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Hi Folks!

Just wanted to let you know that one of my blogging buddies, Valerie @ Thinking Out Loud Blog has invited me to share a guest post on her blog. So, instead of posting my usual Wednesday vent, I invite you to stop by Valerie’s place for a read.

It’s actually a rerun post which I wrote over a year ago. Therefore, some of my longtime blogging friends may have already read it. But feel free to stop by anyway to check out Valerie’s blog.

She truly is an awesome writer with a clever sense of humor and insightfulness that will keep you coming back; eager to read her next post. She and I met about five months ago and instantly felt simpatico.

She has a warm and open heart, so you’ll instantly feel welcomed.

She’s on vacation this week, but will return sometime next week.

Vent will resume it’s regularly scheduled post on Friday.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Ron,
    Haven't you figured out yet that EVERYONE seems to click w/you? At least, everyone that I've seen. I'm off to read your interview.
    Have a great day, my friend!

  2. Looking forward to reading your post on Valerie's blog. I'm running over there right now!

  3. Loved the guest post on Valerie's site. Just had to let you know here.

  4. Hey Kathryn!

    God love ya, girl!

    Thank you. And thanks for stopping by!

    I know you'll enjoy Valerie's blog too!

    Have a great day, my friend!


  5. Hiya Jen!

    Thank're so sweet.

    And thank you for stopping by Val's for a read.

    Glad you enjoy.

    Have a great day, Jen!

  6. Hey Ron, just stopping by to say you are the best and there's a space for you in my heart. You bring so much joy, laughter and wisdom through your blog. It's been my pleasure to read and learn more about you. I'm on my handheld right now but will catch up with you on my return. Thank you for breathing more life into my blog!

  7. Dear Ron,

    Please cut my hair... FOR REAL! I don't do anything to it expect put in a ponytail when it is wet... and sometimes put it up with a srunchie... I think I need help. I am sure anything you did to it would be fine and I would only cry tears of joy. But it must be simple to maintain since I can not blow dry and use a hair brush at the same time.


  8. I'll pop over to Valerie's just as soon as I've finished typing this comment. :) On my way!

  9. Hi Ron. Was MIA for a few days, but am back now. Just catching up on some of your posts. And yeah, I did check out Valerie's site and comment. Cool idea to do Guest Posts for each other.

  10. Helloooooo Valerie!

    I'm so happy you stopped by on your vacation to say HI!

    OMG...this has been so much fun!

    You've got the most welcoming readers, so I feel right at home on your blog. It's been a pleasure meeting them.

    Thank you, my friend. Not only for allowing me to guest post, but for your sweet words. And need I say...I feel that same about you!

    Hope you're having a great time and I look forward to your return!


  11. Howdy La La La Leah!

    I promise if we should one day meet, I will cut your hair. And hey...I'm all about SIMPLE and EASY haircuts, so I promise you it will be wash and wear!

    Thank you for stopping by today. Leah!

    It's always great to see ya!

    Enjoy your evening!


  12. Hello Akelamalu!

    I'm pretty sure you've already read this post (being one of my LONGEST blogging pals) so hope I you enjoy reading it again!

    Thanks for dropping by, m'dear!

    You're the best!


  13. Howdy Constant Complainer!

    Welcome back, buddy!

    It's always so great to see ya!

    Thank you for stopping by Val's place for a read. Really appreciate it! She's got a great blog with unique style of writing. I'm so glad I met her.

    Enjoy your evening!