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A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Akelamalu, asked me a great question in her comment which has inspired me to write a blog post.

So thank you m’dear!

Since I often mention children on this blog, Akelamalu asked me if I had ever considered having any.

My answer to her was that I've always “idealize” about having a child, but being someone who has a tendency to be rather self-centered with my life, I didn’t think I would be a wise candidate for the incredible responsibility that goes along with a child.

I know myself well enough to realize that I would not want to actually raise a child.

However, that doesn’t change how I will always love and respect children, nor my enjoyment of being involved with them in some way.

I sense myself at some point volunteering with terminally ill children; sharing the alternative healing modalities I practice.

I’ve always had a special connection with children. I like them, and they seem to like me.

Perhaps it’s because they can act silly around me; sensing that I'm a silly man.

And for as impatient as I can be at times, I seem to have a great deal of patience when it comes to children.

I admire them.

I admire their ability to say what they feel as they feel it.

I admire their ability to freely express their emotions.

I admire their ability to ask for what they want without fear.

I also admire their ability to walk up to a complete stranger and say, “Hello.”

Children remind me of the things that as adult, I sometimes forget.

Many years ago while I was living in Florida, I had the immense pleasure of teaching a creative dramatics class as part of a children’s summer camp. I taught six classes a day, five days a week. The age range was from 4 ½ to 13.

(the 4 ½ year olds were without a doubt my favorites)

And at the end of each day, for as exhausted as I was at times, I loved every single minute of it. I always went home knowing that the children taught me more than I ever taught them.

I would like to conclude this post by saying that if I ever DID have a child, my preference would be to have a girl.

And the reason being is because with my 25 years experience in the beauty industry, I’ve always imagined teaching her all the valuable things I’ve learned about elegant hair, makeup and wardrobe.

I mean can you imagine how envious her girlfriends would be, going to her first formal party?….

Ronda Carnavil II


  1. oh my, now that would be one spoiled little ronda, methinks... lol...cute but spoiled but so am I and so perfectly acceptable!

    this is a sweet post and we can only wish that only people like you were able to have and raise children, one who respected them for who they were and their incredible gifts...I hope someday you do help terminally ill children with your skills, I can see you being one who could make them laugh, not be afraid to dress like an idiot/crazy person just to see a smile, and deeply care and love them every inch of the way....

    much love to you, dear man...and YAY! I AM FIRST!

  2. Honey, you CAN have that Dear Daughter you always dreamed of!
    Here is another good name, in case you adopt TWO daughters.

  3. Hi Ron,
    I think so too that you don't need to be a Dad to enjoy the company of children. Now already, you must be at least an Uncle to one or several children or have neighbors, children of friends or whatever.

    We all know it that so often truth comes from the mouth of babes.We all have a least once heard a child say the exact truth to adults.It's so true; kids are real life.

    Sending you warm hugs down to Love city.

  4. I hope you will accept the title of Uncle to my new grand baby

    if I still had a uterus I'd have a kid for you ;)
    but alas we missed the boat on that one

    grand kids are better anyway - it's all about the fun

    I think there are people who remain in touch with the child within them and they are rare and wonderful - you're one of those

    as for the beauty help - this old broad could use some -

  5. Well, you're an honourary uncle to my Chicklet. You can take her shopping in NYC anytime!


  6. Hiya Linda!

    OMG...can you just imagine what fun I would have teaching her how to apply mascara, blush, and lip gloss for the first time???

    I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!

    Methinks that would be one spoiled little Ronda too!

    I have a feeling my life will eventually bring me to a place of working with terminally ill children. When I lived in Florida, I would occasionally volunteer at a hospital for kids who had cancer; sharing reflexology while they were having their chemo drip. The hospital was very upbeat and positive, so it wasn't at all depressing to be around.

    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by Linda!

    And yes...your the FIRST comment...YAY!

    Much love to you too, dear lady!


    Have a great day!

  7. Aloha Debi!

    Hey...thanks for the name suggestion!!!! That's FAAABULOUS!!!

    There's a guy that I work with who affectionately calls me Ronda!


    Yes...I know I CAN have a dear daughter, but like I shared...I honestly don't believe I have what it takes to RAISE a child. I make a good uncle, godfather, big brother, but not a parent.

    As always, thanks for stopping by, Debi!

    Have a great day!

    With love,
    Ronda I

  8. Bonjour Barbara!

    ...I think so too that you don't need to be a Dad to enjoy the company of children...

    Right on!

    I have several nieces and nephews and wish I could be closer to them. Unfortunately, my older brother and sister and I are estranged, so there's a tension there.

    But, I LOVE playing "uncle" to friends kids!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    You said, Barb....out of the mouths of babes comes TRUTH and this is WHY I love them so!

    MUCHO GRASSY for dropping by today, my friend!

    Sending you warm hugs from LOVE CITY!


  9. Helloooo Dianne!

    Hey...I would GLADLY accept the title of uncle to your new grand baby!


    I think she's alittle like me anyway, with sticking that tongue out!


    OMG...can you just imagine if you and I had a child?

    She/he would be PERFECTION!

    tee, hee!

    Love ya, dear beautiful lady!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Uncle Ronda

  10. What a lovely post Ron! I'd love you to be my Dad in the absence of my own - I'd love to avail myself of all your knowledge in the beauty business. :)

    I would be absolutely no use at all with terminally ill children, I would just be in tears all the time but you my friend would be absolutely brilliant I am sure. xx

  11. Hellooooo Anndi!

    OMG...I'd be honored to be uncle to Miss Chicklet, THANK YOU!!!!

    oooo, and did you say I could take her shopping in NYC????

    Great...because Canal Street has the BEST imitation Chanel handbags you ever laid your eyes on!

    I'll teach her how to shop CHEAP and FAKE!


    Always so wonderful seeing ya, my Libra twin!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    With love,
    Uncle Ronda

  12. Good Afternoon Akelamalu!

    I would LOVE to be your Dad!!!

    Hey...and can you just imagine the FUN we'd have shopping at Harrods for makeup at the Chanel counter???

    We could pretend we were filthy rich; being demanding and obnoxious until they threw us out of the store!


    Having volunteered with those individuals infected with HIV, I find that working around terminal illness can be sad, yes, but it also teaches me about living.

    I can't thank you enough for giving me the inspiration for this post, m' dear!

    X ya!

  13. Having a little granddaughter on the way I think I will be definitely coming to you for opinions on alot of things!!! Do you like this pretty little dress or that lovely pink ensemble.

    Very young children really are wonderful and so innocent.
    Recently, my little grandson has started to just love everyone!! While waiting for his Mommy at the hair salon the other day he reached out to give another patron a big hug. She was an older woman and everyone thought it was terribly adorable that he was so loving.
    Only thing is.... a couple weeks ago, he was very happy to see the meter reader and ran up to him and hugged and kissed his leg. LOL

  14. Hiya Crystal Chick!

    ...he was very happy to see the meter reader and ran up to him and hugged and kissed his leg...



    See...that's what I mean about how children can show friendliness and affection without any hestitation - they're so precious!

    I can't WAIT to see your new grand baby!! And yes, as soon as she's able, you and I can take her shopping for her first party dress.

    (kinda like the one in this post)


    You're right, it's the very young ones that I especially enjoy because of their sweet innocence.

    Thank you for stopping by, neighbor!

    Aren't ya LOVIN' this beautiful weather we're having?

    Enjoy your day!

  15. Hmmmm admire a snot nosed rug rat. ROFLMAO. I wish you did have children especially girls. You'd have a bevy of beauty queens running around that would make Carrie Prejean jealous

  16. Aloha Thom!

    HOLY MOLY MOTHER OF GOD...isn't Carrie Prejean gorgeous???

    But you're absolutely right, my daughter would be so much prettier....

    ...try to imagine Ernest Borgnine mixed with Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford's bitchiness.


    A flawless beauty!


    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Hope you're having a SUPER day!

  17. i didn't want kids myself, but after they come, they kinda grow on you. :)

    at least you know what you can deal with and if kids are not in your full time future, there's nothing wrong with that.

    you can enjoy other people's kids.

  18. Ron, I feel the same about children; I love them, but not sure I would be the best parent.

    I have a great-niece who just turned 4...She is a sweetie! When I visit Memphis I like to dress up and play mommy.

  19. Hi Valerie!

    I've heard a lot of parents say the same thing.

    In fact, a really good friend of mine ended up being the most loving, caring, and attentive parent I know, after she had her first child.

    Exactly...I can always enjoye other people's kids!

    Great seeing ya, Val!

    Thank a lot for dropping by!

  20. Hi Funny Girl!

    OMG...isn't it awesome to dress up and play mommy/daddy?

    You get to do all the "fun stuff" and leave the discipline for the REAL mommy and daddy!


    I bet your great-niece LOVES ya to pieces too!

    Hope you had great day, my friend!

    Always great seeing ya!

  21. Lovely post. Not having children is my one regret but I feel like you, I think I'm just to self-centered to do it right. And I know I couldn't do it alone.

    Hey...wanna have a baby???

  22. Hiya Chrissy!

    Hey listen...I have an excellent idea....

    ...why don't you and I RENT a baby for a few weeks and try it out. If we don't like it, we can just return it!


    I actually wrote a post over a year ago (somewhere in my archives) about an idea I came up with for renting a baby.

    Wouldn't that be IDEAL for people like you and I?

    And we could name the baby...Bon Jovie!


    Always great seeing ya, my Twin!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  23. Awwwww....

    ((((((( Ron )))))))

  24. Mornin' Mel!

    Please give a hug and smooch to that precious little granddaughter of yours!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Have an awesome day!


  25. You are just nuts :) But I'm so glad that we can be nutty with each other and really speak our minds :)

  26. Me too Thom!

    Thanks for sharing in the nuttiness!


  27. And the winner is....YOU! I just gave you an award.....Stop by to pick it up......You crack me up!

  28. ooo....oooo...Funny award???? it an OSCAR????

    I'll shit!

    Ok...I'll stop by just as soon as I check my emails.

    Thanks you FUNNY GIRL, you!

  29. Rent a baby? Sign me up for little Bon Jovie!

  30. I totally understand!! I was an unusual chick growing up..I never dreamed of my wedding or saw myself with children. I think I was too self-centered too!
    As fate would have it..I had a daughter and a son. Of course, I fell madly in love with them! We are still on a strange, very complicated, and wonderful journey together.
    My daughter is happily married with two children. She is very much an extrovert which works well in her profession as a surgical RN (and the religion she is in..which does not allow her to see me..another chapter).
    My son is happily single, does not see himself ever marrying, doesn't want children (though, he's a great uncle). He is a quiet young man, which works..he's a professional poker player. a wild nomad life..gypsy style!! :) He is very much in my life, and may well be my karma, for he is far more self centered than me..(well, maybe). hee, hee

    Seriously, I think you would be wonderful working with terminally ill children. There is a program in my area called Art with a Heart and it is artists spending time with seriously children (many terminally so) and making art with them. I've only heard good things about it! I am thinking of going in a direction of art therapy with children. Maybe autistic children..we have an autistic child in our family (what an amazing soul he is...I must write about him someday).

    Goodness I've started a book here..a much too serious chapter it is too..I apologize.

    As usual, I enjoyed reading your words and catching up on your world!! I loved the image and the name!!

    I planned to comment on your latest post now, but will have to come back. I have a luncheon date, so I need to scoot now.

    ta, ta for now,
    LY, Ron dear heart!!

    Ps I have some people pushing me to write a book about my crazy life! I think it would be TOO CRAZY..hell I'm the one living it and I get confused!! eh, eh

  31. Ok,'s a deal!

    One Bon Jovie rent-a-baby coming up!



  32. Good Afternoon Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    No need to apologize for your comment because I LOVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT!!!

    It was WONDERFUL!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing it!

    You're children sound fabulous! Each one being different must be great. Both my brothers and sister and I are completely different too.

    WILD bunch we are!

    The place that I mentioned in this post where I taught creative dramatics was in Mount Dora, Florida. Do you know where that is? Cute, artsy town in a secluded part of north Florida. You would love it!

    I have close friend in Florida who has an autistic son. In fact, I just talked with her last night. It's so challenging for she and her husband at times, but they always see the beauty in having him in their lives.

    Hey, thank you for sharing about the Art with Heart program in your area - it sounds incredible!!! I think I will look for something like that in Philly that has to do with offering alternative healing modalities. I've worked with HIV individuals before and really enjoyed it. They taught be so much about how to live a quality life even in the midst of physical suffering. I could write a book about it.

    Which brings me to....

    ...CONGRATULATIONS for the offer to WRITE A BOOK!!! That's so exciting!!! definitely would have so much to offer about your life's journey. I mean think about all the great things you already offer on your blog!

    I say, go for it!

    I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

    Good luck with your lunch date today!

    PLEASE keep me posted, ok?

    Thank you so much for stopping by today and sharing, my friend!

    You just made my day!

    Love ya, tons!