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All this week, it seems like I’ve been having flashback memories of my childhood, so I would like to end this weeks posts with yet another Little Ronnie memorabilia.

I was surfing the Internet the other night, looking for some graphics, when I suddenly spotted an image of the fabulous….Mr. Potato Head.


You see, Mr. Potato Head use to be one of my favorite toys.

However, when I was kiddo, Mr. Potato Head didn't come with a plastic head. You actually had to use a REAL potato.

And it was so much fun, because I could use various potato sizes; making his head big or small.

And sometimes when my mother didn’t have any potato’s, I would get creative and use an apple or a banana instead.

*please note: whenever I used a banana…he resembled a Mr. Dick Head.

Now the only drawback about using a real potato, was that I would end up getting potato juice everywhere, from poking his head with so many holes.

You see, I’m a Libra with OCD…so I could never make up my mind about how I wanted to arrange his face.

Over and over again I would create-a-look and then change my mind, because his lips were a little too high or his ears were a little too low.

So by the time I got finished with him…he ended up looking like someone shot him with a BB gun.

I’ll never forget the time when I finished playing with Mr. Potato Head, and instead of leaving him out, I placed him back in the box, and then put the box into the toy chest in our playroom.

I guess it must have been about five or six days before I ever played with him again, so there he sat inside in a dark box, slowly rotting and fermenting.

Little by little, the playroom started permeating with a funky odor. And one day my mother walked in while I was playing my Petula Clark records and said, “What’s that odor, Ronnie? It smells like something died in here.”

I smelled it too, but it never dawned on me about Mr. Potato Head.

My mother sniffed and sniffed around, until she got close to the toy chest and said, “I think it’s coming from in here.” So she opened it and began searching through everything. And when she got to the Mr. Potato Head box, she finally discovered where the odor was coming from.

My eyes widen in horror, as poor Mr. Potato Head lay there…with his eyes, nose, ears, mouth and little plastic body all protruding from his head, which was now the size of a raisin.

Oh. My. God.

I was devistated.

I had accidentally killed my favorite spud-bud!

Have a spudtacular weekend, everyone!



  1. huh huh...huh said dick head...huh huh...huh huh...


  2. Oh gosh......

    Do I have to admit that I know this one experientially? LOL

  3. Wow, I don't remember that Mr. Potato Head didn't come with the body at first. But I probably didn't get one until the early
    70's so by then they probably even had Mrs. PH too.

    How funny though to find your little creation all shriveled and stinking in the toy box. LOL You must have been a very interesting child. ;)

    This story reminded me of when my son was little. We started noticing a couple of those little fruit flies here and there. Then a few more. His room seemed to be where most of them were coming from so before it turned into a real swarm, we knew we had to find the source and started looking. Finally, we found an old grape shoved inside his xylophone which might have been under the bed.

    You know now they have a HUGE container that is a potato head, the lid I think is the hat, and it comes with all sorts of smaller sets and pieces. My grandson had it. I kinda think it was toooooo many pieces and a bit overwhelming. Some things they just can't improve on.

    Happy weekend neighbor!

  4. Good job it wasn't Mr. Dick Head. That would have meant flies and yuck.

    The famous Mr. Potato head is still famous and kids still use the poatoes and apples as the prop. I know this because I find the apple heads around here from time to time.

    I think it is wonderful to be remembering your childhood memories. They are good ones, execpt for feeling devistated that you thought you killed your favorite spud-bud

  5. Now that was a toy!!! Mr. Potato head. He and I had great times together. I would take him everywhere with me. Then one day the little bastard was with me in MacDonanld's and he left me for a French Fry. The little rigid golden brown hussy oozing with grease and salt. I was no longer an interest in the old spud's life. They just sat there looking at each other (they both had about 200 eyes). Dejected and humilitated I sauntered away and left the two love buds to co-mingle and procreate right there in booth # 6. Last I knew they ran away together and had thier own little potato salad in Idaho.

    Such bittersweet memories over the best vegetable in the world. I can never look at French Fry again.

    Yam it!! Yam it!!
    Have a great weekend my oven roasted friend.

  6. Aloha Debi/Beavis!

    huh...huh...huh...I know!

    I had originally wrote it as: Mr. Penis Head, but thought, "Oh, what the hell...just come out with it Ron, and be totally bad."

    Thanks for stopping by Debi!

    Have a Spuddy weekend!


  7. Hiya Mel!

    Oh go ahead...ADMIT it!

    This post felt so FREEING to own up to!

    Hey...I was actually thinking of you when I wrote this, because I know our affinity for TOYS and wondered if you ever had a Mr. Potato Head!?

    *or HAVE.

    I bet you do!


    Thanks so much for stopping by today my toy loving friend!

    Have an awesome weekend, dear lady!


    Mr. Spud


  8. Helloooo Crystal Chick!

    I got my first Mr. Potato Head in the early 60's. The photo that I used on this post, is how he originally came. A little body and various face parts, but no head.

    I was AMAZED later on, to see all the additional stuff they came out with.

    *oh...and don't you LOVE Mrs. Potato Head???? She's so cute!

    I actually found a Mr. Potato Head website, where you can select a picture of him and COLOR it! I did it and had so much FUN!

    OMG...that's so funny about finding a GRAPE in your son's xylophone!! Those damn fruit flies can smell a piece of fruit from a million miles away!

    You're right, M...some things you just can't improve. They should just stay SIMPLE. They're actually more fun that way, because you have to use your imagination.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by today, M!

    Hey...I hear we're getting some warmer weather this weekend, like in the 60's!


    Enjoy your weekend, neighbor!


  9. Wahay that was one of my favourite toys too!

    *please note: whenever I used a banana…he resembled a Mr. Dick Head

    That made me LOL Ron. :)

  10. Howdy Grumpy!'re FUNNY!!!

    You're right...banana's go bad, so fast. Those flies would have been buzzin' around Mr. Dick Head like bee's on flowers!

    Hey...that's GREAT to hear that Mr. PH is STILL going strong with kids! Like I shared with Crystal Chick, I actually found a Mr. PH website and spent an hour trying out all the different games they offered!

    I know...I was devistated about my spud-bud!

    I think I actually had a little potato memorial service for him!


    Always great seeing ya, Grumpy!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  11. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD Dave....I COULD NOT stop lauging at your comment!!!, you're a freaking RIOT!

    Last I knew they ran away together and had thier own little potato salad in Idaho.



    PLEASE start a humor blog!

    And I'll be your biggest fan!

    Thanks for adding a wonderful post to this post, my friend!


    Enjoy your weekend BUD


    P.S. I'll be thinking of you the next time I go to McDonalds - and laughing!

  12. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    oooh...oooh...I had a feeling since you and I are close in age ( 30)that you would remember the original way Mr. Potato Head came.

    Wasn't he FUN???

    This post caused me to go back and remember so many of the wonderful creative toys we had when we were kids.

    No electronics...just simple imaginative toys and games.

    Remember Candyland??

    Thanks for stopping by today, dear lady!

    Glad you had a chuckle!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!


    Mr. D Head


  13. ~ROTFLMAO~
    You had a banana?
    what about a carrot?
    how about..
    oh man can i get creative...
    just gonna giggle...
    a lot
    and blow you a kiss for the friday smiles!
    You are the best!
    ( gonna change it from " see you in the funny papers" to
    " see you over at vent blog!")
    ~still giggling~

  14. ha...ronnie...hehehehe.

    Poor little Bud spud. I didn't know that. But now that I think about it. I think someone in the family had one and you used real potatos.

    Oh potatoes really are fowl when they spoil. Like gaag...barf kind of odor. I picked one op and it melted in my hand...It was so bad I almost fainted from the yuckies. And My hand stunk so still gives me the willies thinking about it...and now the eye twitching is back and Mum-my my...woo woo wworrrds are begin begin-ing

    I tell yah it messed me up, ronnie. hehehe

    I love your post sweetie...hehehe. i liked the banana head best.

  15. Howdy Lady Sorrow!

    Thanks for blowing me a kiss, dear lady!

    And here's one back at cha'!


    Did ya get it?


    Hey listen, I would have tried a carrot, but I think it would have been too hard!

    *get it....?



    Banana's were good to use, but not long-lasting. But, hey...sometimes I was desperate.

    I should of just used my sisters' head, while she was sleeping!

    Oh...I'm wicked!

    Anyhow, dearest glad you dropped by for a little HEAD!


    Ok, I better stop now, because this post has brought out the devil in me!

    Have a FAAAAAAAABULOUS weekend!

    Spudfully yours,


  16. Good Evening Miss Jones!

    Yes!...and not only do they smell fowl, but they grow gray FUZZ after awhile and perish into raisins.

    Yucky Poo Poo!

    Maybe it's all that starch or something!?!?

    However, I'm a HUGE potato lover.

    New potato's, mashed potato's, french fries, baked potato's....I freaking LOVE them!

    Especially when they're dripping in the juice from a roast!

    YUMMMY! I'm hungry!

    Thanks for dropping by this evening, Divine Miss Jones!

    Have MAAAAAVALOUS weekend, ya here?

    Ciao bella

  17. yep, a REAL potato!!!!...can you imagine that? what would kids do nowadays if they had to find a real potato in the house before they could play with their potato heads...I am NOT in favor of the banana as a good example of a potato head head, ronnie...I mean, it's called "potato" head for a reason,'s meant to be used with a potato...too many little kids must have gotten cute with their little sibs potato head and used a banana and now, there is the guaranteed potato via sad we cannot use whatever we want to make our heads...oh my...somehow that sounds slightly risque......

    the demise of the potato head...what next? my head fairly explodes simply pondering...


  18. Hiya Linda!

    Oh, drats!

    I think Hasbro Toys must have heard that I had used a banana, so THAT'S the reason for the damn plastic head!!!!

    Actually, using a banana made him look kind of cute. The hard part, was figuring out where to his I just stuck it on the side!


    One potato, two potato, three potato..four. Five potato, six potato...I love banana's more!


    Thanks for stopping by this evening, Linda!

    Hey, I bet you're in the fabulous kitchen of your's....making a pot roast, right now!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!

    Mr. Banana Head

  19. I heard your banana creation and Mr potato head got together after his fling with the french fry. The combined their forces and decided to take over the toy kingdom. Knowing only an authoritative rule would work they formed a dick-tater-ship.

  20. lol...
    I had a thing for new boxes of Crayons.

  21. How original that you used REAL potatoes!!! How cute! I can just envision that now... Little Ronnie playing with his Mr. Potato Head.. Hehe.... I did LOVE Mr. PH and also -- Don't break the ice game where you had to be careful NOT to crash in the white plastic cubes... I love reliving the early days through your eyes... I think we probably had similar toys....
    Cute!!!! Have a great weekend!!!! Hugs, Leesa

  22. Wonderful story. I love your energy. Hugs from Chicago.

  23. Howdy Mr. Jeff!

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

    I knew you'd leave me some hysterical!

    "Knowing only an authoritative rule would work they formed a dick-tater-ship."


    How the hell do you think of these things??

    As always, thanks for your sharing your brilliance, BUD!

    Have awesome weekend!


  24. Bonjour Leesa!

    OMG....YES! YES! YES!

    I DO remember "Don't Break the Ice!!!."

    I never had it, but I do remember seeing it in "Kiddie City" here in Philly!

    Which reminds me, do remember the game, "Marble Head" and "Mouse Trap?"

    They were also great toys!

    Thanks for dropping by, Leesa!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! The weather here is gorgeous, today. 60 degrees and sunny!

    Too bad I have to work!



  25. Greetings Shyloh!


    What a wonderful treat seeing you here today!

    Hey...I love your new avatar!

    VERY cool!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words!

    So glad you got a chuckle!

    Hope all is well!

    Have a SPUDtacular weekend, Shyloh!

    X from Philly

  26. Hiya Hope!


    And my favorite thing to do with crayons, is to SNIFF them!

    I LOVE the smell of crayons!

    I actually still enjoy coloring. I have a Cinderella coloring book with a box of crayons. I like coloring whenever I'm upset, because it seems to soothe my nerves. And the whole timing I'm coloring...I'm SNIFFING the crayons!


    Thanks for stopping by Hope!

    Always wonderful seeing ya!

    Enjoy your crayons!


  27. I'm old enough to remember REAL Mr. Potato Head - and that horrid smell of rotting potato!

    Remember the View Master? I loved that. I read the other day that they aren't going to make the "scenic" reels anymore. My grandkids won't get to see the Grand Canyon in 3D in their living room. I may cry.

  28. OMG....Nitebyrd...I may cry too!!!!

    I can't believe that about the view master!??!?

    And yes...I DO remember it, because it was right up there with Mr. Potato Head!

    And do you remember the view master record player?? You would play a record, while watching a strip of film that you inserted into the top part?


    It was like watching a little two minute TV show!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the Potato memories, Sis!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  29. I was looking in Borders today. Seems Mr. Potato Head has written books! I saw them in the clearance rack.

  30. Hiya Debi!


    I saw coloring books on the Mr. Potato Head website, but no books.

    I've got off tomorrow, so I may just be making a trip over to Borders for a nice cup of java and a few hours reading the adventures of Mr. Spud!

    (and how some little boy accidentally killed him by suffocating him!)


    Thanks for the heads-up Deb!

    Have a grande' Sunday!


  31. Hi Ron,

    I don't remember Marble Head but I DID have Moustrap, which me and my brothers LOVED!!! Also, Operation!!!!! I made a mistake with the weather-- It's actually 50 not 60. Got my temps mixed up... It's warming up these days, though! That's a good sign for spring!! Can't wait... Hugs!

  32. Bonjour Leesa!

    HOLY COW....OPERATION was the BOMB!!!

    But I hated having to remove the wishbone, because I always ended up lighting his nose and setting off the buzzer! And then I would SCREAM!


    How fun!

    Yes, this weekend the temps. got into the mid 70's here. It was WAY too humid though. People were actually walking around in their shorts and flip-flops!

    Today it was back to normal and much cooler. It was gorgeous! Sunny and breezy!

    Have a wonderful day, Leesa!

    And thanks for stopping by!


  33. Howdy 9volter~

    I can never eat a potato without thinking of poor Mr. Potato Head!?!?