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Hi Folks!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking this week off from posting here.

I'll be spending this time researching and writing a few posts for my other two blogs.

Also, lately I've been inspired to add some highlights to this blog, therefore, I will be using this week to figure out how I want to present them.

But before I leave, I thought I'd SHOCK you with a photo from my past.



This was my very first professional acting headshot that was taken back in the 70's.

Could you just DIE?

Now tell me the honest truth...don't your eyes immediately go to my HAIR, SIDEBURNS, and EYEBROWS?

Mine do.

But at least they distract me from noticing that thick WRINKLED shirt collar.


I think this photo makes me look like a Greg Brady want-to-be.

And it's no wonder that every time I walked into an audition and handed this headshot to a director, he would immediately say....

"I'm sorry, but we'll keep you in mind the next time we decide to do a musical version of The Brady Bunch.....


Have a great week everyone!

And I'll see ya next Monday.

Greg Brady


  1. That photo.... wow. Just wow. Lol.

    - R

  2. oh boy, I AM FIRST AGAIN!

    well, I get over my little temper tantrum and then YOU leave for a know, maybe it would be less disruptive if I just did it this way in a very logical and predictable way....hmmmm, well, it's a good idea so remind me the next time *it* happens...sigh...

    now about this photo, my GAWD, you are practically a dressed ape! how in the world was that OK, don't you wonder, as I remember lots of guys with the hair/sidies/brow thing going on???

    ...but on you ronnie, everything looks sexy so I will be looking at this as I drift off to sleep...I have been wanting to have some dreams about my past lives in the caves and who I was living with :)

    no, you are always a cutie, sweetie!

  3. Hi Ron,

    Wow ! Now who is that groooovy dude up there? Geez it's Ronnie !
    Heeeeeee !! What a blast :)

    Sorry to ask but just when did you take that pic ? Thank you for sharing- I enjoyed that plenty, man !!

    Have a good break. I honestly think that I'm headed for a break soon too- we shall see.

    Enjoy and big hugs to Ronaldo XXXX

  4. hahaha. well considering the time it was taken, that's not so bad, but come out side today like that - mr. greg brady - and you will be in trouble.

    take care of yourself ron.

  5. Love the bows,bro.

  6. Thank goodness that era is over, you came to your senses and became the hunkahunkaburnin' love you are today!

  7. Wow, look at you! Yes, the first thing I noticed were your Brooke Shields eyebrows. I didn't even notice the collar until you mentioned it.

    Have a great week!

  8. LOL the hair and the sideburns are OK for the 70's Ron but what happened with the eyebrows????

    Have a good week off, hope you get everything done you want to do. x

  9. OH great......
    Thanks aLOT--

    That sucker'll be stuck in my brain all day now......

    And no doubt that photo will be too.....LOL

  10. Ron, have a good week.

    I'm telling you, you could have been naked with a huge neon bow on your junk and I wouldn't have noticed anything but those EYEBROWS! Holy CRAP!!!

  11. Hey Roberto!


    I TOTALLY agree with you, buddy...


    Oy chee mamba!!!

    ALWAYS great seeing ya, bud!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Enjoy your week!

  12. Hellooooo Linda!!!!

    I'm SOOOOOO happy you decided not to leave and to post again!!! I LOVE what you offer to your readers. You're a very special lady, my friend...who has much to give to this world.

    Now about this photo, my GAWD is right!! And you couldn't have said it any ape! I look like a furball caveman. I never knew my hair was curly until I moved to NYC and had a stylist tell me to let my hair grow longer. A few months later.....POOF....I had a fuzzy hair helmet!


    Thanks for stopping by today, Linda!

    Hope you had sweet dreams!

    Have a great week. And I'll see ya next Monday!


  13. Bonjour Barbara!


    That's the perfect expression...


    This photo was probably taken about 1976. I had already been living in NYC and while I was back in Florida for a summer break, a friend of mine had a photographer friend who took a series of headshot photos for me. Can you believe that I was wearing a SWEATER in this outdoor shot in the Florida HEAT????


    Thanks my friend...I'm really looking forward to this break. Like I shared, I want to add some cool highlights to this blog, so I want to focus on planning it out, plus, give my other blogs some attention.

    Thanks for dropping by, Barb!

    Have a wonderful week!

    See ya on Monday!

    Hugs to you too!!


  14. Hiya Valerie!


    Too funny!!!

    And you can't see them in the photo, but I also was wearing PLATFORM shoes!!!

    (they were burgundy!!!)

    Hot damn!


    Thanks for dropping by, Val!

    Enjoy your week!


  15. Oh, said it, girl!

    It's funny how when we're actually in a particular era of stlye, we think we're HOT! HOT! HOT!

    And then looking back, it's like...OMG...NOT!


    But that's the fun thing about style, I guess.

    Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

    Have great week!

    ~hunkahunkaburnin' love~

  16. Hiya Chrissy!

    Brooke Sheilds!!!!

    That's HYSTERICAL!!!

    Yes, I kinda do look like her, don't I?


    I didn't notice the collar either, until I scanned the photo and then looked at it blown up on my huge computer screen - OMG!

    Have great week, Chrissy!

    We'll talk during the week.

  17. Hi Akelamalu!

    OMG...the EYEBROWS!!!

    Aren't they lovely?

    Years later, I finally discovered TWEEZERS, thank god!

    My father also had these types of brows. All the men in our family seemed to have them.

    You know us ITALIAN men...hairy little beasts.


    Thanks m'dear! Wishing you a good week too!

    And thank you for stopping by!

  18. Hiya Mel!!


    I know...

    ...after I found this song on Youtube, I watched it like THREE times.

    "Here's a story...about lovely lady...."

    This was one of my must-see sitcoms every week when I was younger. This...and I LOVE LUCY!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Have great week!

    And give "little bug" a smooch for me!


  19. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    ...I'm telling you, you could have been naked with a huge neon bow on your junk...


    I just want to know that I HOWLED when I read that!

    OMG...that was brilliant!

    And you know what?

    You're RIGHT!!!

    All I can say is...

    ...thank god for TWEEZERMAN!

    Love ya, Sis!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Enjoy your week!

  20. Hi Funny Girl!

    Aren't they the BOMB?

    They looked like two caterpillars walking across my forehead.

    Later in years, I finally discovered TWEEZERS!!!


    Have a great week, FG!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. I love the photo! Greg Brady never looked so good. Have a terrific week and see you in the blogoshpere soon.

  22. Hey Jen!

    Thank you so much, my friend!

    But I've been thinking since I posted this Youtube...

    ....what ever happened to Barry Williams???

    Oh, that's right....

    ...he's ME!


    See ya next Monday, Jen!

    Enjoy your week!

    And thanks for stopping by!

  23. KNOW what's going to happen, don't that THAT PIC is live on the internet...
    Your agent will call because there's a part that calls for a retro vintage 70's hottie.
    And you're JUST what they've had in mind!
    Go get 'em, tiger!

  24. Hi Deb!

    OMG...that's tooooo funny!!

    And I bet you're right, too!!

    Oh I have to try and remember where the hell I put my platform shoes, NIK NIK shirts, and my gold medallion!!!


    Listen, if he contacts me I'll let you know. I hear they're doing a remake of The Mod Squad!

    tee, hee!

  25. Wow, those eyebrows are something else, so thick! Have a great time taking time off. Isn't it funny how we have to 'take time off' from certain things to make time to do other things?

  26. Hi Christa!

    My eyebrows are very much like Groucho Marx!

    Which is funny, because he and I shared the same birthday!

    HA!'re so right! Sometimes we DO need to take time off to make the time to do other things. I usually take a break from posting here about every 3-4 months. My other two blogs need some attention right now, so the timing was perfect.

    I've also got some ideas I want to try with this blog.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  27. I'm having Wonnie Witdwawals...
    Boo hoo.
    I think I will head to Borders after work-a little retail therapy will have to do for now.
    (It's the second best therapy, right after Ronnie!)
    They are bribing me to spend money in there again with coupons. Me thinks me fell for it this time.
    "all books buy one get one 50% off"? I've had my eye on a few things under ten bucks LOL.

  28. Hi Debi!

    oooo....Borders!!! Hey, it just so happens that yesterday I stopped in one for a cup of java and some book browsing. I immediately noticed the SALE tables when I first walked in - lots of very cool stuff and not just books either. I love digging through those sale boxes!!!!

    Hope you're having a great week, my friend!

    Thanks for stopping by to say HI!

    Give a hug to Mama for me!


  29. Ron, OMG, you are Greg Brady. LOL. That was a great picture. And I was really digging the "Brady Bunch" video and theme song. I enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing your daily posts next week. Enjoy your R&R.

  30. Hi Constant Complainer~

    It's always so nice seeing you here, buddy!

    Yes...Greg Brady is alive and well and living in Philadelphia!


    *although his hair is much shorter now and a bit salt and pepper!

    Didn't you love The Brady Bunch theme song? I've watch this video like FIVE times already!!

    Thank you for your kind words, sir. I appreciate them.

    Hope you're a great week and enjoying your summer.

    See ya, next Monday!


  31. Oh joy of joys: digging through clearance bins. Dig, dig, dig, dig!
    Oh happy happy joy joy!

  32. Hi Debi!

    You said it!

    Dig, dig, dig....

    Went again today!

    Summer clearance sale.

    And they even had GAMES and TOYS on sale!

    (didn't buy any, however)

  33. I think you're adorable in all your various stages

    and oh baby how I would have loved to wax those brows ;)

    this fucking weather is killing me!!
    my eyebrows are sweating

  34. Hi Dianne~ I LOVE you, dear lady!

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Listen...I used to WAX these hairy babies years ago - now I PLUCK.


    This fucking weather is killing me too!!!

    OMG...I can't wait til this is over and fall finally gets here.

    I'm shvitzing!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, neighbor.

    Always great seeing ya!

    Stay COOL!


  35. have a much better break than i have!

  36. Helloooo Lady Sorrow!

    OMG...I was JUST think about you today and wondering how you were...and here you are!!!


    SOOOOO glad to see you back, dear lady!

    You've been MISSED by many!!!

    YES...I've had a wonderful break.

    I'll be back blogging again on Monday and look forward to catching up with you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Love ya, dear lady!

    {{{{{x Sorrow x}}}}}

  37. I love it..I had long straight hair and looked similar to Marsha or we were in the same zone.
    I loved reading all your comments too..some really funny people in your Vent circle (like nitebyrd)!:)

    Somehow, I knew you had platform shoes on. hee, hee

    Looking forward to what magic you are planning for here.


  38. Hello Dearest Gypsy-Heart/Marsh-Jan!

    So great to see ya!!!!

    Didn't you LOVE the look of the late 60's-early 70's?? The girls all had straight hair and the boys all had afro's!

    YES...OMG, I was in love with my platform shoes! They made me 4 feet taller - HA!

    I'll be adding some new stuff to this blog and will telling everyone about it tomorrow.

    Thanks for stopping by, dear heart!

    Hope you had a great week!


  39. GROOVY RON!! Hey, you took a break and now you are back already!!! Time passed by so quick this week.. It must have been due to sleeping so much to rid myself of jetlag! Hey, I'm doing pretty good after just a week, now... I think I've got it beat! YAYY!!!
    Hope you had a good week off.. saw that it was a busy one for you!


  40. Hiya Leesa!



    You said it, last week FLEW by so fast. I got a lot accomplished, but I also was able to kick back and watch quite a few movies I had been wanting to see. I'm currently catching up on the DVD episodes of "Six Feet Under" - I LOVED that show!!!

    Glad to hear you caught up on your sleep. I know that "jetlag" can be very hard (especially when returning from a trip).

    Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!


  41. Wow. I seriously thought it WAS Greg Brady. *giggle*


  42. Hi Vixen Kitten!

    Yeah...I'm seriously thinking about changing my confirmation name to GREG!