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About a week ago, I broke my last wine glass while I was washing it.

So for the past seven evenings, I was drinking my half a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon out of an orange juice glass.

I’m sorry, it’s not that I’m a wine connoisseur or anything, but drinking vino from an orange juice glass doesn’t quite do it. It’s like trying to cut a steak, using two spoons. It didn’t even taste like wine. It tasted more like petrol.

I also noticed that I had a tendency to gulp it like water, rather than sip it.

The whole experience seemed schizophrenic, and it totally antagonized my OCD tendencies.

Anyway, I finally made the time to go shopping for some new wine glasses. And I was ecstatic to find them on sale, so I stocked up on them.

Now the only thing that wasn’t great about the glasses, was that they were the size of a goldfish bowl - they were HUGE. I prefer using a smaller wine glass, because I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. And if you can believe this, I’ve never been drunk in my life - tipsy - but never falling down on my ass-face drunk. It usually takes me a good hour to sip a half a glass of wine. And since the glasses were on sale I wasn’t about to pass them up. So I nabbed them, and just figured that I’d fill the glass BELOW the halfway mark.

I was all excited that evening, because I had just purchased a brand new bottle of Cabernet and was going to enjoy it, using a REAL glass.

So about 9:30 I uncorked the bottle and poured.

And poured. And poured. And poured.

It seemed like it took me 10 minutes to fill up half the glass.

But I checked…and yup!…it was only half full.

So I took my glass of red wine and some delicious munchies over to my desk, and then proceeded to go online; answering emails and searching the Internet for future blog post photos.

I guess maybe an hour and half had passed before I noticed that the glass still had good deal of wine in it, but I was having such a SLAP HAPPY time online, while listening to Mary J. Blige singing, “Just Fine”… I just kept sipping and sipping until it was all gone.

It must have been a little after midnight, when I began to notice that I was quietly staring at the computer monitor and not doing anything except staring at it, and smiling.

And slowly blinking.

The google search page had suddenly become enthralling for me to watch. And I really don’t know why, because I wasn’t even searching for anything…I was just starting at it and watching the white pixels dance.

I have no idea how long I was staring like this, but I did notice that my eyes began to lose focus and it took tremendous effort to keep my eyelids open, so I used the palms of hands to hold my head up; preventing it from falling into the computer monitor.

But I must have been having fun though, because I was still smiling.

However, you better believe that the next time I had my evening glass of Cabernet…

I filled the glass below, below, below the halfway mark.

Yet, I did learn something from this experience…

….the google search page looks so much more interesting with wine.

Please Note: I will be driving into NYC tomorrow on a business trip and the day will VERY long, therefore, I will not be posting on Friday. I will resume posting again on Monday, and who knows…it may be about my trip to NYC!? I haven’t been there in awhile, so I’m very excited. Thank you for your patience and understanding, folks! X


  1. You LUSH! ;0
    I hope you're going to NYC to audition for Chippendales again, er...Broadway!
    Have a nice safe trip

  2. and P.S.: until I get my dishwasher, I will be cutting the dogs' steak with two spoons LOL

  3. *laughing*

    Half a glass of wine?!!



  4. k........

    BE NICE, Mel!

    Sorry. *hanging head*
    My bad. ;-)

    I do hope you enjoy your visit.
    And maybe a goldfish would be a wiser thing for those wine glasses. You could have a whole city of 'em! :-)

    Just a thought!

    Safe journey!

  5. Half a goldfish bowl full of red wine certainly sounds delightful.... but afterwards there's always some regret. LOL

    I love, love, love wine!!! But alcohol just makes my heart race, so if I'm having a glass or maybe two if they are small enough, it has to be EARLY in the evening.

    Have you ever made a wine cooler or sangria in the summer?? Mmmmmm. I sometimes use 7 Up and wine together for a refreshing treat, maybe if I have a girlfriend over for lunch. Sangria at restaurants have a few assorted ingredients but I just use whatever fruit I have on hand and ice.

    Talking about wine at 9 am seems sooooo decadent. Before you know it, I'll be adding some to my breakfast beverage. Hey, I could invent a new drink.... the Pinot Cocoa. EEEEWWWW LOL

    Enjoy your trip to NYC. OH definitely do blog about it!! And take pictures!!

  6. Aloha Debi!

    I know...I live such the LUSH LIFE, don't I?


    I'm just an incredibly cheap and quick "buzz-face."


    Wish I WAS going to NYC for an audition, but no. It's actually a training for the company I work for, but there always FUN and FAAAABULOUS, so I'm really looking forward to it!

    Thanks for dropping by Deb!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. Hiya Dear Mel

    *laughing* with you.

    I know...aren't I lightweight?

    I actually only started drinking wine a few years ago. I can only handle RED. White wine does something very strange to me - I flip out!

    I so enjoy the ritual of wine. The selection, the opening of the bottle, the pouring, and that first sip!

    ooooh la, la!

    I can't WAIT to go to NYC tomorrow! The energy is so different than Philly. I'll most likely post about it on stay tuned!

    Thanks for stopping by dearest lady!



  8. Howdy Crystal Chick!

    YAAAAAY....another wine lover!!!

    I can hardly believe that I even drink, considering my only experience with wine was HORRIBLE. I've discovered that I cannot drink white wine. I don't know what it is about it, but it makes me feel like I'm tripping!!

    Even though red wine is heavier, it doesn't affect me like white.

    I've never tried a wine cooler or sangria, but perhaps this summer I will. I know people who really enjoy both of those.

    Pinot Cocoa

    That's FUNNY, M!!!

    And you can drink it with your Coco Puffs!


    And speaking of Pinot. Don't you LOVE it? I usually go to a Pinot or Shiraz in the summertime, because they're lighter. However, I'm weird...I like my red wine chilled.

    Gosh, all this talk about VINO is getting me excited about tonight's glass!!!

    Yes...I will most likely post about NY on Monday. I'll definitely try and take photos too. I'm going to be really busy while I'm there, so I hope I'll have time to snap a few images of the Bigg Apple.

    So looking forward to it!!

    Always VUNDERFUL sharing with ya, M!

    Have an awesome Wednesday!!

    Talk to you soon.

  9. Aloha again Debi!

    Oh shit...I just noticed that you posted an additional comment about the spoons and forgot to respond!?!

    So here it is....


    And good luck!

    tee, hee!


  10. Hey Ronnie,
    OMG... wait until we get you over to Paris !!
    Oh you really were having a good time that night. It soundedlike found some type of Nirvana.

    Put it there, pardner, I never have been stone drunk either.
    And I enjoy wine "avec moderation" or moderately.

    Have a great trip to NYC and safe driving to ya !

  11. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG...I can't even imagine me drinking all the delicious wine in France!!!

    Between THAT and all the pastries, I'll be in a perpetual state of NIRVANA!!!

    You'll have to just PUSH me everywhere!


    Thanks Barb...I can't wait to get to the Bigg Apple for the day. Really looking forward to it!

    You and I will both have things to blog about this week, hu?

    Have a great time!


  12. We have some of those 'goldfish bowl' glasses too. I can manage a full glass (or two) but then you know I get lots of practice! ;)

    Have a great time in NY, can't wait to hear what you get up to. :)

  13. I read an article about the kind of glass you're supposed to have depending on the wine - I think there are 4 or 5 different types. Funny - I have clear and green tinted - I'm so unworthy!!

    Have a good trip!!

  14. Don't worry... I've been falling down on my ass-face drunk plenty for both of us.

    I have goldfish bowl sized glasses and it's GREAT. They contain so much you can honestly say: "I had only one glass, officer... I swear!" and you won't even go to purgatory for lying :)

  15. Oh... have a fun and safe trip. :)

  16. ronnie baby, I love you when you are tipsy. hehehe.

    I haven't had a glass of wine in almost twoo week,

    So I'm getting my juice glass and gulping it down...woo.

    Oh to hell with it, I'll just put the bottle in the bag...and drink it like I normally do.

    I'll know its empty...when it's not wet anymore. hehehe.

    Have a fabulous trip to New York...DANG! I want to go too.

    Oh boo...I'll just stay here and have a freezer defrost party...Oh they won't know thre is no ice build up...once the brownies are passed around. Woo.

    Ciao my friend...please be safe and careful.

  17. Good Evening Akelamalu!

    Woo! Woo! a glass or two????

    You GO girl!!!

    I swear to god...the glasses I got are as big as a 12ft swimming pool, but they're soooo nice. And hefty too! I don't think I'll be breaking any, unless I get snockered and end up dropping one!

    tee, hee!

    I'm so looking forward to NY tomorrow. I may have stuff to share on Monday!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    I'll be sure drop by your place to catch your Flash 55!


  18. Howdy Dianne!

    OMG...I know!!!

    A friend of mine got me a wine book about two years ago, and it had all the different size and shape glasses to go with the different wines. It was mind-blowing! I so LOVE the ritual of wine. And as I'm sure you've GOT to have the proper glass to really appreciate it.

    Hey...those green tinted glasses sound so cool!

    I also love martini glasses, however, I've never had a martini in my life, but I just like the shape of them.

    Thanks for dropping by Dianne!

    ALWAYS a pleasure seeing ya!

    Hey...I'll be in your hometown tomorrow! Can't wait!

    Enjoy your evening.


  19. OMG...Anndi...just before I came online to check my comments, I was THINKING OF YOU!!!

    I swear!

    It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO great to see ya!

    Thanks for dropping in!

    You're comment made me giggle, because not only was it funny, but it was totally the truth! I've got to remember that the next time I'm walking down the city streets, falling on my ass-face, and a cop stops me for impersonating someone who's drunk!


    Thanks Anndi...I'm really looking forward to NY. I know it'll be mostly business, but just being there will be cool!


  20. Dear FAAAAAAABULOUS Miss Jones.....

    Oh...I SO wish you were going to NY with me too!!

    Doncha' just know that we'd have a BLAST! Shopping and eating and drinking!

    As you know, I use to live there, but haven't been in a few years, so I'm anxious to see how I adjust to the MASSIVE ENERGY.

    I LOVE NY!

    Hey listen, your comment about drinking wine in a paper bag made me HOWL, because I was actually going to use that reference in some way in this post, but didn't. You're a mind-reader!

    Have fun during your freezer defrosting party, ok? And think of me when the brownies kick in. OMG...I have a story about brownies that I could never share on the Internet, but one day when we meet...I'll share it with you in person. It's so funny!

    Thanks for stopping by, Miss Divine Jones!

    Talk to ya, soon!

    Ciao bella


  21. I wish I could get into drinking wine. It seems so much more refined than margaritas. But my body can't process wine and it makes me really sick.

    Thanks for checking out my site. I put up a new poll!

  22. well ron, it's so late, I'M starring at the comment screen with no words popping to my brain! so have a wonderful trip and i'll look forward to hearing about it on monday....glad you enjoyed that wine, btw, i thought the image was hysterical of you, all alone, bopping to the goggle screen pixel jumping....hahaha, never been drunk, eh? nor stoned on some wonder drug either or have you made an exception in that? no , don't answer, i'm too nosy, i know i am but feel free to answer.. ;)

    xoxoxox-be safe in the big bad city!

  23. i like the idea of a whole city of fish in the wine glasses or those japanese fighting fish that like to stare at each other through their fish bowl sides?????now there's an idea!


  24. LOL Ron! So cute you are.
    I break a wine glass about once a month! I like the smaller ones, too, but I have to admit, I'll have more than one half glass a night.... It's just so yummy. :)

    Enjoy life drinking out of a fish bowl.. (there's gotta be something to that...)

    Have fun in NYC! Don't work too hard. xo

  25. Half a glass of wine in that span of hours. You are light weight. Or you weren't exacerating about the size of the glass.

  26. Hi Tina!!

    Hey...I LOVED your blog and REALLY enjoyed it!!!

    It's funny, because I know several people who feel the same way about wine as you. My mom can drink two or three martini's and not feel drunk at all, but if she has even ONE glass of wine...she's WIPED out!!!

    Wine is strange... either agrees with someone or it doesn't. I LOVE it, but can only drink it in small amounts.

    Thanks for stopping by Tina!

    I'll stop by your place sometime tomorrow to check out your poll. I just got back from NYC and it was fun...but I'm exhausted!



  27. Hellooooo Linda!

    I just got in from NYC about an hour ago; jumped in the shower and then ate a LATE dinner, so I'm tired myself. Actually...exhausted!

    I was up at 4:30AM and have been running all day. I had WONDERFUL time in NY. I didn't have any time to really get out in the city, because I was in a training from 10-6, but just BEING THERE was fabulous! I'll most likely post about it on Monday!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, dear Linda!

    And bad girl! I would NEVER tell my "hidden secrets" online!

    tee, hee!

    Hope you had wonderful day!


  28. Hello again Linda!

    OMG...TWO comments????

    Hey, I like that idea of a city of Japanese fighting fish swimming in a HUGE glass of wine too!!!

    I guarantee they WOULDN'T be fighting, they'd be too drunk!



  29. Hello Dearest Kate!

    Such a wonderful treat to see your comment tonight!!!

    Oh and YES!!!! Is not wine the YUMMIEST??? I can't believe that for SOOOO many years I simply avoided it, because I had such a bad reaction to drinking white. But for some reason red wine agrees with me.

    Well...not exactly AGREES with me, but I sure as hell LOVE how it makes me feel!!!!


    Tee, hee.

    I don't know, maybe one day I'll graduate to a FULL glass.

    Thanks dear lady, I had a GREAT time in NYC today. I'm POOPED! But it felt so enjoyable to be back in the Big Apple!

    I LOVE that city!


  30. Howdy Grumpy!

    Yup! A half a glass of wine is all it takes to get me good and BUZZED!!!!

    I'm such an inexpensive drunk!


    Last night I had just a teeny-tiny glass before I went to bed, because I knew I had to get up early this morning. However this evening I'm so tired...I think I'll pass!

    That means MORE for tomorrow night!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Grumpy!

    ALWAYS great seeing ya!

    Hope you had an GRANDE' day!


  31. You're driving to NYC?

    I hope for the safety of men, women, children, small animals, etc that you're the passenger and not operating a motor vehicle.

    And next time, maybe you should look for shot glasses instead.

    See you next week.

  32. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    OMG...YES...I was the passenger, not the driver.

    Getting there was HORRENDOUS. We ended up hitting a horrible accident on the turnpike and had an hour and a half delay. We were only a half an hour late for the meeting though.

    I had a great time, but it was a very hurried day!

    Thanks for stopping by bud!

    Talk to ya next week!

    Later gator!

  33. Are you sure it wasn't a brandy snifter? That'll bite ya in the arse for sure!

  34. Hi Chrissy!

    It's funny you should say that, because that's EXACTLY the size of wine glass. Only with a stem!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have an AWESOME weekend, girl!


  35. Glad you had a good day in "the city!"

    I got hysterical trying to picture you 2 sheets to the wind, surfing the 'net!

  36. Hi Ron,

    I think American wine glasses are bigger than French ones... Or maybe, just the ones I've seen.... hehe... I am not a wine drinker myself, but I do enjoy a sip or two since the wine here is soooo good!!!!!
    I bought Alex some really pretty and pricey wine glasses for Christmas two years ago.. They make us feel very classy while sipping our wine with them...
    BUT... we have them packed away in a box on a top shelf in the kitchen and this often deters us from using them.... Sooooo... we use the one good wine glass that we have on our shelf... and one water/juice glass... hehehehhe!!! Take care Ron... It's been awhile, I know.. I've been sooooo busy!!! Miss ya... Leese
    Have a safe trip to NY!!!!

  37. Howdy Lady Nitebyrd! should have seen me last night!

    I got a TAD over indulgent!

    I was dancing around my apartment!

    woo! woo!

    Yes...I had such a great time in the city. I'll be posting about it tomorrow!

    Thanks for stopping by, Sis!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  38. Bonjour Leesa! glad to hear that someone else uses a JUICE GLASS!!!

    But can't imgine drinking that awesome French wine in anything but a classy glass!!

    I've had a few French wine and they're unbelievable!

    No worries my friend, I totally understand we all get busy with our lives. I LOVE when you stop by anytime!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  39. I've found that everything seems better with wine. hee, hee
    Thank goodness I feel that way..unlike some in my family..they
    want to fight after they drink. :O

    I am drinking out of a wine glass that one of our banks gave us in a Christmas basket, and it is one of those big ass glasses. So I hope my comment makes sense, because I am sitting here smiling and blinking..and smiling and blinking...and...
    eh, eh, eh


  40. wild women..Gypsy-Heart!!!

    Listen...I'm sitting here too drinking some wine. So we can SMILE and BLINK together!!!


    I come from an Italian family who drank wine and then CRIED!

    VERY emotion those Italians!!!

    Tee hee!

    Thanks for stopping by for a glass of VINO with me!