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Most of you all already know that I work in the beauty industry, therefore have been exposed to a bumper crop of magical age-defying, age-reversal, and age-refusing products at my fingertips for the past 26 years.

And brothas N' sistas let me tell ya….I’ve tried them ALL.

Some have worked amazingly well and others were merely snake oil from a witch doctor.

Last year I wrote a post about how much of a high maintenance guy I was when it came to my beauty regime.

Let’s just say that I made George Hamilton look like no maintenance.

Things like using a facial scrub, deep pore cleansing mask, a special eye cream, neck cream, a face serum, and eyebrow tweezing with a 50x magnifying mirror and a flashlight, were all part of my nightly maintenance.

Well…I have no idea what has happened to me over the past five or six months, but I’m not as overly concerned or stringent about my routine anymore.

Perhaps it’s because when I saw my naked reflection in the mirror, I realized that from the neck up I looked like an 18 year old, but from the neck down I still looked like a 53 year old.

Plus, by the time I completed my regime each night, four hours had passed and I was exhausted to the point of aging.

My high maintenance routine was beginning to feel as though I was subjecting myself to working four hours laying railroad tracks.

I mean that’s four hours I could be spending on the Internet ruining my eyesight, while staring at computer monitor and BLOGGING for god sake!

Anyway, I’ve cut back on the time I spend looking at myself in the mirror primping and pruning, and have condensed my nightly regime to just the basic beauty necessities.

A face mask and a cigarette....

After all…my real beauty is deep inside.


  1. HAHAAH. you kill me ron. seriously. hey which one of those products worked that made you look like an 18 year old. i'll take that. but like you i know from the neck down, well not too much is tight or perky, but it all still works and gets the job done, without the use of machines or add-ons.

    love the pic at the end. 4 hours. by the time you left the house, it's time to go back to bed.

    thanks for the laugh brother!

  2. Hi Ron,

    I'm a modern woman but...when I hear that some men are now spending more time in front of the mirror than the ladies !!
    You kill me; you spent 4 hours a day with your treatments ? Amazing indeed.

    Call me "no-nonsence"; cleanliness above all.I've only been known to add a light moisturizer. But a couple of minutes with a hair brush & then a toothbrush and I'm done.Ready to rock n' roll...

    God I'm glad that we weren't sharing bathrooms !!


  3. Nice photo! I just need to be a little more engaged in a beauty regime. I slap on some moisturizer and eye cream at night and that's about it. I've tried a lot of the more expensive potions and it seems like Olay works the best. Am I crazy?

  4. Oh my what a way to start my day! That picture was scary at 8 AM....

    I wash my face and use a moisturizer. I never wear make up so I guess my skin *might* be OK when I am old. Who knows.


  5. ...GACK! Now there's a photo that will be forever burned into my mind's eye! lol... :o)

    ...Btw, what's your take on Oil Of Ol' Lady, er, I mean Oil Of Olay?

    ...Blessings... :o)

  6. I love all that stuff, though it doesn't take me four hours. Oh and I can't be seen out without my makeup! LOL

  7. Hiya Valerie!


    ...maybe I was exaggerating just a TAD.

    Not really an 18 year old.

    More like a 45 year old who is under the delusion that he looks like an 18 year old!

    It's that MAGIC mirror I keep looking in.


    Thanks for dropping by Val!

    Always a pleasure!!

    Enjoy your day, sister!

  8. Ron,
    What crazy people we are; we look at ourselves in the mirror and we see a body a wrinkle a blemish. We want it to be different. We look at someone we care about and we see a soul, an energy a light that makes us complete. When we get to the point where can see ourselves as the person to love and we do not rely on a mirror to define us then we have reached enlightenment.
    Until then, hello Jean Nate, Estes Lauder and for Men only.

    Talk to you soon my friend.
    By the by the cost of Rose Oil is damn expensive but so wonderful to use.

    Mirror Mirror on the wall .......

  9. Bonjour Barbara!

    Let me tell ya...

    ...between the time I spent as a cosmetologist and the years I spent in the beauty industry, I can honestly tell you - some men are much more high maintenance than some women.


    My father use to blow dry and hair spray his hair before going to bed every night - HONEST! And yet (like you) my mother is much more of a low maintenance person.

    I've gradually gotten much less maintenance oriented in the past year. And mainly because it's too damn exhausting!#?!*

    No...I'm exaggerating, my friend. I spent more like an hour each night primping myself. But it felt like four hours!

    Always great seeing ya, Barb!

    Thanks for dropping by today!


  10. Hiya Jen!'re not crazy because I actually use an Oil of Olay face wash that I LOVE! It's inexpensive and works great. I also use one from Philosophy - more expensive, but it works great too!

    I think we're all different in our beauty regime's. And whatever works for each person, works for each person.

    I've gradually gotten so much more low maintenance in the past year. My bathroom use to look like a STORE. Now, it's just the basics.

    Thanks for dropping by, Jen!

    Have GREAT day, my friend!

  11. Morning La La La Leah!


    Scary photo isn't it?

    It's actually not me. I found it on the Internet and HOWLED when I saw it. I thought it was perfect for this post considering I DO smoke and DO use a face mask.

    Hey...whatever works for you is great. And think of the TIME you're saving! Skincare is much more important than wearing makeup. Most European women are more into taking care of their skin, not makeup. That's why many of them have such great skin.

    Thanks for dropping by this morning, Leah!

    Hope that photo didn't scare ya too much!

    Tee, hee!

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Hiya TJ!


    Isn't that a PRETTY photo???

    God love him, whoever he is!

    It's funny you mentioned Oil of Olay because Jen mentioned the same thing.

    I really LOVE their products and alternately use one of their face washes along with Philosophy.

    Honestly? You don't need to spend a lot of money to use GOOD products. Some of the things I've used were VERY expensive and others are from a drug or healthfood store. The expensive stuff I get is FREE because of being in the business. So that's really why I've tried them. But trust me, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it ALWAYS works well.

    Always so nice seeing you here, dear lady!

    Thank you for stopping by today!

    Have a GREAT one!

  13. Good Afternoon Akelamalu! never really took me four hours either. I'm just slightly exaggerating because I'm a DRAMATIC Libra!!!

    However, it did take me a good solid hour - MUCH too long!!!

    I do use a men's bronzing powder when I go to work to give my face a POP of color. Of course I'm TAN from the neck up and PALE from the neck down.


    ALways great seeing ya, m'dear!

    Wishing you a faaabulous day!

  14. Howdy Mr. Dave!

    until then, hello Jean Nate, Estes Lauder and for Men only.


    Oh, you KILL me Dave!!!

    Funny, because I was just talking to someone at work the other day about Jean Nate and how it reminds me of my childhood. My mother always wore that fragrance. I actually like it.

    What you shared is so true, my friend....

    When we get to the point where can see ourselves as the person to love and we do not rely on a mirror to define us then we have reached enlightenment.

    Being in the beauty industry, I sometimes need to be reminded of that, so thank you!

    It's all about balance.

    Yes...I've seen the price of Rose Oil in certain stores and OMG, it's very expensive. Especially a Bulgarian rose.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

    You always share both wisdom and humor!

    And again, congrats on your aromatherapy course!

  15. OMG! "Age-refusing products"!!!Oh, God...that made me laugh! So, yeah...I REFUSE to age. Gee, that was easy...bring on the zits and the oily t-zone!
    Wait. What?
    It's all about balance, my love...I suppose we have to accept that we're never gonna look 25 again.
    Thank God we've got a sense of humor! That'll see us through.
    Great post, as always!

  16. No more wire hangers!

    Darling, you are a reincarnation! Give me your address and I'll priority ship a rove with malibou over to complete the ensemble.

    You look fab.
    BTW, what is your suggestion for laugh lines?

    (love ya')

  17. Hi Kathry!

    Oh dear god...if you only knew all the skincare SHIT I put on my face for the past 26 years you would DIE!

    Everything from Preparation H to Sheep Sperm!

    And some of the best stuff I've ever experienced was some of the cheapest! Money does not always equal beauty.

    You're right, my's all about BALANCE.

    And HUMOR!

    And thank GOD we both have that!

    Thanks for stopping by, K!

    X ya, girl!

  18. How funny. I keep my beauty regime to tweezing my unibrow but I express myself with the occasional beard and dab of controlling hair gel. I'm otherwise beautiful.

  19. OMG...Nancy!!!!!

    I laughed so HARD at your comment I was COUGHING!

    Give me your address and I'll priority ship a rove with malibou over to complete the ensemble.



    You're brilliant, dear lady! Because it never even dawned on me that the photo resembled Miss Crawford, but you're RIGHT it DOES!

    How perceptive you are!

    And my suggestion for laugh lines?

    MORE laughter!


    Thanks for sharing such a great comment, Nancy!

    It was a RIOT!

  20. Howdy Andres!

    OMG...your comment made me LAUGH!!!

    I'm otherwise beautiful.

    You GO, boy!

    Me too! I have a unibrow, thus the reason for plucking. Because if I didn't it would look like two hairy bird wings above my eyes!

    Thanks for stopping by, bud!

    Really enjoyed your comment!

  21. Ron,
    You kill me! Great pic, I think I have a similiar one of my mother somewhere! She'd kill me if she knew that, oh well what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Thanks for the laugh!

  22. Hi Brndoutw8tress!

    ooo...but don't ever through away that photo of your mother because it'll be great BLACKMAIL material one day!


    Always so great seeing ya!

    Hope all is well on the waitress front!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Since I stopped wearing make-up some years ago all I do is a splash of water & a cig! LOL. Unfortunately I am getting a few wrinkles that I never noticed before, but turning 42 will do that I guess. Guess I'm just "a natural woman". My one big skin faux pas is too much sun without sunscreen.

  24. Damn!

    I think the black lagoon is looking for their creature!

  25. Bwhahahahahahaha...Jeff!!!

    I think the black lagoon is looking for their creature!


    Thanks for the HOWL, Jeff!

    You are too funny!

    Always great seeing ya!

  26. Hiya Collette!

    I see you and I have the same regime...

    all I do is a splash of water & a cig!

    You GO, girl!

    I think it's the CIG that does the MAGIC, don't you?


    I spent YEARS living in Florida basking in the sun without sunscreen, so I'm surprised that I even HAVE skin. I do use a sunscreen/moisturizer currently.

    Maybe one day you and I will get together for a CIG and share our beauty secrets.

    Tee, hee!

    Thanks for stopping by, Collette!

  27. you killed me with how your anti-aging regimen was aging you!!

    I have always thought smoking was wonderful for anti-aging
    doesn't the smoke kill age cells?
    or something like that ...

  28. Good Morning Dianne!

    doesn't the smoke kill age cells?
    or something like that



    I mean LOOK at Bette Davis. Didn't she look faaabulous? And she smoked 2 packs a day!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by, dear lady!

    Always a HOOT!

    Hey...and isn't this sudden HEAT WAVE delightful?


    Have a great day! Hugs to Hope!


  29. I have visions of you singing "Working on the Chain Gang" while exfoliating... and I think it could be a one man show.

    I gave up and am spending all my free time scouring eBay and Craig's list for a used time machine.

  30. Hellooooooo Anndi!

    OMG...what a GREAT surprise to see ya, my Libra twin!!!

    I gave up and am spending all my free time scouring eBay and Craig's list for a used time machine.


    Holy shit...that is BRILLIANT!!

    And in the long run, so much cheaper than Creme de la Mer!


    Thanks sooo much for dropping by, Anndi! and I will having birthdays soon - woo! woo!

    shhhhh....but don't tell anybody!


  31. I'm not as high-maintainence as you were Ron, but I still have to slather on wrinkle creams each AM & PM. It's much worse for women. I found this Bust Sculpt cream from Avon that really works. I'll panic if they ever stop selling it. Always a plus to have perky boobs (well, as perky as they can be at my age) than saggy ones!

    Also, that serum you wrote about on your other blog is wonderful.

    Anyway, now that you've cleared up that eyebrow problem you had, may I say, YOU LOOK MARVELOUS! Whatever you do/did/done is working!

  32. Hi Nitebyrd!

    Hey...throught the years I've discovered some really good products from Avon. One of which is their lip balm - I LOVE it!

    oooo....glad you tried that serum. It's inexpensive and has GREAT results. And it's easy because it's everything in one bottle.

    Thanks. Now my brow tweezing I will NEVER give up. I'd be like BUSHMAN if I did.

    Always great seeing ya, Sis!

    Enjoy those perky boobs!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    X ya!

  33. firstly, may i apologize for being so late with my comment on your hysterical tirade? OMG you are so can even make tweezing at 50x power funny! I don't know how you do it really...

    i wish dh would get a cue, he's always been good looking so he just lets himself go to hell now...not even moisturizer? he's just plain face care, body care for that matter, has fallen far down the drain in recent months [years], mainly because i am too tired to do it at night when i need to do it's slathering on my cream and brushing my teeth...i do everything else in the bath, which actually works quite well because of the steam...and i have divulged quite enough to you, you devil! *grins*

  34. Hellooooo Linda! eyesight is getting so bad that I think eventually I'll have to use BINOCULARS and a MINING LIGHT to find my eyebrows!


    I know...some men can be VERY high maintenance (like my father was) however some are not. I've falling somewhere in between lately. Like you, I'm just to damn tired to go through it anymore.

    i do everything else in the bath, which actually works quite well because of the steam.

    You're actually very WISE to do that, my friend because the steam is excellent for cleansing the pores!

    Thanks soooo much for dropping by this evening, dear Linda. I enjoy whenever you drop by, so no worries.

    Hope you had a great day and are feeling better!!!

    {{{{{ Linda }}}}}