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For the past four days it’s done nothing but rain here in Philadelphia.

Now grant it, it’s also been cold, but even if you extracted the cold the people here would still fear and complain about the rain, because they do even in the summer.

I’ve spent part of my life in Florida. So if I allowed rain to affect me, I’d never leave the house.

However, I think most people here believe they’re made of marzipan, therefore whenever it rains an overwhelming paralyzing fear descends upon them that they’ll somehow melt on the sidewalks; creating human puddles of sugar and almond paste.

The first year I moved back to Philly, a friend of mine phoned me in a tizzy on the morning we were getting together for lunch and said, “OMG Ron…we’ll have to cancel our plans for lunch today.”

And I said, “Why?

He said, “Because the weather forecast says it’s going to rain.”

I responded, “Yeah….so what?”

He responded, “Oh….but we’ll get WET”

And it wasn’t only him because I soon discovered that many people here put their lives on hold whenever it rains.

Quite frankly, I don’t get it. What’s the big deal about rain? What do you think an umbrella is for? And even if you do get a little wet, you‘re not going to die for god sake.

My life is certainly not going to be altered because of RAIN.

And I especially look forward to when winter arrives, because if you think rain bothers them, you should see what a little snowfall does.

The first sign of snow in the forecast, Philadelphia calls Russia in a state of panic; asking for emergency assistance in snow plows, Siberian huskies, and dog sleds. And mind you, for the past three years we’ve had virtually 3-4 days of snowfall all winter long.

For a city that is so full of machismo, it fears the weather forecast as if it were Nostradamus predicting the end of the world.

There is only one word I can say to describe Philadelphia when it comes to the fear of precipitation…


  1. I'm so used to rain, or at least the threat of rain, in the UK (our weather reports are so rubbish that we tend to plan for the opposite and mostly it works) that we would stop living if we were frightened of getting wet.

    What do these rainophobes do when they go swimming? stay in the changing room and wait for the pool to be drained?

  2. HA! What a great ending to a fabulous post! Oh, and you forgot...ppl don't know how to drive in the rain either...and that first snow? Fuggetaboutit.

    I don't mind the rain in the warm just means bad hair...but otherwise feels kinda...refreshing. But when it gets cold? It's out to seep into my bones and make me turn to STONE.
    I think you and I need to switch residences, Ron...we had snow CONSTANTLY up here last winter. You and my shovel can be BFFs...I'll wave from the window & make you spiked hot cocoa!
    Great post, as always my friend-

  3. I've lived in this area all my life so I'm used to it. But now that I'm older, it's the combination of rain AND cold that has had me a little down lately. Eh, maybe not so much down, but aching. LOL
    We visited my daughter over the last few days because of course we weren't going to miss a little time with our new grandbaby. And we went to dinner the other night circling and circling the parking lot to get a spot because everyone AND their grandmother was out and about. They don't stay home in Jersey!!! The bookstore I go to alot was jammed as well.
    But the cold and the rain did cancel our plans to attend the Cranberry Festival yesterday. It was a long enough drive that I didn't want to get there and find most of the crafters and vendors didn't set up. The field would have been one giant mud puddle. And being outside, of course seating would have been a nightmare, etc.
    So for things like that... you have to cancel. But anything else... no way. Go enjoy the day. We do over here!

    Hey... did you send me Reiki on Friday night?? I really wasn't feeling all that well thru the day, spent part of it in bed, but had to attend a lecture with our astrology group that night and I sorta felt a little better as the evening went on. If you did, THANKS!

  4. People made of marzipan... YUM! I'd get in trouble for licking them all the time.

    Getting wet bothers them? Are sure there aren't any nasty flying monkeys around?

  5. it's such a riot, isn't it?
    I don't mind rain, or snow really either, but cold and wind I can't stand.
    But not enough to cancel lunch with a friend because I love Love LOVE snuggling indoors after fighting the outdoors with a cup of something warm and a good pal

  6. I grew up in California and it is the same way there. It will go months without raining and then once it does it's as if the world is coming to an end. Living in MN you get used to dealing with the elements, otherwise you would never go outside.

  7. Hellooo Ronnie,

    Now I know that you are a tougher cookie than that. I had no idea for all this !

    I don't live in your zone but the weather gets equally yucky at times near Paris ( except we have less snow).
    Well, I can & do go out in the rain ( taking my precautions). I try my best to notletthat ruin my day! I say " lets go and get our biz over; then we can relax & drink something warm".

    Courage to you & your fellow Philadelphians !
    Just cover up well and be brave !I'll be thinking of you guys.

    I downloaded 2 more picture posts today!I'm soon at the end of the journey :(

    Warm hugs XXXOOO

  8. It's been raining up here too. But that just means I get to don all those fabulous raincoats!

    It's all in how you look at it.

    Maybe your friend is the Wicked Witch of the West in disguise? Afraid of melting?

  9. Good Morning BlackLOG!

    What do these rainophobes do when they go swimming? stay in the changing room and wait for the pool to be drained?


    That was BRILLIANT!!

    I've always said that I should live in the UK because I truly don't mind rain - in fact, I LOVE it. It brings a sort of peaceful quality - for me, anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    I thoroughly enjoy your humor!

    Have a great day!

  10. Here in England we carry an umbrella ALL THE TIME! LOL

  11. Hello Kathryn!

    HA! I knew you would get that ending!!

    OMG... that is the TRUTH. Driving in either the rain or snow - fuggetabouit!

    I think having lived in Florida for so long (where the rain is horrendously scary at times) taught me to drive focused, but not freak out about it.

    Yeah, the cold here mixed with the rain in the past four days has been bone chilling, so I do know what you mean.

    And living in a city it's much easier to deal with the snow because it's all taken care of by the city. I know that living in the burbs is much more challenging. However, I will come visit you and shovel as long as I can get some of that spiked hot cocoa!


    Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  12. Howdy Crystal Chick

    OMG...I can't believe you mentioned Reiki because YES...I did share some with you on Friday!!

    How amazing is that???

    At the end of my self-sessions I always send Reiki to all those in need, so I guess you got it! Good for you!!! One of these days I would LOVE to share a session with you.

    I agree, the combination of the cold AND rain these past four days has been challenging. They finally turned the heat on in my building (I get free heat with my rent) and I must felt nice and cozy. I actually had to drink a glass of red wine on Friday night to get warm.

    They don't stay home in Jersey!!!

    I think I may need to move to Jersey!

    Yes, I can totally understand canceling an outside festival for the weather - absolutely.

    Oh BTW, please check out a new Etsy Shop I've added to my list on my sidebar when you have a chance. I discovered her from Dianne's blog last week when we did the interview. It's the last name on the list Tartx. Her stuff is AMAZING!

    Thanks for dropping by today, neighbor!

    Always a pleasure sharing with ya!

    Give your new granddaughter a HUG for me!

    {{{{{ hug }}}}}

  13. Howdy Sorcerer!

    Thank you.

    So glad you enjoyed it.

    Please drop by anytime. You're always welcome here.

    Have a great day!

  14. Hello Twin Anndi!

    Getting wet bothers them? Are sure there aren't any nasty flying monkeys around?


    OMG...leave it to you to come up with such WIT!!

    No flying monkeys, but LOTS of WITCHES!!


    Always so great seeing ya!

    Thanks so much for dropping by!

    I'll be by later to check out your most recent Peace posts.


  15. Hello my Philly friend Lora!

    Yeah....I know YOU know what I'm taling about!!

    And I'm with you...I would never cancel a lunch date because of precipitation - sheeesh!

    I think you and I must be from a different breed.

    I love Love LOVE snuggling indoors after fighting the outdoors with a cup of something warm and a good pal.

    ME TOO!

    And don't you just love when it snows in the city? It makes everything look like a Magical Wonderland. I can't wait for our first snowfall!!!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Lora!

    Isn't it beautiful outside today?

    Have a GREAT one!


  16. Hellooooooo Jen!

    It will go months without raining and then once it does it's as if the world is coming to an end.

    Yes...that's exactly what it's like living in Florida. And OMG, don't you love driving in it? You can't even see out the car windows.

    Living in MN you get used to dealing with the elements, otherwise you would never go outside.

    I think I need to move there!

    Always great seeing ya, Jen!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a great day!


  17. Howdy Nancy!

    Maybe your friend is the Wicked Witch of the West in disguise? Afraid of melting?

    Oh, how funny because Anndi made reference to the SAME THING!!!

    And yes, he may have been the Wicked Witch of the West.

    I'm with you...

    It's all in how you look at it.

    There's nothing like Fall and Winter clothing - the best!

    Thanks for dropping by, Nancy!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  18. Bonjour Barbara!

    Now I know that you are a tougher cookie than that.


    I'm like the mailman...

    ...through rain, snow, sleet, and hail...I deliver!


    I say "lets go and get our biz over; then we can relax & drink something warm".

    Isn't that the greatest feeling, Barb? Nothing like sipping something warm to make you feel all cozy; looking at the rain and snow through a coffee shop window.


    oooo, ok...I'll be sure to stop by today and check out your most recent photos - can't wait!

    Have a wonderful day, Barb!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Warm hug to you...

    {{{{{ Barb }}}}}


  19. Afternoon Akelamalu!

    aaaah...that's what I would love about living in the UK.

    All that wonderful rain!

    Hey, I just recently met one of your UK residents BlackLOG and he shared the same thing!

    Nice guy, and if you have the time today, stop by his blog - it's great!

    Have a wonderful day, m'dear!

    Always great seeing ya!


  20. Hello Petra!

    Tee, hee!

    Always so great seeing ya, dear lady!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    Enjoy your day!


  21. LOLOLOL! hey I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who will melt in the rain. seriously. every time it rains, i want to call out from work because it's raining. everything should shut down when it rains ron and we should go back to bed immediately. can't stand the rain. i did go out in it on purpose last week to photograph and i felt like a, well "camel toe". LOLOLOL

  22. Hiya Valerie!

    i did go out in it on purpose last week to photograph and i felt like a, well "camel toe".

    Bwhahahahahahaha! entire comment made me HOWL!

    Too funny!

    That's ok, my friend...if you and I should one day get together for lunch and it rains, I promise to carry you under my umbrella!


    Great seeing ya, Val!

    Thanks for the laugh!


  23. Wet cats usually aren't very pleasant. Maybe that's the problem...heehee.
    Anyway, I don't mind the rain much or even some snow but that frigid cold has got to go. Very bad for the bones. I may only be 42 but I have inherited my grandmother's arthritis...UGH! Not much fun in cold & damp wweather, so, I just quickly fdo what I have to & get back to reading & commenting on your blog! We have had nights in the 30's for about a week now. Finally going to get to normal temps tomorrow & for a couple of days after. I think it actually hit 59 degrees Gotta love Michigan weather though. At least the trees are looking gorgeous in all of the changing colors.

  24. Hi Colette!

    OMG, you're a mind reader because I was actually going to mention that the people here have the same fear of water as CATS!!

    Too funny!

    Yes, I've been hearing from readers all over the place that's it's unusually cold this time of the year. And what's strange is I heard that supposedly it was going to be a very mild winter this year all around.

    Even me, who LOVES the cold has been a bit chilly the past four days. But I'd still rather be cold than hot - I don't do hot very well.


    Same here, today in Philly was stunningly beautiful. 50's and sunny.

    Anyway, dear Colette...thank you so much for dropping by this evening. It's always so nice to talk with ya!

    Have a warm and cozy evening!


  25. I love the rain. I like when I'm leaving a store and all the people are lined up at the door waiting for the rain to stop.

    I zip up my coat, close my purse and stroll out to my car. I always want to look back and see their faces. "She's walking in the RAIN!"

  26. Hiya Chrissy!

    I zip up my coat, close my purse and stroll out to my car. I always want to look back and see their faces. "She's walking in the RAIN!"


    You GO, girl!

    See...we ARE twins!!!

    And at least we know we're not made of marzipan - HA!

    Great seeing ya, Chrissy!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  27. The good thing about Iowa is, if you don't like the weather--stick around, it's bound to change in an hour or so.

    Seriously, it's farm country here, sir. Life revolves around the weather.
    I, however, revolve around the whims of my little brain.
    Rain means puddles!
    Snow means snowmans.....and frigid temps mean add another quilt.

    <-- splashes himself whenever there's a puddle available.


  28. Good morning Ron! This post made me laugh my hiney right off. Seriously, it's sitting on the floor beside my chair. I'm not too sure how I'm going to walk down the stairs to have a smoke this morning but hey, at least I am very entertained!

    The Yukon's climate is semi-arid which means not a lot of precipitation. But MAN do we get some cold temperatures at times! 40 below for a few weeks at a time is NUTHIN!

    I have lived here for 30 years and each year I am more of a pussy with the cold weather! I don't complain (much) but I am perfectly happy to stay inside with a book (or my blog! ;o)) now instead of braving the elements! I think this winter I will get out more though because if I don't, I will go into photography withdrawals!

    Thanks so much for the larffs here Ron. Have a wonderful day.


  29. Good Mornin' Mel!

    You know, I never realized that about Iowa (the quick change in weather).

    All I know is that every photograph that you've ever shared of that area is magnificent!

    Rain means puddles!
    Snow means snowmans.....and frigid temps mean add another quilt


    I like that!

    And you're right!

    Thanks a bunch for dropping by today, dear lady!

    Please give "little bug" a hug for me!

    {{{{ Little Bug }}}}}

    {{{{ Mel }}}}}}}


  30. Hey Penny!

    OMG...another smoker! They're are so few of us left on this planet - HA!

    40 below ???.

    oy chee mamba!!!!

    What's really strange, is that I use to hate the cold and love the heat. But as soon as I got into my 40's I think I must have gone through male menopause because now, even 75 degrees is too hot for me!

    (I'm such a pussy!)

    Oh...but I SOOOO love where you live! It would be hard for me to stay indoors (even with the cold) because I'd want to be out taking in all the magnificent BEAUTY!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, my friend!

    Hope you're having a faaaabulous Tuesday!


    you sir are to much...

  32. I love October, but I hate the rain. And there's been plenty of it here in Cleveland recently. Ug.

  33. Hello Lady Sorrow!

    I know...aren't I too much?

    What can I tell ya...I LOVE this city!


    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    Always a joy seeing ya!

    Hope all is well and that you're enjoying the Fall!

    {{{{{ Sorrow }}}}}

  34. Howdy Constant Complainer!

    Great seeing ya, bud!

    I's been raining cats and dogs for the past four days. However, today it was sunny and much warmer.

    I love October too!

    There's nothing like it!

    Besides, it's my birthday month.

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Enjoy your evening!

  35. LOL! Yes Ron... another smoker. I have been trying to quit for years but just haven't managed it yet.

    Imagine how much of a pain in the ass that is at 40 below!!! Oy chee mamba is right! ;)

    It's still fairly warm though, kind of surprising actually. It was still above freezing by a couple of degrees (C) when I woke up at 5 this morning! Not too bad!

    Have a fantastic day amigo! Talk to you soon!

  36. Hi Penny!

    I just figure I'll quit when I quit.

    In the meantime...I'll enjoy it.'s gone from freezing temps to springtime temps here in Philly. The sun is shinning and it's back to wearing only a thin jacket.

    Have a fantastic day, too Amigo!


  37. so weird how people are about rain and weather in general...I think more people watch the local news for weather than news, don't you?

    anyway, love your description of your fellow philly-ites and their morbid 'wicked witch of the east' fear of water :)

    here, we love water as we don't get it too often and then we get diluged with it lately, of all things, the clouds from hurricanes that really pack this weird punch of lots of rain, pouring rain--we got 4" in about 2 hours and that's alot, and at the same time, it's in the high 70's.....god help me, I hate that kind of stinks and we have another one coming I hear...what's up with that? why aren't the hurricanes in the gulf where they belong, pray tell?

  38. Good Morning Dear Linda!

    That's so odd to hear about hurrincanes in your part of the globe. I mean we had them all the time in Florida, but I didn't think they would pop up in your area?!?

    Hey...I thought of you last week when I bought a bottle of Pino Noir!! I got it from Barefoot which is a California winery. GREAT wine at a GREAT price!!

    Always wonderful seeing ya, my friend!

    Hope all is well with that icky bug.

    Have a great day!

    X ya!


  39. I enjoyed your words, as I always do!

    I don't mind the rain, but I don't like it if you have days of no sun. As you know I am in Florida so typically we have rain with sun..which gives us the beautiful tropical world we have. Lightning is another thing..I love a good thunderstorm, but from the inside looking out! You may remember I attract butterflies and lightning!! :O

    I love umbrellas..I must have ten of them. I think they are mysterious and sexy! Ha!

    LY, dear friend!


    Ps Please don't let anyone send hurricanes to the Gulf we've had more than our share of them! This has been a rare quiet season, which we so needed after the last few years! Remember my post about the river lapping 10 feet from my porch!! :(

  40. Hello Dearest Gypsy-Heart!

    So great seeing ya, my Florida friend!

    And if anyone knows RAIN like I do, it's you!

    OMG....that's RIGHT, I do remember you posting something about how you attract butterflies and lightening! And brother, the lightening storms in Florida can be very scary, so I know what you mean.

    It's funny you mentioned umbrellas and how sexy/mysterious they are, because I agree. I actually think people look better under an unbrella - maybe it's the shadows?!

    Anyway, dear heart...thank you for stopping by today to say hi!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    LY too!