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Could someone please tell me what happens to humans when they get a piece of BUBBLE WRAP in their hands?

What is this psychotic compulsion that comes over us, where we all feel the need to start POPPING it?

Whenever I see bubble wrap, I instantly get this GLEE in my eyes and start foaming at the mouth.

My fingers begin to tremble and I lose all sense of reality; not able to go another minute until I can hear the heavenly sound of it’s true earthly purpose…


If ever I receive a package mailed to my home and discover bubble wrap, I find myself getting more excited about the wrap, than I do with what it is that I’ve ordered.

I’m sure my neighbors all wonder what the hell is going on in my apartment, when they suddenly hear what sounds like GUN SHOTS coming from behind the door.


And have you ever noticed the difference in sound that the BIG bubble wrap makes compared to the small bubble wrap?

The bigger stuff sounds much more fuller and richer…and LOUDER!

While the smaller stuff sounds more like someone cracking their chewing gum.

I personally get more satisfaction from the bigger stuff.

And what I REALLY like to do, is take a whole WAD and fold it in halves…then jump in the air and land on it with BOTH feet, making it sound like one big EXPLOSION.

Oh…the RAPTURE!!!

Sometimes when I’m at work and find bubble wrap inside one of the product deliveries…I always lie, and tell everyone that I’m going to the dumpster area to throw it out. But what I secretly do…is go into the stockroom, so that I can be all alone and have a private POP-moment.

I can’t help it…bubble wrap makes me go totally Ape Shit….


  1. You're going to think I'm boring and granola, but I just recycle the stuff
    P.S.: I'm just sitting here, eating TWIZZLERS
    "twizzlers make your mouth so very happy"...

  2. There you go, Ron...
    Don't you feel better now that you got this off your chest ? he he ;)
    I'm not as a compulsive "popper" than you, but OK , I'll admit that there is something very fun about popping one or more !
    Just one of the simple pleasures of life :)

    You take care,
    hugs to ya.

  3. Oh my good God I'm just the same Ron! People says it's good for stress relief but I get hyper when I see bubble wrap! I cannot resist it. I found a programme online where you can pop bubble wrap on your computer!

    Pop to your heart's content m'dear. x

  4. Ron - Your are so funny! I'll tell you a secret - I have received packages and have saved the bubble wrap to pop later! I have about 3 sheets at home now waiting to be popped! And having a touch of OCD, I have to go row by row and make sure that all the bubbles are popped. How sick is that??? Thanks for my Monday morning laugh - a great way to start off my work week.

  5. OH but who doesn't love a little bubble wrap popping??? I sure do!!
    I think I've even got a small roll of it leftover from some gifts we sent. You know where I'll be today.... digging thru the closet to find it so I can play with that poppity goodness. Ooooh....just the thought of it! So much fun and wayyyyy better than the cleaning I had planned. ;)

    Have a wonderfully chilly week.... highs only in the upper 40's on Wednesday!
    But now that I have warm jammies and red kitty cat slippers..... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  6. Morning Debi!

    You're definitely NOT boring if you love TWIZZLERS!!!

    Twizzlers are like the GREATEST gift from the gods!

    OMG...I can eat an entire bag (large) in one evening!!!

    I like the RED, but I also enjoy the BLACK as well.

    I'm one of those people who STEALS all the black jelly beans out of people's Easter baskets! just reminded me that I'm about DUE for some TWIZZLERS!!!


    Thanks for stopping by, Debi!

    Hope you enjoyed your TWIZZLERS!!!

    Have a GREAT day!

  7. Hellooooo Barbara!

    For me, bubble wrap is like eating Lays potato chips....

    ....I can't POP just one!


    I'm DEFINITELY compulsive.

    But...OH...the RAPTURE!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning, Barb!

    Always a treat!

    Happy Monday!

  8. OMG....Akelamalu!!!!!


    HOLY be able to POP bubble wrap on my computer would be like winning the Pennsylvania lottery!!!!

    YAHOOO....I can't wait to check it out!

    And yes....I've also heard that popping it does relieve stress!

    I guess that's why I'm so CALM...



    Thanks for POPPING by today, dear lady!

    And I hope you have a POP of a Monday!


  9. Morning Miss P!

    ALWAYS so nice seeing ya!

    OMG...your comment made me HOWL!!

    And I don't think that's sick at all...I think it's HYSTERICAL!!

    Well...I guess you and I have the same OCD, because I too must make sure every single bubble is POPPED!

    I keep thinking that if I miss one, the poor little bubble will feel sad and unwanted!

    (talk about SICK)

    Hey listen, I'll pay you $100.00 if you mail me one of your bubble wrap sheets!


    Thank YOU for the morning laugh!

    I SOOOO enjoyed it!

    Thank for POPPING by and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


  10. Good Morning Crystal Chick...RED KITTY!


    To HELL with cleaning....

    ...popping bubble wrap is much more productive and FUN, don't you think?

    However, before I started answering these comments this morning....I actually cleaned the apartment. I even cleaned the ceiling fan blades (and what a BITCH that is).

    oooh...ooooh...and KNOW, M...someone at work yesterday, was telling me how COLD it's getting this week and was jumping up and down like a FREAK!

    I have off for the next two days, so I'll be outside enjoying it!

    Wasn't the HUMIDITY, the past couple of days just HORRENDOUS? felt like summer.

    Thanks for POPPING by today, M!

    I hope you have a wonderful warm and cozy day at home!


  11. Oh goodness, this is so funny Ron. I am not allowed to pop the bubble wrap in my house. Whenever we get a package, the kids get in a big smack down fighting over who gets to pop the bubble wrap. I have to get out the scissors and cut it down into equal sized pieces.
    My son will be turning 6 on Nov 7th and I kid you not, he asked for a roll of bubble wrap as one of his presents. And only he would be allowed to pop it.

  12. Hiya Nicole!


    Hey..I guess you'll be shopping for his gift at Office Depot!



    EVERYONE seems to have this same compulsion!

    Maybe it's something in our "genes" that stems back to the caveman days!

    Whatever it is...I find it WONDERFUL!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by today, Nicole!

    Hope you had a nice day and are enjoying this COOL weather we're having.

    Wednesday is suppost to get REAL cold. I may even have to bring out my gloves and scarf.


    Enjoy your evening!

  13. <-- confessing that she merely took the bubblewrap out of the package she got in the mail and didn't pop a single one.

    Yeah, yeah...boring, I know. LOL

  14. Hiya Mel!

    HOLY COW...and of all the bloggers I know...I thought that YOU would be a POPPER!!!

    Ya know...being a "kid" like me!

    Oh's probably just as well...'re saving all that creative energy for using your BRIGHT magic markers!!!


    Thanks oodles for stopping by this evening, dear Mel!

    It's always fun!


  15. Good evening my friend..having my glass of red wine with you. :)

    I do understand about the bubble wrap. I try to save it because it is great to protect art pieces when transporting them. I can't help myself though..I have to pop a few of them. hee, hee

    There is something addictive about it. Even Ringo, dog/guru, gets in on it.

    Thanks for an evening chuckle.

    Love ya!

  16. Good Evening my Wine-loving friend, Gypsy-Heart!


    ooooh...and you JUST reminded's time for MY evening glass of wine too!

    I'm currently drinking some FABULOUS Pinot Noir!

    And isn't it funny about bubble wrap?

    It's like it has a POWER over us that says, "Go ahead....POP me!"


    And talking about cats use to HATE when I popped bubble wrap... whenever they were sleeping, I would go over and POP it in their face and watch them JUMP in the air!!! was SOOOO funny!

    In fact, I'm typing this to you LAUGHING my ass off thinking about it!

    Aren't I EVIL?

    Oh....thank you dear friend for stopping by this evening for a little wine POPPING!

    I ALWAYS enjoy our conversations!

    Love Ya!

  17. Could be the joy of blowing something up but not doing any damage? Our own teeny atomic bombs of just air?

  18. Afternoon Lady Nitebyrd!

    aaaaahh.... have a point!!!

    That could very well be the reason!!!

    You just gave me a great idea.

    I think I'll create my own bubble wrap and call it...

    ....Atomic Bomb!

    With the description:

    *Blow something up without doing any damage.


    I think it must also be what Akelamalu shared....'s good for stress relief.

    Because, DAMN...I feel GREAT after popping it!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Nitebyrd!

    Hope you have a POPPING great day!

  19. Bubble wrap! Now that is neat invention. You are correct, there is no way you can be within 100 ft of that stuff without popping a few. Then you get cute to see how many and how loud you can be with those foolish things. Once a friend and I wrap ourselves up with bubble wrap and ran into each other to see how many we could pop. Bad Idea, I got bloody nose and he took a shiner to the eye. So we laid on the floor and kept rolling to break the bubbles. Ah such fond memories of youth.
    Bubble wrap next best thing to fartin in the tub.

  20. hoo. I just got a flu shot and it didn't hurt when I got it but now it does...I'm a mess ronnie, I tell yah.

    Bubble wrap...At first I thought it was like those Rapper dudes like Fifty cents, Biggy Smalls, Tupac...etc. I then thought EEEEEWWWWW! Though Tupac was quite a wonderful poet.

    Then It hit me...oh goody that popping bubble wrap...Yay.

    I hear yah... You give me bubble wrap and I'm like a kitty with a ball of yard...WEEEEEEEEEE!

    It though was a let down when I popped that last bubble.

    It's a fun post sweetie...thank you honey...I think I'll pick a roll of that at Wall Mart on the way home...make it aa family party...though I can only stomp on them with a crutch...yay!

    Ciao babe.

  21. Yahoooo Dave!!!!

    You're back online!!!!!'s SOOOO great seeing ya, my friend!!!!

    HOLY MOLY...your comment made me HOWL, because YES...I TOTALLY agree...popping bubble wrap is right up there with farting in the the bath tub!!

    (I LOVE doing that!)

    Hey...I liked your enjoy of wrapping yourself with it and then ROLLING on the floor!!!

    *especially down a hill!

    So how are ya?

    I stopped by last week just to say Hi and to tell you that I was sharing Reiki with ya!

    I hope you felt it!!!

    Thanks SOOO much for POPPING by, my Libra friend!

    It was SOO great!!!

    You take care, ok?


  22. Hellooooo Miss Jones!!!

    Oh NO!!!!

    Between your ankle and the flu shot, you must feel a DOUBLE ICKY!

    And it's so ironic that you mentioned a flu shot, because I my mother was just telling me to get one this year!!

    (although I never have in the past)

    I had a friend in Florida who got one every single year and he said the same thing as hurt like HELL later on!!

    Oh, that's very funny you first thought this was a post about a Rap Group!!!!

    *The Bubble Rap Dudes

    Actually....that would have been HYSTERICAL!

    Listen, have the girl get you some bubble wrap tonight, and drink some VINO...and then take that crutch and SMASH THE SHIT out of those bubbles.

    I bet you'll feel 100% better in the morning!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear Spiky!

    I'll be sure to keep sending you you TONS of good energy for a quick healing!!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{MISS JONES}}}}}}}}}}}

    There....did ya feel it?

    You take care my friend!

    Ciao bella!

  23. HAHAHAHA When I saw the title of this post on my blogroll, I could NOT get here quick enuff! I was like "YESSSSSSS BUBBLE WRAP!!! I SHOULDA KNOWN RONNIE WOULD LOVE IT TOOO!!!"

    LMAO Seriously I was cursing at Keithy because he was taking soooooo long to load this page!!

    OMG you're the bestest most funnest Ronnie!!! HAHAHA I couldn't have said it better myself - Bubble pops are the BEST aren't they?!!

    Just imagine the two of us together in a room full of BUBBLE WRAP!!! LOL

    One day I am sooo going to film myself on camera while reading one of your posts, just so you can see what they do to me!!

    I can't explain how hard they make me laugh! To a point that it hurts! LMAO!

    Even Hubby knows when i'm reading your blog! He'll be in the lounge room on the couch, and he'll hear me in fits of laughter...

    and he'll yell out... "Ronnie again?..." heeheee!!


    Btw... Laughing my butt off at the little comment you made about being my make up artist through the birth! *GiGGLeS* xx

  24. Back from the blog vacation. Had to make your site my first stop, cause I always love seeing what you've come up with.

    I think I should put a small piece of bubble wrap in the glove box of my truck, then when some jerk-face irritates me I can just take it out and have a couple of pops to brighten my day.

    Also, I went back and read your undies post and about fell out of my chair laughing.

    Good catching up with you again.

  25. Hiya Giggle!!!!!

    OMG...I can't believe I wrote that on your Baby Birth Date Guess!?!?!

    I was going to just type in something totally boring, and then suddenly THAT IMAGE came to me!!!

    *doing your makeup during the birth!

    Wouldn't that be a RIOT?????

    Oh, yes...and isn't popping BUBBLE WRAP the most HEAVENLY experience???

    It's like an orgasm!


    One of these days if we should ever meet in person, we can have a POPPING PARTY and drink wine!

    I'm SOOOOOO happy that my posts give you laughter.

    That makes me feel so nice.

    That's what I really want for Vent. For people to come and get a good laugh for the day!

    So thank you for saying that, dear one!

    I'm SO happy that we met one another. You're such a DEAR friend!

    Thank you!

    Enjoy your evening!

  26. OMG...JEFF!!!

    I was beginning to wonder if you just vanished off the face of the earth!?!?!?!?

    I've missed ya, bud!

    In fact, today while I was out and about walking around the city, you were on my mind.

    And thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for making this your first stop, that's SOOOOO nice of you!

    And ya know something?

    I NEVER even thought of keeping some bubble wrap in my car, for when someone pissed me off!

    But that would be a great idea!

    Because flinging them the BIRD only got me in trouble!


    Anyway, buddy....thanks a BUNCH for stopping by this evening.

    I'm so damn glad you're back!

    Lator gator!