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I love my little studio apartment, truly I do.

But one of the drawbacks, is that my kitchen is very small, therefore, it has a dwarf-size refrigerator with a NON frost-free freezer.

I usually defrost the freezer compartment once a month, but last month I kept putting it off, until eventually it looked like I had an iceberg the size of the one that sank the S.S. Titanic.

It was so damn BIG that I could no longer close the refrigerator door because the ice was sticking out so far, it actually kept the refrigerator light on.

It was the first time since I was 4 years old, that I felt like I was sleeping with a Cinderella nightlight.

Friday afternoon I decided it was time to perform a serious meltdown.

It was my day to go grocery shopping, so I cleaned out everything in the fridge that had been growing green fuzzy hair, then turned it off; allowing the freezer to defrost for a few hours.

Well…a few hours turned into six and half hours.

I started defrosting about 11:00AM and then went shopping around 2:00PM. When I got home three hours later, I noticed that there was still a HUGE amount of ice still left in the freezer. So there I stood, with a grocery bag filled with frozen food, that was slowly turning into mush.

I thought about quickly melting the remainder of the ice by using my hair dryer, but I wasn’t too keen on experiencing electric shock therapy that day.

So I had no other choice, than to take a hammer and a screw driver, and begin CHISELING.

I felt like Michelangelo carving an ice sculpture of David.

Ice was flying everywhere. And at one point, I thought I needed a pair of plastic eye goggles, because ice chips were hitting me in the face.

Periodically, I pulled out loose chunks with my blue frost-bitten fingers; placing them into the kitchen sink. And when I stood up 20 minutes later, and saw all the ice floating in the sink…it looked like the Arctic Sea.

Finally, at 5:30 PM I had completed the hideous task.

Oh hell, I don’t know…

… I think it’s time I moved to an apartment with a frost-free refrigerator.

Because this iceberg-look is VERY unattractive.


  1. Hi Ron !
    OMG... you just hit on my Most hated domestic chore... desfrosting the ice compartment.
    Now, I hate this too and a few times, I let it slide. Though I could still close the door !

    It takes me a whole afternoonh ( or half if it's warm) of dripping and plucking out ice.

    I would be careful the next time about chiseling, just in case you might accidentally chisel into the cooling pipes.

    I can sympathize with you... that chore is the pits.

    Feel better now it's done? YES !!!
    Hugs XXXX

  2. LOL
    The visuals are just hysterical!!

    We have a frost-free now, but OMG when we lived in our apartment it was almost the same scenario. Every so often I'd have to get in there with a knife and I DID use a blow dryer quite a few times too.
    I thought about just never cooking again, but hubby and the kids weren't too keen on that idea so I hacked away every couple months. LOL
    One time.... we had a bottle of champagne in the fridge. For some reason it started to grow some ice around the top of the bottle. Then the ice ball got bigger and pretty much surrounded the entire top half of the bottle. It just sat on the top shelf of the fridge that way for like a year or two. I think before we moved out we let it thaw and then tossed it. But it was pretty comical to look at every time we'd open the door.

    Now that the chore is finally done go reward yourself and buy a real Cinderella night light!!!

  3. I remeber those fridges. My mom had one when I was a kid. I remember defosting it a few times.

    I can say one positive thing about those beer fridges. They still work years and years later.

    We got our hands on one about 8 years ago but we let it go to some friends that needed a fridge.

    I bet you won't forget to defrost next month. lol

  4. Well, it's an interesting look that's for sure! I vote for the new fridge.

    And, a Cinderella night light a bad thang? *cough* Not that I have one or ummmm anything.

    Just wondering??


  5. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG...I can't believe that someone else has to defrost their freezer too!?!?

    I was beginning to think that I was the only one on planet earth that didn't have a frost-free frig.

    Isn't it the PITS Barb???

    I feel like Fred Flintstone!

    I was VERY careful to chisel the outside edges of the ice, because it's in my lease, if I damage the frig..."I" have to pay for it"

    Oy vey!

    Oh yes...I feel SOOOO much better this hideous task is finito!!!

    Thanks for dropping by Barb!

    And the next time I defrost...I'll be thinking of YOU!!!

    Happy Monday!


  6. Hellooooo Crystal-Chick!

    Thanks my friend! When I saw that last photo online...I HOWLED! It was perfect for this post!!!

    Oh WOW....I'm surprised the champagne bottle did POP with all that ice expanding the bottle. It would have been like New Years Eve in your kitchen!


    Oh man, you have NO IDEA how happy I am that this chore is done.

    In the summer months when it's hotter outside, I have to defrost the freezer sometimes TWICE a month, because the ice forms so quickly!!

    Hey, speaking of the weather....don't you LOVE this COLD day we're having? I'm in HEAVEN!!!

    Always great seeing ya, M!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Monday!


  7. Howdy Grumpy!

    Me too... folks had one of those fridges in the basement and like you shared, they had that thing for YEARS. I remember it being BIG and KLUNKY, but it was strong and mighty!

    Not like today's fridges.

    No...I will most definitely NOT forget to defrost next month.

    Thanks for stopping by, Gumpy!

    Wishing you a FAAAAABULOUS Monday!


  8. Good Afternoon Vixen Kitten!

    Hell, no...the Cinderella nightlight was AWESOME! It saved me from all the gobblins that visited me during the night!

    Tee, hee.

    When I was a kid, we had nightlights all over the house. It was great for getting up in the middle of the night to pee!

    I love the ones they have out now that not only light, but also have the scented liquid inside.

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    Wishing you and Pea a Happy Monday!


  9. We have quite a big freezer but it's not frost free - what was I thinking when I bought it??????

    I used to hate defrosting it because (a) it took forever and (b) it made a mess. I lived dangerously because I used my hairdryer but it still took a long time. Now I've found the perfect solution (barring a frost free freezer) I use a steam cleaner! I put a bowl in the bottom of the freezer and start melting the frost from the top which runs down and melts the rest. It now takes 30 minutes! If you can't get a bigger freezer Ron get yourself a steam cleaner. :)

  10.'re BRILLIANT!!!!

    A steam cleaner!!!

    What a freaking GREAT idea!!

    And that's perfect, because I've seen them in K-Mart and they're inexpensive and small, so I can store it easily. PLUS, I can use it for cleaning things too!

    YAHOOO! Thanks for you advice, dear lady!

    Wishing you a Happy Monday!


  11. DAMN, Ron...
    were your nipples all hard? LOL
    P.S.: I'll take one of those ice Michelangelo statues, please. I need something interesting to look at now that the gym set and other junk are gone.

  12. DAMN Debi...YES!!!

    My chest looked like it had headlights!

    Listen, I chiseled the David EXTRA large, so I think you'll really enjoy looking at him. But don't breathe too heavy...because it'll melt FAST!


    Thanks for dropping by, Deb!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Artistically yours,


  13. Oh ronnie...I have be busy these days butI am feeling so much better.

    Honey...i laughed so hard. my tummy hurt. hammer and chisel...heheh.

    When I had this cute apartment in my college that I mean walk in...look straight...bed doors. It was seperated by hanging colored beads. Look to the left a little entrance to the kitchen...more tho the left...the living room...then a small walkin closet and to the right of that the bathroom. lovely place...I felt like my mother as a teen, a hippie...groovy kind of flower child.

    Time to play a Cowsills in her everywhere


    Anyway...back to the ice...I was over her place, eating, um some brownies. yeah those kind of brownies...yum.

    We took our blow dryers...and melted it till it started to fall in chucks...hehehe

    I couldn't wait till the next hair blower ICE and brownies.

    Ciao sweetie...fab post. :D

    Psst...invite friends oiver for a hair blower brownie ice party. WOO.

    Send me an invite. hehehe

  14. Dear Miss Jones....

    Your comments always leave me with the BEST visuals!!!!!

    I could picture that apartment to a tee! Especially those hanging beads (which BTW I had in my bedroom as a kid). Weren't they the BEST???

    Ok...GREAT idea about the blow dryer/brownie party! Because once those brownies kick in....I won't even give a shit about the ice anymore!!!


    Thanks for stopping by, my harmonica friend!

    And so glad to hear you're feeling better!!!

    Enjoy your night!

    Ciao bella


  15. dear ron, here's my christmas wish for you ....a brand new apartment with a REAL LIVE SUB ZERO FRIDGE IN IT!!! how about that? without the solid door, rather the glass one, so you can see cool...i wanted one of those but dh said no because i am such a fridge messmaker!! haha, love that picture of the frozen beard but it didn't look like you, was it?

    ah well, not much to say tonight but glad you finally got that awful job mother used to do that about 50 years ago...ronnie dear, it's time to come into the 21st century, you think? ;) of course you do!

    how's the weather there? are you getting any spring yet? hope so! getting some sun on your face , in your brain? ok, good....take care.

  16. Hi Ron,
    Your venture into defrosting brought back memories.
    I could not defrost her at all. The ice would hang on every action and word that came from her. It was as if the North Pole was modeled after her. Then one day it happened she gave birth to penquin little did I know that the Polar Bear was the father.
    Oh well, enough about me and my past. Now let's move on to global warming.
    You are cooooooooool.

  17. Oy geeze...... We have two of those puppies on the unit for storing refridgerated medications.

    Anytime you get lonesome....c'mon over.

  18. Hiya Linda...


    Tee, hee..

    I know my friend, it's high time I moved into the 21st century!!!

    No...that's not a photo of me, I found it online and just about died when I saw was meant for this post!!!

    Yes, Spring has arrived here in Philly, but like most March's (and sometimes April) it can get quite cold. The sun is shining, so it feels so good to walk outside in the crisp cool air and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

    *and brain!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


  19. OMG....Sir Dave...the more I hear about your ex-wife, the more I know why she's you EX!

    YOU KILL ME!!!

    I could not defrost her at all. The ice would hang on every action and word that came from her. It was as if the North Pole was modeled after her.


    It's funny though, how we all have such FOND memories of our ex's!

    Thanks for stopping by buddy!

    You're brilliant!

    Have COOL Tuesday!


  20. Morning Dear Mel!

    When I was kid, my parents had two fridges. One in the kitchen, and one in the basement for storing extra stuff. This thing was HUGE and silver. It looked like a big ominous robot - it was scary!

    Ok, so listen...the next time you need to defrost your outside fridge, shoot me an email, and we can have defrosting party. We'll drink some Kool-Aide and eat black jelly beans!!!

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for stopping by Mel!

    Hope you're enjoying the Spring thaw!


  21. Funny stuff! Next time try putting some boiling hot water in whatever container will fit in the midst of all that ice! Close the door and let the heat do the work. Please, don't open you closet doors for us! Or okay, do open them... :)

  22. Howdy Askcherlock!

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share a comment!

    Nice meeting you. I really like your name!!

    I time I've got to try the hot water thing, but I've got make sure I don't wait as long, because with the size of this iceberg...I couldn't get a piece of loose leaf paper in there!!

    Oh...and my closet???

    You don't want to know.

    I only have one closet, so EVERYTHING I own is in there!?!?

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcomed!

    Enjoy your day!

  23. I've never heard of defrosting an ice compartment. Hilarious! That photo is priceless.

  24. Yes Debi!

    Like a EXTRA large icicle!



  25. Greetings Tina!

    Welcome! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing a comment!

    Yes...I think MOST people have never heard of defrosting the freezer, because most refrigerators are now frost-free.

    It's just that my studio apartment is small, that the kitchen can only hold a small fridge, which unfortunately is useless.

    tee hee!

    So glad you enjoyed the last photo. I saw it and thought it would be great for this post.

    Please stop anytime. You're always welcome here!

    Have a nice evening, Tina!


  26. OH that reminds me. In Los Wages I think somewhere around Ceasars (?)there's a naked man statue. I had dummy stand in front of it to make it look like he was being teabagged.

  27. OMG!!!! DEBI!!!! THAT'S HYSTERICAL!!!!

    I LOVE that reference....


    A friend of mine and I are always saying that!!

    It sure as hell beats Lipton!


    Thanks Deb...that was great!


  28. I have a funny story about the icebox... Note: We've only had to defrost once since I've lived here - almost 3 years now...
    Well... one night, I noticed that the freezer was really packed with ice and I told Alex... He started hacking away with a hammer to break off the ice... He did this all for about an hour or so.. maybe less... Well, the next day we saw our manager and she asked us if we had heard loud noises around 11:30 during the night.. Alex responded, No, we hadn't .....
    After she left, we realized that the "loud noise" was in fact ALEX hacking away with the hammer... OOOPSS!!!!!!

    LOVE the photographs!!!

  29. Bonjour Leesa!

    OMG...that's HYSTERICAL!!!!!

    And it's funny should be mentioning that, because I as I was HACKING away at the ice in my freezer, I was makinsg SOOOO much noise, I wondered if my neighbor was hearing it!?! Lucky it was early afternoon, so I think he and his wife were still at work!

    It sounded like I was building a HOUSE!!

    Thanks for sharing that great story, Leesa.