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As most of you already know, I never watch TV. In fact, the only time I turn my television on is to view a DVD rental.

The last time I remember watching TV was when Golden Girls and Designing Women were still on.

Could you die??

Television has never really been one of my favorite mediums. I much prefer film and live theater.

Therefore, when it comes to knowing the current popular TV shows, I’m completely illiterate.

And just to tell you how bad I am….

I only this year watched Sex in the City, Will and Grace, and Six Feet Under.

For the past few years I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about reality shows, but have never had any interest in watching them because I automatically assumed they would be stupid-ass.

Last week while I was in the Philadelphia Public Library, I spotting a DVD on the shelf entitled Project Runway (it was the complete first season). I rented it thinking it was a documentary series about the lives of runway models in the fashion industry. I don’t know whether any of you have ever seen it, but it’s a Bravo series in which 16 new clothing designers compete for a big break in the fashion industry.

Well, let me tell you folks….

Once I started watching it, I couldn’t stop. It drew me in so fast that I was riveted to my television for all 509 minutes. I started watching it Sunday evening and had to pry myself away from it in order to go to bed. The first thing I did Monday morning was brew a beaker of French pressed coffee and sat there for hours, watching the remainder of the first season. I was on pins and zippers waiting to see who was going to be the winning designer at NY Fashion Week.

Now, for however much I enjoyed it, I need to say that for a “reality” show I believe much of it was edited for dramatic purposes. There were certain instances when I could tell that the contestants were being prompted to “react” a certain way. In fact, there was one contestant who I felt that her nasty, competitive persona was strategically created to induce more friction between the other contestants.

But hey….that’s show biz, ya know? DRAMA works!

And even though I knew parts of the show were obviously contrived, I was willing to go for the ride because it was truly awesome entertainment.

While viewing this series, I was reminiscent of my seven years spent in fashion industry when I was one of the most sought-after male runway models at the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City, back in the early 80’s. So, I went through my portfolio photos and thought I’d share one of favorite catwalk moments with you.

This was taking during a swimsuit runway show for Gianni Versace….

Now…’s that for contrived REALITY?

“One day you’re in….and the next day you’re out” ~ Heidi Klum


  1. OMG! Ron.. You look FAB!! If you were on the Runway like that, I would buy 100 of your outfits- just as is!
    I used to watch a lot of reality shows on MTV b/c we get that station here in France, even if it's dubbed over very sloppily... It's still funny but you can TOTALLY tell it's all scripted and edited... Oh well..
    I think you should start watching True Blood, Castle and Californication.. Those are my three pics if you have to turn on the tv.. Glee is also popular and I'll let you know after I watch a few more shows... I'm not really impressed yet...
    Take care,

  2. what's up ron. i, like you, don't get TV. i will turn the TV on to watch jeopardy, oh and desperate housewives and that's it. i don't get project someday. sorry, but i would hardly call that fashion, i guess i'm too conservative (boring). now let me go take another look at your photo down there. see if you were on the show, i would have good reason to watch.

  3. Do I watch Project Runway???? Do I watch Project Runway??? Total addict here. And not only that, I met Tim Gunn (along with JD of I Do Things) at the BlogHer conference last July. That's OK, you can envy me. He was as much a gentleman in real life as he is on the show.

    You look yummy in that photo. I'll pretend it's you and no one has to know the difference.

  4. Oh, Ronnie! First of all, I missed ya SOOOO MUCH. Promise you'll neva, eva leave me again! (Ok. I'm done.)

    But...oh, Ron! (Bats eyelashes) Contrived nothin', honey! Ford Modeling agency? Versace?? Holy shit, Batman! I'd no idea...none at all. And you haven't written an autobiography...why? Not enough hours in the day to tell THIS story??

    Anyway, you can't contrive that bod. You burned my finger when I touched the monitor, baby!

    I know you don't watch TV, but PULEASE...I implore you to watch GLEE on Wednesday night on FOX (It's channel 5 here)9pm. These high school kids in Glee club and their talent...the singing...the'll melt your heart.It's not reality tv, though. I DARE YOU to not LOVE it. Seriously. I LOVED Sex, Will & Grace AND Six Feet Under.

    Is project runway the one w/Tim Gunn? See, I fell into the Clinton (IV) camp and then wud've felt like I was cheating on him if I saw Gunn on 'da side. I'm very loyal that way.

    I missed ya BAD, Ronnie! if I cudn't respect you more...oops, you've done it again. Kisses, hugs and rock & roll, Brittany/Kathryn

  5. Welcome back, Ron!

    You're in trouble now. Once you start watching those reality shows, you're done. They're so addicting. My favorite is Design Star, where they compete for their own interior design TV show.

    Love that pic of you! Are you sure you don't like girls?? :-)

  6. OMG I am so glad you're back, I was so ready to give in to the withdrawals! "I was on pins and zippers", you are too funny! I have only seen pieces of this show but my ex and I used to follow Tyra Banks America's Next Top Model and I swear it gave me all the satisfaction of a bag of dope! That show was addiction at it's finest. Glad to know I'm not the only one who can Hooked on a tv show! Welcome back to the spot light my friend! Oh I love the orange flip flops! Holy HUNK!

  7. Welcome back, welcome back!!

    Nice flip flops. :-/

    Must be a Libra thing--I don't turn on the television and I barely know how to turn it off. (survival.....sometimes himself LEAVES it on and exits the room...oh my goodness...)
    I don't sit still well and I'm an interactive kinda gal.

    Though I have, on occasion, looked up to see some fella eating icky things in the middle of some jungle.....which is just more proof of why television watching is evil!

  8. Ron, I may have to blow up that picture to poster size. ;)

    Watching "reality" shows lost it's appeal for me after the first season of "Survivor." I did get drawn in, like you did, watching "Tabitha Takes Over" a couple of Sunday's ago. OMFG! That woman is a Prime Bitch and I want to be just like her!

    But, you're so right when you say the reality is contrived. I'd be cool if we could manipulate our own reality like that, wouldn't it? We'd always come out on top and win the million dollars!

    Oh, rent "Dexter", awesome!

  9. Oh how wonderful it would have been to be sitting there when you strutted down the runway!

    I adore Tim Gunn, he's such a gentleman and a good soul

    I have always wanted to beat Heidi senseless but I'm sure she'd enjoy it

    As far as reality shows go Project Runway is one of the better ones, at least people actually make things and have ambition and talent.

  10. Oh drats, computer froze and I lost the beginnings of my first comment.
    Hmmm... I was probably just all flustered by that wayyy sexy bathing suit shot of you and hit the wrong button. ;)

    I don't watch that particular show, altho I'm pretty sure hubs did during the first season or two, but I do like a couple reality type shows. Tabitha's Salon Takeover is good. She's one tough bitch I'll tell ya, but she gets the job done! And I like Million Dollar Listing too. Three young real estate agents, their quirky personalities and the people they work for with wayyy toooo much money and attitudes. LOL
    I also watched Housewives of New Jersey... well, only because they were from NJ! However, much more closer to New York. Now, I'm a NJ housewife, however, NOTHING like them. My little home would fit inside one of their bedrooms. LOL

    I love LOST and the TUDORS also.

    Will and Grace I STILL watch reruns of. You know on FB you can get Karen Walker and Jack McFarland quotes for your page! I used quite a few of them. Funny!

    HEY... speaking of FB, of course, yes, do come by to see photos when you get time. But definitely stop by there TODAY if you can and wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I didn't post on my blog, so FB seems to be where I am getting my greetings today.

    Have wonderful week and a happy holiday.

  11. Bonjour Leesa!

    Thanks, my friend!

    They originally put me in a G.V. THONG, but unfortunately my ass wasn't tanned!


    OMG...I bet it's funny to watch shows dubbed!

    Hey...I keep hearing GREAT things about True Blood. I have a feeling that I would LOVE it! I think I'll wait to view it when it goes to DVD. I really like watching shows that way because I can sit and watch an entire season all at once.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, Leesa!

    Hope you had a great week!

    Enjoy your day!


  12. Hiya Valerie!

    You sound like me, girl. I don't get TV. I would much rather wait until a show comes out on DVD and watch it in it's completed season.

    The only TV I really enjoy are the cable shows (HBO, Showtime, Brava).

    OMG...some of the fashion I saw on this show was HORRENDOUS and I couldn't understand why the contestant got there in the first place?!?!

    Give me a basic black outfit and I'm happy. Simple and clean!

    Thanks for dropping by today, Val!

    I stopped by your photo blog last night and LOVED it! I'll be placing it on my google reader to keep undated with your posts.

    Enjoy your day, neighbor!


  13. Howdy Kathy!


    You lucky girl! And I AM envious!!

    He seems like such a nice guy. He was actually my favorite person on the show. He always gives his honest opinion, but does it such a way that it's not insulting.

    I can't believe how fast I became addicted to this show! I just finished watching season 5. was FAAAABULOUS!

    Thanks for the compliment - I STILL have that swimsuit and I'll wear it for you next summer when we go to Ocean City, ok?


    Thank you for stopping by, Kath!

    ALWAYS a pleasure taking with ya!

    Enjoy your day!


  14. Hellooooooo Kathryn!

    Oh you're so sweet, my friend!

    I missed ya too! I missed EVERYONE!

    It feels so good to be back blogging again.

    Anyway, you can't contrive that bod. You burned my finger when I touched the monitor, baby!


    You are TOO TOO funny!

    This photo was taken when I use to WAX my chest hair!


    Ok, I promise to check out Glee. I know you've mentioned it one time before, so I need to at least give it a go. The whole concept sounds so cool!

    Wasn't Six Feet Under the BOMB? It was a strange show, but "strange" in a good way. I freaking LOVED it!

    I rented the DVD Dexter, which also has the same actor in it as Six Feet Under, but I didn't enjoy it.

    Yes, Project Runway is the show with Tim Gunn. I'm sure Clinton has at least once watched it (being a fashion guy). I wonder if he liked it?

    Anyway, Tootsie...thanks a BUNCH for stopping by!

    I look forward to catching up with you all today!

    Have a GREAT Monday!


  15. Howdy Mel!

    Thank you, dear lady!

    It's feels good to BE back.

    OMG...I can't believe you mentioned the FLIP FLOPS because I was going to say something about them when I first wrote this post, but changed my mind.

    You are so psychic!!!

    Must be a Libra thing!!!

    Me too, Mel...I much prefer interactive stuff. And what's really strange about Project Runway, is that I found myself getting emotionally interactive with it.

    Who knew???

    Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by today, Mel!

    I look forward to catching up with everyone today.

    Happy Monday to ya!


    P.S. love to the "little bug."

  16. Howdy Nitebyrd!

    Ron, I may have to blow up that picture to poster size.


    I think it would make a nice bed spread, don't you?


    Can you believe I never saw Survivors?? That's when I first starting hearing people talk about reality shows and it just didn't appeal to me. But, when I saw Project Runway...I was shocked at how fast I got sucked into it!?

    I've never heard of Tabitha Takes Over, but will look for it on DVD.

    I tried watching Dexter a few weeks ago because my brother LOVES it, but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I need give myself more time because I only watched two episodes and then returned the DVD.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Sis!

    I've missed ya and look foward to catching up with you this week!

    Have a great Monday!


  17. Hi Dianne!

    OMG...that would have been so much fun! I could just hear ya hootin' and hollerin'...and shoving dollar bills in my swimsuit!


    Workin' that runway!!!!

    I SOOO agree...I never knew anything about Tim Gunn, but I immediately felt a "good soul" in him.

    OMG...and HEIDI!!

    senseless. TRUE!!

    "One day you're in...and the next day you're out"

    If I heard her say that one more time, I was going to SCREAM!!

    Thanks for dropping by, dear lady!

    I've missed ya and look forward to catching up with you!

    Have a great Monday!


    P.S. Lovin' this weather, aren't you?

  18.'re back! I missed reading your blog while you were away. (:

    Haha...I don't watch much tv myself, and when I's rarely reality tv. It's too full of dramatics that aren't real. Sometimes I'm like "seriously....who the heck says stuff like that?" But I will is very amusing. I for one could not...even if you paid me, act so retarded. Great picture btw. XD

  19. Hi Brndoutw8ress!

    Thanks, girl! You're a doll!

    I missed ya too and look forward to reading you again this week!

    I used to follow Tyra Banks America's Next Top Model and I swear it gave me all the satisfaction of a bag of dope!


    You GO, girl!

    I was TOTALLY shocked at how fast I became addicted to this show - who knew? I've already rented season 5 and can't wait to rent the rest. I know the show is contrived, but I feakin' LOVE it!

    It's funny you mentioned the flip flops, because so did Mel. And originally I was going to make a joke about them, but changed my mind. I guess you ladies were thinking the same thing as me!

    Thanks for stopping by, my PA friend!

    Talk to ya, soon!


  20. Hiya Chrissy!

    Thanks, girl!

    Even though I really enjoyed this break, it feels great to be back.

    You're in trouble now. Once you start watching those reality shows, you're done. They're so addicting.

    OMG...that is so true! I just finished watching season 5 and can't wait to see the rest of them. I can't believe this show has been on for like 7 years?!?

    I'll look for Design Star on DVD. It's sounds very interesting too!

    Glad you enjoyed the photo. And the rate I'm going with MEN, I may have to switch to GIRLS.


    Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

    I look forward to catching up with you this week!

    Enjoy your day!



    Yes!...I will definite stop by FB sometime today or this evening to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    Don't ya LOVE birthdays?

    I too have been having MAJOR issues with my computer freezing up. Are you on Vista? Because Vista SUCKS! I just got an update and it completely screwed up my computer...grrrrrrrrrrrr! my next computer.

    I definitely need to check out Tabitha Salon Takeover because Nitebryd also mentioned she loved it.

    I have a feeling that after watching Project Runway, I'm going to become a reality show junkie!!! Those things are addictive.

    I've heard you mention Lost on your blog, so I will have to check that one out too. Hopefully, it's on DVD because I much prefer watching shows in complete seasons.

    Don't ya just LOVE Will and Grace? I was so sad to finish watching the series. After the final episode I felt like watching them all over again.

    Thanks for dropping by today, M!



    *now blow out the candles.


    Enjoy your day!


  22. Howdy Gavin!

    Thanks, bud!

    You're so sweet.

    I missed ya too and can't wait to catch up this week.

    OMG...the last week flew by so fast. I can't believe this week is already Thanksgiving!!

    You cracked me up with this...

    ...I for one could not...even if you paid me, act so retarded.


    There were a few contestants on the show who I felt like slapping. I couldn't imagine having to spend all that time living together with them for the duration of the show. I would have probably put straight pins in their bed sheet!

    tee, hee!

    So glad you enjoyed the photo!

    And you too can be a runway model at - it's fun!

    Thanks for stopping by, Gavin!

    Always so great seeing ya!

    Have an awesome day!


  23. Ron you're back!!!! I'm so happy I missed you.

    The only reality shows I watch are X factor, Strictly come dancing and Dancing on Ice. If you were in a reality show looking like that photo I'd watch. (wink, wink)

    Good to have you back matey. x

  24. Hellooooo Akelamalu!

    awwww...thank you, m'dear!

    I missed ya too!!!

    If you were in a reality show looking like that photo I'd watch. (wink, wink)!


    Listen, if I were in a reality show looking like that, it would definitely be CONTRIVED. And a whole lot of airbrushing.


    I'm discovering all sorts of reality shows from you guys and gals on this post! I never heard of the ones you mentioned, but will look for them on DVD - especially the dancing on ice. I love watching ice skating!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, dearest lady!

    I look forward to catching up with you this week!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  25. LMAO! You. Are. AWESOME!!!

    Welcome back my friend, I am so happy to see you're posting again. I know you promised you would only be gone for a week but it HAD to have been at least a year. No??? Well it sure felt like a long time that you were gone!

    I watch very little TV also. Six Feet Under was one of my favorite series, and I watched in entirely on DVD, after the show was completely finished running. LOVE that show and still occasionally rewatch episodes just because...

    Hope you're having a fabulous day, my friend! Talk to you soon...

  26. Rotflmao!
    I am with you, I think that commercials are THEY most offensive hings in the world. My SIL wanted me to watch some cooking reality show, and like you said " so much of the tension was scripted" uuck.
    Not for me.
    but hey, I will sit and watch my "thin man" series with a big old bowl of popcorn and some french press and enjoy the bliss!
    Love ya!

  27. Hi Lady Sorrow!



    Yeah...that's one of the main reasons why I truly can't stand TV. It's like when you buy a magazine for the articles and then every page is covered in advertisements!?

    Even on "Project Runway" they were constantly "plugging" one of their sponsors.

    I've never seen "Thin Man" but heard it's wonderful from several people I work with.

    oooo....and isn't French Pressed coffee the BOMB?

    As is popcorn!


    Thanks for stopping by, dear lady!

    Hope you're having a MARVI Monday!

    X ya!

    {{{{{{ Sorrow }}}}}}

  28. Helloooooooooo Penny!

    Thanks, amigo!

    I missed ya too!

    The break was great, but am glad to be back blogging.

    I did the same thing you did with "Six Feet Under" - I watched the whole series on DVD. OMG...I LOVE that show! But it seems to be one of those shows that people either love or don't. It almost has a "goth feeling" to it, so that's probably why I enjoy it.

    Thanks oodles for stopping by today. I look forward to catching up with you later this evening.

    Can't wait to see more SNOW!

    Have a great night!!!!

    See ya soon!


  29. well, hi there my dear friend, I missed you, spent hours pining for your words and came over thinking perhaps you were bored and changed your mind and had goodness, how pathetic is that? i did regain my composure over time and now i am just fine and what? there you are again! sigh ♥ :)

    i have loved this show from it's inception and was all beside myself this season when I KNEW IT WAS ON but i didn't know WHERE the hell they had put it...I still don't know what it's called, lifetime or something, but i had to have my fix of tim and his refined, elegant composure...if i had a man like that in my life, i would cease to be a pile of jello over everything, i am sure of it..he just instills confidence that all will be well ... all i need to hear is "well, carry on..." and i would be just fine.

    didn't you love him best? or was it heidi all the way...i can do without her but not him...i think he is doing something new on bravo this year, like next week, but not sure...i shall keep you in the loop, dear ronnie, now that i know we share our private dedication to, at least, tim gunn...

  30. oh crap, ron, i forgot to tell you that i was all a-quiver with that look you had going on , on the, you just stop that!

    fans self...


  31. Helloooooo Dear Linda!!

    awwwww....thank you my friend!

    Your words touched me. Truly they did.

    I missed ya too, and can't wait to catch up with your blog. I also can't wait to hear all about your new adventure!!!

    woo! woo!

    Oh you love Project Runway too? Isn't it a HOOT? I'm freakin' addicted to it!

    I think you'll find it on Liftime. Someone at work told me that they bought it from Bravo last season.

    And yes...Tim is my favorite one on the show.

    "well, carry on..."


    And it's true...he has a quiet confidence about himself that's just wonderful.

    Heidi, I could do without.

    One day your in...and the next day you're out!

    What a BITCH!


    i forgot to tell you that i was all a-quiver with that look you had going on , on the runway...'re so funny!

    But there's no way in hell I could be runway model. Unless of course they were showing clothes for munchkins!


    Thanks so much for dropping by, Linda!

    Your cute little hearts made my day!

    (I LOVE those things!!)

    Enjoy your evening!

    {{{{ Linda }}}}}

  32. Haha! I gave up on tv just before reality shows really hit, and I've only really seen them on airplanes.

    I'm happy to report that in my reality people don't shriek nearly that much.

  33. Hi Tattytiara!

    I'm happy to report that in my reality people don't shriek nearly that much.

    OMG...I wish I could say the same for my reality!@?!

    I work with quite a few shriekers.

    They're called DRAMA queens.


    Always great seeing ya, girl!

    Thank you so much for dropping by!

    Can't wait to catch up with you!

    Enjoy your evening!


  34. Welcome, Bienvenue Ron !!
    Glad you're back !

    OK, when it comes to reality shows, I don't go for them. We have all types of those where I'm,mostly either US ideas that have been re-made for French audiences.

    I didn't know that you do rentals of TV series ! So you DO watch TV, in an indirect way... Just picking & choosing.

    I don't know the show that you were addicted too, but I do dig one thing.... you on a catwalk.
    MEOW ! SCRATCH ! Great pic; honestly a keeper !

    Hugs to ya ! XXX

  35. I love television but have not been real keen on the reality shows, with the exception of American Idol. Only seen snippets of Project Runway but there are die hard fans out there.

    Also, don't go away for a whole week. Much too long! Although, the beefcake picture helps make up for it.

    Don't bother looking at my most recent post. Basically just a clip from TV. When are you getting high speed?

  36. Oh no that isn't you on that runway...
    Love it! (and you)

    I personally don't watch any 'reality' TV. I've got enough of my own reality to deal with!

  37. Hiya Jen!

    awwww...thanks, my friend!

    So glad you enjoyed my "reality" beefcake photo.

    *it's a scratch and sniff.


    Can you believe I've NEVER seen American Idol or Dancing with the Stars?? How un-american am I???

    Yes...I will be getting DSL very soon!!!

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Jen!

    I look forward to catching up with you!

    Have an awesome day!

    The Beefcake

  38. Hey Nancy!

    Yes, it's definitely me!

    *in a pastlife as a Roman gladiator

    Could ya just die??


    I was amazed at how totally entertaining reality shows are!?

    Who knew?

    I think Chrissy is right...

    ....reality shows are freakin' addictive.

    Always so great seeing ya, Nancy!

    Thanks for stopping by!


    P.S. my turtlenecks are getting a heavy workout this month!

  39. Bonjour Barbara!

    Bienvenue to you too!

    Thanks my Philly feels good to be back!

    Yes, Leesa shared the same thing in her comment about US shows being remade for French audiences. I bet they're a hoot to watch being dubbed. I saw the same thing while I was living in Japan - it was hysterical!

    I guess you could say that I watch TV, indirectly - you're right. I just prefer to wait until they come out on DVD, so I can sit and watch them in their complete seasons.

    So glad you enjoyed my catwalk moment!

    MEOW...Cat Scratch Fever!!!!


    Thanks for dropping by today, Barb!

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Tuesday in France!

    Oui, oui!

    Love to you and Didier!!


  40. I loved Six Feet Under, but shh, I still haven't seen the last episode and don't know how it ends. I was a fan of Survivor that first season but haven't been able to watch it since. I have never seen project runway but I am hopelessly hooked on Real Housewives of NY. I love the tatt and the flip flops.

  41. https://funlifestuff.blogspot.comTuesday, November 24, 2009

    I got sucked into "So you think you can dance" last about coming out of left field with a "reality show" We also got totally engrossed with American Idol and Big Brother. Two shows that I swore I would never watch........
    This season it's NCIS and Lie to Me...HELP!! Save me!!!!!!!!!

  42. Well now, aren't you quite the stud muffin!!!

    Tats and all!

    Hope your week break was a good one. I know the crazy busy retail season is almost upon you, ,so any break you get is probably welcome.

  43. Howdy Jeff!

    Yeah...and now I'm just a plain English Muffin.


    Don't you just love the TATS?

    They were stick-on's!


    My break was a good one, thanks. And OMG, don't remind me of the retail HELL I'm about to enter. I'm dreading Friday!#?@*

    Thanks for stopping by, buddy!

    Always so great seeing ya!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Tat Man

  44. Greetings Jen!

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment!

    You're the second Jen on this blog - how cool!

    OMG...didn't you just LOVE Six Feet Under? I was so sad to see it end. I've never seen Survivor or Real Housewives of NY, but heard from others that they're GREAT. Oh, well...I guess I'm going to have to wait until they come out on DVD.

    Glad you enjoyed the photo. I had wanted blue flip flops instead of the orange, but Versaci wouldn't hear of it.


    Stop by anytime. You're always welcome here.

    Enjoy your evening!

  45. Greetings Funlifestuff!

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment.

    Nice to meet ya!

    I've never heard of the show Big Brother!? But coming from me (the man who never watches TV) that doesn't mean much -HA!

    I have a feeling after viewing Project Runway, I'm going to become a total reality show freak.

    HELP!!! SAVE ME!!!

    Please stop by anytime. You're always welcome here!

    Hope you have a great evening!