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I don’t think I’ve ever shared a thing on this blog about my other longtime kitty companion, Zoe.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even mentioned her name before.

Shame on me!!!

The image you see above is Miss Zoe.

She was a gorgeous cat. She was half Siamese and half “whatever.” And as you can see from this old photo, she was mostly gray with just a splash of white around her face and paws. Her fur was magnificent. It was short, but dense. When you touched it, it was like touching a chinchilla. She had the softest fur I’d ever felt on any cat.

I adopted her from the Humane Society when she was only a year old and PREGNANT.

Jerry, my other cat, who you’ve heard me mention several times before, was her offspring.

She, like Jerry, lived until she was 19 years old.

I always called her MISS Zoe because she demanded it.

I loved her with all my heart, but she was more of what most people who don’t like cats think about ALL cats. She had that stereotypical CAT ATTITUDE…..

…she had no use for humans.

But quite frankly, I found it hysterical.

She was what you would call….Hollywood Royalty.

She was the Joan Crawford and Bette Davis of the cat kingdom.

She was a STAR, who's attitude said, "Kiss my furry ass!"

I was only permitted to touch her for two minutes per day and was only allowed to look at her for five. And if I looked at her any longer than that, she would get up…and walk away.

My only purpose was to feed her on a timely schedule and to make sure her litter box was ALWAYS clean of any feces before she stepped into it. And if by chance I didn’t…she would simply shit directly next to the litter box and then leave me a post-it note….

NEXT time…make sure it’s clean!

But I LOVED her.

She was definite, strong-willed, independent, and fearless.

During the entire 19 years of her life, I don’t think I ever saw her exude a single flustered emotion. She was always calm, cool and in control.

That is…until I brought out the CATNIP.

Whenever I was bored and wanted to see Zoe lose control, I would sprinkle a fist-full of catnip on the kitchen floor and watch her go ballistic. It was like watching a completely different cat. She would literally THROW herself atop the catnip and roll around on it like clothes in a dryer - she flipped around, and around, and around in complete circles. Occasionally, she would stop and bury her face in the catnip; taking deep breaths as though she was inhaling nirvana. Sometimes she would even stand up and start tap dancing amongst the catnip like Gene Kelly with four legs.

And after she was completely spent…she would suddenly collapse motionless on the floor; staring straight ahead with a spacey look in her red bloodshot eyes, like she had just smoked the biggest doobie of premium Columbian grass…

….and just smile.

Wishing you a nip-of-whatever weekend everyone!


  1. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

  2. Hi Ron,
    What a touching tribute to Miss Zoe.Bless you, dude for being there for her.

    I think that maybe....
    This Miss Zoe was not really Zoe.
    She was indeed the reincarnation of JOAN.
    Feed me, darling; change that litter box darling, I'm the star and demand your attention !

    Some cats are like real Joans and could careless of "silliness" like cuddles,stratches and other marks of affection.

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your post :)

    Happy weekend ( keep cool !) & big hugs to ya, honey XXXX

  3. I'll admit that the ONLY joy I get from cats is watching them utterly lose control of their arrogance once the catnip is on the floor.

    Oh, but what a pretty kitty. I'm sure she was loved well by her awesome humans.

    Adopted PREGNANT?!
    I'm surprised your mother still talked to you. LOL

  4. Loved reading about your beautiful Zoe! I wish there was something Ringo and Amber could smoke to settle them down!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.



  5. I'm so glad you had all those years with beautiful Zoe.
    I've always had cats and their personalities ranged. The one we have now.... Greta... I call her reGreta is not friendly AT ALL. You will draw back a bloody nub if you try to pet her. She loves hanging out in my son's room and will sit on his back sometimes if he's on his stomach playing a video game but mostly she hates the rest of us. Ron found her in the City on a construction site and he knew she wouldn't last the weekend if he didn't do a rescue. As a tiny baby she was sweet as can be. Our daughter bottle fed her she was so tiny. But now... oh she's not so sweet. LOL
    Still, she's part of the family for better or worse so we leave her alone. We provide food and water, she provides claws sharp as nails and a dirty look when you want one.
    Hmmm..... maybe Catnip would make her a little more fun... or mellow... ???

    Hey, I love the movie you have on the sidebar! We saw the version with Drew and Jessica but we also have the original one starring the two Eddy's. What a wild couple of characters they were! Wow.

    Have a wonderful weekend.'s to be high 80's/low
    90's so hope you can stay cool!!

  6. Aloha Debi!



    You said it PERFECTLY!!!!!

    Thanks, Deb!

    Have a great Friday!!!

  7. Bonjour Barbara!

    Thanks my friend!

    Earlier this week, I was thinking about Zoe and thought to myself, "Boy...I don't think I've ever mentioned her on my blog!?!"

    VIOLA! So, heeeeere's ZOE!

    You said it, Barb. Some cats are like real Joans and yet others (like Jerry) are very affectionate and almost human. Cats are very different creatures. You either understand them, or you don't.

    I happen to think they're the Cats Meow!


    Thank you for stopping by today, my friend!

    Always a joy!

    It's gotten MUCH cooler here in Philly the past couple of days - thank god!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    X to you and Didier!

  8. Hiya Mel!


    You are SOOOO funny!

    When I adopted her from the Humane Society they DIDN'T tell me she was pregnant. About two weeks later, as I was watching her walk through the kitchen, I suddenly noticed a slight bulge on either side of her tummy and thought..."OMG, she's PREGNANT!!!!"

    But hey....if it wasn't for Zoe being pregnant, I would have never had the joy of also knowing Jerry.

    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    Have a GRRRRREAT weekend!

  9. Helloooo Dear Gypsy-Heart!!

    Hey listen, I've never tried catnip on a dog before, but MIGHT work!!!

    tee, hee!

    Thanks for dropping by today, my Florida friend!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    LY too!

  10. Hello Crystal Chick!

    Oh, that's soon as you mentioned Greta, I remembered seeing a few photos you posted on your blog last year.

    You're absolutely right.

    Cats and their personalities range. Some are VERY affectionate, cuddly and needy, but others are the complete opposite. I've had both types before and like you, for better or worse.

    My own personality is more like a cat, so I think that's why I understand them.

    Catnip has a way of making a cat rampunctious at first and then will suddenly calm them down. It's hysterical to watch them react to it.

    OMG...I JUST finished watching the Grey Gardens movie with Jessica and Drew! It was INCREDIBLE!!! I don't think I've ever seen two women DUPLICATE two characters the way they did. I honestly couldn't which was which, when they spliced the films together. I really enjoyed the documentary too, but I found that the movie answered so many question I had about HOW they ended up that way. And didn't you LOVE how Little Eddie talked about ASTROLOGY?? I was laughing my ass off.

    FAAAABULOUS film!!!

    ALWAYS great seeing ya, neighbor!

    And yes, I did here it's supposed to get warmer again later this weekend. And it's been so nice having it a bit cooler these past two days, hasn't it?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Miss Zoe sounds quite a character. I havent tried catnip on my most recent cat - will have to get some!

  12. Hellooooo Casdok!

    ALWAYS such a special treat to read that you stopped by!!!


    Great seeing ya!

    Yes....Zoe was SUCH the character.

    My little Hollywood Royalty!


    Try some'll have so much fun watching!!

    X to you and C, dear lady!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. My two horses are mares and have an attitude as well. The older one I have nicknamed the queen the younger one the princess. They both believe the world revolves around them and their needs. They enjoy being primped and preened and basically worshipped. So, I know how it is.

  14. Hi Jen! WONDERFUL!!!

    The Queen and the Princess!

    I bet they're both gorgeous too!

    Isn't funny how animals exude SUCH personality?

    I LOVE em'!!!!

    I think Zoe probably thought she was a queen too - HA!

    Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Firefox Ron is going on tour.

    Can I have free tix, please please please? Pretty please with sugar on top? Or at least a drastic discount? OOOH and a backstage pass!

  16. OMG...Debi!!!!

    You're freakin' kidding me???

    Listen, don't EVER have to worry about tickets, discounts, or back stage passes because you're automatically IN!!!

    Because you're a part of the Foxfire Ron Chippendales!!!!!

    woo! woo!

    I will now go check out the link you left me!!!

    Thanks Deb!

  17. Fabulous! I could just picture her walking away from you if you gazed upon her beauty for too long.

  18. ...please stand by as Ron & I simultaneously lick our computer screens...

  19. Hi Chrissy!

    She had the ATTITUDE down to a science!

    "You get five minutes only!"


    Thanks for dropping, girl!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Debi... about "safe sex."


  21. I have never heard you mention Zoe!

    What a beautiful cat she was, you must miss her. How kind you were to rescue her and her babies. x

  22. AWESOME trubute to Mss. Zoe. She really was a beautiful cat....great picture!

  23. Hi Debi!

    Bum looka...bum looka!!!

    Cheeky Monkey

  24. Good Morning Akelamalu!

    awww....thank you, m'dear!

    She was a beauty and also a very attentive and sweet mama kitty.

    She actually ended up have TWO litters during her 19 years.

    She loved being barefoot and pregnant.


    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  25. you love cats for all the same reasons I do!!

    MISS Zoe was a beauty
    not one of those bimbo beauties but a regal, elegant beauty

    she sounds a lot like Mia
    although Mia has no interest in even catnip and the 5 minutes of looking must be followed by leaving HER room immediately

    they are the most wonderful creatures!

  26. Hiya Funny Girl!

    Thanks, girl!

    Even though she didn't like being looked at...

    ...she LOVED posing for pictures!

    *and autographing them.


    Always great seeing ya, FG!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  27. Good Morning Dianne!

    ...and the 5 minutes of looking must be followed by leaving HER room immediately.....

    OMG...that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!

    Don't ya just LOVE them???

    They can NEVER be controlled, and I think that's the thing I most respect about them.

    It's funny about catnip, because I have found that some cats love it, while others (like my other cat Jerry) had absolutely no interest in it.

    I'm such a dog lover too. We always had German Shepherds growing up (talk about a fabulous dog!), but as a roommate, cats and I live together more easily. Low maintenance.

    Thanks for stopping by my cat loving friend!

    Please give Mia and Siren a MEOW for me, ok?

    X ya!

  28. Thom...

    You'll find that I have removed both your previous comments left on this post.

    Lately, I've been noticing that your comments have been having more and more of an antagonistic energy to them.

    It seems to be a game with you - a game I don't feel like playing.

    You may think you can take a deliberate remark and surround it with humor; having it go unnoticed.

    But trust me, Thom...I don't miss a thing.

    In the two years that I've had this blog, I have never once had one of my longtime readers get nasty. They may have had a different opinion than mine, but they have always commented respectfully, and I with them.

    Your humor has as bitter edge to it, Thom.

    An edge to hurt.

    So you are no longer welcomed here.

    You see..

    It's one thing for you to make reference in your comment that you are not fond of cats, but to say that they be "drop kicked to Pluto" (even in jest) is not acceptable by me.

    Because it's downright nasty.

    And any comment you attempt to leave in the future, will automatically be deleted.


  29. "A dog looks at you and thinks you're a God. A cat looks at you and thinks, "I'm a God."

    I had a very cool cat that would pose every time he saw a camera and would go totally batshit for catnip.

    Thanks for sharing your Zoe memories, hun!

  30. Howdy Nitebyrd~

    OMG...that's PRECIOUS!!!

    And it's so TRUE!!!!

    Zoe definitely knew she was a GODDESS. I'm surprised she didn't have me BOW everything I approached!


    Isn't it FUN to watch a cat go batshit over catnip? It's such a great way to past the time on a rainy afternoon!

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Sis!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    X ya!

  31. what a wonderful cat story...yes, you have defined the animal perfectly :)

    this was hysterical and I was hoping you would tell us WHY they do it with the catnip...I know they do and it's really a crack up...when my sons discovered this, I had to hide the catnip!!

    hoping your weekend is good and not too the stupid flu here :(

  32. Helloooooo Linda!

    It's SOOOOOOOOOOO great seeing ya, dear lady!!!!

    So glad you had a giggle!

    I actually giggled too as I wrote this.

    I think catnip is like a natural aphrodisiac to cats. But what's strange, is that some cats are not even affected by it.

    OMG...and I totally know what you mean about having to HIDE the catnip, because if I didn't put it somewhere high up in a cabinet....Zoe would always find it and start clawing at it.


    Anyway, my sorry to hear about having the flu. That's the pits, isn't it? Especially in the summer.'s VERY humid here this weekend, but I'm trying to deal with it, by pretending it's not!


    Sending you much Reiki and love!

    {{{{{{{x Linda x}}}}}}}

  33. too funny. cats are like that. my cat loves to be rubbed, but you will not pick her up. do not ask how we will get her to the vet. she's only been with us since May.

  34. Hi Ron,

    Great tribute to your Miss Zoe. I too have a Miss, Puss that is. My family are "Cat People" as opposed to "Dog People" (not that there is anything wrong with that). Some of my best friends are dog people.

    But what I wanted to share is that we have assigned famous people voices to them, ex. Miss Puss has Elaine's voice (from Seinfeld), kind of whiny and annoying (not that I think she is that way). My aunt had a cat (who was the largest cat I ever saw, and grey all over) that spoke with Barry White's voice. I believe that if you really look at them you can determine what voice would come out of them.

    Can't you just hear Joan's voice coming from Miss Zoe? (NO WIRE HANGERS OR DIRTY LITTER BOXES!) Hah!

    Just a fun/strange way that our family passes the time when we are all together.

    Have a good day!

  35. Hiya Valerie!

    OMG? have a cat?

    How great!

    Isn't funny how every cat is completely different?

    Some are very touchy-feely, while others are not.

    OMG...I can't even begin to tell you what a challenge it was to get Zoe to the vet! Thank god, I eventually found a vet who made housecalls - he was the sweetest man. And very patient with cats.

    Thanks for stopping by, Val!

    Always great seeing ya!

  36. Greetings Miss P!

    It's ALWAYS a wonderful treat to see that you've commented!!!

    Thank you! brilliant...Barry White!!!

    You know...I never thought of that before, but you're SO RIGHT! If you really look at them you CAN hear a voice!!!

    And you're definitely right about Zoe voicing Joan! Especially if I tried to pick her up - she would give me a warning first, but then....#@!?*@*!*!!.


    It's funny because my family was more of a Dog Family, but mother is an all-type of animal lover, so when I asked her if we could get a cat...she said YES. It took my father MANY years to warm up to that cat, but when he did...he ended up loving it with all his heart. The cat never left his side during the whole time he was passing away.

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing on this post, Miss P!

    I so enjoyed it!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  37. I do that with cat nip too...purrrrr.

  38. Dear Miss Jones......


    OMG...that's too funny!!!!

    Ya know, I tried sniffing it, rubbing it on me, and I once even tried eating a little bit, but I had NO REACTION. And trust me...I was HOPING I would!!!

    Tee, hee!

    oh, and forgot to mention in this post, Zoe would sometimes EAT it too!

    She was a LUSH!

    GREAT seeing ya, Miss J!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Ciao bella

  39. Your cat sounded awesome. I have a cat like that too and her name is Abby. She simply tolerates us. I think its because we feed her :) I'll continue to love her even though she acts like I'm not alive 99% of the time.

  40. Hi Christa!

    Spoken like a TRUE cat lover!!!!

    I always share with people who have never owned a cat.... KNOW a cat is to LOVE a cat.

    Abby sounds FAAAAABULOUS!!!

    Thank you for stopping by, Christa!

    Always great seeing ya!

  41. Great post.

    She was beautiful! I know I'm late. I was hanging out at dog parks and became a very bad commenter!

    Forgive me, PLEASE!


  42. Hiya Vixen Kitten~

    Thank you...she was a DIVA QUEEEN but I loved her.

    Oh, need to ever apologize, dear one. I LOVE whenever you stop by. I want my blogger friends to always feel relaxed and unpressured.

    Sometimes things come up in our lives or we just feel like being quite, I understand.

    LOVE YA, VK!