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This post is not only to wish you all a Happy 4th of July, but to also tell you about one of my favorite foods…

…french fries.

I find french fries to be one of life’s simple, yet most enjoyable pleasures. I can eat them until they literally protrude out of every orifice on my body.

I realize that french fries can be enjoyed all year round, however, there’s something about the summer holidays and my childhood memories that makes me enjoy them even more.

There's nothing like eating a nice juicy hamburger or a plump hot dog that’s been grilled over a charcoal flame, with a side of crispy french fries and an ice cold coke with TONS of ice.

(how American is that?)

This year I won’t be going to any picnics, however, I will most likely be walking over to my favorite hamburger joint; indulging in a french fry Roman-style food orgy.

The french fries at this place are beyond INCREDIBLE.

They’re always served hot, crispy, and perfectly seasoned.

I love them so much that I will usually eat all of them first by slowly dipping each one into a sea of ketchup, then proceed to eat the burger.

Many years ago while I was spending a summer in Amsterdam, Holland, I discovered a unique cultural difference in the eating of french fries. The Dutch use mayonnaise rather than ketchup. And however strange it felt at first…I actually ended up enjoying the taste. In fact, when I got back to the States I not only occasionally used mayo, but I also tried dipping them in tarter sauce.

Talk about YUMMY.

(trust me. try it…you’ll like it)

Anyhoo…I hope everyone has an faaabulous 4th of July.

And please don’t forget "safety" when playing with firecrackers.

I don't want to see any missing finger photos on blog posts, ok?

Personally, this is why I only partake in sparklers - they’re safe and fun. I like to hold one in my right hand, while holding a book in my left; pretending to be the Statue of Liberty.

Oh, and before I forget….

…I want to give a BIG thanks to the people of the country who have provided me with one of my favorite foods.

The French…..

ooo la, la!

Have a French tickler weekend everyone!


  1. Ask for a gardenburger instead and I won't scold you about the fries.
    Because you know you have to watch that smokin' hot poledancer bod!

  2. Bonjour Ron,

    Happy 4th of July to ya too, you Burger and French fry moocher !

    Yup, that's all American fare. But what do you say to the American when she no longer eats burgers & hot dogs? Life overseas changes your food tastes.You get new tastes, like you eating mayo with your fries in Holland. The Germans do that also.

    Enjoy your day off, and I'll be thinking about all my family & friends.And remember; America was born in Philadelphia.

    Love ya tons XXXX

  3. Well I can certainly come up with a lot of better French things than that greasy ass fry LOL Well maybe not...I hate when they are hot. I like 'em colder. Go figure...French tickler weekend too funny. Have a safe and happy 4th. Oh and by the way, come back with ALL your body parts...I know how you like the pole :)

  4. Happy Independence Day to you, sir.

    And yup--mayo for me, please.
    Or, ranch dressing.
    Though--I'll give tarter sauce a try.

    Homemade fries are great, btw. Frozen ones are on the 'disallowed' list cuz they use some wheat product to either enhance the flavor (like McDonalds---rawr....) or to keep them from sticking together.
    Don't you feel smarter for knowing that? LOL

  5. Is that a picture of you as a kid or just the kid you aspired to be?

    I like french fries but I don't have the same affection for them as you. I had a girlfriend who used to drown them in vinegar. Did you ever try that?

    Happy 4th!

  6. I LOVE french fries with mayo, hell I love french fries and like you I could eat them all day long. There is a bar in New York where you can get a big cup of fires with almost any kind of dip you can think of to dip the fries into. YUM!

    Have a great 4th

    ~Funny Girl xxoo

  7. Have a wonderful Independance weekend in the city of brotherly love, my darling.

    French fries are the food of GODS and yes, dipped in mayo is excellent! Belgians do that as well! And they have awesome waffles, so they know good food.

    Think the Dutch started this trend in Amsterdam after getting the munchies?

  8. Aloha Debi!

    No way, girl....

    ...there are certain times when I like a gardenburger, and other times when I HAVE to have a hamburger!!!

    *it's my once a month indulgence.


    But you're right about the fries...

    ...I HAVE noticed a slight "pudge" around the waistband of my thong!


    Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

    Have a GRANDE 4th!

  9. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG...don't you just LOVE the taste of mayo with fries??? I had no idea the Germans ate them that way too?!

    I can just imagine what it must be like to have a whole different menu of tastes available to you by living in Europe. How cool!

    Yes, my Philly friend....

    ...America was born in Philadelphia!

    I think of that everytime I walk past Independence Hall. Don't ya just love that historical area of Philly? It's my FAV!

    Thank for stopping by, Barb!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    Love ya tons too.

    P.S. Hi to Didier!

  10. Aloha Thom!



    ...I can certainly come up with a lot of better French things than that greasy ass fry LOL Well maybe not...

    SEE!!!! Aren't french fries the BOMB???

    However, a French tickler is too!


    No worries, my friend. No missing body parts for me.

    Especially the POLE!

    Always great seeing ya, Thom!

    Have a Happy 4th!!!!

  11. Howdy Mel!

    OMG...THANK YOU for recommending Ranch Dressing!! I never thought of that, but I bet it tastes DIVINE!!!

    HOLY MOLY...I can't wait to try it!

    Please DO try the tarter sauce. It's heaven on earth!

    I also had no idea about frozen fries!?!? My're a wealth of knowledge!

    Thank you for stopping by, Mel!

    Happy Independence Day to ya, too!

    And I bet you have your "sparklers" all ready, hu?


  12. Hi Chrissy!

    No, that's not a photo of me, but rather an image of the silly kid that's trapped inside me.

    tee, hee.

    I'm not big on the smell or taste of vinegar, so no....I've never tried that.

    *the smell of vinegar always reminds me of stinky feet!

    So please think of that the next time you're having anything with vinegar in it.


    Happy 4th, my friend!

    Please give a hug and smooch to Bern for me, ok?

    Thanks for stopping by!


  13. Hiya Funny Girl!

    See!!!! And yet another reason why I knew I liked you!

    First, Sex and the City, and now french fries dipped in mayo!

    God, can you imagine the two of watching a Sex and the City marathon while eating french fries???

    Talk about an ORGASM!

    Hey, that bar in NY sounds incredible! I need to get the name of the place from you so that while I'm there next time, I can try it out.

    Mucho thanks for dropping by, Funny Girl!

    Have a great 4th!


  14. OMG,'s SO GREAT SEEING ya!!!!

    You just made my weekend!!!!


    And being twins, how did I ever guess that you too had a passion for fries??? And isn't the mayo dipping heaven?

    And please don't even mention those Belgian waffles, because I can eat those topped with ice cream until I explode! There's a place here in Philly that serves them and they're to DIE FOR!

    ...Think the Dutch started this trend in Amsterdam after getting the munchies?....


    You said it, girl!


    Thanks for stopping by, Anndi!

    Have a great weekend!

    Love ya!

  15. We call them chips over here - as in fish and chips. I like thick chips or crinkle cut chips dipped in mayonnaise - mmmmmm yummy!

    Happy 4th July m'deario. xx

  16. Howdy Akelamalu!

    Hey, that's right...Fish and Chips!!!

    Yes, I too enjoy the thick ones, as well as the crinkly.

    Hell...I LOVE all of them!!!

    I'm just a french fry-aholic!


    Thanks for stopping by, m'dear!

    And thanks for the Happy 4th of July wish!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  17. Mon dieu roonie, zee french fry it eezz, do you say it...fabulous. Yes?


    Oh hell yeah ronnie, I'd eat fried tatters with mustard...ahuh. Them's good that way...ahuh.

    really though, me too...a Burger and fries with a diet coke...hello. I'm a happy gal. heheh

    I'm having lots of people for 4th of July celebration. So there's lots of grilled burgers and hotdogs...and drinks scheduled. I don't even need to invite people...they just show up now. Fireworks are on the schedule too. I think it's going to be hot...bring your swimming trunks ronnie...the burgers will be on the grill...woohoo.

    you have a fab time sweetie...
    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY mu friend. :)

  18. Dear Miss Jones!

    ...Mon dieu Spiky, zee french fry it eezz, do you say it...fabulous. YES!....


    That was FAAAAAABULOUS!!

    I LOVE your French accent!!!

    Aren't burgers, fries, and a coke friggin' HEAVEN???

    OMG...I wish I could take the Red Eye to California tonight to be at your 4th of July sounds like FUN!!!

    Think of me when your eating your burger and fries; knowing that I too will be doing the same!

    Thanks for stopping by, my little french cochette!

    Oui, oui!

    Pee, pee!


    Have a wonderful 4th!!!!!!

    Adieu bella

  19. A friend of mine introduced me to the fry / mayo combo years back. Before trying it, I accused him of being some kind of freak of nature. After giving in and trying it for myself, I had to admit, "DAMN, that's good!!!"

    One of my favorite burger chains to go to is Red Robin. The burgers are pretty good, but the best part is they have and endless French fry policy.

    "I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven."

  20. Howdy Mr. Jeff! I see that you've tried the old french fry/mayo combo and ENJOYED it!!!

    I too thought it would taste freaky, but after I put that first one in my mouth, I was like..."Shit, this is GOOD!"

    Hey, any place that has an endless french fry policy has got to be HEAVEN! I don't think I've ever seen a Red Robin here in the northeast.

    I go to a place called Goodburgers and it's SOOOOOO good!

    Thanks for dropping by, buddy!

    Oh and before I would NOT believe the temperatures here! I have the windows open and the breeze blowing in is actually COOL!

    And don't cha' know...I'm HAPPY!!

    Have a great 4th!

  21. Happy Fourth of July to you! Have a fun weekend and enjoy every lickin' bite of your fries.
    Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ, Tartar.... all delicious!
    Have a nice weekend,

  22. After living in England for several years, I too have picked up the mayo and french fry indulgence. Talk about fat upon fat but it tastes oh so good.
    Have a great 4th and happy eating!

  23. Regular French fries, cooked in tubs of boiling oil are the "Food of the Gods." Seasoned, curly and skinny fries are blasphemy! Also, people who eat them with GRAVY! UGH!

    No Coke, Pepsi - with tons of ice!

    Happy 4th, Ron. Enjoy!

  24. Bonjour Brigitte!

    ooooo la, la!!

    It's SOOOOOOO great seeing ya!!!!

    Hey, I've got to try BBQ sauce next time, I bet it tastes wonderful!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, my friend!

    Hope all is going well for you in France and that you're enjoying some French fries today!


    Happy 4th!


  25. Hey Jen!

    How are ya, my friend?

    Oh lived in England???

    How cool!

    Fish and Chips!!!!!

    Isn't it funny how all the things that REALLY taste good are fat upon fat?

    I guess that's what the stairmaster is for!?


    Happy 4th, Jen!

    And thank you for dropping by!


  26. YEEEEHAAAW Nitebyrd!

    ..."Food of the Gods"....

    You said it!

    oooo, and don't cha just LOVE curly fries??


    Ok, Sis...french fries a Pepsi with tons of ice comin' up!


    Happy 4th!

    X ya!

  27. No no no...NO shoestring, NO crinkles...the absofuckinglutely ***BEST*** is the big chunky crosscut dudes!! They hold the condiments like no other!
    (It's either that, beer-battered onion rings)
    And because they satisfy a carboholic like me. Those with a Diet Coke ZERO. Heheeeeeee.
    And maybe some nachos drowning in cheese and jalapenos. Holy stretchmarks, batman...I'm hungry again.
    Have a safe and happy 4th everybody!

  28. Aloha Debi!

    ...the absofuckinglutely ***BEST*** is the big chunky crosscut dudes!!



    And you're right...they hold the condiments like no other! I haven't had those in awhile!

    There was a movie theater that I went to in Florida that served hot nachos and cheese at the concession stand in the lobby...HOLY BAT SHIT BATMAN!!


    Thanks for dropping by, Debi!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!

    The weather here today was FAAABULOUS!


  29. Hope your fourth was a wonderful day you old firecracker you.

    From the sparkler in Connecticut

  30. Howdy Dave!

    Thanks, my Connecticut sparkler friend!!

    Hope yours was too!

    The weather here has been flawless!

    No heat or!

    Always great seeing ya!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    The Philly Firecracker

  31. hi philly firecracker, hope you had a good one with lots of fries, my favorite food, with and without ketchup, mayo, tartar, just about everything...there is just something about anything potato and then fry it?? ooooohlala

  32. Hellooooo Linda!

    Hey...I JUST this minute left you a comment on YOUR blog!!!

    I've been off-line a lot today; spending time outside in the glorious weather!

    Yes, my friend...I had a MARVI 4th of July and I hope you did too!

    And you're so right....ANYTHING potato is to DIE FOR! I especially love potato chips (the crispy kettly kind).

    ooo, la, la!

    Thanks for dropping by today, dear friend!

    Enjoy your evening!


  33. ..have you tried french fries with gravy?...or with sundaes?'s delish!

  34. Hi Skydreamer!

    Greetings...thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you!

    No...I've never tried fries with gravy, but thanks for the suggestion because I bet they would taste GREAT!

    And yes, I have eaten them while having ice cream and you're right...DELISH. It's the combination of something salty and sweet!

    Stop by anytime. You're always welcome!

  35. I ADORE french fries!!!!

    OMG, yesterday I made this really healthy dinner...
    spinach pesto burritos with sliced chicken breast and veggies including roasted asparagus with olive oil.
    Okay, so when I make a good dinner a little tooooo early.... me and hubs are always careful of cravings later.
    We ended up indulging anyway. A trip to the ice cream parlor should have been wayyyy more than ENOUGH. But nooooo, after that sweet treat I felt the need to get something salty and made him stop at a pizza place on the way home for a serving of french fries.
    OH they were heavenly. When we got home I put Himalayan Sea Salt on them..... MMMMMMMMM!!!!

    And I complain about being fat. LOL Hey, atleast I didn't cover them in mayo, right?? LOL

    Okay, I'll have fruit and yogurt for dinner.....

  36. Holy Cow Crystal Chick...
    that dinner sounded heavenly!!!!

    Asparagus is my favorite veggie!

    Your description of the meal actually made my mouth water!!

    I truly wish I enjoyed cooking, but I don't.

    And OMG...I laughed my ass off at your trip to the ice parlar and then to the pizza place for FRIES!!

    Oh...but I bet both of them tasted SOOOO good!

    And who cares because holidays are meant to be eaten!

    And the fruit and yogurt you have tonight, will totally counteract what you ate yesterday, so don't worry!

    tee, hee!

    Hope you had a great 4th, M!

    Wasn't the weather flawless?

    Thanks for stopping by!