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Back in my archives, I’ve written several posts about blogging.

Today, I would like to combine some of those posts and share a little more about my feelings on blogging and relationships…

I will occasionally hear people who for one reason or another decide to stop blogging. And in their final farewell post, will tell their readers that they've decided to return to the REAL world.

Now, my questions to these people are…

What do you mean by REAL?

Does real mean that you only consider “flesh and blood” interactions with people, REAL?

And in what way do you consider the time we’ve spent sharing with one another all these years, NOT real?

Perhaps I feel differently about blogging than some people do, because the relationships and interactions that I have through this blog are very REAL to me.

Do I physically SEE all of you?


But that doesn’t make my relationship with you any less real, than if I was standing in front of you.

Blogging allows us to SEE on a deeper level because we’re connecting through energy.

And not only do we connect through the energy of our words, but also through the gifts of expressing our art, photographs, travels, and life experiences.

Personally, I can tell more from feeling someone’s energy, than I can from ever seeing them. Whenever I visit someone’s blog, I instantly feel them.

Relationships through blogging are like any other relationship.

Some people we spontaneously connect with, and others we don’t.

Some are long standing, and others are only for a short time.

Some days we feel like talking and other days we feel more quiet.

As bloggers, we can agree or disagree, we can laugh, we can cry, and we can support one another through health issues, deaths, or breakups. Our physical presence is not always needed to touch one another.

I’ve heard it said that Internet relationships are not real because you can hide behind a computer screen and project a false image of yourself.

But don’t some people do that outside of the Internet, too? I mean, seriously, if someone wants to hide and project, they certainly don‘t need a computer screen to do it.

So that’s a reality either way.

I completely understand if someone feels the need to leave blogging because they may be spending too much time online and neglecting things outside of the Internet, or even if they simply no longer wish to blog.

However, those are completely different reasons, than to think that you’re leaving a place that was never REAL.

Blogging is real.

It’s an experience that has made my life more real and rich, because it has expanded my understanding of people and has increased my relationships.

And some of these relationships, I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person.

So, as I conclude this post, I would like to say to the ladies and gentlemen who stop by here and share your lives with me…

…thank you for our relationships.

I feel you in our own unique way.

And you’re REAL.


  1. I completely agree, Ron. I've had a blast blogging and getting to know great people like yourself. In fact, it bothers me when I can't post regularly or able to stay up to date with my online friends. Blogging relationships are just as real as physically talking with people.

    Oh, and on a completely different matter...

    Tag. You're it!

    Follow the link.

  2. Hi Roberto!

    It's been GREAT getting to know you too, bud!

    And hey...that's the great thing about blogging...

    ...I mean, somtimes you have the time to post regularly and other times you just can't. I don't think it's important HOW MUCH a person posts, but rather WHAT they post. Sometimes I get busy too and have to take time off from blogging.

    Oh god, and please don't hate me...but I don't participate in tags or memes. But I WILL stop by your blog tomorrow to check it out, ok? Thanks so much for thinking about me for the tag!

    Have a great day, Roberto!

  3. hi ron, i wish you would do a few little memes, they used to be a no-no for me too but now, I see value there!

    I love your post and agree that I can go onto someone's blog and will know who that person is, how they are at times, what's going on in their lives, especially if I know them on a day to day basis or even week to's amazing but if someone is not clued into that or doesn't want to know it, then they won't feel it....sadly...

    great post ron! it needs to be said;)

  4. Ron I cannot tell you how much I agree with this post. When I first started blogging, which hasn't been very long ago I caught myself saying Oh I have to do something in real life. I did that a couple of times and then thought what the hell. This is real life. We have to express our selves with words and pictures so much more that you really get to know the people. It just makes me want to be with them all to touch, but since I can't this is just as good. Excellent post :)

  5. I have friends on the island, but most of whom I don't see or hear from them often. Art, of course, is the exception, but his hours have been cut. But it's my blogging/message board friends I get to talk to almost daily and that makes me happy :)

  6. Hi Ron,
    Thom sent me this link by email, and I could not agree more. I've "met" a lot of interesting people through blogging, and I'm going to meet some of them in "real" life in November. To me, those friendships are as real, or even more "real" than flesh and blood ones.

    I loved this post, so true.

  7. Hi Ron,
    Wonderful post :)
    I'm real with you on all of this.

    Starting a blog was probably my best decison of these past years.
    It gave me wings , and I flew with these wings far & wide.

    Not only did I meet lots of REAL people, and got to see their lives,
    passions,humor and everything they cared to share.

    But,we are not on a one way street. I also tapped into the REAL me.
    My experiences,memories,photos, and yes,ups & downs & all arounds.
    And I take it all and share it to other real peeps.

    I've been lucky to have met a few in person. And this made us even closer. Like with Ronnie...
    I'm glad that I asked ya if we could meet.You are unforgetable man and yes, a great REAL person to know.


  8. I absolutely agree with you 100% Ron! If I was to abandon my blog it would only be because I just don't have the time anymore - no plans to do that just yet ;)

    BTW I tagged you for a little meme. xx

  9. Absolutely agree with you, one cannot actually say it is not real when we do communicate here, share our views, our achievements and our failures.
    If something is done by real people then it is real after all it involves real feelings :)

    The Colors Magazine

  10. As I was reading this post, I remembered why I liked you so much from my first read. I felt your wonderful energy coming through in your posts.

    I couldn't agree with you more. I think blogging opens up the "friend pool." You are no longer limited to the area you live, or the place you work. Suddenly you have this vast place to meet, and form relationships and friendships with people.

    I hope your day is beautiful.


  11. I too agree with you my REAL friend. Anything that an individual does is real. Real for them is not always real for others. I like to blog to find out what is inside the minds of other people in this World. Through to power of the Blog and the Internet I have that capability to do so. I also get a thrill when I am able to share my thougts and feelings with anyone who cares to read what I have to say. This is Real for me and my reality is just the place I need to be at this moment.
    I love to have fun with life and be able to cause another to smile or laugh when I have the chance. Giving away the love and security inside only insures that the universe will resupply me with the same amount and more.
    Am I real? Who cares? It works for me.
    Now I have to go pee on a tree.

    Your Friend Ricky Reality

  12. Yaknow......maybe this is more proof on my 'alien' status....but there's a 'connectedness' that happens and this is more than 'words on a screen' for me. Always has been....
    Maybe it's the relationships outside of this medium BECAUSE of this medium. Maybe it's my ridiculous ability to see beyond? Who knows. Probably all of the above and more.

    I won't 'sell' some people on 'this is more than just words on a screen'. It's just not been their experience.
    But I know what my experience is and has been.

    And you've been a part of that experience.

    Maybe it's just the luck of the draw that I wind up with very honourable people.....but I doubt that.

  13. I absolutely agree that relationships in the blog world can be very real.
    I have a fairly long blogroll and certainly not everyone on it is someone that I consider a friend. Some I just read occasionally and rarely or never comment, some might be for information like recipes or astrology or crafts. And then there are a handful that I do visit very frequently, comment often, and consider them my blog buddies. And I do think about them, things they've talked about, comments they've left, etc. and will reference them to my friends outside of Blogger.

    Hubby doesn't really like the whole online connection. He tends to just want his small group of friends and family and doesn't have the need to meet new people and hang out getting to know them or get to know anyone online. He rarely uses the computer and at times it's been a little source of frustration for us because he doesn't always understand my need for connection that way where I can't imagine not having this outlet. So we try to compromise. I don't get on the computer at certain times or tell him tooooo much about this one and that one. And he knows certain pictures might be going on the blog and he'll be patient waiting for me to fiddle with the camera settings if we're out somewhere, etc.

    I have a small list of people that I email with regularly, and then there are Facebook buddies too, who for the most part (except for a few blog buds) are people that I know from school or are family or have been personal friends with for years so sometimes it is hard catching up with everyone but you do what you can, when you can.

    As for meeting bloggers....I know there are groups of them that do meet, maybe spending an entire weekend at a get together. Some of them fly from far away even and really make a big fun event out of it. That I wouldn't do.
    I can't say that I wouldn't ever meet up with you.... us being practically neighbors and all! And there are a few others, a girl from Philly, and one from Maryland and another from north Jersey that if our schedules happened to allow, might be fun to meet up with.

    I have found it hard to keep up my blog at different times. But I think that if people connect this way initially and then one of them gives up blogging they should continue the friendship but with emailing if possible. If it's a connection that's meant to continue, it will some way.

    I do think this is part of my 'real' world. I love people. I love hearing about their lives and seeing their photos.
    And I know blogs have helped alot of people who for whatever reasons don't get out much, or don't have the type of personality that allows them to meet people, and they've formed wonderful friendships through the internet.

    Chat with you soon, my friend!

  14. Good Morning Linda!

    Perhaps one day I will partake in a meme or two, but presently, I only post three times a week, so I would rather my posts be what it is that I feel drawn to share in the moment. However, I certainly enjoy reading them on other bloggers blogs!!

    True, I guess if someone does not feel connected to energy, they may not feel someone's "energy" ON or OFF the Internet.

    I can't thank you enough for always sharing your wonderful energy through your art, photos and words. They are very powerful.

    Always great seeing ya, Linda!

    Thank you for our relationship!


  15. Mornin' Thom!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this post!

    I always explain to people who have a difficult time understanding blogging...

    ...."To fully FEEL blogging, is to blog."

    You really can't explain it, you just have to experience it.

    I believe that our words, pictures, art, and life experiences are energetic, therefore, can be shared and felt through the Internet just as strongly, as anything physical.

    It's been a pleasure getting to know you, Thom. And I look forward to sharing much more in the future!

    Thank you, bud!


  16. Aloha Debi!

    Me too, girl!

    Most of my REALLY, REALLY close friends don't even live here in Philly. I'm very blessed to have friends who all feel the same way about getting together whenever time allows us. However, we always FEEL connected to one another's energy!

    And the wonderful relationship that I've met through blogging, are exactly the way!

    So, thanks Deb! I always look forward to connecting with you!

    It's make me happy!

    Have a great day!


  17. Bonjour Barbara!

    I just want you to know that your comment made me very teary-eyed.

    You've shared so MUCH of what I feel myself. And I LOVE how said...

    ....It gave me wings, and I flew with these wings far & wide...

    And isn't the TRUTH, when you shared that "I also tapped into the REAL me."

    Blogging has taught me more about ME, through the lives of others!

    You have no idea how happy I am to have met you and Didier, my Philly friend! I always feel so excited when I tell other people about our meeting!

    Thanks for our relationship, Barb!

    It's cherished!

    Have a wonderful day!


  18. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    And YOU, my friend...are someone who was one of my FIRST blogging pals!

    My god...can you believe that we've know each other for over TWO YEARS?!?!?

    Thank you for your loyality, dear lady! Your friendship is the perfect example of how REAL blogging relationships are!

    And I so glad to hear that you don't have plans of leaving just yet. But if/when you ever do, I'm sure we will continue our friendship!

    Thank you for sharing your energy!

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Hi Lena!

    Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping and sharing a comment!

    So nice meeting you!

    And you are so RIGHT ON when you shared....

    ...If something is done by real people then it is real after all it involves real feelings...


    I quickly stopped by the link you left and loved your blog. I will drop by later this evening to read more!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Helloooo Vixen Kitten!

    I felt the samw way about reading YOUR blog!

    You're a beautiful lady, INSIDE and OUT.

    (and you've got the most precious doggie too!)

    Throughout my three years of blogging, I've come in contact with several bloggers who were physically limited to their homes because of an illness, and if it weren't for their blogs, they would only have limited communication with others. There blogs actually brought them CLOSER to people.

    It's been such an honor getting to know you, VK! Thank you for sharing your sweet and caring soul.

    I feel you.

    Have a wonderful day!


  21. OMG...Dave...YOU'RE A PISSER!

    Oh have NO IDEA how much wonderful humor, inspiration, and joy you bring into not only MY life, but all thoughs who read your blog.

    ...Giving away the love and security inside only insures that the universe will resupply me with the same amount and more...

    (see...that's what I mean)

    And I know how you feel when you say that you enjoy blogging to look into the minds of other people in this world. It's like taking peek into soul of the person wherever they're at at the moment!

    Please know how much I enjoy our friendship, Dave. You're one of the COOLEST men I know!

    Thank you!

    Enjoy your day, buddy!

  22. Mel...Mel...Mel...

    Our similarities continue to blow me away!


    ...I remember being a small child and telling my mother one day, that I was alien.

    She laughed then...

    ...but NOW believes me!


    ...Maybe it's my ridiculous ability to see beyond?...


    Please know, dear lady...that I SO enjoy communicating, sharing, and LEARNING through you. It's been an honour, truly!

    *and just as a side note: there's only 156 days left til HALLOWEEN!!!!


    Love ya, Mel!

  23. Howdy Crystal Chick!

    You've shared and expressed so much of what I too feel about blogging relationships...

    Not ALL of us connect in the same way and to same degree, but it's really the same way we feel about our relationships outside of the Internet too. We share and receive different things from differnet people. Some we meet up with a lot, some just occasionally.

    I think one of the great beauties about blogging, is not whether someone posts frequently or sporatically, but rather what it is that they share. Blogging is like an extension of yourself that can be shared and expressed wheneve it fits into someone's life. And like's about balancing.

    As you know, I'm barely on Facebook. I like it, but blogging feels more like "me." I'm sure many of my FB friends are like, "Where the hell is Ron?" So, this is why I imported my blog.

    I agree, M. Even when someone no longer blogs, if the connecting is met to continue it will.

    Hey, and listen...anytime you ever want to meet in Philly, just let me know, ok? If it feels like something you would like to do one day, just email me. I think it would be so cool to hang in B&N with coffee and books!

    Thanks so much for our friendship. M! I'm SOOOO happy for the day that you came by here and introducted yourself to me. I KNEW we'd have a GREAT connection!!

    And shit...we're practically neighbors!

    Have a wonderful day, M!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  24. Greetings Jientje!

    OMG...I am SO SORRY that skipped over your comment. I like to respond to comments in the order in which people left them, but apparently I NEED MY EYES CHECKED, because I didn't see it!?!

    Anway...forgive me.

    Thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing a comment!

    Isn't Thom the BOMB?? He and I just recently met, but it feels like old times.

    Hey...I'm SO exceited for you about meeting up with some of your blogging friends in November. That's such a great time of the year to do it, too!

    I met Barbara and her husband last October here in Philly and it was the BEST! To finally meet someone who you've been blogging with, is such a magical experience!

    So have fun!!

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    You're always welcomed here!

    Have a great day!

  25. what a wonderful post
    I feel the same way

    Actually - I learn more about people - and the world and politics and religion and traditions and so on - from blogging than I could from casual conversation

    In taking the time to write/type it down and post it for all the world to see I think many people are showing more of their REAL selves than they do in other venues

    I know I feel you ;)

  26. A-MEN!!!!!

    Blogging IS real life... Aren't we writing about our life's experiences, thoughts, passions and sharing it with the entire world- or whoever wants to read our blog! I have met MORE people from blogging that I have met in my daily life during the past three years in France- both online and in person... I consider myself very blessed to have met all of these wonderful people whom I would have never met if it weren't for blogging!!!
    Great post, Ron!!

  27. Hello Dianne!

    Wonderful points!!!

    Blogging is such a HUGE teaching tool in learning about people, places and things that we may not be able to touch upon otherwise.

    Typing/writing our thoughts and feelings on a blog, gives us the time to PROCESS what it is that we're feeling, and then gives us people to share it with.

    I've learned more about myself through blogging, than I ever could, if I had never tried it!

    Thanks, Dianne!

    Thank you for always sharing yourself in totaly honesty. The minute I met you, I felt you.

    So glad to have met you, neighbor!

    Hey...and ain't the weather GRAND?

    X ya!

  28. do I feel to you? hehehe.

    ronnie baby...i am with you 100%

    i hear that all the time. I sonetimes wish to be gone because i do have other things that suffer because of my on line time...but then I get a little sense in my head and say...i enjoy it. I enjoy the touch of others.

    Some can be cruel...and say things that are are hurtful. I imagine they are like thatin their daily life...they just reached out to hurt me that time.

    It's all real though. How else can I reach out and touch or be touched by someone half way around the world. It's thought that makes us human. And energy is the perfect word...I immediately felt your energy, it was like finding someone I had already met. It was like the perfect glove...

    So I say to those that don't think I'm, feel me again. Woohoo!

    ciao ronnie...fab post. xxx

  29. Bonjour Leesa!

    OMG...out of ALL the people I have met through blogging, YOU, my friend, are the PERFECT example of how blogging is REAL.

    I've never met anyone who has actually met as many people, as you have through your blog!

    It's amazing!

    You're like the blog poster child!


    And one of these days, when the timing is right, I know we will meet - I can feel it!

    Thank you, Leesa!

    Meeting you through our blogs, has been a HUGE gift!

    (and thanks for all that French chocolate)

    Have a great day!


  30. Hey Ron - In my short tenure as a blogger, I've found it amazingly therapeutic to present a slice of my brain for dissection. In the beginning, that objective was one-sided, in that the blog was a soapbox, a monologue.

    What I did not expect, is the interactive fun I've had with the blogging community. Instead of simply talking, I'm now conversing with friends.

    I'm also learning about their genital grooming habits, which is perfectly fine, of course.

  31. Dear Miss Jones....

    You feel FAAAAABULOUS!!!

    And what you shared about finding the missing glove is true for me too!

    I INSTANTLY felt connected to you when I read your incredibly honest and funny post about your sexual fantasies. I can't remember what the post was called, but it was a meme that you had answered. And all I remember is that I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!!

    You are such wonderfuly VAST and DIVERSE soul! Your posts, no matter what you blog about, always contain a piece of your heart.

    We ALL feel you on your blog. I just know that!

    I know...I too have to watch myself closely when it comes to the time I spend blogging. That's why you'll notice that I have to take breaks every once in a while.

    Blogging is like any other thing that we love to's balance.

    Thank you SOOOOO much for being who you are, Missy! It's been an absolute pleasure getting to FEEL you!

    Have a great night. I'll stop by your place later!

    Ciao bella

  32. Hey MVD!'re not going to believe this, but when I first started this blog (about two years ago), I HAD THE SAME INTENTION AS YOU!

    I was going through a very angry time in my life, and wanted a place to SCREAM from my soapbox - a monologue. In fact, when I first started, I disabled comments.

    *thus...Vent was created.

    However, like YOU...I slowly began to see the REAL joy and purpose to blogging....talking in community.

    I still vent, mind you, but my voice has gotten softer and has found the HUMOR in my madness.

    And that has to TOTALLY do with the people who come here.

    I know that you and I have only been blogging with one another a very short time, but the minute I read your words and felt your energy...I knew I wanted to stick around and get to know you more.

    COOL soul, you are!'re from NEW YORK!

    Thanks, bud!

  33. ((((((((((((( Ron )))))))))))))

    You are sooooo loved.
    I do hope you know that.

  34. Thank you Mel!


    You too!


  35. So well said! I peruse lots of blogs and you're absolutely right that it's like meeting someone for the first time. Sometimes you just click and other times you don't.

    I've had such great fun and met such great people, I would be too sad to leave. So I'll just have to keep blogging FOREVER.

  36. Hi Chrissy!

    And I would be sad if you left blogging too!!

    You've no idea how much I enjoy your blog!

    You're witty, intelligent, and REAL!

    So thank YOU Chrissy!

    It's been a pleasure. And I look forward to MANY more years of blogging with you!

    Blog ON, girl!


  37. Sam here Ron and you have a great answer to non-bloggers. I have never thought about explaining it to them like that. Makes total sense. I look forward to a long friendship with you my friend as well :)

  38. Hey Thom!

    Blog ON!!!!


  39. Hey Ron!!

    Hehe... That made me laugh... the blog poster child! I guess it's the social butterfly in me and that I just LOVE to meet people and to join others together! I feel it's one of my "gifts." Connecting the world through photographs and baked goods! Thanks for the kind words, though... I know that one day, we will meet b/c after this big trip to Cali this summer, I think that may be it for the west coast for awhile... a long while.... I will defin. be hitting up the East coast on another trip out to the U.S. and I have several friends in Philly....So, I'm practically there now, as we speak (or write, rather). Can you see me?? I'm waving... Hi Ronnie!!! hehe!
    We're going up to Strasbourg today until Monday.. I'm thinking of getting some of those caramels again, if you liked them and I will be sending them off when I get to Cali. in July.... YAY!!
    Take good care and have a GREAT and GORGEOUS weekend!! Hugs, Leesa

  40. Bonjour Leesa!

    It IS your gift, dear lady!

    To be able to bring people together is SUCH a rare and wonderful gift!!

    I could just see you as the cruise director on the LOVE BOAT!

    "The LOOOOOOVE BOAT...soon we'll be making another run....the LOOOOOVE BOAT...."

    tee, hee

    And your PHOTOGRAPHY!!! The BEST!

    OMG...I would LOVE it if you came to the eastcoast some day! You could make a PHILLY trip and catch up with all your friends here!!!

    YES....I can see you! I'm waving back!!!!


    Thanks for stopping back, Leesa!

    Have a GREAT and GORGEOUS weekend too!


  41. Ron, this was a great post. I so agree with you. Some of my closest and most dear "friends" I've never seen in person. But I've also had the opportunity to meet some of my online friends and found them to be exactly as I knew they would be. I cherish my online relationships as much as any "real life" ones I have because as you say, THEY ARE REAL!

    Yeah, there are online bastards just as there are real, in person ones. So what's the difference?

    Meeting someone like you is a true gift. I'm delighted to "know" you, my brother. I'm positive that although I know you don't look anything like George Jetson, you'd be exactly like Ron should we ever lay eyes on each other.

  42. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    You are so SWEET!

    I feel exactly the same way about you!

    And if I ever get my ASS back to Florida for a visit, we will definitely meet in person. And I have a feeling it will be like old times!

    Love ya, Sis!

    Spacely yours,
    George (Ron) Jetson

  43. i have made some great friends and do feel like they are real relationships, not just people in my head, even though i don't and probably will never see them. the bond is there and it's real.

    i guess they mean flesh and blood, people they can touch. there is nothing like that though...being able to touch someone as oppose to talking to them through email or a video phone.

  44. Hi Valerie!

    It's funny, because when I first starting blogging, I never imagined that I would ever meet another blogger in person. And when I finally had the chance to do so, it was like meeting an old friend. There was no uncomfortablness - it was such a wonderful experience.

    I'm so glad you and I have had the chance to meet through our blogs. It's so nice knowing ya!