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Hi Folks!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be taking this week off from blogging.

I've got a new book I want to read, several movies to catch up on, and will be reorganizing a lot of work related stuff that's been overflowing in my apartment.

The weather has be gorgeous, so I'll also be spending time sitting in my favorite park feeding the squirrels, while watching the greedy little BASTARD pigeons doing their best to steal all the peanuts.

Wishing all a fabulous week!

Oh...but before I go, I want to leave you with a photograph that was taken of my good friend David and I, while we were living/performing in Japan.

You see...

...this is what happens when two theatrical gay men go sunglass shopping in a foreign country, and end up innocently FREAKING OUT the sweet, unsuspecting sales girl behind the counter....

"There's no business like show business....."

See ya next Monday!



  1. Pigeons are my associates! Bring a suitcase full of bread (crumbs) for them next time, got it? They will leave peanuts alone when you do. Capice?

    Pigeon Mafia Messenger

  2. Hope you have wonderfully relaxing week hanging out with the squirrels and Heather.

    LOVE that picture!!

  3. ROTFL! Bro, you are too freakin' funny! I would have loved to see that salesgirl's face.

    Enjoy your week off. Baby squirrels abound here right now. So damn cute!

    See ya, hun!

  4. I read some of that book in Barnes not too long ago. I sometimes like her blog, and some of the pictures she posts are cool too, but the book didn't hold my attention for the duration. I get distracted easily I guess. LOL
    I hope YOU love it though!

    That picture is a riot. Looks like you and your friend had ALOT of fun traveling. Wear those sunglasses when you sit in the park this week and either:
    No one will bother you... just another colorful and funky character in Philly. OR:
    Everyone will come over because you will look so freaking fabulous. LOL
    Of course you KNOW I'd have to approach and ask where you got them!

    Have a WONDERFUL week off!!! Give a few peanuts to your squirrely friends from me, okay!?

  5. Ohhhh.....a good book AND squirrel feeding! takes a week to finally get the squirrels a peanut or two? BAD PIGEONS!!!


    Enjoy, sir!

  6. Have a good break, Ron. Hope the book is worth your time. See you when you get back. Whatever will I do without your posts? :(

  7. I hope you manage to do all that you want to do on your week off Ron.

    Love that photo!

  8. Aloha Debi!

    A-Ok Pigeon Mafia Messenger.



  9. Hi Chrissy!

    Thanks, girl!

    See ya next Monday!


  10. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    Her eyes widened and then she brought her hand up to her mouth and just giggled!

    tee, hee!


  11. Helloooo Crystal Chick!

    I'll let you know how I enjoy (or not) the book.

    It took me THREE weeks to get it from the library, so I hope it's good.

    See ya next week, neighbor!

  12. Hiya Mel!

    Yesterday when I was feeding the squirrels, a HUGE flock of pigeons landed on the bench I was sitting on....

    ..I looked like the Birdman of Alcatraz!

    See ya next week, dear lady!

  13. Hey Roberto!

    Thanks, bud!

    Hope all is going well with the new job!

    See ya next week!


  14. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    This morning I started sorting out all the STUFF from work.

    OY VEY!!?

    Glad you enjoyed the photo, dear lady!

    See ya next week!

  15. As you sit in the park and feed your friends, reading your book and chilling out, think about how things in the cornfields of Iowa are.
    I will miss not reading your words for the upcoming week. I may go into a Ron withdrawl and start to shake and crave Fluff.
    I know that 7 days is not much to ask your readers to endure and endure we must, I know it will make your return more of a reward than we can imagine.

    So my friend sit your little ass down in the park and give your nuts to the squirrels.
    Now have a wonderful week.


  16. Ronnie: i will post tomorrow the rest of my trip but I can't wait to tell you. Our Hearst Castle tour guide looked like you. Also what i think you sound like. He was so much fun. He had long hair tied in a pony tail behind. He wore a white hat that reminded me cuba...or more so Key West.

    he put on a red round clown nose and waved at us as the bus began it's trek downnthe hill.

    I love the glasses dahlink...have a wonderful laid back time. Enjoy the book and the movies.

    Ciao honey. (((MWUAH)))

  17. Good luck with the book, look forward to reading some more of your posts soon.

  18. Hi Mr>Dave!

    bwhahahahahahahahahaha! ALWAYS make me LAUGH my ass off!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words, my wonderful friend!

    See ya in a week!

    Ethel Merman

  19. Dear Miss Jones!

    OMG...that guy DOES sound like me!!!

    (especially the red clown nose!!!)

    With my last name being Carnavil I love to wear to my clown nose to work!


    Pssst...don't tell anyone, but I will sneak a peek at your post tommorrow through my google reader ok???

    Can't wait!

    See ya next week, Miss J!

    Ciao bella

  20. Hi Tellie!

    Thanks, my friend!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    See ya next Monday!

  21. Hey Ronnie,

    Have a great break and by all means be a hedonist & spoil yourself !
    Do all the things that your heart desires ...

    Hey buddy; I'd be right out there in that square with ya, enjoying the sun & the squirrrels. They cracked us up the last time really serious.

    I'll be thinking of ya


    p.s. You & your friend are just a riot in that pic ! :)

  22. Bonjour Barbara!

    aaaaah....Washington Square.

    Is it not the BEST?????

    I'll be thinking of ya, next time I'm there!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a great week, my Philly friend!


  23. Thats a hysterical photo!
    Have a good rest, and be good to yourself!

  24. Hiya Lady Sorrow!

    tee, hee...

    Don't we look so FESTIVE?

    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    Always so good to see ya!

    Have a great week!

    X ya!

  25. hey! pigeons can't help being disgusting - give them a break ;)

    enjoy the week! I am sending out good thoughts for temps below 70

    love the photo! youse guys are adorable.

  26. Helloooooo Dianne!

    It's SOOOOO wonderful seeing ya, dear lady!!

    OMG...hasn't the weather been FAAAABULOUS?

    I'm with you...

    ....anything above 70 is a friggin' HEATWAVE!!!

    Enjoy your week!


  27. Just came by for a mid week "Howdee"

    Damn that picture was funny. I'll bet the sales girl about dropped her teeth.

  28. Howdee Mr.Jeff!

    SOOOOOOO great of you to stop by, buddy!

    The people of Japan are SO polite and sweet, that she actually giggled like a little Geisha girl...

    ...hee, hee, hee, hee

    My friend David and I can get VERY crazy in public sometimes, so the Japanese didn't know how to take us!?!?

    Hope you're having a fabulous week!

    I just finished watching my 4th movie and I'm half way through my book. This has been a really enjoyable break.

    Later gator!!!!!!!!

  29. ron, i hope you are enjoying your time off blogging and i miss you so come back as soon as possible please?

  30. Hellooooo Linda!

    Thank you sweet lady...I miss ya too!

    I've had a REALLY great time on this break; watching a TON of movies, reading, and going out to dinner with some friends, but looking forward to getting back blogging again.

    I'll be seeing you guys and gals again on Monday!

    Have a FAAAABUOUS weekend, Linda!

    And thanks for stopping by!


  31. I hope you have a wonderful week! I caught up on your world, and I loved every word!


  32. Hellooooo Gypsy-Heart!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, dear friend!

    I always LOVE seeing ya!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    I'll be catching up with everyone tomorrow!

    I just got a new bottle of wine, so I'll be toasting you tonight!