!!!

    And yes!!! The cake must have the butter cream icing...none of that FLUFFY stuff.

    And the cake should be moist and dense.

    So just let me know....maybe we could start this next Spring, when wedding season kicks in!!

    Thanks for sharing in the laughter, M!

    Always a pleasure!

    Happy weekend!

    P.S. have you noticed...the HEAT is BACK!

  7. OMG, Anndi...your WIT is beyond brilliant!

    You're last two sentences were FABULOUS!!!

    Hey...and leave to my Libra friend to understand the practicality of wasting a perfectly good piece of wedding cake on the face.

    (isn't that INSANE??)

    I mean, that could be one more piece for ME!

    Boy...and your wedding cake sounded DIVINE!

    oooh...and BLUSH ROSES!!!

    As always, Anndi...your witty words are SO enjoyed!!!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oooohhhh....I know what you mean. I LOVE wedding cake.

    However, I have to draw the line at Red Velvet wedding cake.

    Anytime I hear that someone had that at their wedding, all I can think of is that armadillo grooms cake from "Steel Magnolias".


    My favorite is the white cake with the almond flavored frosting. Yummmmm.....

  9. Let them eat Cake!! I too have a love, love relationsip with cake. I enjoy the Italian wedding cake with the cream and the rum and the fruit. I can eat the whole cake if they would let me. I think I may have done that on at least one occasion. The white cake with the white icing is like nothing else. Wash this down with a great cup of coffee and you are in heaven!!
    Well, now you have done it! I am off to the bakery and with a fist full of money I am going to buy a cake. No need for a wedding just the cake.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. ARe wedding cakes 'sponge' as in victoria sponge there? Wedding cakes here are rich fruit cakes covered in marzipan and icing. I haven't got a sweet tooth at all and icing sets my teeth on edge so you can have my slice Ron. x

  11. Hi Mama Dawg! not that "scene" in Steel Magnolias, one of the BEST scenes from a movie???

    Shirley Maclaine was BRILLIANT!!!

    And I SOOO agree with you, red velvet cake is a cake I never even THINK about eating.

    Like you...I enjoy white/yellow cake. I've never tried almond flavored frosting...but it sounds HEVENLY!!! I like anything ALMOND. The Dutch pastries are mostly ALL almond flavored, and I so enjoyed them when I visited.

    Much thanks for stopping by, Mama Dawg...and for adding some wedding cake LOVE!!

    Hope you have a SWEET weekend!

  12. Greetings my other Libra friend Dave! brought back such a wonderful memory for me about the Italian Wedding Cake!!!

    It was at EVERY SINGLE Italian wedding I've ever been to. Such a wonderful tradition, isn't it?

    The thing I love about that cake, is how the rum layer filling, keeps the cake so moist.

    And you're right, my goes PERFECT with a great cup of coffee!!

    (god I can taste and smell that, right now)

    Tomorrow, I may head for the Italian Bakery and get me a cannoli!

    Always a delight to seeing you, Dave!

    Thanks so much for adding your LIGHT!

    Have grand weekend, bud!

  13. Evening Akelamalu! they're usually a plain white, yellow, or even chocolate cake with a delicious butter cream icing.

    But I DO know the cakes you're talking about.

    Ok, it's a deal...I'll take YOUR piece of cake and you can have MY glass of red wine!


    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    And you're so don't need cake anyway!

    Happy weekend!

  14. Wedding cake?
    I didn't know they made chocolate wedding cake?
    Chocolate wedding cake with chocolate sprinkles...
    any other kind, promise i will send to you next wedding i go to...

  15. GOOD news....

    <--doesn't eat cake.

    This means--more for YOU!!!!


  16. Evening Lady Sorrow!


    I've had chocolate wedding cake too, and HAVE enjoyed it (never any chocolate sprinkles, though) but the white/yellow cake is my all-time favorite!

    Yes, please let me know about any future weddings...I could be there in a FLASH!

    Always a treat seeing you, Sorrow!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Have a great weekend!

    The Wedding Cake Crasher

  17. Howdy Mel!

    Oh, that's right...I think I remember you mentioning in one of your posts, that you're not a big sweet eater (chocolate especially, right?)

    Ok, then....just PASS IT ON TO ME!!!

    I swap you a piece of wedding cake, for box of sidewalk chalk!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mel!

    May you have a magical weekend in that wonderful backyard of yours!

    Hello...Seemore and Seeless!

  18. I love sweets too, and wedding cake is one of the best things about weddings..that and the wine!! Oh and the dancing if they have good music! hee, hee

    You always make my heart happy!

    Love ya!

  19. Good Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart! did I just KNOW that you would enjoy sweets to???

    Probably because you're so SWEET!

    Your comment made me remember the music they always played at ALL the family Italian weddings I went to, as a child.

    For some insane reason, they always played Proud Mary by Tina Tuner. And I would watch all the women on the dance floor twirling around in their PASTEL BLUE floor-length dresses, and all the men in their PASTED BLUE tuxedos.

    It was like a PROM NITEMARE!!!

    I was so shy as a child (if you can believe that) so I never danced...

    I just JUDGED!


    Thanks for stopping by, my dear friend!

    You always bring LOVE here!

    Love ya!

  20. HAHAHAHAHA Thats gorgeous Ronnie!!!

    Oh I wish I knew you for my wedding! We had STACKS left over... and it all went to waste in the end!

    But I did keep the little bride and groom figurine that sat on top of the cake.... and it's made of marzipan and can be eaten! Shall I send it to ya?! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

  21. Oh I think here weddings are always Electric Slide which sickens me almost as much as effin Mustang Sally.

  22. Morning Giggles! too, I wish I had known you then. I could have flown to Australia and worn my PASTEL BLUE tuxedo; danced to Proud Mary; and eaten ALL your wedding cake!!!

    (I bet it was DELICIOUS!!)

    You're SO sweet to offer me you're bride and groom cake-top! But I couldn't...that's for you guys to eat on your anniversary.

    (however, I will take any chocolate that you have lying around the house)



    Thanks so much for dropping by, dear one!

    I hope you're having an AWESOME weekend!

    P.S. say hello to Rat Girl for me!

  23. Oh....Debi!

    As soon as you said Mustang Sally, I had a total flash-back!!

    I could actually hear the damn song!!!

    And like you...I place it DOWN there with PROUD MARY!!!

    "rolling...rolling...rolling on the river!"

    Go Tina!

  24. Wow! We're on the same wavelength. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, the ONLY thing I ever craved was cake. Birthday cake, wedding cake, I wanted ANY kind of cake and I wanted it NOW! I still am a sucker for any kind of cake - yum.

  25. Hi Adrian!

    Welcome...thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment!

    Nice meeting you! made me think of something....

    Maybe I'm PREGNANT!!!


    It's horrible too, because when I get the desire to have's like...NOW!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your love of cake!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Adrian!

  26. OMG!!! You crack me up, Ron!!!! I just saw Accident Husband yesterday-- (Un Mari de Trop en fran├žais) and there was an ABSOLUTELY hilarious scene dealing with wedding cake!! You MUST see this cute chick flick movie.. It's sooo cute... Leesa : )

  27. Good Evening Leesa!

    oooh...oooh...a film with a scene about a wedding cake!?!?!?

    Thank you, dear lady. I'm ALWAYS happy when someone recommends a good film! Especially a foreign film.

    And I love chick flicks!

    I'm absolutely BONKERS over any film with Meg Ryan in it - she does a lot of chick flicks. She's so charming and lovable, that you can help but "go for the ride" in all her films.

    ALWAYS so great talking to ya, Leesa!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  28. you should start stalking people celebrating their first anniversary! don't they have cake in the freezer? lol

  29. Sweetie you make me laugh. I really could imagine you there with this look of heaven on your face...after the first bite. Once you savor it for a moment or two...that little piggie kicks in and it's oink-oink-oink time.

    I have to agree...there's something about the taste of a wedding cake. I think they taste better because they're filled with happiness, hope and love.

    hehehehehe...sweetheart, don't forget to take a piece of cake home for later. You get in your jammies...get your piece of wedding cake and yum. Oh and don;t forget...GOT MILK!

    You...babes...I love. Ciao honey.

  30. Hiya Dianne!


    That's a FABULOUS idea!!!

    I can get a wedding registry list at William-Sonoma of all the recent wedding dates, then go to these peoples homes, and while their sleeping...STEAL the top of their wedding cake!

    oooh...Please don't tell anybody I'm going to do this though, ok?

    Thanks for stopping by, Dianne!

    And thanks for giving me this GREAT idea, girl!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  31. Good Evening Miss Jones!

    OMG...I'm like a MAJOR PIGGY when it comes to wedding cake!

    I'm virtually an ADDICT!

    Hey, and maybe you're right...maybe it IS the fact that the cake is filled with so much love and happiness, and THAT'S what gives it such a HEAVENLY taste!

    (either that...or the fact I'm so filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS when I eat it!)


    Oh yes...and I MUST have some MOO-MOO MILK with my PIGGY CAKE!

    (it makes for sweeter dreams)

    Thanks for coming by this evening, Spiky!

    You always add such happiness, here!

    FABU weekend!

    Ciao bella

  32. Dear Ron,

    You're MY kinda guy!!!!! Hehehe... My hubby likes chick flicks, too... BTW, the film I saw is American-- with Uma Thurman/Colin Firth/Jeffrey Morgan (P.S. I love you). The titles here are mostly in French... If you want to see an EXCELLENT French movie though.. You MUST rent Les Chorists.. I can't tell you what a moving film this is.. Be sure you have tissues next to you- it's a tear-jerker... (not a chick flick)...
    BTW2-- NEW MOVIE ALERT--- CHICK FLICK, CHICK FLICK!!!!! Meg Ryan on board--- WOMEN!!! Coming soon to a cinema near to you! I CANNOT WAIT to see this film... Meg Ryan looks FAB and their are a TON of other stars... Anyhow.. RON, I must say that you really, really crack me sooo much... I feel like your comments have your voice and it's you, not the typed words that are saying them to me when I read them... Is that even possible, since it's me whose reading them silently to myself?? It's like YOU have transported yourself to your own comments and you are LIVE and DIRECT when I read them!! To bad we don't have video comments with sound, like a youtube clip.. Now, THAT would really be something... Thanks SOOOOOO much for visiting my blog and for writing those lively comments that just absolutely MADE my morning.. I am about to take pics of my dulce de leche brownies and post them on my blog dedicated to you.. Next time I'm on the East Coast, Alex and I are rushin' ova ta Philly... We'll have a cheesestake sand. and a rice knish with ya!!
    Cheers, Leesa

  33. You're going to think I'm a bit cuckoo, (but that's motto is why be normal?) but I don't care for chick flicks or dramas. I love screwball comedies! Spaceballs (merchandising...where the real money is made. Spaceballs da breakfast cereal, Spaceballs da lunchbox...")
    Made in America, which I was looking for a copy, and found one day in ROSS of all places! Look Who's Talking (the first one) Innerspace had Meg Ryan in it (also: Armed and Dangerous). Once Upon a Crime is a riot. It's plot revolves around a missing Monte Carlo Dachshund, whose owner is murdered, and American tourists try to get the reward money without looking like suspects.

    And no, still no blog. I've brainstormed about some name ideas, but nothing set in stone. I mean if I choose to make fun of myself by referring to my blubber in my blog name, what if, by some miracle, I lose the blubber? LOL

  34. Guess who couldn't wait until I'm in the area of that bakery in two weeks??? I made a detour on the way home from errands yesterday but couldn't get parking at the bakery so IN THE RAIN walked like 2 blocks to get me a yummy cream filled donut. And of course one for sonnyboy and hubbyhub. It's amazing they even got whole untouched ones and my fingers were in the bag before I even arrived back home.
    They did have a BIG wedding cake displayed there on the side counter so I might just have to order a small one for after me and hub's anniversary dinner in Nov.
    Do you think it'll travel well in my suitcase for the trip to Mexico in December??? OH like there would even be a tiny crumb leftover.

  35. dear lord I wish u could try this cake we have at a local bakery here, it's called the "ding dong cake" it's a giant ding dong dipped in's crazy good!

  36. Good Evening Leesa!

    YES!!!'s so funny, because when I came to your blog after I left you the previous comment, here....I saw that the movie you spoke about was not foreign, but rather American!

    Silly me!

    OMG...I think it's wonderful that your hubby enjoys chick flicks, because there's not many mem out there who DO. He must be a very sensitive guy.

    And thank you SO MUCH for telling me about the new Meg Ryan film!!!! I've been so out of the loop with films lately, so I have no idea what's coming out! I've turned into one of those people who waits for the film to come out in DVD, but seeing them in a movie theater is so much better!

    (including the popcorn, soft drink and TWIZZLERS)

    And I will definately be on the look out for the other film you mentioned too. I happen to really enjoy a real tear-jerker.

    The only films I'm not fond of, are ones that have a lot of violence in them. Violence really upsets me.

    And thank you for enjoying my comments. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoy commenting, not only on this blog, but others as well. I try to write as I feel, so maybe that's what you pick up on. I truly believe, that words have "energy" and however we express how they'll be FELT. I honestly can tell more about a person from reading their words, than by actually SEEING them.

    Perhaps you're that way too.

    I really enjoyed catching up on your posts last night. What a wonderful cook you are!

    And listen, if ever you should happen to be on the East Coast, PLEASE DO stop by Philly. I would so enjoy meeting you and your husband!

    I'm so excited about meeting Barbara this month!!!


    Thanks so much for stopping by again, Leesa!

    Always a pleasure sharing with you!

    Enjoy your evening!

  37. Good Evening Debi!

    So nice seeing you again!

    I know quite a few women who don't enjoy chick flicks or I don't think you're cuckoo at all! We all have our own unique tastes, ya know?

    ooooh....I enjoy comedies too!

    Have you ever seen any of Christopher Guest films? Best is Show? Waiting for Guffman? To me, the man is beyond BRILLIANT!! I own two of his films and watch them regularly! His comedy is very DRY, but VERY funny!

    And YES....Look Who's Talking (the first one) was absolutely HYSTERICAL. I think Travolta and Alley were a PERFECT match in that film. I love both of them. It's one of those films that I would watch AGAIN, and AGAIN.

    Hey, listen, about your me, one day it will just COME TO YOU about how you want to present it. And it also may change, as you move forward with it. This blog for instance, started out one way, but I ending up taking it another. That's the great thing about a constantly moves FORWARD, so chances will CHANGE.

    And as far as loosing the "blubber"...sometimes that happens. You just go dry. This is one of the reasons why I only post 3 times a week. I give myself lots of time to create new posts in between, and then store them in my documents. And then occasionally, I take a week off...just to get away from it all. Much of what I write comes from my everyday experiences, so I always jot down notes, so I remember them.

    You'll find your OWN wonderful way of blogging. It will just evolve.

    And I so look forward to reading yours!

    Thanks again for stopping by, Debi!

    What fun!

  38. Hiya Crystal Chick!

    OMG...I'm sitting here, laughing my ass of thinking about you detouring IN ALL THAT RAIN WE GOT YESTERDAY...and heading for the bakery!

    How FUNNY!

    Hey...if anyone knows how you's ME!!! And if I had been with you, I would have been CHEERING you on!

    GO, M!

    oooh...and did you both decide on MEXICO for your anniversay vacation??? How WONDERFUL!!! Hey, and December will be PERFEECT too! It'll be cold HERE and warm THERE!

    Good choice, M!


    Hey, and don't take any sweet with you...just wait til you get there, and PIG OUT!

    Thanks for stopping by today, M!

    Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

    Wasn't it beautiful today!

    (yea...and I WORKED!)

  39. Hiya April!

    It's SO nice seeing you, dear lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hey...that DING DONG cake sounds ORGASMIC!

    Anything chocolate, DIPPED in chocolate sounds like a a dream come true!

    If you email me a piece...I'll pay you $100.00!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, April!

  40. I love the versatility of the modern era... go traditional, or something different!
    Maybe a marble cake with choc mousse icing?? lmao! (I made that for my baby-girl's 1st birthday cake lol!!)

    Enjoy your cake Ron.. maybe you can just pop into random bakeries/ cake specialist places (we have a few here) and ask to 'sample' their 'designs'??
    Or maybe I can express post some treats to you?

  41. Hiya Trublmaka!

    It's SOOOO great seeing ya!

    Thanks for stopping by for a piece of wedding cake!

    oooh...oooh...hey, that marble cake with the chocolate mousse icing sounds HEAVENLY!! I do like marble cake and also chocolate mousse, but never thought of putting them together!! How ingenious of you!

    You're so funny, but that's actually a great idea about going from bakery to bakery and SAMPLING! I can just tell them that I'm thinking about getting married, and need to taste the cake FIRST, before I buy it!


    oooh...and how long do you think it would take for a cake to get here, from Australia???

    Thanks so much for your invitation, Trubl!

    Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

  42. Oh I agree about the chemistry between Alley & Travolta...and also Made in America Goldberg/Danson. You could just feel it.

    The blog. Yeah, I'm just stuck on a title! I'm this way when it comes to naming things. My dogs took forever to name, especially the pup. I guess I just don't want to pick something then down the road go 'oh why did I name it THAT?'

  43. Hi Debi!

    You're smart about choosing a good name that you want to stick with.

    I had first named this blog Ventriloquist (after the puppet) and then changed it to Vent. I made the change very early in beginning, before I had readers, so it wasn't a hassle. But once a blog is established, the name becomes established too.

    I've learned something while blogging....

    Unless the blog is about something specific (say, a specific topic) choose a name that's general and simple, so you can change what you talk about on the blog, for the furture.


  44. I never thought about going back for seconds or thirds on the cake.'ve broadened my horizons!

    I love wedding cake too. It's makes it worth it to make it through the long ceremonies and annoying bands...gross buffet food and endless toasts!

  45. Howdy Rhea!

    Thirds, fourths, and fifths!

    I'm such a PIGGY!

    P.S. and I totally forgot about all the annoying toasts!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Rhea!