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Back when I first started blogging, the thought of actually meeting someone who I was blogging with never even occurred to me.

And yet, surprisingly, it has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable parts of having a blog.

We spend all this time communicating and sharing with one another through our words, yet never actually hear what our voices sound like.

And to finally be able to put a voice to a face and actually SEE and HEAR a blogger in flesh and blood has been so fascinating for me.

I believe that our words contain energy. Therefore, I’ve always been able to get a clear sense of the essence of who I’m blogging with.

Blogging friendships are the same as any friendship. We share and confide intimate details of our lives with one another. We laugh, we cry. We share our opinions and either agree or disagree. We share misunderstands and then clear the air; moving on. When you think about it, it’s exactly what we do with our offline friendships, with the exception of not actually SEEING one another. And yet, in a very strong energetic way, we FEEL one another.

But I’ve got to admit, meeting a fellow blogger for the first time made me a bit nervous. It sort of felt like I was going on a first date with someone and having butterflies in my stomach. And yet, as soon as I saw them it was like meeting someone I had known all my life - I instantly felt relaxed and at home. The energetic connection we had been sharing online, simply connected us in person.

The first blogger I met was Barbara @ Home in France. She was coming to Philadelphia for a family affair and had emailed me prior; asking if I felt like meeting she and her husband Didier, while they were visiting. I instantly said, “Yes!” And I’m so glad I did, because we had the most enjoyable time with one another. Barbara was even more wonderful to meet in person. Since then, even though she lives in France, our friendship has grown closer.

The second blogger I met was Lora @ Fever. Lora is actually the first Philadelphia blogger I’ve ever known. We just recently met through our blogs about three weeks ago and decided to meet in person last Monday for lunch. And again…I’m so glad we did because she was everything I knew she would be. We chatted for almost three hours and had a great time. Meeting one another allowed us to connect on an even deeper level.

So I guess the point of this post is to say that if you ever get the chance to meet up with one of your fellow bloggers…do it.

Because it’s the coolest experience.

It almost feels as though you’re meeting a celebrity…it’s very exciting.

And perhaps one of these days we’ll all get a chance to meet one another.

Thanks everyone….it’s so nice knowing all you peeps!



  1. That's the best analogy I've read in a while -- it does feel exactly like a first date.

    I've only met two bloggers but I was almost stymied when we met face-to-face even though we'd "talked" about all kinds of stuff online.

    Still, it was a lot of fun even though both times I was afraid they'd pull out a switchblade and cut me.

  2. Yup--it's a very cool thing, indeed. Why I spent time sweating the smallstuff, I have no clue.

    Like you, I've found some very wonderful connections with folks through this medium. And like you discovered, they're just as wonderful as they'd proven themselves to be through the words on the screen.

    I've been graced to meet up with only the best of the best--so either I have discriminating taste in who I cross paths with, or G-d takes very good care of me. Maybe both, eh?


  3. Hey Ron!
    Did it ever occur to you that THEY probably feel like they're meeting a celebrity as well?? I'm sure they do.

    I totally agree with you-you can feel an instant (and fairly accurate) connection with someone by reading about a typical day in their lives. Whether it's the writing style or their sense of humor, I also feel that you can tell what kind of person they are without ever having laid eyes on them.

    I certainly hope we'll meet in person one day...I know I could never come to Philadelphia without looking you up!

    My good blogbud......

  4. Aw... this is so sweet!

    I am so brand new to blogging that I haven't yet had the chance to meet one of my blogging friends. I have met folks in person that I originally met online and had very similar experiences to what you've described.

    If I ever come to Philadelphia I'm looking you UP! :)

  5. It was great meeting you too, and I can't wait for the second date!

  6. Being able to meet face to face soul to soul does have an element of intrigue to it. It gives the written word and the unidemenisional picture the humanness that we all have some strange need for.
    I know that at some time I would love to meet someone I have shared words, thoughts and feelings with. It is truly human nature to be courious about another mysterious person.
    Just be prepared for what may come your way. Do not judge the book by the cover and let your intution guide you through the experinence.
    Some day when I am in Philly I just may walk up to you and say "
    Here I am you crazy man and Boy are You LUCKY!"
    The Phantom

  7. Morning Cardiogirl!

    Still, it was a lot of fun even though both times I was afraid they'd pull out a switchblade and cut me...



    But I know what you mean because there is always this itty-bitty thought in the back of your mind that you MAY just meet up with Norman Bates!

    Thanks for the wonderful Tuesday morning laugh, Cardiogirl!

    You're a riot!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Hiya Mel!

    It's funny because I talk about the people I blog with all the time at work and I know many my co-workers wonder how it's possible to have a relationship with someone you've never met.

    But it's like you've always shared...

    ...they are more than just words on a screen.

    Me too, Mel. Since having my blogs, I've only met the best!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Always great seeing ya!

    Hey...and our FAVORITE holiday is coming up soon!


  9. Helloooo Kathryn!

    Well, perhaps we ALL feel that way, you're right.

    For me, it was like finally getting to meet Susan Sarandon in person - I get all giddy and starstruck.

    Since blogging, my intuition for "feeling people" has become more intune. When you don't have the physical to look at, all you have left is the persons energy. It's like when you talk on the phone with someone who you've never actually can still FEEL them.

    I know that one day you and I shall meet. My god, we don't even live that far from one another and I often take trips to NYC for work. And if you're ever in Philly, for sure!

    Thanks for dropping by, Kathryn.

    Always a pleasure.

    Enjoy your day!

  10. Good Morning Picture Imperfect!

    I have met folks in person that I originally met online and had very similar experiences to what you've described... you DO know what I mean.

    Gosh, it took me until last year to finally meet up with a blogger peep. I've also spoken to some on the phone and even though we didn't meet in person, it was still wonderful to put a voice to a face.

    Absolutely! If you're ever in Philly just email me and we'll exchange phone numbers and plan a meeting.

    Thank you for dropping by today!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!

  11. Howdy neighbor Lora!

    Ditto, my friend!

    Look forward to it!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Enjoy your day!

  12. Howdy Mr. Dave!

    Do not judge the book by the cover and let your intution guide you through the experinence...

    Exactly, my friend!

    And I think that's what blogging has shown me. To not have the book cover in front of me, allows me to connect on another level - the book.

    Gosh Dave, if you're ever in Philly and we meet...I know I WILL be lucky!

    Can't wait!

    Thanks for stopping by, my Libra friend!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!

  13. You're so right, Ron! Isn't it funny, how one can make a connection whether through blogging or personally and have an immediate connection!

    I have met bloggers from every part of the world, but New Jersey! They're waiting for my arrival, but it surely would be nice to get together with someone nearby for now, until I can make an exotic trip! I'd love to meet each and every one!

    Peep, peep! ;)

  14. When you meet bloggers they are often not what you picture in your mind. That is unless they have clear photos...

  15. Hi Petra!

    So nice seeing ya again!

    Like yourself, I've met more people from all over the world except Philly - Lora was my first and my first to actually meet in person.

    And one of these day (I keep saying that) I will get myself over to France to experience Barbara's part of the world!

    oui, oui!

    Wouldn't it be great to have one BIG Blog Union Reunion???

    Have a great day, Petra!

    And thanks for stopping by!


  16. Afternoon Tom!

    It's funny you mentioned that because quite often, as intuitive as I can be about FEELING a person, I'm NEVER accurate in what I pictured them physically in my mind. In fact, usually they end up being the complete opposite. If I thought they had blond hair, they will have brown!?!?*

    Thank you for dropping by, Tom!

    Enjoy the rest of your day, bud!

  17. There are so many bloggers I would love to meet and of course m'dear you are one of them. If I get to your neck of the woods we must meet up but of course you could always come to England! :)

  18. So, me dahlink...when are you vacationing in Hawaii? (wink)

    BTW, did you get my email??? It was like a 20 sec youtube clip.

  19. I might have to make a road trip down to see you. For no other reason than that.

    I might just bring Chrissy with me for the ride.

    Geez, I better book out a week. It'll take us that long to stop laughing and smiling!

    Now what turtleneck should I wear.....

  20. Hello Akelamalu!

    If you ever come to visit the U.S. PLEASE let's meet in NYC. I know you've said you have never been there before, so I would love to meet you there for your FIRST time - we'd have a blast!

    And yes...if I come to the UK, definitely!!!!

    *shepards pie!!!!


    Thanks for droppping by, m'dear!

    Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  21. Aloha Debi!

    Oh god, wouldn't that be FAAABULOUS??

    We could go to Payless and shop til we dropped!


    No...I didn't see your email in my box?!? I wonder why? A few days ago I got a slew of emails, I wonder if I accidentally deleted it?

    If you still have it, I'd love to see it!

    Hope you had a GRANDE' day!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Hey Nancy!


    I mean we really don't live that far from one another and I was thinking that I could meet you and Chrissy at the same time - wouldn't that be great?

    If you DO decide to come to Philly, we can exchange phone numbers via email and make a date to meet.


    And yes....I have a feeling we'll be laughing non-stop!

    I thought of you last weekend because I wore one of my black turtlenecks for the first time this year!

    Hope you had a great day, Nancy!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  23. I have met 2 bloggie friends in real life! One is actually a pretty big deal.... Mrs. Kristina P, I mauled her with my stroller and another blogger mommy here in town. And then I read some blogs because my friends or family write them.

    I have written about this a few times, the biggest one was that I did not want to go to a lunch that Kristina P was hosting for other bloggers in a public place because I had just started blogging and I thought people would kidnap and rape me....

  24. You deleted my email? *runs away crying*
    OK, I send it again. Priceless.

  25. OK, done. subject line is
    "Don't delete me, RONNIE McDONNIE!!!"
    unforgettable, amazing, educational film in one 20 sec. clip.

  26. Hello La La Leah!

    because I had just started blogging and I thought people would kidnap and rape me....


    OMG...that made me laugh my ass off!

    But as I also shared with Cardiogirl, you can't help but think that sometimes, because you just NEVER know, ya know? So I totally understand how you felt.

    Thank for you stopping by and sharing a laugh, Leah!

    So glad we met!

    It's been a pleasure getting to know you!

    Hope you had a great day!

  27. GREAT Debi!


    And I swear not to DELETE it this time!

    "You're a BAD BOY, Ronnie!"

    *slaps self across the face.


  28. I want to meet you guys, too! Wahhh....

  29. Absolutely Chrissy!

    If Nancy should come to Philly, I definitely want you there too!

    All three of us can do the Chicken Dance together!


    Great seeing ya, girl!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  30. Aloha again Debi!

    ...unforgettable, amazing, educational film in one 20 sec. clip...


    I hope you got my email, you beast!

    X ya anyway.

  31. I totally agree about it feeling like you're meeting a celebrity. I met a fellow blogger who used to blog in Pennsylvania til he came and moved here to the Bay Area. We used to be top dogs on Xanga with a lot of regular readers, so it really felt like it was a legendary meeting.

    Pure history.

  32. Hi Reality Asylum!

    Oh, how COOL...what a great experience!

    Pure history.

    I suppose it's because I spent so much time as an actor and tend to be on the dramatic side, that I always feel bloggers are like famous people who share their lives on the Internet. So when I finally get to meet them....I'm all excited!

    Fun stuff this blogging world, isn't it?

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

    Hope you had a great day!

  33. (insert Scooby Doo laugh here) meheheheheheheeee
    Us salespeople gotta stay awake somehow, you know ;D

  34. Hi Deb!

    Us salespeople gotta stay awake somehow, you know...

    You are TOOOOOOOOO funny!

    I mean it's almost Halloween, so I enjoyed the SCARE!



  35. Hi Ronnie,
    I could comment with just this :
    ((((((((((((( Ronnie))))))))))))))

    That's how I feel...
    But OK; I got to share my 2 bits also.

    I say that in blogging, meeting a blogger friend is truly the extension of our online friendship. Getting 3 dimenional; I hear you,see you and touch you.You no longer say "blogger friend" but just FRIEND.

    Meeting you was one of our highlights of Philadelphia.
    Way to go with Lora ! I have to check out her blog.Another Philadelphian :)

    Have a great day XO

  36. Next time we are in Philly, you and I will have to get coffee. I think we should have a little blogger convention for us less than famous bloggers so we can all meet. I'd be game to have it in Philly. Although it might only be you, me and the gal from Fever. Something to think about.

  37. Bonjour Barbara!

    Me too...

    {{{{{ Barbara + Didier }}}}}

    You said it flawlessly...

    Getting 3 dimenional; I hear you, see you and touch you. You no longer say "blogger friend" but just FRIEND.

    Thanks FRIEND!

    And I still think of you guys whenever I walk past that restaurant we had dinner at.

    It's was so freaking great getting to meet you, Barb!

    Thanks for stopping for stopping by, my Philly/France friend!

    Enjoy your day!

  38. Good Morning Jen!

    What are you talking about... ARE famous!!!

    You're famous to ME. And so many others.

    That's a great idea!

    I know several Jersey bloggers who might also be willing to meet us in Philly.


    Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

    Have an awesome day!

  39. what a sweet post, ron...I would dearly love to meet you one day [as well as everyone else I hang out with in blogland] and have a little funny feeling that someday we will get to do just that and it will be you who comes to SF and since I am only 30min away,, well, guess what, here comes ronnie, dear husband and daughter, heehee!!

    I have not met anyone yet that I have blogged with but was in an online women's list for over a decade off and on and then, last summer we met for the first time and you know what? It was the weirdest experience of my life and one I don't ever want to repeat...I was very friendly but they were NOT, they already had formed their little cliques and clearly did not want any intruders, even tho we were all on the same was then I realized there was a pecking order, something you would never have in blogging....I would much rather meet anyone I know through this medium than any one of them, although at the time, it was so exciting to "finally meet"!! come to think of it, I do know that the people I blog with and run around visiting at all hours of the night-and day-are real, authentic human beings because everyone is sharing of themselves...I am so glad I found blogging and then got brave enough to try it! how else would we have ever met?

    so tell me, dear boy, when are you coming out here? hmmmm? :)

  40. Helloooo Dear Linda!

    Yes...I TOO feel that we will someday meet!

    In fact, I just know it.

    OMG...won't it be fun? We can do facials, manicures, pedicures, and REIKI!!!

    I think meeting a blogger may be different than meeting someone on an online list. The thing with blogging, is that you get to really know/sense a person before meeting them.

    And so far, the two bloggers I've met, it was pure JOY!

    And I'm so glad you starting blogging too, my friend. It's been such joy getting to know you!

    Thanks for dropping by my fellow blogger peep!

    Love ya!

  41. I've never met a fellow blogger but I only started blogging earlier this year. There have been a couple of meet-up nights for local bloggers but I haven't been able to make them.
    I did have the chance to meet up with a couple of people a few years back when I was in an online group & it was wonderful. Amazing how you just feel like you've known people all your life when you finally meet them after only "meeting" them online.
    I'm in Michigan so I'm very close to Chrissy & F8hasit so maybe we'll get a chance one of these days. Ron, you are not that far from us either. Maybe a central spot one day? I'd love it!
    Alos want to say "Congrats!" to F8hasit for being on the "Blogs of Note" list! I just saw it today.

  42. Hello Colette!

    Amazing how you just feel like you've known people all your life when you finally meet them after only "meeting" them online...

    Isn't that the coolest feeling???

    Absolutely! I would LOVE to meet up with you, Nancy, and Chrissy. That would be so much fun!

    Isn't it FAAAABULOUS about Nancy being Blog of Note? She deserves it too! I was jumping up and down when I saw her blog listed on my dashboard!

    As always, I thank you for stopping by!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Colette!

  43. Hey Ron!!

    I can't tell you that since I have lived her in France, I have made more 'bogger' friends than friends I have made in person... Why is that?! Well, in San Diego, I have tons of friends, already.. meeting new ones all the time...
    But, here in France, being out of my element, I found it harder to make friends... When I first started blogging, which I did to keep in touch with my friends and family in the States, I had NOOOOO idea of the possibility of making friends- online (through blogging) and even meeting some of them "in real life." Most of my Paris friends are from blogging.. and Barbara was one of the first of the bloggers I met in person...
    It's great because she and I are practically "neighbours" b/c we live so close to one another!!
    How great is that.....
    Since then... I've met sooo many nice people from blogging, that it's really been a great blessing to me and I do feel very blessed and fortunate to have met sooo many wonderful people that I would never have met otherwise.... !!!!
    At the same time, I will also say... that I met my hubby on line.. so I really say that online connections are the way to go!!
    I really hope that one day, in the next year or so... my hubby and I can meet you when we take our next trip to the east coast.. Philly will be one stop on our list!!

  44. Bonjour Leesa!

    Thank you for sharing so much GREAT stuff on this post!

    I know that YOU have met countless people through blogging. You should be the Blogging Poster Child!!!

    I had no idea when I first started blogging that friendships could be made just as easily (if not more easily) through this medium. I think it's because we can connect with SO MANY people at one time and also take the time to REALLY get to know one another though our thoughts, feelings, and photographs we share.

    And isn't it wild when you meet someone who actually lives close to you? I mean if it wasn't for blogging we would have probably not even met them.

    so I really say that online connections are the way to go!!

    RIGHT ON, Leesa!

    Thanks again for sharing. You've added MUCH!

    And yes, when you and hubby come east...we will definitely meet in Philly!

    Can't wait!

    Have a great day, Leesa!