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One of the greatest things about having off from work this month, is that I was finally able to go though a bunch of old boxes in my closet, and sort through all the stuff I’ve been hanging onto for years.

Yesterday I was delighted to find a special treasure that I had totally forgotten about, which I would like to share with you.

But first, a little introduction….

Even to this very day, I Love Lucy remains one of my all-time favorite T.V. comedy series.

I actually own several seasons on VHS, which I continue to watch over and over again.

Now I’m also aware that many people find her show ridiculously slapstick, totally over-the-edge, unrealistic, and even detestable.

(and we’ll hear about “one of those people” a little later in the post)

However for me… I Love Lucy is pure genius.

And the reason for this genius, was because Lucille Ball had a way of making you believe that every slapstick, totally over-the-edge, and unrealistic thing she was doing was REAL, because SHE believed it - and that’s a brilliant actress.

I mean come on…

…who else on this planet could make you believe that she and Ethel Mertz got jobs working at Kramer's Candy Kitchen chocolate factory, and frantically had to stuff their mouths with about five hundred ready-to-box-chocolates, because the conveyor belt was moving too fast ?

(I’d like to see Arnold Schwarzenegger do that and get away with it)

When I was a kid, I lived for I Love Lucy.

I would watch it every single day, right after General Hospital and Dark Shadows.

(I believe it came on around 4 PM)

Anyway, I don’t know what ever possessed me, but one day I wrote an I Love Lucy fan letter and mailed it to The Philadelphia Enquire Newspaper.

Then one morning, while I was eating my Captain Crunch with crunch berries, I just so happened to pick up the TV Week Magazine, which was like a TV Guide that came inside the newspaper.

So I’m sitting there, flipping through the pages when low and behold….


Holy cow…I wanted to DIE!

I think I remember spitting out a mouthful of crunch berries, as I catapulted from the table; running upstairs to my mother SCREAMING…

…”LOOK! LOOK!…they published my Lucy fan letter!”

(my mother thought I was going to hyperventilate)

And after I finally calmed down, I realized that not only had they published my love letter, but the magazine also published a hate letter to show conflicting views.

(the filthy RAG magazine)

Anyway, so here they are…..

Ok, I know that we’re all entitled to our own views, but at 16 years old I felt terribly bitter towards this woman. I always wanted to say something to Miss Tight-Ass Elizabeth Berry, but couldn’t express myself at the time, because I never found the proper words.

However, suddenly yesterday the words became perfectly clear…


Ronnie Carnavil


  1. LOL. Go get 'em, tiger!
    What pure genius they were, and they had guts to do what no one had ever done before.

    and by the way, "Elizabeth Berry" sounds like a phony name. She's probably locked up in a home somewhere flinging her poop like other smelly primates do.

  2. I've always found simple instructions to be the best. Takes away a whole lot of confusion....

    Just sayin'...

    I grew up watching Lucy.
    And ohmygosh....Dark Shadows.

    Amazing the things that shot through the brain at the mere mention of those two programs.

  3. That's so cool that they published your letter. What does that crazy lady know anyway?? I Love Lucy was a wonderful show!! Infact, since you've mentioned it I went over to YouTube and watched a few segments.
    OMG, the one with Harpo I always loved! We share the same birth month and day too. :)

    I like the episode where she tries to stop gossiping.

    And I just watched the one where the talent scout is supposed to come to the Ricardos apartment and she's dressed as Marilyn and Fred and Ethel and a few others come all dressed up too.
    And the one where Lucy makes her own dress and does a home perm. FUNNY!!!
    There are so many great episodes I would have a hard time picking a favorite. It has been awhile though since I've sat and watched them on t.v. For awhile not too long ago they were running every day in the afternoon but I haven't noticed any lately.

    Did you like the Lucy Show too? Wasn't she working at a bank with a Mr. Mooney in that one?

    Kevin Spacey on the sidebar!!!
    Good actor. Just watched 'American Beauty' again not that long ago. That was an intense movie.

    And I also gave your FACE a slap. So slap me back, will ya?? LOL

    Happy day! :)

  4. Rumor has it that Elizabeth Berry perished in a freak accident - seems she fell into a giant vat of grapes and was stomped to death by 2 blissfully unaware crazy women.

    The good news is that she made for a fine aged merlot.

  5. Aloha Debi!

    Yes...that's exactly right!

    Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz BLAZED the trail for future sitcoms - pure genius!!

    Hey, I never even thought that maybe Miss Berry was a phoney name!?!?

    If that's true, I think I'll rename her as Miss Dingleberry!


    God love her!

    Thanks for dropping by today Deb!

    Hope it warmed up a bit on the island for ya!


  6. HA! You tell her. That woman has no comedic vision - and Lucy was a genius at it!!

  7. Hiya Mel!

    aaaaaaah....DARK SHADOWS!!!!

    Didn't you LOVE that show???

    And what's really amazing, is that SO MANY actors and actresses started their careers on that show!!!

    Remember Kate Jackson? David Selby?

    OMG...I wanted to BE Quentin!!!!

    I think the episodes are available on DVD!!

    Thanks for dropping by today dear lady!!!

    And hey....I actually got to walk through SNOW yesterday! However's all gone!




  8. I too was a huge I Love Lucy fan Ron. We always thought my aunt looked like Lucy and she certainly acted like her.

    How I wish you could meet Elizabeth Berry and make her Eat Shit!

  9. Morning Crystal Chick!

    Oh...this is too funny!!!

    You and I must be on the SAME MOVIE PATH, because I just watched American Beauty myself!! In fact, that was the whole reason for adding Mr. Spacey to my celebrity hightlight this week. And you said it...INTENSE!!!!! Wasn't Annette Bening a RIOT???

    And another thing...

    ...I just watched the episode of I Love Lucy, where she tries to stop gossiping!!!

    Every once in a while I try to think of which episode is my favorite and I just can't choose! Vitameatavegamin is up there though!

    Not only was Lucille Ball genius, but also the entire cast. It was such an ensemble show!!

    And yes...I did watch and enjoy The Lucy Show. I think Gale Gordon was the PERFECT Mr. Mooney!!!

    Hey...thanks for slapping my face over at Facebook!!! I had no idea you were there too!?!? SO yes...I will definately add you as my friend!! I just got started over there and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works. Last night I imported my blog, so that people can view it there.

    As always...thanks for stopping M!

    LOVE are chats!!

    Hey...isn't it FREEEEEEEZING???


    Have a great Wednesday!


  10. HOLY SHIT Dianne!!!

    THAT WAS FREAKING BRILLIANT, GIRL!!! are so damn FUNNY!!! NOT that episode with Lucy smashing the grapes with her feet the BOMB??? The woman who plays the Italian lady is HYSTERICAL too!

    GOD it makes HOWL everytime I watch it!

    And the next time I'm sipping a Merlot, please KNOW that I will be thinking about Miss Berry and LOVING you!!!!


    Thanks for the wonderful Wednesday laugh, Dianne!

    Have a GREAT one!


  11. Howdy Kenju!

    You said it!!!

    Oh...poor Miss Berry...

    ...I wonder where she is right now?!?!

    Oh that's right...

    ...if you read Dianne's comment, you'll find out!


    It's always so nice seeing ya here, Kenju!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Happy Wednesday!


  12. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    aaaah yes!...another I Love Lucy fan!!!!

    Wasn't the show brilliant?

    Hey and it's funny you mentioned about your aunt looking and ACTING like Lucy, because my father use to always tell my mother that SHE acted like Lucy too. He had this horrible fear of coming home from work one day, and discovering that she accidentally put us kids in the washing machine, while washing our clothes!!!


    My mother is a RIOT!!!

    Yea... if I ever meet Miss Berry I'd love to tell her what I think!

    (of course...I'd do it RESPECTFULLY!)

    Tee, hee...

    Thanks for dropping by, my friend!

    And HAPPY WEDNESDAY to ya!


  13. Hey Ron,
    Yeah, you tell 'em !!
    I'm on the I love Lucy side. Honestly, what kind of sicko could hate Lucy?!
    The candy factory! That is the best :)))

    So funny how you described finding your letter being published ! A big moment in a 16 year old's life.
    What a keeper.
    As for Ms Elizabeth Berry of Philadelphia...
    "You are not desired on the premises; please leave immediately or a wild hoard of Ronnie fans will lapidate you !! "
    So we wish ! haaaaaa !

    Big hugs to you my dear

  14. Bonjour Barbara!

    As for Ms Elizabeth Berry of Philadelphia...
    "You are not desired on the premises; please leave immediately or a wild hoard of Ronnie fans will lapidate you !!"


    woo! woo! woo!

    Go girl!!

    Oh...that was GREAT Barb!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today my friend!

    And I'll be thinking of you the next time I watch the Chocolate Factory episode!!


    With love,
    Ronnie Carnavil

  15. That Elizabeth Tight-twat most likely never learned how to laugh. I bet her kids were glad to grow up, get their own place and watch what ever they wanted and I of the shows was I love Lucy.

    the thing about that you can catch a ep anywhere and know where you were...and still laugh your yourself crazy.

    i love the ones where they are in Hollywood and Ricky is making movies...She rocked. You know she used to live by Jack Benny. Yeah I did the Map of the Stars Tour...and guess who's home I came to at the end of the tour? My very own home.

    Yep...before I was was Nora Jones...Bit player actress of the wide screen and televison...and County Fairs and grocery store openings. hehehe.

    Do you know how long it took for me to write write directions to my house all the Maps of the Movie Stars...long.

    hehehe...I'm kidding you about the Bit player part. heheh. But I do get people approaching me for my autograph when we're out. They must be disappointed after I sign my real name. Some are as happy as a June bug...on a warm June summer night. hehehe.

    I should ask them who they think I am. I have know I'm not who you think I am.

    They wink and say...sure, I get you. But still have their pen and paper for me to sign. hehehe.

    hehehe, ronnie...are you amused. hehehe.

    I loved your post and I think you were fantastic even back when you were 16 years old. You ROCK!

    ciao babe...xoxoxoxox

  16. Good Evening Miss Nora Jones!

    My're a STAR wherever you go!!!!

    I just think some people carry that energy with them, and you're one of them!!

    Hey listen....funny you mentioned the episodes in Hollywood, because those are part of my series collection - I HAD to have them!!!
    And I honestly can't say which one is favorite!!?!

    No...I had no idea Lucy lived by Jack Benny. She had him on one of her The Lucy Show episodes and it was FABULOUS! She created a FAULT for all his money!

    OMG...if I ever come visit you, you MUST take me on the tour of the movie stars homes, and we can act like Lucy and Ethel when they stole a grapefruit from Richard Whitmark's backyard!!!


    Thanks for stopping by Miss Nora!

    You always add your STARDOM!

    Ciao bella


    Ronnie Carnavil

    P.S. and can I have your autograph?

  17. I post-tagged you. And, I also honorary-knighted you! The suit of armor and lance are in the mail. The horse you'll have to arrange on your own (sorry)

  18. Aloha Debi! honorary-knighted me????

    HOLY SHIT...

    ....I feel like Laurence Olivier!!!

    And thanks for mailing me the proper suit of armor, because I only have a GREEN leisure suit from the 80's and I don't think that would work!?!?


    I think I'll have to RENT a horse!!

    I'll be over in a bit to check out your post!!!

    Mr. Olivier


  19. Hey Ron,
    Should I just assume wearing diapers if I read your blog? Rolling around and perhaps making foul sounds of laughter. Funny how bitter the broad was and then voila- your letter. How awesome to see that stuff years later. Fun!
    I had written President Jimmy Carter following the death of one of my idols- Elvis Presley. I was 12-13 and pretty determined to create a national holiday to remember Elvis by.
    Yes, you can imagine the excitement when the White House envelope arrived with a letter and family photo of the whole Carter family. They kindly informed me that my idea was lovely
    but ...Nah. At the time it was the most exciting thing ever.
    I loved the show too and watched, rewatched all the episodes for years. What are the kids up to now?
    Do you remember Hazel?
    Have a grand weekend full of wonderful mad fun, BB

  20. Bonjour Brigitte!

    Oh my dear friend...your comments are ALWAYS such a BLAST!

    And WOW...I'm totally impressed about your letter to Mr. Carter and getting a RESPONSE!!!!

    WAY TO GO!!!!!

    (Hey...did he send you any PEANUTS?)


    My mother was also a HUGE admirer of Elvis. In fact, I once knew a woman who I had worked with, who actually had her entire living room decorated in Elvis memorabilia (and some of the stuff was INCREDIBLE!!).

    I remember as a child, watching his movies on Saturaday afternoons with my mom.

    And years before he passed away, you could really see everything taking it's toll.

    But he STILL could "Shake, rattle, and roll!!!"

    And YES...I DO remember Hazel! Shirley Booth!!! And what a great show it was!

    Thanks for stopping by Brigitte!

    Always a pleasure!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  21. ronnie, you are such a riot and a brother/sister in another life for sure because I ADORE I love lucy!! :) I can sit down and totally zone out on the old shows to this day which, obviously was my way of escaping as a child! I adored the one(besides the candy one of course) where she bakes the bread and it grows all over the kitchen and everywhere and I really believed that could happen! You are hysterical that you still have your sweet love letter to the newspaper...that's somehow is so YOU .... kisses...

    might I add, I am hopelessly behind in commenting but will catch up, I are always so faithful to come over and visit me and I am such a failure as a blogger lately although I managed to post finally and am here for awhile to read about , evidently hamburgers? next ... much love to you dear man and bro-sis, whichever form you took in those daze!

  22. Nah, that won't work, but if you have something like the green Robin Hood: Men in Tights thing, that could work too LOL.
    Why not, show off the Chippendales package! LOL
    Have a mahvelous day, your excellency Sir Ronningham!

  23. Aloha Debi! just gave me the BEST idea!!!

    We could call our touring strip troupe, The Robin Hood Chippendale's

    And with a subtitle of:

    "Men in Green Tights"


    WE'll BE FAMOUS!!!!


  24. Helloooo Sister/Brother Linda from a pastlife!

    OMG...that's a riot!!!

    I somehow believe that bloggers who blog closely, ARE from another life, and we may not SEE one another when we blog, but we certainly FEEL one another!!!

    And YES! YES! YES!...the I Love Lucy episode, about the time she made that HUGE loaf of bread, which came FLYING out of the oven is BRILLIANT!!!

    And yes for me too, I Love Lucy was a definately escape!!

    (and it STILL is!!)

    Please never, ever concern yourself with when or how often you come to visit here. I totally understand that we all have lives away from blogging and that we're all doing other things. I simply enjoy and appreciate whenever you or any of my readers stop by.

    And you're FAR from a failure as a're FABULOUS!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful memories of LUCY!!!!

    Wasn't she the BOMB???

    *I think I'll go box some chocolates now!

    Enjoy your evening, Linda!

    Ronnie Carnavil


  25. Yep, wearing just the green tights, a green thong, and that feather-in-the-hat thingy.

    (you'll be RICH and FAMOUS!)
    Rowrrrrrrr! ;)

  26. Aloha Debi!

    No, my friend....

    WE'LL be RICH and FAMOUS!

    *Don't'll be getting HALF the income for making the thongs!!


  27. Yes. I still love Lucy, too. The old Lucy's though, with Ricky, Fred and Ethel.

    Shindig and American Bandstand then Dark Shadows, where I was!

    Quentin Collins could have bitten me anytime!

  28. Howdy Nitebyrd!


    The ones with Ricky, Fred, and Ethel. The later Lucy shows, were not nearly as funny. I think the thing about I Love Lucy, was that it had an innocence about it, and that's what made it real and so damn FUNNY!!

    OMG....I loved Shindig and American Bandstand too!!

    God love DICK CLARK!

    Hey...and I felt the same way about Quentin.

    BITE ME!

    Tee, hee!

    It's always so wonderful to see ya, Sis!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  29. I loved Lucy too! I've had many "Lucy moments" in my life. Like the first time I made gravy. I kept adding water to the browned flour, and it kept bubbling up and growing! Before it was over I had four pans of gravy! :O

    How wonderful to see your were already a writer!!
    Thanks for sharing it.


    Ps I followed General Hospital from high school until a few years ago. Remember when Laura and Luke finally got married!!! :)

  30. Hello Dearest Lucy/Gypsy-Heart!

    OMG...I was JUST thinking about you today and wondering how you were!!!

    So it was AWESOME to see your comment!!

    How are ya?

    Your I Love Lucy moment sounds like the time she made bread and put in too much yeast, so the bread grew into the size of a tree trunk!!!


    OMG...of course I remember when Luke and Laura got married!!! I mean they actually were on the cover of People and Us magazine! That was such a HUGE thing in the 80's! My friend Tina was a General Hospital addict!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful seeing ya, my friend!

    I hope is well for you and that you're creating more and more magnificent pieces of ART!!'s FREEZING here right now and I'm loving it!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    LOVE YA!

  31. Bonjour Ron....

    I TOTALLY share your loving sentiments about the I LOVE LUCY show!! It was one of my FAVS!! I could watch any episode a number of times and still laugh my head off!! I love it like I love Golden Girls!!! Anyhow.. good for you for writing that letter.... And YEH- Elizabeth Berry-- eat shit!!!!! Whew!!! I feel better now!!! Just as a side note.. I watched GH too... for many,many years and it was a FAV, too!!
    Hugs, Leese

  32. Bonjour Leesa!


    Wasn't that show the BEST????????

    I use to enjoy watching Golden Girls and Designing Women in the same night!!

    What a wonderful TV night that was!

    It always amazed me how I can continue to watch episodes of I LOVE LUCY and still laugh as if it's the first time I ever watch it!!

    And yes Miss Berry...EAT SHIT!


    Thanks for stopping by Leesa!

    Always a pleasure!

    Have a wonderful day my friend!