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Ooops!…I totally forgot that September 13th marked the second year anniversary of this here blog.

It’s hard to believe that two years has flown by in the blink of an eye!


I’m a firm believer that my life will take me where I need to go and things will change whether I want them to change or not - and for good reason.

In the past year, I’ve had a couple readers ask me why my email address and domain name have the word triloquist in them.

You see, back when I first started this blog I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with it. I had a previous blog for almost a year, but was feeling the desire to publish a more personal one.

I had originally wanted to have a space where I could just vent my daily frustrations.

Now here’s something that’s REALLY interesting about how things change…

When I first started Vent I created an anonymous name. That’s right, an anonymous name (voice box). And I had also seriously thought about disabling comments. I simply wanted a place to spew and really didn’t care whether anybody commented or not.

I wracked my brain trying to come up with an overall theme and name for my new blog, but couldn't think of a damn thing. Then, one evening while I was flipping though a dictionary/thesaurus; searching for words that were similar to spew, yell, and scream, my hand suddenly stopped on a page with words that started with the letter V. And when looked down, I saw the word Ventriloquist.


I suddenly got an idea…

…why not call my blog Ventriloquist and have the tagline be, “Throwing my voice.”

However, when I tried to use the word ventriloquist as my domain name it had already been taken. So I had to shorten it to triloquist, but still kept my blog name Ventriloquist.

A few weeks after I published this blog, I suddenly decided to change the name to Vent and eventually customized the blog design to reflect how I honestly see my life….a movie, with each moment a series takes.

So what you see now, is nothing like what this blog started out to be. The Ventriloquist blog had a scary-ass image of a ventriloquist dummy on the header that looked like Howdy Doody on CRACK cocaine.

Vent has been an amazing journey. Not only have I met some of the most wonderful and talented people through this blog (and a few I have actually met), but it has also taught me more about myself, than I ever thought possible.

Over the years I’ve gradually revealed more and more of my life to my readers. I still have boundaries about what I will and will not talk about on the Internet, but I’ve share some very personal experiences on this blog, which I never thought I would.

And as far as Vent being a place where I could just SPEW - that has changed also.

You see, my natural tendency is to be a “reactive person.” I have a habit of immediately responding to something without ever stopping to think how my words will affect another person. In having this blog, it’s taught me to PAUSE before saying something either in a post or comment, and to FEEL what my words will be conveying. And not only has it taught me pause here, but also in my day to day life away from this blog. Blogging has taught me how to be a better communicator.

Mostly…having Vent has allowed me to see the humor in my madness. And in doing so, has taught me not to take myself so seriously.

Honestly? I still have no idea where the hell this blog is going or how it will change. My hope is that whatever it is I share, you will either find a bit of humor or something to think about.

I would like to take this time, to thank each and every one of you who make this blog what it is. Because without you, it would merely be my own voice. You are the ones who make this blog come alive by sharing the energy of your voices with me.

My sincere wish is that everyone who stops by will feel individually appreciated and special.

So, in the tradition of Vent, I would like to share a little token of my appreciation.

Your very own celluloid film clip.

Because remember…

Life is like a movie. And each moment is a series of takes. So savor the moments, because that’s where life happens.

Thanks, everyone!

X ya!


  1. Now that is one beautiful journey for Vent. Congratulations mate!

    BTW "Life is like a movie. And each moment is a series of takes. So savor the moments, because that’s where life happens." Real awesome!

  2. Happy Blogiversary!
    I'm happy to have stumbled into blogland and to your corner of it. It's wonderful here. I feel happy and welcome. And your posts are so enjoyable because they are a little of everything. Humor, job, family, friends, home. Blogs like that are the best. You never know what you'll stop by and read about. But it's always something interact that everyone can comment on. And the behind the scenes dialogue is the best too!

    Thanks for the history of Vent. Wherever it's going, I hope to come along for the ride. It's been awesome so far!!

    Wishing you a beautiful day. It's International Day of Peace. :)
    *hugs* from your NJ friend!

  3. Howdy Amit!

    Thank you for being a part of this journey, bud!

    It's been really great sharing with you. Your comments are always enjoyed and appreciated!

    Looking forward to another year!

    Thanks for stopping by, Amit!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Ron,
    I too, want to say Congratulations!! I loved hearing the history of your site and how it's evolved over the years. And I HAD always wondered about the "triloquest"! Your site is a warm and welcoming place to visit and I always enjoy stopping by.
    P.S.: I'm stealing your film clip for my sidebar, so everyone knows I'm a FAN. Hope that's okay! xoxo

  5. Howdy Crystal Chick!

    I remember your very first comment here which was over a year ago (you dropped by from Jeff's place) and immediately KNEW we had alot in common.

    *astology, art, reiki, aromatherapy

    It's been SOOOOO great meeting you, M!

    Thanks for sharing your great energy and interaction on this blog. You add much!

    I look forward to many more years of sharing!

    Thank you for dropping by today and your sweet words!

    Wishing you a beautiful day too!

    And thanks for letting me know about International Day of Peace.

    Peace, my neighboring friend!


  6. Hellooooo Kathryn!

    Thanks soooo much for stopping by and introducing yourself because like I shared on your blog...I knew we'd be blogging buds!

    I so enjoy your unique and HUMOROUS voice. You've got a great blog!

    YES! By all means...please feel free to take the film clip - it's yours and everyone else's who wishes to take it.

    I look forward to many more years of blogging with you. And perhaps one day we'll meet for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine and share in person!

    Thanks for stopping by Kathryn!

    Have a great Monday!

  7. Two years ago on Sept 13th I was having a baby ripped from my belly.... weird but true. Huh. You became a blogger and I became a Mommy that is something to think about. Crazy.

    Have a good monday and I love your blog.

  8. Hiya Leah!

    ...Two years ago on Sept 13th I was having a baby ripped from my belly...

    Well...I think that's a MUCH bigger celebration than this blog!

    Brava, Leah!

    And Brava to all mommies!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    LOVE your blog, too!

    So glad we met!

    Happy Monday!

  9. Happy Blogversary Ron and here's to the next 'umpteen' years!

    You know I loved your original blog and I love this one even more.

    PS why have you disabled comments on your review blog?

  10. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    Thanks, m'dear!

    I think you and Dave are the only ones who came over here from Foot Notes. You guys are my longest blogging buddies! THREE years! And I THANK YOU!!!

    I've disabled comments on my review blog because I want it to be more of a research blog, where people can read my various reviews if they're looking for stuff on the Internet. But, also...between writing for two blogs and my job, I honestly don't have the time to respond to comments on both. So rather than not respond, I decided to disable them. My readers can contact me via my email address if they want to share something.

    Anway, my friend....thank you for reading both my blogs. It's be an absolute joy getting to you these past three years.

    X ya bunches!

    Have a great day!

  11. Two years? Congratulations!

    You know, I always wondered why that was your blog address. Very interesting how it all evolved.

    I can't IMAGINE what your blog would be like, #1 as an anonymous voice and #2 without being able to comment and interact with you.

    I'm so glad you rethought that whole thing and let us be part of your movie.

  12. Hi Chrissy!

    Thanks, twin!

    Yeah...I'm glad I rethought that too. I CANNOT even imagine what it would have been like without the voices from you guys?!?!

    (perhaps like a silent film?)

    And VERY boring.

    Anyway, girl....I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that our blog paths have crossed.

    Thanks oddles for being a part of my lifes' movie!

    I look forward to making part THREE with you guys and gals. It's going to be an epic!

    Have a great day!

  13. Gotta give some gifts now.


    There, that's better.

    I'm so glad you decided to open your blog up to comments. Your posts always end up sparking some great comments. From the thought provoking to the hysterical, I love reading what you and the others have to say.

    Congrats on a couple of years. Looking forward to more and more.


    (in case you run out)

  14. Howdy Mr. Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whew....I think I just ran out!


    You have no idea how happy I am that I decided to open up comments too. Hell, comments is where it ALL happens!

    Thank you, buddy. Thank you so much for adding your brilliant wit and warm heart to this blog. I'm so damn happy that we met!

    *and that you're back blogging again

    I look forward to many more years of sharing with ya!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your much needed gifts.


    Later gator!

  15. Happy Blogaversary to you,
    Happy Blogaversary dear Ronnie...
    Happy second blogaversary to you !!

    and many more...

    Luv ya tons,
    P.S. Merci for the Vent badge :)

  16. Happy birthday to the wee one, Leah.

    And happy anniversary, sir.

    Gosh. I can't even remember how I landed her.....I just know I'm glad that I did.
    And that the comments were enabled--cuz.....

    I'da missed out on a whole lot, yaknow?
    You know.....

    (((((((((((( you! )))))))))))))

    Oh how we think we know what's good for us. Darn good thing 'stretching' gets to happen, huh? ;-)

    Take care of you....always.

  17. well happy happy blogiversary (okay i cheated and looked at crystal's spelling. you know i can't spell or type).

    if anyone starts out blogging and knowing what they want or the direction they want their blog to go, well then gaud bless 'em. i like to write, i like to laugh, i like dialogue.

    i feel the same as you:

    Honestly? I still have no idea where the hell this blog is going or how it will change. My hope is that whatever it is I share, you will either find a bit of humor or something to think about.

  18. Bonjour Barbara!

    Merci for the Blogaversary song, dear friend!

    And merci for being a part of Vent!

    Love ya tons, too!

    Thank you for dropping by, Barb!

    Have a grrrreat day!

  19. Howdy Mel!

    ...Oh how we think we know what's good for us. Darn good thing 'stretching' gets to happen, huh?...

    You said it!

    And "stretching" is the PERFECT word, Mel!

    I don't how you landed here either, but I DO know the post you first commented on "My Bathroom Fetish" and it's been such a joy, pleasure, and honor to know you these past two years.

    So thank you, dear lady!

    And thank you for stopping by today!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love to you and the Little Bug!

  20. Hiya Valerie!

    OMG...your comment made me HOWL, because every time I have to type Crystal Chicks name I TOO have to cheat and look at her comment response!!!


    And as you know...I too can't spell worth a damn.

    ...i like to write, i like to laugh, i like dialogue...

    Me too, Val!

    I think it's great when someone KNOWS exactly what it is that they want from their blog when first starting out. However for me, this blog has a life of it's own, therefore takes me where IT wants.

    It's been SOOOOO wonderful getting to sharing with you Val! Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself this past year. You're such a talented and COOL lady!

    Have a great day, my Jersey friend!

  21. Congrats on your Blogiversary! I am so glad you did that interview with Chrissy because without it, I may never have stopped by your blog. I'm glad I did & I keep coming back.
    Remember, the voices you hear from now on won't only be your own, they will be ours, too!

  22. Nice post. Sorry I've been out of the loop, been away this past weekend. So glad you got rid of the dummy picture on crack. Those ventriloquist dummies really freak me out. Kind of like those people who are afraid of clowns. Maybe I have just seen too many movies.
    Glad you have stuck to it. Your blog always puts a smile on my face!

  23. how lovely to read about your journey to this point...i had no idea about how it all started so it was fun to find out! happy happy blogaversary :)

    and i am so happy we met through this crazy medium.

  24. Greetings Colette!

    Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a comment.

    So nice to meet you!

    Don't you just LOVE Chrissy? The minute I found her blog I was HOOKED! Smart and witty!

    Remember, the voices you hear from now on won't only be your own, they will be ours, too!

    It's great to have your voice here!

    Please stop by anytime!

    Enjoy your evening!

  25. Hiya Jen!

    Always so great to see ya, my friend!

    Hope you had a great weekend! too! The ventriloquist dummy image was FREAKISH! I couldn't stand looking at it on my OWN blog! And clowns are another thing that freak me out! SOOOOO creepy!

    Thanks for stopping by today, Jen!

    Enjoy your evening!

  26. Helloooooo Dearest Linda!

    It's funny how things change, isn't it?

    I feel like I just started this blog and yet I'm on my THIRD year!

    Me too! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that our blog paths have crossed. You make the blogworld such beautiful place!

    Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to many more years of sharing with you!

    {{{{{{{{{{{ Linda }}}}}}}}}}

  27. Great quote, it reminds me of... as Auntie Mame said "Life is a banquest & most poor suckers are starving to death!". Thought you could appreciate that one since you're into acting. Very funny blog, I'm so glad I found it.

  28. Hi JH!


    Thank you for stopping by, it's nice to meet ya!

    aaah, yes! I know that quote well! Isn't Auntie Mame a GREAT character? There's a lot of wise "life stuff" in that movie.

    Please stop by anytime!

    You're always welcomed.

    Enjoy your evening!