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I actually had a completely different post scheduled for today, but instead decided to postpone it till either Wednesday or Friday.

(but please stay tuned…because it will be a special one)

Anyway….today I have some happy news, which I would like to celebrate with all of you!

Last night when I got home from work and was checking my gmail, I discovered an email from JHS of The Rising Blogger, saying that they had selected one of my posts for the Post of the Day Award.


And when I saw which post they had selected I was even more touched, because it was one that was very close to my heart.

Some of you may have already read it.

It was a story that I had written about my feelings on Reincarnation and my experience with it, while living in Japan.

The review on Rising Blogger was written by Barbara, and she did such a beautiful job sharing the post, because she so perfectly conveyed how I felt about this experience.

So thank you again, Barbara…your words meant a lot to me.

If you would like to read Barbara's review, please click on the Post of the Day Award badge on the right sidebar, and it will take you there.

Thank you everyone…

Please enjoy!


  1. Omedeto, Ron Dahlink, and don't forget to shit! ;)

  2. Hello Ron,
    You are sooo very welcome my friend !
    You may ( or may not have) know that I sometimes review post blogs for TRB.And I had been thinking of that particular post for quite awhile.It had stayed in my memory and had touched me so much.

    I'm glad if my review could highlight the special feelings that you felt for Japan.I have never feltsomething similar in my lifetime, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.
    Who knows; maybe one day I'll go somewhere new where I get a special feeling ?Or maybe never.

    That's part of the mystery of Life.

    I'm giving you a big hug for this unique & beautiful post; ready ?

    (((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Got it ?
    Take care ;)

  3. Congrats Ron!! It is always wonderful to be recognized!!

  4. Now there's a compliment and a half.

    Congratulations, sir.
    Well chosen, well earned.

    What an honour!

  5. That is so awesome! Congrats to YOU! Isn't it nice to be recognized in the blogosphere sometimes? Contributing thoughts and feelings about personal experience on such a world wide topic is really cool. Gives us another way to ponder life's mysteries. And when it's written well, that makes it all the better!
    I, too, believe in reincarnation. Absolutely.
    But for those who don't, hey that works too. That's what their soul chose to experience this time, eh?? Not believing in any one thing doesn't mean it isn't true, just not for them this time.

    Well, back on the reincarnation post of yours I commented how much I love Geisha. Love, love, love them. The border in my bedroom is all Geisha. And I have books on them, watched shows on them, etc. I've never been to Japan so I don't know if I'd have any emotional reaction to being there. Doesn't matter though, there is some connection with the Geisha.

    The other thing I had wanted to tell you back then and didn't get the time/chance to is that I have some major issue with airships. You know, like the Hindenburg. OMG, we're talking intense. Even as I am typing this my eyes are welling up and I cannot place the feeling. I have no idea why it upsets me so much. If I see a picture of them, I almost want to freak out because I can hardly stand it. I don't know if I lived in the
    30's and was on the freaking thing, or if I saw it happen, or if I had a loved one on there or if it's just that period of time in general as I was quite fascinated with Hitler for many years too. Don't know. Strange.

    Okay Mr. Happy you better go take that shit now. Can't put out good blogs when constipated. hehe

    Have a great week. Oooh, it's be only about 37 on Wednesday. Winter is here! And we'll be leaving for Cancun the end of the month, it'll be so weird coming back from to the possibilities of snow!!!

  6. Congratulations - that's a great way to start the week. I read both your post (well done) and the review (also well done). You should feel very proud - it's deserving.

  7. you are an extraordinary writer Ron, and that particular post is very wonderful. I enjoyed reading it again..and again!
    Congratulations on a much deserved bit of recognition!

  8. I am totally picturing you having a Sally Field moment...

    YUP! We like you! We really like you!

    Well deserved, buddy!


    So... where are the little grab bags à la Oscar party?

  9. Wow! How cool is this? Congratulations Ron. I went back and read the reincarnation post too. I remember you talking about Japan after you returned. It's great you put how you felt in a blog. Keep them coming!

  10. Aloha Debi!

    Thank you my friend!

    And ooops...just did it!


    Thanks for stopping by today, Deb!

    Have a spiffy day!

  11. Congratulations on your well deserved award, Ron!

  12. Dearest Barbara!

    This is too funny, because I had a feeling that the Barbara who wrote this was YOU!!!

    And gosh, did such a BEAUTIFUL job in writing it!

    You're a professional reviewer!!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!

    You totally made my week!

    Please know how MUCH I appreciate your sharing this post, because as I was a very special one for me - so it touched me deeply!


    And here's a HUG right back at you....


    I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!

    And please give a hug to Didier for me to, ok?

    X to you guys!

  13. Good Morning Nicole!

    Thanks, girl!

    And thank you for stopping by today to sharing in this happy moment!

    Hey...and I LOVE your new avatar!

    You look awesome!

    Have a great day!

  14. Top of the mornin' to ya Mel!

    Thank you, dear lady!

    OMG...I'm so happy I could shit!


    Thanks for sharing in this moment, Mel!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Howdy Crystal-Chick!

    First, thanks for sharing in this HAPPY moment, my friend.

    And thank for your words!

    I appreciate that!

    Second....OMG, OMG, OMG.....

    You're not going to believe this, M...but I TOO have those same feelings about the Hindenburg. Holy shit...I can't believe you said that!!!!!

    When the movie came out (with George C. Scott and Ann Bancroft) I saw it like 5 times! And throughout the years I've also rented documentaries about it. And like FEELS so familiar to me!

    In fact, that ENTIRE time period is like one big Dejevu for me.

    When I performed in the play, The Diary of Anna Frank...the same thing happened to me during the run of the show! I was obsessed with knowing everything about it and spent weeks renting documentaries - and would sit there and SOB, and not only because of what happened at that time in Germany, but also because something inside of me felt connected to that time period.

    One of these days, when you and I get together, I would love to sit while sharing some coffee and share much more about our feelings on this.

    Thanks very much for sharing your experience on this post, M!

    It's always a joy!

    And yes....the WINTER is FINALLY comming!!!!!!

    And I LOVE it!


    Have a great day, M!

  16. Helloooo Deranged Princess!

    Thank you very much!

    You're so sweet!

    And thank you ALSO for joining all of us here and adding your "good energy" to this blog!

    It's so appreciated!

    I hope you have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week!

    Thanks for stopping by, DP!

  17. Hola Lady Sorrow!

    Mucho grassy-ass for your kind words!

    That means A LOT to me, coming from a much respected writer!

    Isn't it amazing how if it weren't for the creation of BLOGS, many of us would not have a means to share our experiences with the world - and touch one another?

    I'm very grateful for this medium.

    And thank YOU for sharing your experiences with us!

    It's so enjoyed!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Sorrow!

    Thank you!

    Happy Monday!

  18. OMG, Anndi....I hope you know just how much a LOVE your wonderful wit!

    It's SOOOOOO enjoyed!!!

    Thank you SO much for stopping by today and sharing in this "Sally Field Moment"!!!

    That was GREAT!

    oooh...and I will be shipping your Oscar grab bag later this week. It comes with a beautiful Hello Kitty watch!


    Happy Monday, Anndi!


  19. Helloooooo Laurel!!!!

    OMG....I love your visits!!

    They make me so HAPPY!

    And YES...I DO remember sharing this experience with you in Florida!

    I STILL have the THREE videos of my two months there. And one of them actually has the day when that reincarnation experience happened to me.

    And it's funny...because it also has David BITCHING constantly about how HOT it was.....

    "OMG's so hot...OMG's so hot...OMG's so hot!"

    Honestly though, I'm SO glad he and I got to go to Japan together. It was a great experience for both of us - and I'm glad he was there!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today and sharing in this post, Laurel!

    That means a lot to me!

    Love ya!

  20. Thank you Lady Nitebyrd!

    And thanks for sharing in this happy moment!

    That means a lot to me!

    Enjoy your Monday, dear lady!

  21. Wahay Congratulations Ron - you so deserve it m'dear. x

  22. Howdy Ho Akelamalu!

    Thank you, dear lady!

    And thanks for dropping by to share in this happy moment!

    It means a lot to me!

    Happy Monday to ya!

  23. I read the post. Thank you for being so honest with your words.

  24. Good evening Domestic Diva!

    And thank you for taking the time to read it, dear lady!

    Thank you!

    Hope you had a wonderful day and are enjoying your evening!

    Thanks for stopping by, Diva!

  25. LMAO at Anndi's comment. I can totally see that too!

    Your enthusiasm in the blogging community is unparalleled. So glad you were recognized for your quality work. Congrats my friend.

  26. Hey-Ho Mr. Jeff!

    Great seeing ya!

    Wasn't Anndi's comment a RIOT???? made me HOWL!

    I'll tell ya....

    ....some of the GREATEST wit visits here.

    And I'm so glad!

    Hey, thanks buddy!

    And I feel really blessed in having met you through the blogging community. It's a pleasure!

    Enjoy your evening, Jeff!

    Later gator!

  27. Ronnie...the computer ate my comment. I'll do it again.

    Congratulations my friend. That is a great honor. I remember the post quite well. It was a fab post and very well written. I am a fan of yours me all of your posts reach out to me and all of them say more than the words written.
    They splash passion. They wake the heart and soul of the reader. Your blog is refreshing and always...always I walk away with a smile feeling wondeful.

    Your like close family ronnie, I feel at home with you. And I see I'm, not alone.

    You rock ronnie. I could just kiss you...MUAH!
    Ciao baby...xoxoxoxo

  28. OMG Miss Jones I'm so sorry about your comment being EATEN!


    So thank you for taking the time to retype it!

    You're a doll!

    And thank you for your heart-felt words, my friend!

    They meant a lot to me.

    And having you HERE means a lot to me too!

    Isn't it FABULOUS to think of all the really cool people who cross our lives in blogging?

    It continually amazes me!

    Thank you for not only stopping by this evening, Spiky....but also for sharing your life and talents with us!

    You are loved!

    Ciao bella

  29. dearest ron, congratulations on an award for a wonderfully written post about that deeply emotional time in your touched me deeply as I know exactly what you mean. I'm still feeling teary thinking about it and all that reincarnation can mean to all human is so moving and then to experience it so strongly to the point at which you knew it was true is so touching to me. you deserve this award and I am glad you were chosen! :)

    many blessings to you, my dear...

  30. Good Evening Linda!

    OMG...this is TOO funny, because I JUST left you a comment on YOUR blog not two seconds ago!!


    Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to read that post, Linda.

    So glad you enjoyed.

    And I know that you totally understand what I expressed too!

    The time I spent in Japan was something that transformed my soul.

    And I will always be so grateful that.

    Bless you, my friend!

    Enjoy your evening!

  31. Morning Diane!

    Thank you!

    And thank you for stopping by today!

    Hope all is well!

    Enjoy your day, Diane!

  32. A great big CONGRATULATIONS for you, Ron!

    Well deserved honor indeed!

  33. You deserve it my good man. You have talent. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  34. Hiya Lori!


    Hey...thank you, dear lady.

    And thanks for stopping by today...

    ...that's very kind of you!

    Hope you're having a GREAT day and a GREAT week!

  35. Afternoon Mr.Dave!

    Thank you, buddy!

    And thank YOU...for being here, and sharing in your wonderful energy!

    Hope you're enjoying this FABULOUS fall weather we're having!!

    And I hear there's a possibility of snow flurries!


    Take care, my friend!

  36. Hi Ron....

    I wrote a really nice comment in response to this blog/award and it didn't seem to appear... Maybe it was lost somewhere with the other sock in that void... Who knows... I can't remember what I wrote so except that I was sharing my views and experience on reincarnation with you all... Oh well.... maybe another time!!!
    Glad you received this honorable award... You are wonderful...
    Hugs, Leesa

  37. Hiya Leesa!

    OMG...I'm so sorry that your comment vanished!!

    This has been happening a lot lately here. I had another commenter say the same thing last week.

    For some reason, this seems to happen periodically with Blogger.


    Anyway, Leesa...I hope you got my response comment that I left on the reincarnation post a few days ago.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, and again...sorry for the lost comment!?!?

    And thank you for sharing in this award, dear lady!

  38. Hey Ron!!

    Oh... shoot!! That's where I left the comment!! On the reincarnation post... not here!! tee hee... Ooops!!!! I came back here to read your response and didn't see my comment so I thought it was eaten by the comment monster... I'll go back to the original post now and read your response... Thanks for solving the "mystery!!" Leese

  39. Bonjour Leesa!

    OMG....I'm so glad THAT'S what it was and NOT that your comment was eaten!!


    Thanks for letting me know that, Leesa, because I was starting to think that something was wrong with my commenting format.


    Have a great day, dear lady!

  40. Congratulations Ron dear deserve such a reward!

    All of your posts are medicine for the soul...especially the laughter.


  41. Hello again Gypsy-Heart!

    Thank you so much!

    You're so sweet, my friend!

    I FREAKED when I found out they selected that post!

    It meant a lot to me.

    Thanks for stopping by to share in the celebration, because you are SO MUCH a part of this blog!

    I'm so happy you're here!

    Love ya!