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Hi everyone!

I would like to open this weeks posts with something a little different, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of memes going around, where bloggers are asked to share 10 things about themselves, that their readers may not know.

And since most of you know that I don’t partake in memes, I would also like to share things about myself, but with a little twist - by giving all of YOU a chance to ask ME something that you would like to know.

Not only am I hoping that you’ll get to know more about me, but I’m also hoping that through your questions, I’ll be inspired to share additional topics with you, for future posts.

Here are some guidelines and a few suggestions…

*I may offer this post sometime again within the upcoming year, but for the first time, I would like to limit this to ONE question, however, you can ask a few questions within your question, pertaining only to that question.

*Such as: What places have you ever visited throughout your life? Which was your favorite? And why?

*Suggested questions could be, but are by no means limited to: things that pertain to my home life, my lifestyle, my beliefs, my childhood, travel, relationships, friendships, likes and dislikes, what makes me happy or sad or afraid, etc…

*If you can’t think of anything to ask at the moment, you’re more than welcome to come back later in the day, tomorrow, or even sometime this week - there’s no rush.

Ok, here’s how the commenting will go….

I will publish each of your questions as they come in, for you to see what other people are asking, so that you don’t ask the same questions.

Depending on how many questions are asked, and the depth of the questions, and because I want to give all of you quality answers…I may answer several questions and then continue later in the evening.

Feel free to say whatever you wish when making your comment, but please keep your “question” separate and condensed.

Thanks folks!

Ok...ask me a question.....


  1. OOOH...OOOOH...Mr. Kot-ter!!
    So where's TOMMY?

  2. Dear Ron....

    WOW!! I love this post!! Now I can ask you a question that I've been dying to ask...

    When are you coming to Paris to visit?!!!! Wouldn't that be greaT?! If you come over here, what are your favorite baked goods/cuisine so I can get a menu started and get started at baking!!!
    Okay, that was my question for the post... Can't wait to hear your answer... :) Hugs to you Ron!!
    Have a nice week..... Leesa

  3. Hi Ron,
    Here's a question for ya :

    " What quality do you value the most in friendship ? "

    Big hugs to ya xxxxx

  4. In your lifetime, what jobs have you held? Which was your favorite, which was your least favorite--and why?

    And--hows come sheeps don't shock their little noses in the winter when they're walkin' around?


  5. Well you just know I'm loving this theme!!!
    It should be a weekly post on EVERYONE'S blog!!! Mandatory! So we get to know everyone much better.
    I think I will be borrowing this one from you in the near future as I've seen it on other blogs and it's so darn FUN!

    Here's mine:
    What's a Ron day like? Both a day you have to work and how it differs from a day you're off from work. Don't necessarily need to know what time you're doing personal business... ixnay on the 6:27am itshay, k?? But the rest of the day's routine would be cool to know.

  6. Ok here is my query. What time of day did you think about this youyou? Do you like oranges? How are the horns on a cow formed.

    Now here is a comment. My friend you are the best and I really enjoy coming over and reading your stuff.

  7. HI Ron!! This is a fun idea!

    I have tons of questions that I could ask you, but let's just start with one.
    You haven't really ever talking about dating and relationships, so my question is "Do you have anyone special in your life right now?"

  8. Aloha Debi!

    Are you asking about my brother?

    If so...

    ...he lives in South Florida with my mom.

    And he's the COOLEST brother!

    Thanks for asking, Debi!

    Have a FABU Monday!

  9. Bonjour Leesa!

    YES! I would love to visit Paris!

    Funny you should ask be asking this question, because I was JUST talking to someone yesterday about France. She said that she had visited Paris several times...and LOVED it!

    I told her how I had met you and Barb through blogging, and now that I finally knew someone there, I was seriously considering a visit.

    I have off from my job two months out of the year (January and July) so if I came, it would most like be sometime during one of those months.

    This coming January I have a retreat planned, so maybe in July?

    That would also depend on your schedule too.

    We'll talk more about this via email, ok?

    oooooh....and my favorite baked goods/cuisine???

    I gotta tell ya.....

    I honestly LOVE ALL baked goods. I have a tremendous appreciation of all things sweet! You already KNOW about my love of chocolate!!!

    And cuisine....

    ....believe it or not, I like simple food. Flavorful, but not spicy. Salads, pasta dishes, QUICHE, hummus on veggie burgers. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat much meat. And if I's a BIG FAT burger. I'm one of those people who eats small meals, all day long.

    I also enjoy a nice glass of red wine in the evenings.

    Hey...and from reading your blog, and seeing all the delicious goodies you create....

    whatever you prepared, I KNOW I'd enjoy!

    Thanks for your question, Leesa!

    It was great!

    Have Happy Monday!

  10. My perception of you is that you are an exceptionally positive person. (I hate that - LOL)

    So - my question - when you're feeling down what do you draw on? what do you do? or tell yourself? to bring yourself back up.

    oh - and do you know that I adore you? ;)

  11. Bonjour Barbara!

    Wonderful question!


    Being able to share my inner most feelings, and having them respect me enough to keep what I shared between us.

    And I would do the same for them.

    I don't trust easily.

    So that means a lot to me.

    The friendships that I have, are GOOD ones. We're not the type of friends who see each other everyday, or even talk to one another everyday. But whenever we touch base...the BOND is always there!

    Thanks again for your question, Barb!


    And give my regards to Didier!

  12. Morning Mel!!!

    OMG...your question about sheep made me HOWL, because lately I've been SHOCKING myself on everything I touch!

    In fact, I just did it on the pillow case this morning when I was removing it to do laundry!

    How funny!

    Ok...about my jobs....

    I've been an actor, freelance makeup artist, certified medical assitant, licensed cosmetologist, waiter, certified reflexologist and reiki practitioner, I've been in retail; selling clothes, makeup, fragrances, kitchen items. I've even done temporary office work.

    Let's start with my least favorite...

    ...a WAITER. And that's only because I totally SUCK at it. I've tried it several times, and I'm not good at remembering what everyone ordered. Also...I don't like serving people their food...because they can get VERY bitchy about it! And also, I know this may sound strange, but I don't like how I my clothes smell when I was a waiter. That YUCKY restaurant kitchen odor.

    My favorite would be....

    Actually two.

    I LOVE when when I'm sharing the alternative healing modalities that I practice....reflexology, reiki, and aromatherapy. Not only is it gratifying to know that I'm assisting someone to feel better, but doing this work actually helps ME to feel better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

    I also LOVE what I'm doing right now. I can't exactly share what company I work for, but I have tremendous passion for the products I sell, and it gives me such joy to share them with the public. And the company itself, is AWESOME. I've been with them four years.

    This job also gives me tremendous freedom, so that I can simultaniously do my alternative healing work when I have clients.

    Thanks for your question, Mel!

    I really enjoyed answering it for you!

    HAPPY MONDAY, dear lady!

  13. Oh what a great post Ron!

    I was going to ask about relationships but Nicole beat me to it so

    "When are you coming to England?"

  14. Howdy Crystal-Chick!


    THANKS! days...

    Regardless of whether it's a day that I work or not, I always make coffee first and then have my breakfast. I'll check emails and blog commments and respond to them, while sipping my java. I'll also visit a few blogs and leave comments. I like to take it slow in the morning, so I have time to greet the day.

    If it's a day that I'm working, I'll have a light lunch before I go in at 2. I sometimes run errands if I need to do anything such as: running to the post office, or picking something up from the drug store.

    I only work 4-5 hour shifts, so I get out of work by 6 or 7 at night. I will sometimes take a walk throughout the city streets to help unwind, before heading home.

    When I get home, I will check emails and blog comments again, while I'm preparing dinner. After dinner I like to take either a shower or a long hot bath. Sometimes I'll do some stretching, meditation, reflexology and reiki to help remove any stress I may have picked up throughout the day.

    I like to stay up VERY late (or actually early) I usually don't go to bed before 2AM. Since I don't have to be into work until 2 in the afternoon, I get up about 9AM. I'm a night person, and seem to get rejuvinated in the evenings. I also get very inspired on writing for my blogs at night. This is the time when I visit most blogs and leave comments.

    If it's my day off...I do all the morning stuff I mentioned above, but will also do laundry or grocery shopping sometime during the day. I don't usually leave my apartment on my day off until later in the afternoon. I will sometimes go to the bookstore and hang out with some coffee and books, or I'll take a walk to my favorite park and be with nature.

    On ONE of my days off, I will always leave the day completely open and not plan anything; seeing where the day takes me.

    I actually lead a very simple life.

    Thanks for your great question, M!

    It actually made me think about my days!

    Happy Monday to ya!

  15. Hi everyone...hey thanks for your GREAT questions!!!

    This is FUN!

    Listen, I'm going to take a little break now, and will return later this evening to answer more questions.

    Thanks for your patience!

  16. Helloooo Nicole!

    FABULOUS question, girl!

    And thanks for asking!

    No…I don’t have anyone special in my life right now.

    And honestly?….the only reason I’ve never shared anything about dating or relationships, is because I haven’t been out on a date in many years, and I’ve only had one long term relationship. The others were sort of “quick relationships” where one or both of us realized we didn‘t want to take it any further.

    The one relationship that I had, lasted 5 years. He and I met through the theater.

    I’m not closed to the possibility of having someone special in my life, however, the older I get and the longer I’m single, I find that I’m getting very settled in my ways. But for some reason, I have a feeling that a relationship will be presenting it’s self to me again, and I know that this will be a tremendous growing experience, because I will have to learn how to share again.

    Oy vey!

    Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had this quiet knowing, that I would have few relationships in my life, but the ones that I have…will be committed.

    And truthfully, I feel contented with that.

    Thank you for your question, Nicole.

    I really enjoyed answering it.

    Happy Monday!

  17. Hello Mr. Dave! always make me laugh!

    Ok, your questions.....

    I thought of this a 2AM just before I went to bed and was brushing my teeth!

    And YES...I love oranges. But also tangerines (Clementines)

    And I have absolute NO idea about the cow horns. But gave me something to GOOGLE for tomorrow!


    Thanks for your questions, my friend!

    And THANKS for stopping by to read my blog!

    As I've always shared with you...

    ....your wonderful energy adds MUCH to this place!

    Thanks for that, buddy!

    Hope you had a great day!

  18. Good evening Akelamalu!

    Please read my comment to'll find the answer to your first question there.

    And hey....if I decide to go visit Leesa and Barbara in'll be just a train trip away!!

    I'd LOVE to visit England!

    (OMG...and Harrods!!)

    Maybe sometime this summer!?!?

    Thanks for your question, dear lady!

    I enjoyed answering it!

    Have a great evening!

  19. Hello Dianne!

    I freaking LOVE your question, dear lady!

    So thanks for asking it!

    Ok…let’s see….

    First, I try to always remain positive and upbeat on my blog, only because I want this place to be a space where people can come and feel a bit of humor and brightness in their day. And the same goes for when I leave comments on other peoples blogs.

    But I DO go through periods of non-positivity and feeling down.

    For me, many times when I feel non-positive, is because I’ve been worrying too far into the future and not enjoying the moment I‘m living in. I find myself creating wild imaginings. I’m focusing on things, that haven’t even happened yet.

    I can get VERY restless at times, which causes me to get antsy, and then I get bitchy. Not only towards other people, but myself as well.

    I’ve been very blessed to have learned things such as: meditation, reflexology, and something called Reiki (energy work). I use these tools, to help balance myself. I find that these things help me to get back to living and enjoying the moment, and letting go of all the crap that’s distracting me from doing so.

    So anyway…that’s what I do when I feel non-positive.

    Thanks again for your great question, Dianne!

    I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Hey…and I adore you too!

    Hope you had a MAAAAVALOUS Monday!

  20. Ronnie...I have a question. You write wonderfully. I wonder...well, my question is have to ventured into the writing. I see many things in your blog that spark me like a muse. My lord many things to write about and expand on...and add to.

    I think you have a television hit sweetie. And you can just call it Ronnie. I think you could write a pilot sweets and it would sell itself.

    What do ya think sweets?

    ciao babe.

  21. I'm loving the answers and thank you for your response to my question

  22. Oh! Ron you are the BEST!
    this was great! I had such a blast reading all the comments/questions and what your answers were!
    so then i had to sit and think of a good question..
    I had a couple,
    like "is there any job you haven't done, but always wanted to do?"
    or "do you do anything like Yoga or ti chi to keep you so level " but
    I think Mel and Dianne kinda hit those.
    so my question is this
    "what keeps you in Philly?"

  23. Dear Miss Jones!

    GREAT question, my friend!

    Thanks for asking it!

    And thank you for your supporting words.

    It's funny you should be asking me this right now, because I need to get off my ASS and start doing something about my writing, because I truly have such a inner passion for it.

    I've actually thought of putting together a small book of short stories. allows you to create an ebook for free! And they only take a cut if you sell your book.

    And shit, you're right...I could just call it Ronnie.

    And your other idea about expanding of my posts for material is awesome!

    I'm off work for the full month of January...that would be a great time to dig through my archives and create an outline.

    I could start with the book and then go from there, right?

    ooooh...Miss Jones, you've inspired my inspiration!!!


    And listen, if you can think of any suggestions, just let me know. Feel free to email me.

    Thanks oodles for asking your question!

    "By George....I think you've got it!"

    Ciao bella

  24. Helloooo again Dianne!

    You're so welcome!

    It was a great question and I enjoyed answering it!

    Hey...this is fun!

    I think I should try this every couple of months!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

  25. Good Evening Ron,

    Well, I arrived late, but I very much enjoyed the questions and your answers.

    My question would have been about you writing a book, but that has already been asked quite nicely by Miss Jones. I loved your answer and I hope you will pursue it.

    So I will ask you (besides a book) what dreams are you putting out to the universe? For example, where do you see Ron, say..ten years from now? :)

    Love ya!

  26. ron, I've been thinking about this all afternoon...since I am not feeling well, not at all unusual, I thought I would ask you about your feelings about health. I know you practice healing modalities, of which I partake of many, however I have never been "healed"...I am wondering, what would you do if you were stricken with an illness that had no cure and no medication to ease it's symptoms long-term and no cure in sight? How would you manage this predicament, based on what you already know about these issues...and if you had a chronic pain issue, how would you go about treating that? Finally, and this is the best part, how would you keep your spirits up when your body wants to pull you down...

    very brave of you, dear man, for opening yourself up like this and just a little bit wacky, as you definitely seem to be :)

  27. Greetings Lady Sorrow!

    GLAD you enjoyed this post!

    And I'm so freaking HAPPY you stopped by for this one!!! sorry your questions were already asked, but the one you asked was GREAT!

    What keeps me in Philly?


    It's weird...

    ...because a part of me can't stand this city and yet another part of me enjoys it.

    I feel like Sybil.

    I know when we spoke many months ago about my feelings on Philly, I was SO ready to get the hell out of here. And I wouldn't rule that out. It's just that I don't feel inspired as to WHERE I want to move to, so until that time comes...I'll just stay here and enjoy the things I find enjoyable about Philly.

    Maybe I've become complacent, I don't know...but nothing is MOVING me to MOVE at the moment.

    So here I BE.

    In the City of Brotherly Love!


    Anyway, dear Sorrow....

    Thank you SOOOOOOO much for stopping by and asking me a question!

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Fall in that beautiful area where you live!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Love ya!

  28. Hello Gypsy-Heart and Linda!

    Thanks for your AWESOME questions...they're GREAT!

    It's very late and I need to take a break from comments for the day, but I'll respond to your questions in the morning.

    Thanks for your patience, dear ones!

  29. is he a PINBALL WIZARD? LOL
    is he an actor too?

  30. Wooohooooo!

    This is a must know detail...

    What was your woobie when you were a child? You know, that favorite object?

    And there's something for you at my place :)

  31. Good Morning Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    First, thank you for being patient with waiting for my answer to your question.

    And what a FABU question it is!

    I have many dreams, but find it challenging to see myself anywhere specific in ten years, because there are so many dreams (inspirations) that I feel.

    So I’ll leave that to the Universe.

    But I will share something with you that I’ve always felt.

    Missionary work.

    I see myself working with babies and children who are ill.

    And I also see myself working with people who are dying. That may sound sad and depressing to many people, but I find it a privilege and actually very beautiful.

    An HONOR!

    Whatever I’ll be doing/sharing 10-20 years from now, I have a feeling…I will be fulfilled and happy.

    Thanks for your question, my friend!

    I allowed me to remember!

    Love ya!

  32. Aloha again Debi!



    No, my friend...he's not an actor, he's a chief!

    And damn good one too!

    Happy Tuesday, Deb!

  33. Good Morning Anndi!!!

    oooh....oooh...VAT A VUNDERFUL KVETCHTION!

    That's easy....

    I had something called a Benie Boy Doll. It was from a cartoon at the time called, Benie and Cecil. About a little boy and his sea serpant. The doll was so neat, because it actually talked. It had a string you could pull from behind his neck!!

    Anway (and here's the tragic part)

    When I my mother felt as though I had gotten too old for this doll (I can't remember how old I was)....she gave it to Goodwill or some charity thing.

    When I found out...I was DEVASTATED!!

    It's funny...even to this day, I'll rub it in her face that she psychologically SCARRED me for life by doing that!!!

    She honestly feels terrible about it, but felt like she was doing the right thing.

    Anyway... I hope whoever got my Benie Boy Doll, still has it and is taking good care of it!


    Thanks for the great question, my Libra Buddy!!!

    ooooh...and something for me at your place????

    A Surprise?

    Ok, listen...I need to answer a few more questions on this post, so I'll be over sometime later afternoon, Ok?

    Thanks again for your question, Anndi....I LOVED it!!

  34. I do understand about working with the dying. My daughter is a Registered Nurse..she works in surgery now, but may go to Hospice Nursing when her children are older. Nurses see and experience amazing and beautiful things..especially late at night when all is quiet. I'll just say..this dimension is not all there is..agreed?

    I am looking forward to hearing about whatever dreams your are fulfilling in 10 years!


  35. Good Afternoon Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    OMG...that's wonderful to hear about your daughter!!!!

    And yes, I've known quite a few nurses, who have shared that same thing....they experience a lot of special things!!!

    And YES...agreed! This demension is not all their is!

    Thanks for stopping back, dear Heart!

    Have a lovely day!

  36. Good Morning Linda!

    Thank you so much for you patience in waiting for my reply to your question.

    And WOW-WEE, dear lady…WHAT A QUESTION!!!

    First, I don’t think I've ever realized the depth of your physical challenges, so thank you for sharing that with me (us).

    *What would I do if I was stricken with an illness that had no cure and no medication to ease it’s symptoms long term and no cure in sight?

    Well, knowing how my body responds to alternative health choices I would go the natural route. I’ve always been one who tries the NATURAL WAY first and then will move into something more TRADITIONAL, if I feel I need the support. Often, the natural way takes a bit more time, but for some reason…it works best with my own body.

    *How would I manage this predicament, based on what I already know about these issues...and if I had a chronic pain issue, how would I go about treating that?

    Chronic it a toughie, because it’s always there. But again, I would not only use things such as the alternative modalities that you’re using, but I would also education myself through books, videos, etc…so that I could do some of these things myself, in between having a professional service. Many things such as reflexology , reiki, and aromatherapy, can be easily learned and self-used to help to ease pain.

    *How would I keep my spirits up when my body wants to pull me down?

    For me, whenever I’m down, regardless of what it is…I know that any time I spend within NATURE truly helps my spirit. I’m a big “tree hugger” and get tremendous strength from hugging trees.

    I can’t thank you enough for asking such a THOUGHT and FEELING provoking question, Linda!

    Thank you SOOO much.

    And MANY blessing to you!

    I’m so glad you and I met!

  37. this is such a cool post, i had to come back and see if their were anymore questions asked!
    very very KEWL!
    this was great RON! I might just give it a go over at my blog, but then, I am not nearly as interesting as you! my multi talented multi faceted friend!

  38. Just wanted to stop by and say... Yahhoooo for this blog post... I really loved reading everyone's questions and your responses, Ron!! It's soo up close and personal in such a nice way... I'd like to add something like this to my blog, as well... Soon... Hugs and have a nice week...... Leesa

    P.S. I hope you really can make it here to Paris .... I'll get back to you via email - It would be soooo super cool....

  39. Thank You Lady Sorrow!

    Not only for posting a question, but for also stopping back and reading everyone else's!

    Hey!!!! I think it's an AWESOME idea for YOU too!

    Several people here, have said they want to try it!

    I wasn't quite sure how this would go...but I really wanted to do it!

    Thanks to EVERYONE for participating!!!

    Hope you had a great day!

  40. Bonjour Leesa!

    THANK YOU so much for participating in this post, my friend!

    And for stopping back to enjoy everyone's questions.

    This was SOOO damn fun!

    And I thinks it's many others have said they want to try this on their blog too!

    Like I shared with Sorrow, I wasn't sure how this would go the first time, but I really wanted to open the floor to my readers to ask me something.

    You guys and gals are the BEST...and I knew you'd come up with some awesome questions!!!

    And you did!!!

    Yes, my friend...I will definately consider a Paris visit in the summer, and even head on over to visit Akelamalu in the UK!

    Thank again for participating, Leesa!

    Have a great evening!

  41. Hey, Ron! I'm late as usual but since your brother and mother are in lovely South Florida, when are you coming to visit so we can drink some Barefoot wine and shop the dollar stores together? :-)

  42. Howdy Lady Nitebyrd!

    Thanks for stopping by this post!

    You're never're always exactly on time!

    And your question....

    ...I know, I need to come back and visit Florida!!!

    My mother asks me this question everytime we talk on the phone!!

    Not only to see my family again, but to see my two Florida friends...YOU and Gypsy-Heart!!!!

    ooooh god, wouldn't that be FUN???

    We could all drink wine and talk until our mouths fell off!!

    I don't know exactly when I'll so this, but it may be sometime this coming year!

    And you best believe that when I and I will get together!

    Thanks for your question, Nitebyrd!

    And thanks for stopping by!

  43. Ron if you are coming to England you must absolutely let me know and please God we will be able to meet. :)

  44. Absolutely bet!

    If I do come to Europe...I will BE SURE to make the arrangements to meet you!

    ooooh...we can even share some WINE together!!!

    Thanks for stopping back, dear lady!

  45. I'll be waiting, my friend. :)