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Ok…it’s time for me to vent about SPAM.

(and I’m not talking about the food…I mean the OTHER spam)

Lately on both my blogs, I’ve been receiving an overly decent amount of spam comments.

And spam really PISSES me off.

It’s like an unwelcome intrusion into my home.

And this is WHY I use comment moderation.

Yes, responding to comments this way DOES takes more time, but to me…it’s well worth it.

Because by using comment moderation, I’m able to hand-filter each spam comment BEFORE it can ever be published.

When I first started blogging, I tried using word verification, but not only does it NOT always filter out spam, I also found that it technically doesn’t work properly and can be somewhat of a hassle for the sincere commenter.

I know that many of you do use word verification and I totally respect your choice - I just don’t care for this feature on my own blogs.

Anyway…last week, some genius-ass person attempted to leave FOUR spam comments here.

He quickly went through my last four posts and left nonsensical comments.

And what’s really interesting, is that after you’ve been blogging for a while, you can immediately tell WHICH comments are spam.

What I usually find, is that spammers will leave either one or two words, such as:





I mean, come on….these are not comments, they’re idiotic crossword puzzle words.

And then some spammers will even try to be very complimentary, and say things like:





And I feel like saying, “Yea…and thanks for your glorious attempt to WACK me off today, but no thank you.”


A TRUE legitimate first-time commenter will usually introduce themselves and leave a sentence or two; sharing something specific about my blog post - their comment will have a “personal feel” to it.

Now I’m realistic enough to know that spam WILL continue. And as filtering devices become better at detecting spam, spammers will become better at finding ways THROUGH it.

HOWEVER….I will do everything in my power to stop it from actually being published on my blogs.

I love the Internet and thoroughly enjoy blogging, but I also realize that it’s become a powerful medium for business owners to self-promote themselves, by depositing their links.

And quite frankly…I won’t tolerate it.

So for those FUTURE spammers, I would like to end this post with one sentence…

"I don't think so….TURKEY’S!”

Wishing you a Spam-free weekend, everyone!


  1. Hey Ron!!!

    You know... I have run into this problem very rarely on my blog in the past almost two years of my blog life.. BUT...... the last spam comment I received caused me to take a NEW and DEFINED stance against SPAM... Comment moderator-- COMMENT APPROVAL ... ZAPP!!! It's a pain in the but for someone ADD like me... I have to first get the comment, read it... and then push accept.. and then I get a COPY of the accepted one... WHICH means... if I am to replay (which I like to do) I have to right away delete the first one... so I don't get confused about how many comments there are and such!!
    OY VAY!!! I tell ya!!
    But, the spam I got was a very WEIRD FREAKY DEAKY spam... and I didn't want him going to my friends' blogs and leaving comments so I posted the entire spam comment as a blog entry and deleted the actual comment from the comment space... and then when everyone had seen it... I took the post down cuz it really gave me the heeby-geebies...
    WHEW..... I think when you go to leave a comment you get both... a word verification AND after that a blog owner approval... I'm double-protected!!!!
    Hope your spam slows down, Ron....
    Hugs, Leesa

  2. Spam of all kinds sucks. Did you see the video of the "men" abusing the pigs? Makes me of the many reasons why I'm a vegetarian. Those barbaric companies aren't getting a cent of my money.
    I emailed you about possible spammer (?!)





    Just sayin'.....


    ((((((((((( you ))))))))))))))

    I obviously don't hang around in the right circles. Spam rarely happens. Maybe.......four times in how many years of weblogging?

    I must be doing something wrong...

    I don't really mean that, of course.

  4. Hi Ron,
    How are you doing my friend ?
    Yes, Spam is one of the worst parts of blogging.
    I have had only a few ads that I do take care of quickly. But, if it ever gets out of hand, I will changing my commenting format.
    Things are OK for the time being...
    Leesa had a problem with spams on her blog a few months ago.

    Don't ever end just because of that crap; there would be quite a few unhappy people who would be missing your blog !

    Giving you a big hug and say Hello to Philly for me.


  5. I never liked Spam. Either variety!!
    I don't get alot of bogus comments but what I'm having trouble with is getting email from my own email address that is hooked up to some drug company in Canada. I talked with a tech on Live Chat/Verizon and they said they have engineers working on that problem and to not open anything that comes from 'me', unless I know I sent it. Sometimes I do that... if I see something online somewhere I might copy it into an email to myself but I usually title it with something to remember why I wanted it in the first place.
    So after all that happened, hopefully no one is getting spam mail from me. The tech said that didn't seem to be the problem. But now, thinking my system might have been hacked into, I went to reset my password and fricken Verizon won't let me do it. So again, I got on the chat and the tech said one of their password reset tools is down and they are fixing it. Should be okay by later today.
    You'de think these spammer/hacker/losers would just go figure out something else to do with their time. I guess if they manage to steal a persons credit card info and charge some stuff they get all warm and fuzzy or something?? Get a life assholes. Manohman, it's so annoying! My friend told me I better delete anything out of my system that I don't want anyone to have and reset ALL my passwords, but that is some big task. Eh, does someone really want to take my identity and be ME??? Seems silly. I don't want to be ME some days. LOL

    So ..... if you get mail from me trying to sell you pharmacy drugs, or kinky sex stuff... it's NOT ME. Or maybe it is.... just call me Sybil. ;) LOL

    Ooh, and I like the way you have things set to approve comments. I'm terrible about responding quickly to mine, sometimes not at all. Altho I do read every one of them.

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  6. hey! at least your spammers speak english! I get spam in hindi, arabic and sometimes german!
    I spent 10 minutes of grey matter translating only to find out they want to know if i would like a longer erection or to increase my penis size???

  7. Fabulous!



    Sorry babe, I just had to.


    *sending germ-free smoochies*

  8. Morning Leesa!

    What's really weird, is that in the whole two and a half years of blogging, I've NEVER gotten this much spam. I would get one or two every 5-6 months, but in the past 3-4 months it's been insane!

    And what these people are NOW visiting BOTH my blogs and leaving DOUBLE comments!!!

    OY VEY!

    And GOOD FOR YOU, for taking the extra time to filter out your spam comments!!!!

    YES, I DO remember you mentioning that WEIRD FREAKY DEAKY spam!!

    LOT of WEIRDNESS out there.... it's better to be EXTRA careful, ya know?

    Thanks oodles for sharing your experience on this post, Leesa!

    And may the FORCE be with us!


    Have a great weekend!

  9. Aloha Debi!

    You said it...

    ...spam on of all kinds SUCKS!!!

    No...I've never seen the video about the piggies, but I KNOW it would make me made too, Deb!

    Yes...both you AND Leesa both sent me emails about spammers.

    And thank you too!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Debi!

    Hope you have a SUPER DOOPER weekend!!!

    And eat some TWIZZLERS!!!

  10. Good Morning Mel!

    OMG...YOUR MY SPAMMER!?!?!?!?!

    tee, hee!

    Hey, LUCKY YOU!!!!!

    And BRAVA!!!

    Like I shared with Leesa, I never use to get much at ALL, but lately it seems as if I'm being covered in spam!!

    HAHAHAHA....get it?

    "Covered in spam???"


    Anyway, dear Mel..whatever you're doing...keep doing it!

    *I think it's all those WONDERFUL faries you have hanging out at your blog!!!


    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today, Mel!

    ALWAYS fun!

    FABU weekend to ya!

  11. Bonjour Barbara!

    NO WAY...I would never end because of spam, because spam will always be here.

    But I TRULY needed to vent about this was really annoying me!

    I only shared about ONE spammer, there were several others THIS week too.

    And aaaaahh...I feel so much better now!

    tee, hee!

    Yes, my friend...I will most definitely give Philly a HUG for you!!

    And it HUGS ya, back!!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Barb!

    Please say HELLO to Didier for me, ok?

    Wishing you both a bellisima weekend!

  12. Morning Lady Sorrow!

    HOLY SHIT...your comment made me HOWL!!

    Because I TOTALLY know what your talking about.

    One of the greatest features about WP, is Akismet. It gathers all the crappy spam and places it together so you can SEE what it is...

    And OMG...the PENIS enlarger ones I would get 4-5 times a week...AND...there would be TONS of them!!!

    Thank GOD, I'm hung like a horse, or I would be VERY paranoid!



    WP to me...has the BEST commenting system out there. It gets botched up at time, sure....but it's still the best!

    Anyway, my friend....thank you so much sharing your wonderful humor on this post!

    It's always enjoyed!

    Have a spam-free weekend!

  13. GOD LOVE YA, ANNDI!!!!

    I think your comment was BRILLIANT!

    And OMG...this spam shit has been pissing me off royaly.

    And you know us LIBRAS!!!

    "OPEN MOUTH...and SPREAK!!!!"

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for dropping by my Libra buddy!

    And so glad to hear that all is healthy!!!

    Wishing you and Chicklet a MAAAVALOUS weekend!

  14. Good Morning Crystal Chick and Sybil

    OMG....I can't believe you went through all that!?!?!?!?

    Holy Cow!!!!

    What a production!

    Doesn't it amaze you sometimes when you think about what some people out there are doing on the Internet????

    Both of the email addresses that I have filter out spam WONDERFULLY. One is gmail and the other is netzero, so I feel very lucky abou that.

    It's my blogs that get the spam!

    And only lately.

    I seem to get spam from business websites. Earlier this week I got hit by the same person on both these blogs.

    Oy chee mamba!

    Anyway, M....I'll be looking out for that "special email" I may getting from Sybil.


    As always...thanks for sharing on my posts!

    It's much enjoyed!!

    Have a super weekend, M!

    I hear we're getting LOTS of rain.

    But I LOVE rain!!


  15. You can have all the rain you want, but for every inch we get you have to do an hour reflexology and aromatherapy for me. OMG, I'm aching. I take my glucosamin, I take my other vities. I sleep on a comfy pad and pillow. I have been using peppermint and eucalyptus for some head achy/sinusy issues, but still I'm feeling a little crappola. I blame the weather. Or my immune system is wonky and I'm catching little bits and pieces of whatever is going around.
    And of course the full moon yesterday. Usually it doesn't bother me... if I can see it... but with the cloudiness/rain, it's out of sight but I think I'm feeling it's affects. Ohboyohboyohboy, is it vacay time yet???

  16. Hello again Crystal Chick!

    Hey...anytime you want to make a trip into the city for a session, just email me.

    The first session is on me!

    Just let me know, ok?

    Maybe after the hoilidays.

    And ALSO...I totally agree with you about this weather...'s the humidity with the rain that's tough. I honestly DO enjoy rain, but not when it's so warm and sticky out. feels like Spring is coming instead of Winter.

    I had a very nice customer visiting from Seattle yesterday, at work...and the first thing out of his mouth was...."Is it ALWAYS this HUMID in the north-east???"

    Anyway, M....keep up the good work with those essential oils. You're definitely doing the right stuff for yourself!

    Ok....I'm off to work!

    Thanks for stopping by again, M!

  17. Amen Brother Ron!!

    I am happy to say I have encountered very little spam on my blog and as you said I can almost always spot it immediately.

    And thank you for not using word verify. I too respect those who do - it is their choice - but some versions are impossible to decipher and after I try twice to leave a thoughtful comment, well I have to move on.

    E-mail spam makes me nuts. Especially when they keep asking me if I want to meet 'hot women' while 'enlarging my penis size'.

    Now I know I have a big pair but come on I'm still a girl ;)

    Have a great weekend my dear friend.

  18. Hola Dianne/Miss Kahonas!

    I LOVE your HUMOR, dear lady!!!!

    Thank you!

    I go through periods of NO spam...and then times like now, when I get a plethora!!!!

    Like I shared with another commenter here...earlier this week some woman spammed BOTH my blogs using the same words!!!



    tee, hee, hee....

    Thanks loads for stopping by today, Dianne!

    It's always a wonderful treat!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  19. which is why i want to know why you are on Google blogger!
    Thats were i get all the really weird ones!!!

  20. Hello again Lady Sorrow!

    Good question and thanks for asking.

    Well, for several reasons...

    I wanted to start teaching myself web design customizing, and Blogger gives you total freedom to play with HTML coding. I've learned so much about design by having my blogs with Blogger. I could never do all the things I've done with my blog here, over at WP.

    And also....I knew that eventually, I wanted to one day start a blog where I could place advertisements on it, and I just finished doing that on my other blog, Moi Review. WP allows NO advertising.

    Now I still have my Foot Notes blog over there, and may one day start blogging on it again.

    Honestly, there are things that I love and don't love about BOTH blog hosting companies, it's just that I had to make a choice as to WHICH things were more important for me at that moment....and Blogger is where it's at for me, right now.

    Since both are FREE, I have to overlook certain things.

    Eventually, I may even self-host one or all of my blogs.

    I have no idea where the hell I'm headed with all this blogging stuff I'm doing. All I know is that I love it, and I'm learning to be a better writer and web customizer.

    So....I'll see where this journey takes me!

    But without a doubt, Blogger DOES get much more spam!!!

    And it's a bitch.

    But at least there's VENT!


    Hope you're having a great evening, dear lady!

  21. ♫"On top of old Ronnie,
    All covered with spam.

    He deleted my comment,
    Guess he just doesn't, gi-ive a damn!♫

    So far I've been fortunate to not get bombarded with it. Hope it stays that way too.

  22. OMG, Jeff....OMG, KILL ME!!!!

    BRAVO!! BRAVO!!!


    That was FABULOUS!!!!

    Those little notes make me SCREAM!!

    Gosh....I've missed your FABULOUS humor, buddy!

    And I'm so glad spamming hasn't bombarded you!

    Lately for me, it's been a BITCHOLA!

    But this too shall pass.

    Like a bad case of GAS!


    Thanks for stopping by, Jeff!

    ALWAYS a pleasure!

    Later gator!

  23. Well said! And also why i use comment moderation.
    There is some very weird spam out there.

  24. I did get some Spam a while back and put word verification on for a while, but I hate it on other people's blogs so I didn't keep it on mine for very long. It seemed to do the trick though and I haven't had any Spam since. You watch the spammers will target me now!

    I totally agree with you on this Ron. However I love SPAM - the food that is! :)

  25. Good Morning Casdok!!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO great seeing ya on this Saturday morning!

    Yes, I noticed that you too use comment moderation!


    For me, it's really the best way to deal with spam.

    Not a whole lot of bloggers use this feature, but I'm so glad the blogspot offers it!!

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by this morning, dear lady!

    Always a special treat to see ya!

    Please give a BIG hug to C for me!!!

    Hope you're enjoying the Fall!!!

  26. Top of the mornin' to ya, Akelamalu!

    YES...I do remember awhile back when you started using it for a bit and then when back to no word verification.

    So glad it worked at filtering out spam for you!

    If word verification worked as well as it does on certain blog hosting companies, I would use it...but it seems to be a hit or miss with blogspot.

    Plus...I like to make it as easy as possible for readers to leave comments.

    ooohh...ooohh....and you know what?....I haven't tried spam in a million years, so I can't even remember if I liked it or not, but since you mentioned it...I may have to give it go!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Akelamalu!

    Wishing you Spam-free blogging for life!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  27. I agree, and I agree about word verification too (also a pain in the ass).

    Do you ever receive some that you just don't know? I have spammed them to unspam them to re-spam them.:O

    I let one go through the other day..and ever since my imagination is getting away from me. I think they may be doing weird things on my lap top. I heard the other night that there is a way they can look at you through a camera without you knowing creepy is that!!

    All I have to say is some people have way to much time on their hands! I admit, I am a tad jealous of the time thing.

    Thanks for a great vent.


    Ps what does one have to do to comment on my blog? I've never done commented to myself. hee, hee
    I hope it is simple, simple.

  28. Good Evening Dear Gypsy-Heart!

    It's so wonderful to see ya, my Florida friend!!!!

    Yes, I have read some comments that I'm not 100% sure of, but for some reason (thank god), usually my intuition will speak LOUDLY and say....."THIS IS SPAM RON!!!"'s true!

    The thing I like much more about Wordpress, is the fact that they hold the entire comment with all the persons information (like email, website, etc) so you can actually GO to the site and check them out BEFORE publishing.

    Here at Blogger, you have to publish the comment first and then go check them out!?!?!

    So, truthfully...if I FEEL like it's spam, I just delete it.

    oooh....ooooh, and I've NOT heard about spam being able to see you through a camera, but OMG...that IS creepy!!!

    I DO know that SPYWARE can do that through an email. And I've got double protection on my computer for that!!

    And's very easy to comment on your blog, because once you comment on WP, they hold the commenters information, so you never have to type it in again!!

    (unlike BLOGGER)

    I think each blog company has great and not-so-great features about them, ya know? But without a doubt, WP has the BEST commenting system I've ever used!

    Thanks MUCHO MUCH for dropping by for a visit, dear Heart!

    You always leave such "good energy."


    Love ya!

    P.S. they weather here has suddenly turned VERY Florida the past couple of days. It's rainy, humid, and very warm. I can't wait for the FREEZING cold to get here!!!

    I know....I'm a penguin!

  29. Hey...our Ronnie's not old!
    He's distinguished sexay! ;)

  30. Hi Ron !!!
    How are you?

    Ahaha :) I'm a spam from Turkey :)))

    You are really a witty and conversationalist blogger.And i love your Blog :)

    Have a great week!


  31. Good Morning Debi!'re so sweet!

    It's funny, because I always use the expression....

    ....he/she is not old....

    ...they're perfectly ripe!

    tee, hee!

    Hope you're having GRANDE' weekend, dear lady!

    Last night I watched one of my favorite films...

    Thelma and Louise!!

    I hadn't seen it for years, but was so great seeing it again!

    LOVE the ending!!!

    Have an awesome Sunday, Deb!


  32. Greetings Zeugma!


    Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking the time to leave a SPAM comment!


    No...only kidding!

    So glad you enjoy Vent.

    And thank you for reading!

    Lately, as I've shared...I've been Spamalot, so it was time to VENT about it.

    oh well....such is the blog-life!

    Please stop by anytime!

    It's nice meeting you!

    Enjoy your day!

  33. Ron, you know you RAWK!!!!!

    I had a spammer recently on my blog but other than that I mostly get spam email. If I ever grow a penis, I know how to enlarge it and to make it work for hours and hours!

  34. OMG...Lady Nitebyrd!!!!

    YOU RAWK!!!!

    God...I LOVE your humor, dear lady!

    And good for YOU for only getting minimal spam!

    I think it's you AVATAR that keeps them away!!!!

    Dusty Bunny says..."Don't FUCK with me FELLAS!!!


    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today, my friend!

    Always a HOOT! and always ENJOYED!

  35. I have to say I totally agree with you! I haven't experienced Spam on my blog yet but thanks for the heads up!

    Also I do love your page. It has a fresh and clean, easy to read feel to it. I have been on some that are just too busy!

  36. Greetings Adult Stuff!

    Welcome...and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    Nice meeting you!

    Hey, that's GREAT...NO spam on your blog! I seem to go through waves of getting a lot of it, and then won't get any for a long time. But that's Blog-Biz I guess!

    Thank you for enjoying my page. And thank you for sharing you feel that's it's clean, because that's what I really strive for. You're SO right...some blogs are very busy and it's distracting to read. And also, the page seems to take forever to load.

    Oy VEY!

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Please drop by anytime!

    The door is always open!

    Enjoy your evening!