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Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I would like to share an experience that should always remind me to be thankful….

Seven years ago when I moved back to the north-east, my life suddenly changed.

Towards the end of the first year I was still struggling to find a decent paying full-time job. I worked two part-time jobs and took reflexology clients out of my home, so I could support myself.

However, I was still unable to keep my head above water and began sinking deeper and deeper into debt.

And if it wasn’t for the aid of my family and friends, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.

Eventually, I began selling my possessions in order to pay bills and buy food.

Little by little I was being stripped of everything.

It was as if I was being emptied.

By the second year I was so in debt that I finally had to face the music.

I had no other choice than to file bankruptcy.

This was perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make.

Not only was I frightened, but I was completely ashamed of myself.

Yet, I knew there was no other way.

Through the advice of a very compassionate and sensitive attorney, I was given a fresh start.

Slowly my life began to change again. I eventually found a good paying job and was able to get back on my feet.

There are several things I’ve learned by having gone through this experience….

I’ve learned how my life can turn at any moment.

I’ve learned that this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

I’ve learned never to be ashamed to ask for help.

But I think the most important thing I’ve learned is this….

You see, it was during this time while it appeared as though I had nothing and was in total despair, I became more aware of the many blessings in my life that had gone unnoticed.

And even though this was a difficult thing to go through, I’m very grateful for this experience.

Because I needed to be emptied…

…so I would notice my wealth.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

And thank YOU for being the wealth in my life!


  1. ((((((((((( Ron ))))))))))))

    Some of us get to lose, to win.

    Happy Thanksgiving, sir.
    And know you're loved dearly.

    (((((((((( Ron )))))))))))

  2. My favorite Thanksgiving post yet. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Ah such wonderful words to remind us all that we all things (little things) that we have to be grateful for. I too had the same life wrenching experience as you and it too was a valuable lesson to learn. So to you my friend I bow and say NAMASTE. I honor the spirit in you.
    We are all one and when I honor you I honor me and for that I am thankful.

    Have a wonderful Turkey day.

  4. Beautiful way of looking at that situation. :)

    We have yet another thing in common.....
    Our bankruptcy was MANY years ago. We weren't married all that long and had our newborn daughter and were living in a little one bedroom apartment just trying to make it all work out. We pay more a month now in just gas and electric than we did for everything back then including rent, but it was still really hard. We were only a few thousand dollars in debt, mainly because of a car that Ron had before we got married. The electrical system broke. Because the car was financed but not under warranty he couldn't afford the payments and the repairs so he voluntarily turned it back in to the dealership. They sold it at auction and sent him a bill for the difference he still owed. Back then, it might as well have been a million dollars as he worked as a janitor at a college just to get medical benefits for our daughter. Add to that car issue a couple other credit bills and we were under it but good. We consulted an attorney who suggested bankruptcy and we went that route. It allowed us to move on and grow as a young family without the added burden of a financial problem. We continued to rent and didn't buy our home until
    '92. It took alot of years to erase that bad mark and start again but now hubby's credit rating is PRIMO! We can get gold, platinum, premier, whatever special card a company offers. Of course he feels good and proud to have worked hard but now is not a good time to be in debt so he's still careful. He buys only what's necessary on credit and cash for the rest. I'm proud of him.
    And thankful!! OMG, you have noooo idea. Today is my 25th wedding anniversary. :) I'd gladly spend another 25 with him.

    And thank YOU, for always sharing your thoughts and things that happen in your life. We're all connected in lots of ways we didn't even know.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if I don't talk to you for awhile you'll know it's because I'm sipping champagne in my jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful waters at Cancun. Gotta go pack.....

  5. Ron, that was a beautiful post!

    We are so geared, at least in this country, to look at what we've accumulated on the outside to determine our wealth, rather than to look within.

    I hope you will have some friends around to share your Thanksgiving with. If not, airfares have dropped, so jump on the red eye and get out here to the west coast. We have a guest room that has your name on it.

    Sorry I missed your question post the other day. I really enjoyed reading all the interaction in the comments though.

    So if you're up for one more, here's mine: If you could have any acting role to do on Broadway or a movie screen, what would it be?

  6. Ron, this is a timely post for me. I am dealing with financial ruin and have been obsessed with the tragedy lately. Your words bring me some hope. THANK YOU!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, bro!

  7. Mornin' Dear Mel!

    There's somethng to said about walking through darkness... begin to notice the "light."

    Thank you for the teddy bear HUGS Mel!!!

    And here they come back at ya.....


    Happy Thanksgiving, dear lady!


  8. Good Morning Diane!

    It's ALWAYS so nice seeing ya here!!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

    And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too, dear lady!

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Good Morning Mr. Dave!

    It's a strange thing to go through, isn't it my friend.

    On one hand...I felt so powerless.

    And on the other hand...powerful.

    It's was in the "powerless."

    That I understood "true power."

    I KNOW you understand what I mean, buddy.

    Thank you for sharing on this post, Dave.

    And thank you for being apart of the wealth!


    Happy Turkey Day!


  10. I feel those words.

    Thank you for being a wonderful friend. I cherish you and I'm thankful I decided to go check out the guy that always seemed to leave the most exuberant comments.

    You are one of my blessings.


  11. Good Morning Crystal-Chick!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your experience on this post!

    I'm finding through this post, that several of us here, have gone through this.

    It's funny, because while this is happening...and even after it never think that you'll recover. And I'm not just talking about credit. I'm talking more about "inside."

    For opened my eyes to a totally different "view."

    And like I shared, it was a difficult thing to walk through, but I'm so grateful for it!

    ooooh, hey....and not ONLY Happy Thanksgiving to you, M....


    Have a WONDERFUL time on your Cancun trip, cause you guys deserve it!!!

    I can't wait to see all the photos you take!

    Thanks again for dropping by and sharing M...ALWAYS enjoyed!

    Happy Wednesday!

  12. Howdy Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *and notice all the exclaimation points.


    Hey...I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, buddy!

    And what you shared here about wealth, is EXACTLY what I needed to learn, so I'm grateful for this.

    And aren't you just an AWESOME guy inviting me to your home for Thanksgiving!!!

    Hey listen....if I didn't have to be up at the crack-ass of dawn Friday morning, and have to work on the BUSIEST retail day of the year...I might just consider it!

    But thank you SO MUCH for the invite, bud! That meant a lot to me!

    I'm actually going to do what I did last year... to my family and friends in Florida on the phone in the morning, and then spend some time in the park feeding the squirrels some Thanksgiving Day peanuts (I LOVE doing that!!!). I'll come home, have a great dinner and a glass of red wine, and then get to bed early for the insanity on Friday!?@?#?!*

    Oy chee mamba!

    And no worries about ever missing a post.

    Glad you were able to read everyone's questions! I'll tell ya...this was SO MUCH FUN. I may do this again later in the New Year. It's such a cool way for all of us to get to know one another, ya know???

    oooh....oooh....and I LOVE the question you asked me too!!!

    What I'll do, is finish answering comments on this post, and then if you don't mind...I'll come back later this evening and answer it ok?

    Thanks for your patience, bud.

    And thank you, not only for stopping by today, but for also being someone who I am SOOO grateful for!

    Thank you for sharing your brilliant talents and your KIND soul.

    Proud to know you, Jeff!

    Have a great Wednesday!

    Later gator!

  13. Good Morning Lady Nitebyrd!

    It's always so wonderful seeing ya!!

    Hey listen, I know how you FEEL and what you're going though.

    It feels like everything is spining out of control and it's some scary shit, I know.

    I don't know where you're at with this, but if you ever need any advice about what I did, and feel confortable talking about it, please don't hesitate to email me. I can even give you my phone number, and you can call me and I'll call you back...I don't get charged for long distance calls.

    I'd be glad to share anything I know.

    And PLEASE...remember something...

    you'll get back on your feet, believe me!!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, sis!


  14. Good morning Anndi! are so SWEET my Libra buddy!

    And everything you just shared...I shared back with you!

    It makes me SOOOOOOOOO happy to realize all the AWESOME people I've met through this blog.

    And WHAT a blessing!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Anndi!

    And bless you!

  15. Oh Ron what a truly love post!

    Sometimes it take something drastic to make us realise how fortunate we are doesn't it my friend? xx

  16. *tears falling down cheeks* Awwww Ron,

    Thanks so much for sharing this very touching experience with us... I can relate, as well..

    In 1985, my honda passport went under a big semi truck and it was after that that I really counted my blessings!! I am grateful of all that I have in life, and even with the very saddest experiences I've been through, comes good ones.

    We are fortunate and very blessed to be here and to be connected in one way or another.
    I am thankful for you and all my friends and family!
    God bless us all... Allah, Jehova, Buddha, etc....
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    P.S. I just saw Dave's comment- and Namaste to you and to all... I bow to the divine in you all.

  17. Hi again Jeff!

    Thanks for your patience in waiting for my response to your awesome question!


    Since I’m a big biography fan and enjoy knowing about the lives of real people, I would like to perform the movie role of one of my favorite saints….St Francis of Assisi.

    He’s someone who I greatly admire.

    Many years ago, I became very involved in wanting to know everything about him. I actually spent four days in a Franciscan Hermitage Retreat, here in Pennsylvania. It was absolutely one of the most AWESOME things I’ve even experienced. I had my own cabin (hermitage) in the woods. No one else rented a cabin that weekend, so I was totally alone within nature for four days. I brought only food, one book, one CD, and a journal to write in (no telephone, TV, or Internet). I was surrounded by deer and all sorts of wildlife. I wanted to go somewhere where I could be in complete silence, and BROTHER, let me tell ya…it was COMPLETELY silent.

    And it was here, that I discovered even more about this man.

    Because I was able to actually FEEL him.

    One day, I may write a post about my experience there and share it with everyone.

    Anyway….that’s the role I would love to play.

    The role St. Francis.

    And I’ll also share a secret with ya….

    shhhh, but don't tell anyone.

    If I were a WOMAN, I would DIE to play the life of Eve Peron in the musical Evita!

    (to me, it’s one of the best roles for a woman)

    But…I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella!


    Thanks for your GREAT question, buddy!

    I really enjoyed answering it!

    Later gator!

  18. Good evening Akelamalu!

    Thank you my friend!

    And YES!!!!

    Often times is takes something drastic, for us to see the BLESSINGS!

    So I'm glad for this experience!

    Thank you for stopping by today and sharing in the WEALTH!

    And I'm SOOOOOOOO grateful to have met you, dear lady. You are a blessing!

    Thank you!


  19. Bonjour Leesa!

    What a WONDERFUL comment to add to this post!!!!

    I could HEAR the blessings in your voice!

    WOW...and I see that you too, have been there! Thanks for sharing that!

    It's true, Leesa...even with the saddest experiences that may happen to ALL of us, comes the GREAT ones too!

    And isn't is a freaking awesome blessing, how in blogland have a way to connect and be grateful too! It just goes to prove, people can exchange support and love through there words!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing in this post, my Paris friend!

    And please know how happy I am to have met you!

    And as the wonderful Dave shared...


  20. It was definitely worth the wait Ron. I could have guessed a thousand times or more and never picked St Francis of Assisi. Mostly because I had not heard of him until you shared this brief description of him. He sounds intriguing. Hope you will do a full length post about him someday.

    I'll bet that retreat was phenomenal. That much silence can be hard to adjust to in our noise crowed society, but once you let it soak in it can be quite refreshing.

    I experienced that sensation to a smaller degree many times while backpacking when I was younger (and thinner). I remember feeling so much more calm and not nearly in as much of a hurry after those trips.

    Loved your answer. Thanks

  21. Hello again Jeff!

    Oh...that's funny, because when I was responding to you with that comment, I kept thinking to myself, "Shit..St.Francis of Assis???...I just know Jeff is probably thinking that I'll say a role like the Phantom, in Phantom of the Opera!!!"


    Actually...I'm a little too short to play the Phantom!


    But I've always wanted to play the role of someone who was REAL, because I enjoy digging for all the HISTORY about that person. I find it so fascinating to discover all the dimensions to their personality.

    And I so agree with what you shared about how difficult it can be to adapt to silence in our noise crowed society. Living in a city, where the noise is CONSTANT, can really work on your nerves.
    And when I got to the took me two days to adjust to the silence, because I was not use to hearing it.

    But was HEAVEN!!!

    I'm both a lover of the city and the country. I enjoy both equally.

    Anyway, bud...thanks a bunch for stopping back and responding.

    And yes, I may do a post on that experience sometime in January, when I have the time off from my work.

    You may find it interesting.

    Hope you're having a swell evening!

  22. Hi Ron,
    I lost my job when sales figures dropped after 9/11. Day and night I planted my "seeds" in every direction searching for a way to be part of society again. I felt like an alien existing while others went on with their lives. It took almost 4 years and many multiple jobs, but I have proof everyday that my efforts and those seeds have become the most solid and beautiful elements in my life.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    "When a person doesn't have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude". -Elie Wiesel

  23. Hi Ron,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend.
    Oh Ron; my heart does go out to you reading this.

    It sucks to have bad things like this happen. They happen to the best of us.
    You see what is really important in life with such adversity...but it is also a toughening experience and we leave the ordeal stronger and also learn a lot on life.

    I think that you ARE a rich man; you have a family that loves you and so many friends.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend.Hold on...
    (((((((((((( ))))))))))))
    (A big one for the road ;)

  24. Bonjour Pretty in Paris!

    What a WONDERFULLY inspirational comment!

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Gosh...I totally understand the word "alien"...because THAT'S exactly what it felt like!

    And I lOVE your analogy of "plant ing seeds"

    I celebrate the fruition of these seeds with you!!


    Hey...and thanks for sharing the beautiful quote too!


    And thanks again for sharing on this post. You've added so much!

    Enjoy your day!

  25. Bonjour Barbara!

    You said it perfectly, my friend!

    "You SEE what is really important in life..."

    That's the GIFT of adversity.

    And yes...and I do feel rich!

    Thanks for adding your thoughts and feelings to this post, Barb!

    They are SO appreciated!!!!!!


    (((((((BARBARA AND DIDIER)))))))))


  26. I kind of grew up in a Franciscan monastery... coincidence? I think not, dear twin.

  27. OMG....Anndi!!!!!


    When I read your comment, I actually got chills!


    I would love to one day here more about the monastery.

    And I totally agree with you...

    ...there is no such thing as coincidence!

    Thank you so much for stopping by again and letting me know that!!!

    HOW COOL!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day, dear twin!!!

  28. Ron, my dear know how I feel about this post!!

    Depths of despair..emptied out..opening space for the light to spill in! :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring experience!

    Love Ya!


  29. Ronnie: You are a gem. And I love are a flawless light in a darkening night.

    You shine. are an inspiring light.

    Thank you sweetie. Ciao.

  30. Hello again Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    When I read your beautiful Thanksgiving post the other day, I had already written this post and was AMAZED at how you and I were on the "same page" with our feelings!

    We've always talked about how darkness is NEEDED see the LIGHT!

    THIS experience, began my journey in understanding about the two.

    It was challenging, for sure...but I needed it, and am grateful.

    Thanks for always sharing your HEART, dear Gypsy!

    I so appreciate it!

    And feel blessed!

    Love ya!

  31. Dear Miss Jones... blessed friend...

    ...can I just tell you HOW MUCH your words meant to me?

    And I say this, because I KNOW that you TRULY understand. the greatest gift in finding TRUE wealth. And it's nothing material.

    It's the wealth of knowing that you are LOVED!

    Thank you, Miss Jones!

    And thank you for sharing your abundant WEALTH!

    Ciao bella

  32. A most blessed and thankful holiday to you dear one. You truly are a blessing to so many of us!
    LIGHT laughter and LOVE

  33. Good Evening Lady Sorrow!

    THANK're so darn sweet, ya know that?

    And I hope you know just how grateful I am, in having met you this past year.

    Because YOU, dear lady...have opened my eyes and heart, to what it means to truly GIVE!

    And what a "special gift" that is!

    Thank you for your friendship.

    It's a blessing!

    Hey...and I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day eating that Prozac turkey!

    OMG...that was SO FUNNY!

    Enjoy your weekend, Sorrow!