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Rudolph the Cosmetic Salesman Reindeer

The photo you see above was my Halloween costume for work, last year.

Since I love both Christmas and Halloween, equally…I wanted to combine a costume that celebrated them together.

And can I just tell you how many adult customers, who happened to walk past me, said (totally serious), “You know…I think you’re just a little bit too EARLY for Christmas!”

And do you know what I WANTED to say to them…but didn’t?

“I think maybe you need a large glass of Pinot Noir, to loosen up that TIGHT ASS!!!”

(I find many of the residents of this city severely uptight and in DESPERATE need of a laxative)

Aaaaaanyway…moving on….

I LOVE Halloween.

And do you know why?

Because that’s the day when I can dress up any way I want…and act like a silly kid.

I was very blessed to have parents that always went WAY OUT for Halloween; making sure we fully enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

I have such wonderful memories, that are still engraved within my heart and mind of all the preparation my mother did, not only for our costumes and the house decorations, but also in selecting the candy that would be given to all the Trick or Treater’s who came to our door.

She always believed in giving EVERYTHING and LOTS of it…. three types of candy bars, bags of M&M’s, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Tootsie Roll Pops, Sugar Babies, and Twizzlers.

You name it, if it had SUGAR…she gave it.

And if we happened to run out of candy…she started handing out dollar bills.

(I kid you not)

Now when I was a kid, we actually went from door to door (not in a shopping mall), filling up our bags with goodies, then returning home, empting our bags…and then going back out for more. We did this for hours.

(and I only remember one time, getting a bag of ROCKS for a Treat, from some JOAN CRAWFORD neighbor)

And when I got a bit older, and no longer went Trick or Treating, I would stay at home and get dressed up in some kind of HORROR costume; greeting the kids at the door and handing out candy.

I would decorate the foyer with cobwebs, skeletons, witches, strobe lights…and played haunted house music on my record player. I would face the stereo speakers outside, so that everyone could hear the ghostly sounds emanating from within.

I had so much fun!

Because I now live in a high-rise apartment building, in a city…I no longer have the joy of handing out candy anymore…and I SO miss that.

But I do enjoy seeing the sweet little ones, who are walking around the city during the day, dressed as Little Mermaids, Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Cinderella…and the occasional psycho-child dressed as the spawn of CHUCKY.

*And as you can see, Chucky enjoys eating Mexican.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Note: This post is dedicated to my dear blogging friend, Mel…who, like me…LOVES and CELEBRATES Halloween…like a silly kid.

Happy Pre-Halloween, Mel!


  1. SOooooooooooo...did anybody try to touch your cute fuzzy little bobtail? ;)

    In the words of the kickass radio goddess Randi Rhodes, "it's Friday ya basteds, bounce yer boobies!"

  2. Hi Ron,
    Thumbs up for your costume :))
    Hey; if it's Halloween, you can be anything you heck want to ! Yeah, uptight for those people...
    I hope that you did get some smiles.
    he he he; there's Chucky !

    I swear, you writing about Halloween is stirring up old memories. Those were some of the funnest times, trick or treating !!!

    Did you know that in France for about the last 10 years or so, Halloween is celebrated by some people ? But, it's the stores that brought that out. We would get some kids, but none last year.
    I guess it flopped where we are.I don't expect kids this year ( though you can have a surprise ;) )

    Take care and see you next week; hubby and moi are going hiking.You take care my friend.

  3. I love your reindeer costume!! And you are right, people should lighten up. Instead of makeup/perfume samples, start giving out little cups of Pinot to anyone who approaches with a constipated face.

    Love your Halloween memories!!
    My girlfriend's mother gave out nickles. ?
    We did live near a shop that sold penny candy, but still, seemed odd that she did that.

    I dressed up many years too and went out with friends. After I got married we had a couple of Halloween parties. One year, it was an 'adult only' party and my girlfriend came as a dominatrix, her husband was down on his knees with a collar around his neck. They were both in leather. She had a whip. He pierced his nipples for the party and had a chain going from one to the other. OMG
    Another couple dressed as the Bobbitts. 'Loreena' came running in with a bloody dildo and a knife, wearing a hospital gown if memory serves me. Her hubby had sucked the gas out of a helium balloon right before entering, running behind her screaming and holding the front of himself, which was all bloody.
    See the need for it being 'adult only'?? LOL
    They were the only really wild ones, the rest just had monster masks on, and me and hubby were the Geisha and her Danna. But MY HUBBY was the GEISHA!!! LOL We did his hair, his face, he wore a robe and fake finger nails and pantyhose. Oh please, he loved it. LOLOLOL
    I wore a Karate uniform, pulled my hair back and put a band around my forehead and I think I had a mustache too.
    Because I am totally obsessed with Geisha, I dressed as one years later for a show at the Academy of Music when the Philadelphia Orchestra performed spooky music and dressed in costumes. They took my picture, but I wasn't chosen to go on stage. :*( Those shows were always fun. Remember I mentioned the reading of The Raven. They did that each time with a different guest. Only went to one of the shows since they moved to the Kimmel.
    This year they are having silent films and someone playing the organ and an ABBA tribute band, altho what ABBA music has to do with Halloween, I'm not sure??
    And do you know that at the Art Museum a DJ will be playing goth music from the '80's, and there will be tarot card readings, ghost stories and tours and a costume contest!
    I would LOVE to go, but it's the first year for Alex to trick-or-treat around the 'hood so we'll probably hang out at home and give out the candy. I've already boughts lots of bags!!!


  4. Afternoon Debi!

    No, darn it....

    ...I was HOPING, though!!!


    But everyone WAS trying to touch my red nose, which made me have to reapply RED LIPSICK!!!!

    Oy Vey!

    Thank God It's Friday Debi!!!!!!


    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Afternoon Barbara!

    TRICK or TREAT!!!!!

    I know...this time of the year ALWAYS brings back the BEST childhood memories for me too!

    My parents were the GREATEST when it came to the holidays! They enjoyed US....enjoying IT!

    I was wondering if they celebrated Halloween in Europe?!?!?

    To be honest with you, even here, in the suburbs, people are noticing that as each year passes, the trick or treater's are getting less and less.

    (it's become a MALL thing)

    I am SOOOOOOO glad that I got to experience Halloween at it's FULLEST!

    Hey, listen...have FUN on your hiking trip. It sounds AWESOME! I can't wait to see all the great photos on your blog next week!

    Thanks for stopping by, Barb!

    ALWAYS a wonderful treat!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. OMG...Crystal Chick!!!!

    That's HYSTERICAL about the "adult halloween party"!!!

    You had me rolling on the floor with the Bobbitts!!!!

    What a RIOT!!!!

    (and how original!!!) you remember seeing that on the news???? I think every man in the world, was CRINGING!!!

    OUCH!!! and your husbands costumes sounded GREAT too! Damn...I bet he made a GREAT Geisha! How cool that you thought about "switching" roles!! Very clever!

    And thanks for reminding me about the Halloween Thing at the Academy...I love to watch silent films.

    And the Goth Thing at the Art Museum sounds great too!

    You're a WEALTH of Philly knowledge!

    Oh yes, and definitely...I'd be staying home this year too, if was my grandson's first neighborhood Trick ot Treating!!!

    God...I bet it's going to be sooo much fun!

    Be sure to take some photos, because I'd LOVE to see him dressed up!

    Thanks for stopping by today, M!

    And thanks for sharing those hysterical Halloween memories. I totally enjoyed them!

    Have a great weekend!

    Hey...and NOTICE the cooler weather???


  7. Halloween was not celebrated here until fairly recently. Now all the stores have jumped on the bandwaggon selling costumes, sweets etc so of course the kids have taken it on board. I prefer Christmas meself.

    Love your costume Ron - you look so cute!

  8. How darling you looked!! I bet people wanted to adopt you!

    I wish I lived in your neighborhood growing up!!

    When I was a teenager I lived in Largo Florida with my aunt. I was going to take my little cousins and their friends around on Halloween. They told me about one house where an old man always answered the door with a robe on (nothing underneath). Needless to say, he would flash the kids. Anyway, I was ready for him..I got him with a cup of freezing water and ice...right on target!! After that he closed the door and turned off the lights. That was one of my most memorable Halloweens. :) All the little kids cheered. we see a pattern here. I always seem to have such stories to tell. :O

    Here is one on a lighter note.
    One year when I was little I went as a huge man...complete with big leather work boots. I was with a group of kids, and somehow we walked by a really spooky cemetery. Everyone started getting scared and started running! Well, not only could I not keep up due to my stuffed clothes and big heavy boots. I fell! Do you think they helped me..hell no, they kept running. I thought for sure I was a goner. I kept hearing and seeing things. I guess you could say that was my first experience with spirits. hee, hee Only now I am not afraid of them. :)

    One last one comes to either of our places for Halloween. Of course, you can't get to the one unless you come by boat. The other one has a long dark driveway through thick woods. I have lived here for almost 15 years now, and I know they aren't coming. Yet, I buy bags of candy every know, just in case they come. Of course, I can't waste the candy so I have to eat it. I love all the candies you mentioned..I also love dum dum suckers (remember those), and the little chocolate bars..especially snickers!

    Good god I have started a book here. You have a way of making us talk here. Like wonder woman with her rope. Hey there's a costume idea..of course, many may not know who she was.

    Thank you for being such a fun part of my blogging world!

    Love ya!

  9. Hey Ron...

    The last pic made me LOL!!! hahahah!! I just finished baking all of my 80 cupcakes-- made about 90!! I'll save you some!!!

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEE your costume... I LOVE both Halloween AND Christmas, too... PLUS, Thanksgiving (because my b-day is around that time - 28 Nov). Soooo, I used to make/put together my own Halloween costume... Gary and I used to go to Bourbon St. Bar in University Heights and Nightmare on Normal St. in Hillcrest every year for Halloween.. I got to see THE best looking guys showing off as Fireman, cops, you name it... YAOOOAAAA~~~
    I used to also borrow my friends two kids and my friend and go trick-or-treating in the wealthy neighbourhood in Mission Hills.. It was sooo much fun... I dressed up AND also trick-or-treated a lot in my 30s... Hey... FREE CANDY, right??? Plus, I got compliments on my customs-- lady bug, cat, bumble bee-- I used to make them, as I mentioned... So, I guess the people handing out candy thought that I merited it!! ; ) I also LOVED the fact the they gave out GREAT candy... I would have LOVEDDDD to trick-or-treat at your house!!! And, in this neighbourhood... everyone had really cool decorations in their yards/house.. I will go back to San Diego in 90 for Halloween... I can't wait.. This year.. No treat-ot-treating, but I am going to pass out candy to all of my students... Can't wait!!!
    Take care and Happy Halloween.. You look great and very festive...

  10. P.S. Happy Friday and have a nice weekend!!

  11. Evening Akelamalu!

    OMG...leave it to COMMERCIALISM!!!

    It's the same HERE!!!

    Like I shared with Barbara (in France), I wasn't quite sure if you guys celebrated Halloween!?!?

    I DO love looking at all the "little ones" in their costumes...they're SOOOOO cute!!!

    Thanks for stopping by for some Trick or Treat, dear lady!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    And BOO!

  12. OMG...Dear Gypsy-Heart!!!


    I'm STILL laughing!!!!



    I bet "it" shrunk...and turned into a "freeze pop!"

    How RUDE of him!

    oooh...and the cemetery night sounded SPOOKY! However...I happen to LOVE cemetaries (during the day). I find them very peaceful! I went through a period in my life, where all I photographed were cemeteries! I was obesessed with them. Hey...I bet your HUGE MAN costume looked so cute!

    Hey..I guess being on the island, it IS difficult to get trick or treaters. But I think the whole trick or treating, door to door thing, is really dying off everywhere. It's a shame too. I'm so glad I got to do it, though.

    And CANDY???? Forget it...that's my WEAKNESS!! I LOVE candy. Especially chocolate.

    Listen, you can talk and share as much as you want, dear friend. I welcome everyone to leave as LONG a comment as they like!

    I LOVE reading them!

    Thanks soooo much for stopping by and sharing your awesome stories, Gypsy!

    You always make me make smile with your words!

    Thank you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    It's REALLY cold, right now...and I'm in heaven! It finally FEELS like FALL!

    Love ya!

  13. Good Evening Leesa!


    Actually, that comes as no suprise to me, with all those SPECTACULAR SWEETS you make! You're SO talented, dear lady! Not only do they all look yummy, put you really know how to PRESENT them. And that's what makes them look so wonderful!!

    You sound so much like me...I don't care how much older I get...I STILL love dressing up and being a kid. I mean, it's so much fun, isn't it?

    Hey listen, when I lived in Orlando, Florida, we had Nightmare on Church St.!!!! I wonder if it's the same company that did them here in the States. It was a fabulous haunted house that you would walk through. And it was SCARY!!! I had some actor friends of mine, who were hired to be the scary people in the house.

    OMG...I'm so glad you mentioned when you birthday is. I don't know if you're into astrology, but your a Sagittarius! I somehow felt that you might be! One of my other readers here (Crystal-Chick) is also a Sag! Very FUN and VIVACIOUS people! Lots of energy! Very creative too!

    That's YOU!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your wonderful Halloween stories, Leesa!

    You always add such "good energy" thank you!

    Have a GREAT weekend, my friend!


  14. Awwwwww....ya KNOW I'm a sucker for Halloween!!

    Got the inside decorated cept for the spider web thingies which go on later.
    Got Studley the 8 foot spider.
    Got the Ghosties with the BOO.
    Got the witchy hangin' from the roof.
    Got the wreaths all decorated and hung.
    Got the purple lights strung.
    Got the eyeballs under the porch steps.
    Got the ghostie windsock in the tree.
    Got the giant witchy hat ready for the porch steps.
    Got the "Happy Halloween" sign flashin'.....

    Got the 140 bags with toys ready to go!

    Got all the locals driving past the house, cheerin' us on....LOL
    Got kiddos huggin' Studley on a regular basis!

    Gotta get the punkins from the punkin patch!
    GOTTA get the punkins from the punkin patch!!!
    Ohhhhhh....I lovvvvve carving punkins!

    k.....thinkin' punkin pickin' this weekend!


    VERY cute reindeer, sir!
    Definitely woulda gottcha a bag of treats--or two!!

    ((((((((( the reindeer ))))))))))

  15.'re PRICELESS!!!

    That list of Hallowen thingys had me HOWLING!!!'re so funny!

    And I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad you have people in your neighborhood enjoying it, Mel!


    Doesn't that make you feel so HAPPY?

    And I cannot believe you actually made 140 bags with TOYS in them!!

    Holy cow...when did you start putting them JUNE???

    oooh...oooh...and I totally forgot to mention Pumkin Carving in this post, because I LOVE THAT TOO!

    And eating all the seeds afterwards!

    Oh...I wish I could be there with you picking out pumpkins!!!

    Mel...there should be more people like YOU on this planet that savor, enjoy and SHARE all the excitement you feel for this holiday.

    You spread such LOVE!

    Thanks for stopping by this evening, dear Mel!



  16. You look fabulous!!

    I love Halloween

    It's just fun. No gifts, no family BS, no obligations, no cooking - just candy

    It is a fantastic holiday :)

  17. Hiya Dianne!

    Hey...being the cat lover that you are...I could just tell that you most likely enjoyed Halloween!!!

    Halloween is a CAT HOLIDAY!!!

    Arched back, pufffed tail standing straight up, and that little "shake" that they do!!!

    It's their BOO costume!


    You also sound like me when it comes to the OTHER holidays and all the family stuff!

    Oh, god...I never liked it...aren't I wicked?

    Hey...maybe you and I are kin!?!?!

    Thanks oodles for stopping by today, Dianne!

    Always a TREAT!!!!

    And aren't you LOVING the COLD weather we're having??????

    FINALLY....some FALL!

    I LOVE IT!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  18. *pssssst* I haven't had a chance to catch up on my blog reading yet... but I just had to come and see you coz you're my favourite!

    Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone! :-D


    You look SOOOO adorable in ya costume!!!


    Unfortunately Hubby is really against it! He thinks it's an evil day, when evil spirits come out to play! LOL!! He lectures the parents of the trick or treaters that come to our door!

    "How can you teach your children to celebrate such an evil event!' He'd say! (Sooooo embarrassing!)

    He's getting much better though!

    And I always sneak out lollies to the wee ones!

    I LOVE IT!!!

    And that chucky costume!!! HOW FABULOUS!!!

    I've missed ya Ronnie!! xx

  19. I really love that picture of you Ron!! It's great.

  20. Hellooooo Nicole!

    Thank you!

    This Halloween I can't decide what the hell I want to be!?!?

    We (at work) usually pick a "theme" and then all dress up like something from it.

    I'll probably post some photos to show everyone!

    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today, Nicole!

    Hope you're ejoying your weekend!

    Isn't the weather FABULOUS???

  21. OMG...GIGGLES!!!!

    For the past few days, I've been thinking about ya and wondering how you were!!!!



    I've missed ya too, dear one!

    Oh WOW...your hubby doesn't like Halloween? I DO know people who feel the same way, I guess he's not alone in his thinking.



    (but then again...I've been known to be EVIL!)


    oooh....but I'm so glad you sneak out a few lollies!

    Seeing all those sweet little ones, all dressed up and excited...makes ME excited for them. They're so adorable!!

    I was also thinking about you the other day, because I was watching a film that I own called, Strickly Ballroom...did you ever see it?

    It was filmed in Australia and it's about professional ballroom dancing competitions.'s SOOOO FUNNY!

    If you ever get the chance, and feel like'll LAUGH your ass off. It's also kind of romantic too!

    Thank you SOOO much for stopping by to say HI, Giggles!

    You've just made my day!

    Take care, dear one!


  22. Hi Ron!!

    Thanks for all your kind words... You MUST know this one thing about me, if NOTHING else... I will share it with you.... I am the biggest Sag in town... I am soooo into star signs... my hubby is a Sag, as well.. Dec. 9.. We are two peas in a pod... it's weird! Anyhow.. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday... Ours is over and it's almost time to go to sleep!!
    Good night!

  23. Hi Leesa!

    OMG...and your hubby is a SAG too????

    One on my dear friends in Florida is a Sag too. She also has a lot of Libra in her chart (which is what I am). We have always got along famously!

    Hope you had a wonderful Sundy!

    Thanks for stopping by again, Leesa!

    Always COOL!

    Good-Night! ZZZZzzzzzz

  24. Ron~
    what an adorable deer you are!
    The last time i dressed up for Halloween was for a wedding.12 years ago. Had a good friend have a Halloween wedding, it was THE BEST! So much fun, but then when you are older and past the "cinderella stage" you get to do much more entertaining things.
    Now i bet your wondering what i went as?
    gonna make you guess!
    And if you guess right, I 'll send you all the chocolate that the little kids don't ever get, because no one walks up my long dark wooded driveway in the middle of BF no where!

  25. Evening Lady Sorrow!

    Thank you, my DEER friend!


    oooh...oooh...ain't it the truth?

    Halloween actually gets BETTER as we get older!!! went to a HALLOWEEN WEDDING???

    How freaking COOL!!!!

    I bet you had a BLAST!

    Ok...let me guess.... went as Cinderella!!!! can email me all the chocolate the day after Halloween!


    Thanks for stopping by, Sorrow!

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this FABULOUS cold fall weather we're having!!!!

    Last night I slept like a baby!

    P.S. and I also forgot to turn the alarm on, before I went to bed. So I was LATE for work!!!!

    Enjoy your evening!

  26. Chucky creeps me out. I LOVE Halloween, though! My favorite childhood costume was "Morticia Addams," I so wanted to really BE her.

    Your costume rocks, Ron! What will you be this year? I'm going as a BITCH! ;)

  27. HOLY SHIT...Nitebyrd!!!

    Your comment made my SPIT my coffee on the keyboard!!

    You're going to be a BITCH??? FUNNY you are!!

    I actually don't like Chucky either. He reminds me too much of a CLOWN...and you KNOW how you and I feel about CLOWNS!!!!

    Hey...your Mortica Addams costume, sounded freaking FABULOUS!!!!

    And I bet you ROCKED!!!

    Wasn't that the BEST TV show???

    I also enjoyed the MUNSTERS too!

    I loved Herman! He was so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nitebyrd!



    Are you kidding me???!


    I have watched it like 10 thousand times!!

    Actually, Chopper is my new fave (another Aussie film) but Strictly Ballroom I have ALWAYS adored! LOL

    I LOVE the Aussie movies... they love to take the piss out of themselves! heehee! xx

  29. YAHOOOO Giggles!!!

    You KNOW Strickly Ballroom!!!!

    I should have KNOWN that with YOUR wonderful sense of'd enjoy it!!

    Isn't it the BEST????

    I've enjoy MANY Australian films.

    Another one is Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

    That's another one I own and watch every couple of months. It's has some of the BEST actors in it!

    YAY....AUSSIE films!!!

    Thanks for stopping back, dear one!